Leyline of the Void

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Leyline of the Void


If Lthis is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.

If a card would be put into an opponent's graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

Profet93 on Davy Jones Locker

15 hours ago



Tale's End


Although not exactly friendly to your average cmc, a Leyline of the Void/Dauthi Voidwalker. Adding in a Helm of Obedience for theme but more importantly combo

At the risk of "wasting" your spell on it, Praetor's Grasp. Luckily you can just take their sol ring, mana crypt or important combo piece should they not run eldrazi.

Hope this helps!

capwner on "Master of Cruelties" - Budget but Strong?

2 months ago

As an x/4 in a no fury meta I think this card could potentially be good. The deck really wants Ragavan but yeah that's not very budget. Bowmasters too.

About 'understanding what to replace,' the way I think of it is, you know there are always more potential good cards than you can actually run in any deck, usually there are multiple good ways to build a deck. Every card should play into your synergy, except for sideboard cards which can attack something very specifically. And every card should be the best possible option for its slot (most versatility, most synergies with your other cards, most favorable in specific interactions vs. specific cards). Example, this is why I love Apostle's Blessing in here, it's versatile because it protects and evades, and these are both things your deck REALLY needs. And it's a cheap instant. Great card.

But now look at Goblin Tunneler, I see a card that is part of the gameplan, but it's also an x/1 non hasty creature and a 2 drop. This is going to fall short a lot of the time. Maybe a card like Wedding Invitation or Key to the City could be better in this slot. Generator Servant is great for the haste but it has the same weakness. Splitting that with artifact ramp like you did is good, maybe consider options like Pentad Prism but go with what you think plays the best. Molten Collapse is a strictly better Dreadbore and not expensive. Sunken Citadel might be a good land to combo with Rogue's Passage, maybe then Field of Ruin instead of Ghost Quarter? And Graven Cairns? On the lands topic I really like the idea posted above of adding Leechridden Swamp but you do need the fetches to really make it work.

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death has a nice effect but doesn't really synergize with anything besides bringing your Master back, which it can't even do vs. LB and Solitude. Maybe adding cards that combo with her like Fulminator Mage or Augur of Skulls could make her better. Lightning Greaves also makes her and a lot of your other creatures better too, this is a card I'd consider for a 1 or 2 of. But without adding more support, you might consider cutting Alesha and adding something along another angle.

I like Brainspoil, the tutor is nice because finding the Master is definitely a bottlneck in the deck. Grim Tutor is an option but a bit more expensive, Profane Tutor is affordable but has some problems. Having at least one other tutorable 5 drop would make your BS a lot better. 1 of Glarewielder would be kind of cute.

Hand disruption is another angle you might consider, it's really good for a slightly slower combo deck like this to nullify your opponent's big early plays and buy you a couple extra turns to combo them out. Collective Brutality is a pretty decent flexible card that also finishes your opponent.

In the end I think tuning your list and making cuts is about trying to make as many of these meaningful synergy connections between different cards as possible, getting the right amount of each type of effect you want (3 vs 4 of a specific effect like Dreadbore matters a lot vs some decks!), and then you cut either your lowest synergy cards, or effects you think you could safely go down a count on. Usually you want 6-8 ways of getting your key card in action, or 6+ of each combo piece/synergy if it involves multiple cards, and in a perfect world you want 4+ post board copies of HATE for particular meta decks, like 4 Leyline of the Void vs. Living End, or 8 killspells that can kill a Primeval Titan or Sheoldred. Your board cards should address aspects of other decks that really threaten you, no need to run those Leylines if you already beat that deck most of the time. It often comes down to having the right reactive cards, so you want good numbers of the ones you'll need the most.

Sorry for the whole ass book! It seemed like you wanted the help and I liked the concept/got into it a bit once I started looking. I think there's a lot of work and playtesting you could do to really optimize this, and maybe it could end up being pretty good+still affordable!

jacobpmesser on Self Mill Goyf

4 months ago

Of note, I haven't play the Souls of the Lost with Ob Nixilis, the Adversary. You can literally have a turn 3 15 point swing... and if you can get an attack in first, GG.

You can also aim for alt-wins. Altar of Dementia. And with The Skullspore Nexus you can sac a goyf to Altar, you or opp mill 10. Get a 10/10 dino fungus and mill for another 10. You can play for your own self-mill win with Thassa's Oracle or Laboratory Maniac.

There is a lot of gy hate and I always play with one or the other side for alt-win.

I'm also considering maindeck Leyline of the Void because so much of magic these days are graveyard based.

wallisface on Ways to STOP T0 GRIEF/FURY …

4 months ago

Scam can’t realistically T1 Fury if you’re playing an interactive deck (cause you’ll just kill it before it gets too oppressive).

Leyline of Sanctity is imo a great Grief counter. Leyline of the Void prevents them doing any recursion with either Grief or Fury.

^ but I think outside of those 2 cards, anything you’re doing where the Scam deck is on the play, is likely going to be suboptimal. There are loads of strong options once you have 1-2 mana, and a bunch of decks that just naturally play well against Scam even after being Grief’d/Fury’d. But I think most of the other turn-0 options fall increasingly into the “jank-desperation” bucket.

ldvatwa on

5 months ago

I was wondering why you've got both Leyline of the Void and Rise of the Dark Realms. Do you get one out consistently more than the other? Seems counterproductive, but if you're not reanimating much, Leyline is great for shutting down a lot of decks!

I don't know about you, but every time I run Bloodchief Ascension, it puts the biggest target on my back. Bigger than running a mill deck lol.

I'm for sure going to look for a Sheoldred  Flip for my deck after reading the back part of the card. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Also, I'd recommend adding in some more ramp since the mana count is on the lower end. Relic of Sauron is great for getting colored mana AND can let you draw too. Commander's Sphere might be worthwhile for manafixing and a potential draw option later on.

Aiyoki on Sliver Overlord EDH

7 months ago

This is my Sliver Overlord EDH deck as of 8/29/2023.

Improvements or other Feedback about this deck that can help me improve success in competitive play is welcomed and appreciated!

Options for cheating out Sliver Overlord onto the battlefield ASAP would be best. Some commander decks I usually have to play against are:

Codie, Vociferous Codex

Urza, Lord High Artificer

Removal: Global & Targeted Options

  1. Damnation Destroys all creatures for only four mana and prevents them from regenerating!
  2. Supreme Verdict This one also destroys all creatures for only four mana! While it doesn't prevent regeneration, countermeasures like Counterspell won't work!
  3. Harsh Mercy Is a cheap global removal option that can keep all of our slivers safe while simultaneously wiping out most of our opponent's non-tribal creatures!
  4. Terminate A cheap targeted removal that prevents regeneration
  5. Swords to Plowshares A great targeted removal, perfect for eliminating an otherwise pesky creature that would keep coming back if just destroyed.
  6. Essence Scatter Targeted creature removal, before it even gets the chance to hit the battlefield >:D
  7. Aura Shards Play a creature, get a free targeted artifact or enchantment removal as a result! We use this enchantment instead of Harmonic Sliver because the sliver variant doesn't give us a choice in the matter and can end up forcing us to destroy our own artifacts and enchantments. We don't want that!

Graveyard Hate:

  1. Leyline of the Void. This enchantment exiles anything our opponents put into their graveyards and can even come up as a pregame play in your opening hand, making it an extremely efficient play against graveyard based commanders!

Mana Fixing:

  1. As long as you've got the green mana to spend Manaweft Sliver and Gemhide Sliver work wonderfully. If you've already got one of these babies on the board it's best to keep the other in reserve in case of a board wipe or targeted removal.

  2. The World Tree, and Chromatic Lantern both provide non-sliver options to fix mana colors.

Mana cost reduction:

  1. Herald's Horn costs only to play and also reduces the generic mana costs of all our slivers by . Save for the Legendary five slivers we're using here, basically every other sliver will cost 1 less to play with this thing on the battlefield!
  2. Morophon, the Boundless With slivers as the named creature type, when this this thing hits the battlefield it reduces the cost to play any sliver by ! It might be the most costly to get out but it's indispensable for certain combos this deck is capable of pulling off.

thefiresoflurve on [EDH] Anikthea Enchantress Prison [WIP]

8 months ago

If you're set on Null Rod, I might consider replacing Lightning Greaves +Swiftfoot Boots with some additional non-artifact-based commander protection like Privileged Position. Also keep in mind, Sterling Grove and such already do affect your commander, making it impossible to attach equipment. Basically, you've got a lot of cards that interfere with the equipment, so I'd go ahead and take 'em out.

As for replacements, Leyline of the Void is a solid one. The Meathook Massacre is also a pseudo-boardwipe on first cast and some ping damage, which you should be able to make good use of.

mathemagic314 on

8 months ago

Oh I know Darsul. Same with Leyline of the Void and Dauthi Voidwalker, this deck is actually pretty bad at taking advantage of his ability, but the point is his ability CAN exile things, and that's what I like about it. I wish Umbris, Fear Manifest could be the commander, but I really wanted to incorporate white.

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