Chord of Calling

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Chord of Calling


Convoke (Each creature you tap while playing this spell reduces its cost by or by one mana of that creature's color.)

Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost X or less and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

LeonSpires on Goblin Mommy: Wort Combo

13 hours ago

@ GrimlockVIII I had not considered Chandra, Acolyte of Flame before. I don't like that the tokens don't stick around. But the added utility of being able to cast a 3 CMC or less instant or sorcery from graveyard I think makes it worth it. Most of my draw and ramp are under 3 CMC. Finale of Devastation, Chord of Calling, and Eldritch Evolution are also under 3 CMC and can be gotten back with Chandra, Acolyte of Flame to go for a second win attempt if they are originally countered.

Thanks for the suggestion! When I put in an order for some Double Masters 2022 cards I will be sure to include a foil copy of Chandra, Acolyte of Flame to test it out.

wallisface on Merry Christmas, Mrs. Emrakul

2 weeks ago

My concern is that Elvish Piper is super-easy to kill before it can tap, which could leave you completely dead in the water if you haven’t drawn a backup option.

Have you thought about trying to get Emrakul out via the Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies combo? It would be very easy to setup with the likes of Eladamri's Call, Chord of Calling etc, and then can easily grab Emrakul via those above cards, or the likes of Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip.

^ I suggest the above because your current deck crumbles to interaction, and requires you running a whole lot of massive creatures that are completely-dead cards until you’re able to cheat them out. Going down the Druid route means you only need a single Enrakul, and no other large creatures - you can focus your deck on being fast/efficient, as well as catering for backup plans

DareiJuxis on Kyler leads Humanity to Victory

1 month ago

Jhi69 I am glad you to have provided you with decent suggestions. I think that, as I said, cards to replace are Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Nils, Discipline Enforcer, and The First Iroan Games. Avacyn was strong in the past, but she is not what she was. I understand she can "win" games, but that does not mean that there are not cards that can win more games than she does. I understand the idea of Nils, but it is just not worthwhile in my opinion. I do not think Wild Beastmaster should just be looked at as a finisher, but even if it were you already have the solution in your deck- Chord of Calling. Regardless failing those cuts, I would recommend cutting the following as well-

  • Drannith Magistrate- As far as I can tell, this is just here to stop commanders from coming online, and has no way of repeating itself. I do not think that it is good enough outside of maybe cEDH unless there are other ways one's opponents are trying to cast spells from outside of their hands. Basically, it does not synergize enough with what you are doing nor stop enough of your opponents, especially since all (presumed) 3 will be interested in taking it out.
  • Devout Chaplain- I think this requires too much board presence to work, and needs haste to solve imminent problems. This would be the number 1 cut for Hopeful Initiate. It does not exile, but with enchantments and artifacts that's rarely a cause for concern.
  • Masako the Humorless- This seems like slightly better than a fog, sometimes. A lot of potential to be a dead card, with not enough upside in my opinion. I'd much rather see an effect that gives vigilance, especially since you have cards that tap for other reasons.
  • Luminarch Ascension- A decent standard card for sure, but miserably slow in EDH.
  • Intrepid Hero- I think as a general statement, using a card that hates on only one of your opponents most of the time is not worthwhile. It is also slow since it needs to tap.

I think any of these cuts could be made for any of the cards I have pointed out.

AstroAA on Lae'Zel Master Chef +1/+1 counters

2 months ago

Adding in because it dawned on me after the fact: If you wanted to further trim your CMC, replace Juniper Order Ranger with Good-Fortune Unicorn. Not as good as Juniper Order Ranger as it doesn't place a +1/+1 counter on itself, but it does still place a counter on the ETB'ing creature for two less mana.

Managorger Hydra and Knight of Autumn are both really strong. Avenger of Zendikar can get ridiculous really quickly. You should also look at including more spot removal, like Nature's Claim, Beast Within, and Generous Gift. Tutors like Chord of Calling, Worldly Tutor, Eladamri's Call, and Green Sun's Zenith can help add in redundancy.

Also, I'd advise replacing the taplands (lands that ETB tapped) in your landbase. These slow you down a lot. Things like Brushland, Bountiful Promenade, City of Brass, Mana Confluence, and maybe even sometimes Razorverge Thicket can be helpful. Also, fetches like Windswept Heath, Arid Mesa, Misty Rainforest, and Prismatic Vista can also speed you up tremendously because they filter lands from your deck, meaning you're more likely to draw a card that you can play instead of a land - albeit playing fetches like the ones I've listed can get rather expensive $$$ wise very quickly.

xSpicyMeat on Limbo

2 months ago

wallisface Thankfully I haven't splashed any cash on it yet haha! Yeah I think I just need to physically see where it's at in terms of viability. Chord of Calling I will definitely try and incorporate, seems solid since it puts on the battlefield and Convoke will work with Courser of Kruphix & Arboreal Grazer.

You've given me a lot to think about dude, very much appreciated!

wallisface on Limbo

2 months ago

xSpicyMeat Ahh yeah I forgot that Summoner's Pact only grabs green (i've only ever had it used against me, so not hugely familiar with it). You're right that Eladamri's Call is the perfect replacement, especially as you can cast it at instant speed. The other option could be Chord of Calling, especially as you have a swath of creatures that could help with the casting cost - potentially letting you unleash your payoff cards a turn earlier (or, as well-timed blockers on an enemy attack)

As for the tribal theme - I do get that, but it also worries me. You've pumped a big amount of cash into this deck (it's price mirrors most tier-1 modern decks), and it would be a shame to see it fall apart from having underpowered payoff cards. However, I'd suggest taking your deck down to your local store and playing a bunch of games/tourneys with it, and see how it goes... some places are much more competitive, while others are pretty casual. You'll quickly be able to get a gauge yourself of whether your deck has the power to compete, or if making concessions for the sake of maintaining-relevance are required.

JacobAGrossman on Glittering Company

2 months ago

Finally made the changes I've wanted to for a long time. A Vizier of Remedies and a Devoted Druid are out. Only need one of each to get the combo going, and again, it's just an incidental one more than an actual focus of the deck. I noticed the cards are pretty terrible on their own, and aren't really worth it. Devoted is a mana dork that costs 2, which makes no sense in modern these days, and the Vizier is just useless without another combo piece.

The Renegade Rallier is out, too. The card advantage slot has been taken over by both Augur of Autumn and Dark Confidant, which, honestly, there's no excuse for not having already had in the deck.

Torens, Fist of the Angels has been an amazing addition. It has the creature pressure of Magus of the Bridge or Voice of Resurgence without the weaknesses. Also, the creatures he creates are green, for Chord of Calling, and can grow big as the game goes on.

Finally, Hexdrinker was the obvious and natural replacement for Quillspike. They basically do the same thing, just the hex is way better haha, for every reason.

Homelessguy on [PRIMER]Parley Girl cEDH

2 months ago

They're good suggestions. I just prefer the Gaea's Herald spells can't be countered cuz it can protect walking ballista and heliod and stoneforge Mystic. And for one mana more it's never really a problem.

I'm too afraid to give everyone else at the table haste so I prefer to use Thousand-Year Elixir.

And The druid is good but I feel that I get more Mana through the creatures themselves. I'm sure there's a couple that it can definitely help with but not enough that I think it's needed for the deck.

Chord of Calling really just gets heliod because Walking Ballista would just die when it hits the field

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