Archon of Emeria

Archon of Emeria

Creature — Archon


Each player can't cast more than one spell each turn.

Nonbasic lands you opponents control enter the battlefield tapped.

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Archon of Emeria Discussion

nbarry223 on A New Type of Amulet

1 week ago

Yeah I know about Ethersworn Canonist, the reason I am using Archon of Emeria is mainly because of the "opponent's nonbasic lands enter tapped" clause. It is yet another way to try and slow down my opponent. The anti-storm portion is just coincidental. It has a nice flying body, and is one-sided, which is why I chose it over Root Maze for now.

I do have space in the sideboard still though, as Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle has been underperforming and Archon of Emeria isn't really good enough to be a 2-of.

LynxGoddess on Sythis, should've been a Demigod

1 week ago

Nice deck! I don't know if it is the direction you'd want to go with it, but there is a very interesting interaction between the game plan you seem to have and Rule of Law effects - if that's something that would be welcome where you play obviously.

The thought is simple: Rule of Law (or equivalents like Eidolon of Rhetoric, Archon of Emeria or Deafening Silence) stops everyone from playing several spells in a turn. But if you can develop your board without playing more spells, say by gaining resources in a specific phase of the game or gaining additional value for casting the one spell you are allowed, you will pull ahead of your opponents bit by bit until you eventually have a winning position. You already play lots of such value engines like Court of Grace, Sigil of the Empty Throne and Ajani's Chosen - but you could also look into cards like Trudge Garden since Sythis will trigger lifegain triggers as well.

Either way, nice deck and keep up the great work!

TheoryCrafter on Lorehold Disturb

2 weeks ago

Archon of Emeria and Field of Ruin both have the potential to put some problems in your deck due to their ability to affect nonbasic lands. Have you considered replacing 1 of each of your Snarls and/or a Needleverge Pathway with Mountains? Hope this helps. Happy Hunting!

multimedia on Work in Progress - God Save the Queen

1 month ago

Hey, good work in progress so far for a first deck with an interesting concept.

Command Tower and Arcane Signet are two staples to consider adding. Consider adding some flying creatures who can disrupt your opponent to help you do keep the monarch and some repeatable sources of flying creatures?

Blind Obedience can be opponent mana rock ramp disruption and shuts off haste of opponent's creatures who might want to attack you. With Cunning Rhetoric opponent may not want to attack you because then you'll exile card from top of their library.

The mana curve is very high here since you have so many 5 CMC, 6 CMC or higher cards. Cutting some of them for lower CMC cards and more ramp would help gameplay. More two drop mana rocks can make it easier/faster to cast Marchesa. Since she's a 4 CMC creature then a turn two mana rock can potentially let you cast her turn three if you make your land drops.

Some lands to consider adding in place of some basic lands that are within your budget to improve the manabase:

If you're playing Dark Depths then consider Thespian's Stage? Stage is the land that combos with Depths to get Marit Lage. When you control Depths and Stage pay 2 mana to copy Depths with Stage. Stage becomes Depths with no ice counters on it and the legendary rule will take place since you can't control two legendary Depths at the same time. Choose to keep Stage and remove Depths. Since Stage has no ice counters it's saced to create Marit Lage.

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

DawnsRayofLight on you don't need mana to play magic!!!!

1 month ago

I have been toying around with this deck idea and I have some suggestions now!

Lotus Vale and Lotus Field are invaluable with Hokori

I would drop howling mine for Endless Atlas, other card draw are War Room, Alms Collector, Esper Sentinel, Mangara, the Diplomat, I have been having a lot of games where the deck just grinded to a halt without something to refill it. Symmetrical card draw can work against you here so Howling Mine May not be good unless you have plenty of ways of tapping artifacts down.

Manascape Refractor is really good with the right lands (like the lotus lands)

Archaeomancer's Map helps with ramp

Archon of Emeria is super good, a better eidolon or can be run in addition

Sanctum Prelate to stop any annoying board wipes.

Solemnity isn't really needed unless you plan on playing Phyrexian Unlife as well.

This is what I have been working on using yours a blueprint: No One Wants to Play EDH With Me Now...

Omniscience_is_life on You can't spell control with out the trol(l)

2 months ago

As far as getting more competitive (if that's really what you want), you would need to choose one hard and fast strategy and devote all the cards in the deck to that gameplan. If you want control, you would run a bunch of counterspells, destroy/exile spells, and hatebears (small creatures with annoying effects, like Archon of Emeria , as well as a few (4-ish) finishing cards, powerful effects like Batterskull that would end the game in your favor once you've stopped everyone from doing much with your control.

zapyourtumor on idontcarewhotheIRSsendsimnotpayingtaxes

2 months ago

Looks solid. Have you considered cutting some Sanctum Prelate for Archon of Emeria (synergizes well with Vial), or Batterskull (helps stabilize and plays a different role from Kaldra?

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