Thrill of Possibility

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Thrill of Possibility


As an additional cost to cast this spell, discard a card.

Draw two cards.

immakinganezehaldeck on Anje Reanimator (Casual CEDH)

1 week ago

11/23/22 - Madness update

I'm really low on madness cards. Needs to be far higher for an anje deck.




Removed most end game threats + interaction that didn't have madness, since madness tech needs to be there in high density and the deck can win through that stuff mainly.

keizerbuns on Assailing Archeology

2 weeks ago

aholder7, thanks for play testing it again! The results are a little disheartening, but pretty much what I expected. Like I said before though, this is meant more as a casual deck for me to play against my group of friends who also just play casual, and as it is I think this deck already has more removal than they like. I like how this deck feels right now in terms of my play group's power level so unless it ends up getting absolutely demolished by my friends, I think I'll keep it as is for now.

However, I was tinkering around with the deck a little more to address the weaknesses you stated, and I think I've made a deck list that could possibly hold its ground better against a lot of the decks you play tested mine against. Here's the decklist if you wanna see:

2x Call the Bloodline

3x Canyon Slough

3x Cathartic Reunion

3x Cityscape Leveler

4x Combustible Gearhulk

4x Dragonskull Summit

4x Fabled Passage

4x Fatal Push

2x Geier Reach Sanitarium

4x Lightning Bolt

3x Mind Stone

4x Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa

4x Myr Battlesphere

3x Talisman of Indulgence

4x Thrill of Possibility

6x Mountain

3x Swamp


4x Dreadbore

4x Inquisition of Kozilek

4x Terminate

I actually really like Call the Bloodline in here because it can be a fairly early game way to generate lifelink chump blockers while also doubling as a cheap discard outlet, but there's probably still better options out there.

aholder7 on Assailing Archeology

3 weeks ago

looks like you ended up dropping green. i think that's for the best.

I decided to goldfish the deck a few times and test it out against some of the top decks to see how it fares. I was surprised to see how well it matched up, but here are the results. I did not sideboard because i was lazy.

Murktide (1-2): If they counterspell Mishra or Jaxis, you really don't have much to do and they beat you down. On the flip side, if mishra resolves theres not much murktide really doesn't like that. in the game you lost you almost won from a 19 damage combustion hulk flip. i have also discovered that hulking for 15 is not unusual and any deck you play against should just let you draw as it's too much of a risk for an instant kill from nearly full health. Lightning Bolt would have helped you close games better and served you as solid removal against weak threats.

Crashing Footfalls (2-1): Game 1 you had to use 2 Bone Splinters on their two rhinos out the gate, but they didn't have the counterspell back up to stop you and dind't draw into a second cascade spell until you dropped combustion which kind of hoses 4/4s. game 2 you couldn't get threats to board fast enough. game 3 you jaxis into a battlesphere for blockers and it lets you live just long enough to hulk out. i have found combustion hulk has been a real mvp in all of the matches. I think this match up would not normally be in your favor as each game you had multiple bone shards which is unusual but very helpful in this match up.

Rakdos Aggro (2-0): A discard deck with only 2 cards that can deal with mishra and jaxis did not fair well. they did get you really close on damage both games with the second game winning off a really lucky top deck. I do think you might have the edge in this game.

Overall thoughts: Jaxis and Hulk were MVP in all match ups. Cathartic Reunion requiring 2 discards was a bit clunky to play around. it may be better to favor Thrill of Possibility. I got Void Maw out multiple times, even with mishra out. it was never more useful than a vanilla 4/5. granted a 4/5 was really useful against 4/4 rhinos. You just don't really run out of targets for mishra. if you do, you should probably already have won or you didn't have targets to begin with. Braids was ok in the one match i drew them in. your early game was at it's best with a turn 3 jaxis into battlesphere for 4 free damage and a surprise 8/7 giving you 4 tokens to block with on later turns all while replacing itself with 2 more cards. if that didn't happen you were usually in a weird spot hoping that you had shards and that it would be enough. I did get profane tutor off a couple of times, but i actually never grabbed mishra with it. Sometimes i was grabbing a leveler others it was hulk, but i'm not sure how much i like the card over just another good card. You never get to bone shards a creature that is going to die, do not expect to.

legendofa on Assailing Archeology

4 weeks ago

Any special thoughts on Trash for Treasure? There aren't really many small artifacts in this build, but it's castable on turn 3 after a Thrill of Possibility.

If I may shamelessly plug my (very outdated, in need of updates and tuning) artifact reanimator, Dead Metal. It's more focused on "traditional" reanimation than unearthing everything, but maybe you could get some ideas (or give me some ideas).

Grind on Engineering Victory, or just Tinkering?

1 month ago

Interesting deck!!
Some of your cards seem really uninspiring to topdeck... ornithopter, shuko...
Seems like these cards would be playable in a jhoira weatherlight captain deck but not sure why they help you here.
What us bEDH?
Some ideas for your consideration-
Mask of Memory, Infiltration Lens, Monastery Siege, Daretti, Scrap Savant, Thrill of Possibility, Buried Ruin, Coastal Piracy, Bident of Thassa, Goggles of Night, Cathartic Reunion, and in general maybe a little more interaction like Chaos Warp, Resculpt.
Just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!

cyeRunner on Modern Mardu Skelemental

2 months ago

Village Rites seems better than Thrill of Possibility, what do you think ?
Also you have only 3x Spark Elemental in your 1-Drop slot, I recommend cutting Viashino Sandsprinter and adding Flamekin Harbinger for a better curve.

JosephStardust on Rakdos Reanimental

3 months ago

Just a personal opinion but I prefer Thrill of Possibility over Cathartic Reunion. In my playtesting, I sometimes don't have two to discard for it, so I'd rather discard one and draw two at instant speed for the same mana. Plus, imagine if Cathartic Reunion got countered. I'd have lost three cards for no reason.

Lunar_Wing on The Baby Deck

5 months ago

Since this deck creates blood tokens, you might want to look into cards that have a madness ability.

Also you will need ways to draw cards back to make up for all the discarding you will be doing. Here are some brief suggestions that are cheap and easy to find on a budget.

Change of Fortune is really good for that.

If you really go into the madness thing, Faithless Looting is good.

Tormenting Voice & Thrill of Possibility are good too.

Also Outpost Siege is nice because if you choose khans you get to exile your top card each turn for an extra possible card you can cast each turn

Here is a decent resource you can look at for cards that other people like to use for this kind of deck.

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