Shimmer Myr

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Shimmer Myr

Artifact Creature — Myr


You may cast artifact cards as though they had flash.

SacredAtsira on Crab Knife or Somebody's gotta get stabbed!!!

3 weeks ago

Looks solid, may I humbly suggest Shimmer Myr?

Gidgetimer on Looking For A Hand Based …

2 months ago

I just kinda assumed you were already running Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter, Shimmer Myr, and instant speed discard outlets if you were comboing at instant speed. I'm not overly familiar with Trazyn the Infinite combos and didn't look at the deck.

lagotripha on Myrtron

3 months ago

I feel like its just a question of finding the cards to bind the two strategies together - bigger spells that like you having myr in deck/hand, and smaller myr that like the big cards you cast. Myr tribal is going to rely on card synergy to keep up with other lists.

For the smallest possible change, I'd look at Icon of Ancestry - it can help your myr trade more effectively, and find cards when you start running out of steam. Things with effects you can sink excess mana into will work well here.

Before that thouhg, playtest hard before going out to get cards - it saves a lot of stuff ending up stuck in the trade binder, especially when brewing this kind of list. It'll take a bunch of false starts before things start feeling right - if your deck feels best as Shimmer Myr flash artifact control, then investing in aggro tribal tools might not be ideal.

LordGoggles on Plagiarism: An Intellectual Theft

3 months ago

In such a control heavy deck, I would suggest the humble Kill Switch. Combos nicely with Unwinding Clock and Mycosynth Lattice to fully lock down your opponent's fields AND their will to live, while still giving you free reign. For bonus points, Shimmer Myr lets you play on their turns as well.

GorramScoundrel on Ultra Magnus, True Leader

4 months ago

Would love to see a Shimmer Myr in here, maybe instead of a Golem Artisan. I like this list!

betomindslav on Rebbec and Glacian - Thran Ingenuity (v2.0)

4 months ago

Huge fan of all the decks posted here! +1 for the effort and detail you put in. Can't wait to see the updates from Dominaria United and Brothers' War. Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter is a better Shimmer Myr. Cheers!

multimedia on Imotekhs eternal Artifacts

4 months ago

Hey, you're welcome.

You're right, a high avg. CMC hurting gameplay can be deceiving if you have reanimation. To help reanimation be more of a factor consider adding some cards that can search for and put card(s) of your choice from your library into your graveyard?

Unmarked Grave is two mana to tutor for and put Wurmcoil Engine or Triplicate Titan into your graveyard, Buried Alive can get both of them, that's better than potentially drawing them especially Triplicate. Or get Razorlash Transmogrant to get this guy going. A reason to play Vile Entomber is Biotransference making it a potentially repeatable effect that can get any card. Entomber can get Bolas's Citadel.

Adding Myr Retriever is a reason to keep Mirrorworks. These two cards combo with Ashnod's Altar for infinite Necrons.

  • Cast Retriever, trigger Mirrorworks to copy Retriever.
  • In response to Mirrorworks trigger sac Retriever with Altar.
  • Resolve Retriever die trigger returning any artifact to hand and trigger Imotekh.
  • Resolve Mirrorworks trigger, pay floating from Altar, creating a Retriever copy.
  • Sac Retriever copy with Altar, returning Retriever to your hand and trigger Imotekh.
  • Repeat

Myr Retriever also combos with Scrap Trawler and Ashnod's Altar for infinite Necrons even on an opponent turn with Shimmer Myr.

  • Sac Retriever with Altar, recur an artifact and trigger Imotekh.
  • Sac Trawler, recur Retriever and trigger Imotekh.
  • Sac a Necron, cast Retriever, sac Retriever, recur Trawler and trigger Imotekh.
  • Cast Trawler and repeat.

This combo you need to make it infinite, for Retriever and for Trawler to repeatedly cast them from your hand. By sacing one Necron each iteration of the combo makes an extra , making for infinite Necrons also makes infinite colorless mana. Workshop Assistant and Junk Diver are other artifact Retrievers who can replace Trawler in the combo.

You still have four cards to cut, consider these four? A direction to consider for cuts is further reduce the mana curve? Traxos, Scourge of Kroog is just a beater, all the other 4 drop artifact creatures here do something else as well as being a beater because of menace. Ghouls' Night Out, you don't need this effect with a 5 mana spell that isn't an artifact.

Batterskull is just a beater and it has a very high equip cost which you can't reduce to use it after the Gem is removed. The life gain from Batterskull could be helpful especially with Bolas's Citadel and Anrakyr the Traveller, but I wouldn't play a 5 drop to get life gain when you can gain life from other much lower mana cost sources. Resurrection Orb is another source of lifelink that also has a high equip cost, but Orb is much better for overall strategy here than Batterskull.

Sceptre of Eternal Glory and The Golden Throne are better ramp than Solemn Simulacrum. A reason to cut Solemn is having lots of four drop ramp is not where you want to be with ramp, 0-2 CMC, some 3 CMC ramp is better for gameplay. Mind's Eye is better 5 drop than Ghouls' Night Out and Batterskull, but Eye could also be cut for lower mana cost draw.

Overwhelming Remorse could be cut for Canoptek Tomb Sentinel? The cost reduction of Remorse can be good, but very situational. The potential repeatability of Canoptek since it's an artifact creature to reanimate is better and Canoptek can exile any nonland permanent which is very helpful effect to have in mono black.

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