Fiery Islet

Fiery Islet


, Pay 1 life: Gain or .

, , Sacrifice Fiery Islet: Draw a card.

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Fiery Islet Discussion

lucksterluke16 on Flipping the Odds - A Coin Flip Story

3 weeks ago

As far as lands go, try to avoid ones that come into play tapped without extra benefit. I would remove things like Highland Lake and instead add stuff like (depending on budget):

More budget friendly:

Less budget friendly:

Although I think it's fine to have some of the tapped ones too if you can't get enough of these. Since even thought they might be slower it will be easier to cast what you want.

zapyourtumor on Mad's Shadow

4 weeks ago

Several things right off the bat:

4 Dress Downs looks like way too many. I'd cut to 3 (if you go up a Kroxa), or 2.

The threat density looks too light. I'd go up to 3-4 monkes and maybe up a Kroxa.

4 Claim / Fame seems a little overboard. I love the card but I don't know if 4 is the right number here. How has it been working for you?

Only 4 Thoughtseize seems low as well for GDS, I'd add some Inquisition of Kozilek.

The land count seems unnecessarily high - 17-19 is a good range. City of Brass is just bad in 3 color. Even though you can damage yourself to help Death's Shadow grow, there's no option to make mana without damaging yourself when you're low on life. I'd also add 2 Fiery Islet to guard against manaflooding.

Lastly, the deck looks pretty removal light. There are plenty of additional options for removal, like Unholy Heat, Fatal Push, Terminate, and Kolaghan's Command.

zapyourtumor on Sojourners of Sedraxis ~ Grixis Channeler

1 month ago

Also how has the basic island been working with Kroxa? And the 3 fastlands. I feel like it might be better to replace 1 island and 1 fastland with 2 Fiery Islet for mid to late game manaflooding.

zapyourtumor on Dead, Bath and Beyond

2 months ago

Interesting concept! I've seen some DS lists playing Sprite Dragon before but I haven't seen one this aggressive before.

First off, Stormchaser Mage doesn't seem that good. There are usually better options for that slot in modern like Stormwing Entity. However, here I think you should definitely add a full playset of Scourge of the Skyclaves. Scourge is like a more aggressive shadow that works well in builds that lower the opponent's life as fast as their own (like this one).

Temur Battle Rage is a classic GDS card that can steal wins out of nowhere and adds additional reach to the deck, I'd definitely consider it as a 2 of here.

Serum Visions and Sign in Blood feel too slow.

I personally prefer Distortion Strike over Slip Through Space. Slip replaces itself but distortion is a 2 for 1 and the second cast doesn't cost mana, making it more mana efficient - and it also buffs the creatures.

Dragon's Rage Channeler + Mishra's Bauble package may work here since its being included in both UR blitz decks and DS decks, and this deck is kind of like a marriage between the two. A 3/3 flier for 1 mana and a 0 mana noncreature spell to trigger prowess could probably help a lot.

For the manabase, I feel like 18 is enough. If you add the baubles, which turn the deck into a 56 card deck, 17-18 is definitely the sweet spot. I suggest you take out checklands like Drowned Catacomb and Sulfur Falls. I'd add 2 Fiery Islets to help guard against flooding out. They can also lower your life total in a pinch to buff shadow and scourge.

K0rt on A Body Has Been Discovered

2 months ago

Nice deck, always been a fan of Shadow variants.

Have you considered some Agadeem's Awakening  Flip over the Fiery Islet?. Agadeem's over the Horizon lands since it easier to control your life loss from a single 'Bolt' from Agadeem's compared to a turn 1 Islet, plus it can bring back a Scourge of the Skyclaves and a 1 drop late game over the cycle of the Islet. It could be awkward with your 8 red one drops though.

Might also want some Soul-Guide Lantern over Nihil Spellbomb in the sideboard as well. Living End decks, which is the main graveyard deck rn will 1000% board in Leyline of Sanctity against you which will prevent Spellbomb from working whereas Lantern does not target a player and can get around the hexproof, although if your playing paper in a local metagame Spellbomb is better in pretty much every other case with the card draw.

zapyourtumor on Izzet Tempo

3 months ago

Spirebluff Canal mandatory 3-4 of

Fiery Islet adds card draw

Frostboil Snarl is bad

You could also probably go down to 18 lands and cut some basics, since the deck is pretty low to the ground.

Dreadhorde Arcanist and Bonecrusher Giant are more for a tempo/midrange plan than an aggro plan. If you want to kill quickly like the deck title says, putting in those Sprite Dragon s from the sideboard should be much better. Also Soul-Scar Mage is another good one drop. Arcanist is still decent even though I think soul scar and sprite are better, but bonecrusher is just bad here.

Similarly to my last point, if you want this to be aggro I don't know why you have Counterspell since it's 2 cmc and reactive, plus it requires you to hold up mana which slows you down a lot.

Prismari Command is also pretty expensive, and I'm not sure if it does enough for its cost.

Expressive Iteration is good card advantage option (probably better than Light Up the Stage now).

Lava Dart is a prowess staple and should probably replace the Shock s which are really suboptimal.

Manamorphose and Mutagenic Growth are great free spells to abuse prowess.

Pabs4444 on The Rooth The Rooth the Roothas on Fire!

5 months ago

I like the amount of lands in the deck, but I would have more lands with mana syncs in them. Castle Vantress , Desolate Lighthouse , Fiery Islet , and The Biblioplex are all some things that could be great in the deck, although I would not add all

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