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AstroAA on need to speed things up …

3 weeks ago

To start, your average converted mana cost is 3.44, which is kind of high. I would definitely work on lowering that. In addition, while you are running things like Somberwald Sage, Heronblade Elite, and Gyre Sage - things that can tap for lots of mana - they are all three CMC, which is a lot for ramp that you cannot even use that turn. You'd want to look at things like Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, Fyndhorn Elves and Birds of Paradise.

You're also running a lot of lands, but no way to ramp via lands besides Cultivate. Things like Exploration, Kodama's Reach, Burgeoning, etc can help with this.

Also, general suggestion - if you want to do things with counters, run Doubling Season and/or Anointed Procession; they're too good in counter-based decks. You also need a Cathars' Crusade, as it can easily distribute multiple counters in a single turn to every single creature you control.

LandoLRodriguez on My first edh. Omnath locus of mana

1 month ago

Unless I'm missing something about how this deck is supposed to play, you're running way too many lands here. Your typical commander deck has probably between 34-40 lands. My Lord Windgrace landfall deck (in which the lands are extremely important) only runs 42. The upside of this fact though is that it takes away some of what is the most painful part of tweaking my decks: deciding what to cut. You need to cut a bunch of forests. Also, I'm not sure why you're running Mirror Gallery. It doesn't look like you're trying to copy any legendaries

You could probably consider swapping one of them out for Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. This is a great mono-colored commander land.

Getting a bunch of extra land drops in a turn is great with stuff like Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Exploration, but unless you're able to draw extra cards to replace those lands, you're just gonna wind up with an empty hand and hoping for something good from your top deck. Cultivator Colossus is a great way to dump some lands onto the battlefield and keep your hand full in doing so.

Cultivate is a great way to dig some lands out of your library, and there's other good spells that do similar things. Harrow, Kodama's Reach, Three Visits, and Nature's Lore among others can help you ramp up and thin lands out of your library. You may want to include some more of these types of spells.

Personally, I like to include some redundant effects along with my commander. Omnath can help you pile up mana, sure, but you'll lose it all if he gets zapped. Horizon Stone can help hedge your bets in case something happens to your commander.

There's lots of Nissa planeswalkers that interact nicely with your lands, most notably Nissa, Who Shakes the World. You should definitely look into some of those.

Lastly, given what Omnath can do and since you're clearly looking to produce absurd amounts of mana, it kinda looks like you're lacking a real payoff for all that production/retention. You need some outlets into which to sink all that mana so that you can close out the game. Finale of Devastation is a pretty popular one in these types of decks. You might also want to consider Helix Pinnacle as a surprise alternate win-con if you're sitting on a pile of 100 or more mana. Not to mention, being mono-green, there's tons of enormous and expensive creatures with devastating effects (I'm looking at you, Craterhoof Behemoth) you can run as well.

I hope this is helpful, I'd say you've probably got about 20 slots to replace forests with stuff that's more fun than basic lands. You say this is your first EDH deck, so in case you were unaware, EDHREC is a great resource for ideas while brewing your decks. Good luck!

Xag803 on My first mono green ramp

1 month ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi I want to use the mana I get from all for things like Flourishing Hunter, and Omnath, Locus of Mana ramping Last_Laugh I don't like enchant land cards. When I have too many lands and tap them I accidently group them together, losing the enchant in the process. I had not heard of Gaea's Touch and it looks like a better version of Exploration

jaymc1130 on Looking for some cheep green …

1 month ago

There's no shortage of ramp options in green, and they come in all types and flavors. Spells, enchantments, 'walkers, creatures, you name it. When you're looking for options that perform a particular function then a site like scryfall or gatherer is going to be your best friend. It will let you search and sort by all sorts of factors from type to mana cost so that you can find exactly the functionality you're looking for.

Beyond just single cards that provide a one time ramp effect (Harrow) or ramp over time (Carpet of Flowers, Exploration) there are also a wide range of card combinations that can provide some serious mana acceleration or even infinite mana. For example: a common go to classic in mono green these days is Ashaya, Soul of the Wild and Quirion Ranger with any random mana dork (Elvish Mystic) plus a haste enabler (Lightning Greaves), or a non summoning sick dork that produces 2 or more mana (Priest of Titania) to produce infinite mana and ramp up to as much mana as you need this turn to play whatever cool big mana thing you wanted to play.

The aforementioned Scryfall and Gatherer sites will even let you sort by format legality so that you can find the right ramp cards and combos for any format you might be playing.

NV_1980 on Wort, the Raid Mother Copies of Tokens

1 month ago

Hi m8,

I think this deck could do with a bit more ramping options and maybe some spells that allow you to play more lands per turn. Granted, lots of what you cast has low casting cost but your deck only has 32 lands (35-37 is more common for a two-color deck; especially when playing Gruul) and five spells that can fetch lands. So maybe add Cultivate? Maybe an enchantment or two that allows you to play more lands (Exploration/Burgeoning)?

In terms of draw, I am really missing Shamanic Revelation in here. Second Harvest also seems tailor made for this deck. With lots of token generation you might also want to consider Purphoros, God of the Forge and Impact Tremors.



eliakimras on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

2 months ago

Hey! I'm glad you liked Elder Gargaroth in action!

Also, I playtested your deck and got a turn 2 Ghired with Exploration and Ancient Tomb (reeeally hard for an opponent to answer it). Burgeoning has a similar effect.

I don't like giving options for opponents with Selvala's Stampede, but, if you're using it, make it so that all creatures are relevant/powerful when flipped with the Stampede (so no Sakura-Tribe Elder, for example).

Maybe Swift Reconfiguration is the instant speed Kenrith's Transformation you're looking for :-)

As always, I like to know how this deck is going - I even playtest it every now and then to know how it is to be playing the best cards for Ghired, Conclave Exile. Cheers!

m4rs on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

2 months ago

Hi eliakimras,

I was now able to do some playtests with the current set. I still changed some more cards.


Feedback to new or rarely played cards:

  • Quartzwood Crasher is insane good. Thematically, and also its easy to get like a 10 or 15/15 Token, which you can copy with ghired, after that its gonna be snowball. Surely one of the best cards in this deck. Similar with Elder Gargaroth
  • Selesnya Eulogist: Surprisingly good card, I rarely drew it beside the fact thats it a day 1 card of this deck. But targeting creatures from other graveyards (or the own) to prevent reanimate or similiar, and getting blockers is very good!

Cards I am uncertain:

Still the deck has a lot of protection, and I am not sure if it too much, but as Ghired is quite expensive, I will right now, not cut a indestructible spell.

About your utility Lands. yeah Gavony Township might be a cool manasink. But Right now I dont have it, as I put it in another deck. also i have a lot of utility lands right now. Kessig wolf run I removed, as having Trample seems no problem in my last plays.

NV_1980 on Kura, Secret Tron EDH

3 months ago


Interesting idea. I think you can make this deck a lot faster by adding some more ramp options. Exploration, Burgeoning, Rampant Growth, Three Visits, etc. That allows you to summon your commander a bit quicker.



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