Thrill of Possibility

Thrill of Possibility


As an additional cost to cast this spell, discard a card.

Draw two cards.

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Thrill of Possibility Discussion

lhetrick13 on Neverending Knights: Haakon Knight Tribal

1 week ago

ajbshizle - I have a and Haakon deck I am working on and although I like the cards give me access to, I feel like the deck with access to is the better of the two as it gives me so much access to discard abilities such as Olivia, Mobilized for War, Lightning Axe, etc. and draw/discard abilities like Stormfist Crusader, Thrill of Possibility, etc. Between the and also have access to all the madness cards like Fiery Temper and all that just makes it extremely efficient at finding Haakon and getting him in the graveyard.

With that all said, I am assuming with 4xAether Vial to flash him in and 6 ways to get cards in the graveyard you do not find it to hard to get Haakon onto the field but I do wonder if at times you find it challenging to get him in your hand.

freezerboy on Can you use card:containment construct …

2 weeks ago

Looking to see if you can cast creatures on an opponent's turn using Thrill of Possibility effects to discard a creature and cast it with Containment Construct's ability.

Balaam__ on Rakdos Wheel

3 weeks ago

Interesting idea, I like it quite a bit. Since Varragoth is key, any thoughts on running Cathartic Reunion/Thrill of Possibility to expedite locating it? With Emrakul you would funnel the discard(s) back into your library, so no real loss.

mn6334 on Janklord Rionya

1 month ago

Cast Creative Technique for the first time last night. It practically won me the game all by itself. Definitely got lucky but it was pretty impressive, imo.

I untapped with Rionya and 9 mana available. Decided to try the Technique and see what it would get me before deciding on anything else. First copy flipped into Wildfire Devils and I randomly chose myself and recast Thrill of Possibility from my graveyard. Second copy flipped into Volcanic Torrent which in turn cascaded into March of Reckless Joy. March did nothing but I had 4 Instants/Sorceries cast for the turn to make 5 copies of something off the Rionya trigger. I also happened to draw Fanatic of Mogis off the Thrill of Possibilty and I had 4 devotion already on the field (Rionya, Devils, and one other creature with one pip).
Cast and copied Fanatic and domed each opponent for 55 total damage!

multimedia on Alesha keys and ETB's

3 months ago

Hey, nice version. Mogg War Marshal is underwhelming, could be cut since you have other better creatures who Alesha can reanimate who can create Goblin tokens.

Vile Entomber with Alesha gives you a repeatable Entomb effect which is especially helpful with Karmic Guide. Anger is excellent haste source when playing self-discard. Thrilling Discovery, Thrill of Possibility, Bone Shards and Geier Reach Sanitarium are some of upgrades for self-discard effects. Access Tunnel is another land to make Alesha unblockable.

Some upgrades to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

Rolska on Musashi's Mosh Pit [Primer]

3 months ago

I know you said that you're not a fan of Eldrazi - which is fair enough. The only one I really like is Ulamog's Crusher because it just seems strong but not ridiculous like most bigger Eldrazi are. That being said, Eldrazi Conscription I think is worth a look at. Having someone like Iroas, God of Victory become a 17/14 with Trample and Annihilator 2 (Annihilator 4 with Isshin, Two Heavens as One ) is pretty fun.

Still basically an Eldrazi though. So that aside, below are a few cards I'm interested in that you've not mentioned yet, though you've mentioned most of what I found as well.

Hoarding Ogre - 2x Treasure is great for early pressure and mana fixing in a three color deck. With Isshin, Two Triggers as One you'll be getting 2x-6x Treasure per attack (averaging about 4). Absolutely fantastic with Isshin, alright on its own. Monetarily cheap as well.

Conspiracy Theorist is much like Audacious Thief but instead of life.

Keldon Twilight and Total War are really on-theme for a take on the curse/politics route one can take Isshin.

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker  Flip // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki  Flip works much the same as Hoarding Ogre, almost a free Thrill of Possibility, and create a token before the Combat Phase even begins allowing for additional "When Attacking" triggers.

GrimlockVIII on Poor People Jund

3 months ago

Village Rites seems a little out of place here since the only disposable target seems to be Satyr Wayfinder.

Thrill of Possibility or Cathartic Reunion might seem like better picks for pure draw power.

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