Toxic Deluge

Toxic Deluge


As an additional cost to cast Toxic Deluge, pay X life.

All creatures get -X/-X until end of turn.

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Toxic Deluge Discussion

BenGee7 on Sisay / Legendary Tribal

6 days ago

This deck list isn't simply geared for a sprint for the win so there are questionable inclusions if that is what one is aiming for. Notably, I think the following can be replaced for stax pieces or CEDH staples.

  • 1. Pramikon, Sky Rampart - This card is a convenient 3-colour legendary that simply buys time. In a CEDH game, one is unlikely to simply die from combat damage.
  • 2. Tomik, Distinguished Advokist - This 2CMC 1colour legendary is a limited stax card and used for interaction against targeted land destruction - unlikely to be common interaction.
  • 3. Aminatou, the Fateshifter - This card is a convenient 3-colour legendary that is value focused. My decklist no longer runs a superfriends combo for the win so this is very "extra". I'm using the Emiel-Derevi-Geier-Bow combo which can win at instant speed.
  • 4. Shalai, Voice of Plenty - This 4CMC 1-colour legendary is more a simple "nope" card for targeted removal.
  • 5. Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero - This 4CMC 2-colour legendary is "cute" interaction against board wipes as it gets around staples like Toxic Deluge as the result is also asymmetrical since your board remains intact.
  • wereotter on Tips for New EDH Player

    1 week ago

    It reads as though you previously primarily played Modern?

    It's good to know going into to building your deck that cards that are really good in Modern can lose a lot of their impact or strength in commander. Lightning Bolt comes to mind as a really good example of this. It's REALLY strong in 1v1 Magic with 20 life. But in multiplayer magic, it loses a lot of its impact, and especially in commander where a lot of creature threats will have more than 3 toughness. And there conversely are a lot of cards unplayable in Modern that are perfectly find in Commander, mostly because games go longer. Also look for any card that say "each opponent" as those scale incredibly well for the multiplayer nature of Commander.

    Wrath effects can make all the difference between winning and losing. Starting with Edgar Markov, you have access to some of the best in the format with Blasphemous Act , Toxic Deluge , and all the myriad white wraths. But also don't neglect removal and wraths not just for creatures but for artifacts and enchantments. Vandalblast and Austere Command are both really good for these colors.

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes! We all make misplays and sometimes blow up our own stuff in our face, killing ourselves. That's part of what makes the format fun. Also as was mentioned, don't be afraid to ask what a card does or how your opponent is doing things. Even experienced players will have to do this. You're playing with one of the largest pools of cards of any format in the game, and with the wide variety of decks, several cards become viable with certain commanders that might not see any play anywhere else. Even as someone who's been playing exclusively commander for 10 years now, I find I still have to stop my friends sometimes and ask them what that card they just played does. And on a related note, be prepared to let people know what some obscure card you're playing does.

    Also to your earlier question about Adeliz, the Cinder Wind , she can be pretty tough, but you're also limiting your potential includes since she's not exactly prowess. She doesn't trigger of casts of artifacts or enchantments. I build a more casual prowess themed deck using Elsha of the Infinite I would recommend her over Adeliz both for giving you access to all the prowess colors and for her more direct interaction with the mechanic (letting you play cards from the top of your library is HUGE for how quickly prowess decks can burn out in this format)

    SufferFromEDHD on Tergrid Group Thug Stax

    2 weeks ago

    Nyrmak I cut Dead of Winter and Toxic Deluge for Damnation and I'm going to test out Dream Devourer

    zAzen7977 on Tymaret, the Discard King

    2 weeks ago

    And better removal, like Feed the Swarm , Deadly Rollick , Fire Covenant , Force of Despair , and Toxic Deluge .

    And more ramp like Cabal Ritual , Pyretic Ritual , Mox Amber , Chrome Mox , Mana Vault , Mana Crypt , Lion's Eye Diamond , Grim Monolith , etc.

    Also your CMC is too high. Try to cut it back as low as humanly possible.

    I realize these are expensive suggestions, but I’m basing my analysis purely on effectiveness and not price. There are some budget alternatives to the more expensive cards, but the deck won’t be quite as effective.

    If you want to go a discard path instead, Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger is a good commander instead.

    Hope this helps! :)

    enpc on Sisay's Hombres - Hatebears

    3 weeks ago

    You could probably ditch Avacyn, Angel of Hope here. She's ok but feels a bit win more. I get that wrath prevention is good, but given that the go-to wraths are things like Cyclonic Rift and Toxic Deluge , Avacyn just feels like an overcosted beater. Given all of the fetches and Strip Mine , if you wanted beaters then Titania, Protector of Argoth does more for the deck (especially with Cradle) and if you wanted more synergy with the rest of the cards then Ramunap Excavator or Crucible of Worlds will do more.

    If you wanted to add a boardwipe to the deck, Terminus is really dumb with Sisay.

    Omniscience_is_life on Tibalt TOTALLY Isn't Here

    3 weeks ago

    You might want to be able to kill a bunch of creatures at once (never know which one is a planar swindler), Toxic Deluge or Blasphemous Act can do that job quite well

    plakjekaas on What, Exactly, is Wrong with …

    4 weeks ago

    What's white known for?

    Lifegain? Green and black are as able as white at gaining life, while also progressing the game/board while doing so.

    Removal? Black deals with specifically single target creature better than white can. Enchantments and artifacts are removed as easily, if not more so, by green. Oblivion Ring effects? Not a permanent solution, often suboptimal. Boardwipes? Damnation, Toxic Deluge, Blasphemous Act and Cyclonic Rift are more popular than Wrath of God. But Planar Cleansing is a purely white effect right...? Hello Boompile, Oblivion Stone and Nevinyrral's Disk, which are playable in every deck.

    Tokens then? But Doubling Season and Parallel Lives are green cards. White has the best non-tribal anthems, like Glorious Anthem, but most commander decks that actually win by those effects, usually are tribal, and have plenty of lords that synergize better with the deck.

    So what does a deck need to actually be functional? Most will say you'll need a decent amount of carddraw and ramp. White ramp is actually catching up lately, but almost all white ramp is dependent on artifacts or your opponents (Knight of the Reliquary effects). Smothering Tithe helps though. White carddraw is either the Monarch, which every other color has cards for, or it's Mentor of the Meek and Bygone Bishop, which impose fairly heavy restrictions on your deck, to play low-impact creature cards in your 99. There is no white Rhystic Study, Outpost Siege, Guardian Project or Phyrexian Arena.

    And finally, what else is white lacking? A (big mana) spell that can win the game on the spot. Like Torment of Hailfire, Craterhoof Behemoth, Insurrection or Thassa's Oracle. White splashy spells will create an imposing boardstate, but you'll need to actually untap to attack and win the game, giving your opponents a full turn to respond. The closest white has is Approach of the Second Sun which you can see coming 7 cards in advance.

    So there's no real unique reason to play White in your deck. White only shines in being annoying, with Rule of Law, Drannith Magistrate, Ghostly Prison, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Blind Obedience and Armageddon, which not everyone (understatement) likes playing against. So if you'd ask me, the lack of carddraw, unique strategies & finishers, and the play-stax-or-lose image, are the main problems white is dealing with right now.

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