Goblin Welder

Goblin Welder

Creature — Goblin Artificer

: Choose target artifact a player controls and target artifact card in that player's graveyard. If both targets are still legal as this ability resolves, that player simultaneously sacrifices the artifact and returns the artifact card to the battlefield.

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Goblin Welder Discussion

GregariousG on Gonna Need A Bigger Playmat | *Primer*

1 week ago

To Kadj,

Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! I have mixed feelings about Phyrexian Triniform. Originally, I was super hype for this card. Then shortly after, they print Triplicate Titan, which I think is just a straight upgrade. Yes, Triniform has the burst option for , but how often do I want to spend to encore for a vanilla 9/9? I also don’t like that Triniform is gone for the rest of the game after the encore play. Even with the encore option, I think Triplicate Titan is just a beater beater, especially with Goblin Welder. As well, it leaves better golems and is more recycle friendly. Even with golem support, I think Triplicate Titan is just the strictly better option.


No problem and thanks! I’m still surprised how much this concept has evolved and how effectively it performs. I have no problem with you netdecking me. Actually, could you post your link to Moxfield? I like to compare what other players are doing with the list.

Before the homie Ich-T, the commander of this deck was Marath, Will of the Wild. The previous iteration just made all the tokens, boardstalled so that people couldn’t attack me, had Purphoros to ping the table, and ultimated planeswalkers, and Craterhoofed as a finisher. It was really fun. However, I found that most of the time I played I would just get infinite mana and ping the table with Marath because it was the most efficient thing to do. Because I was always following that line of play, it was just better to play another one of my decks that did the same thing except better. Thus, I felt the need to remove Marath as the commander to encourage the kinds of play I originally wanted to do. I had my eye on Ich-T since his release and had been brainstorming Tron EDH at that time as well.

Gidgetimer on 1st. Legacy tournament: what to …

1 month ago

As compared to kitchen table or other formats (excluding vintage), expect a lot more complex or unusual interactions. When I used to play lots of legacy I had many people get upset when I did something perfectly within the rules that they didn't understand. As RNR said, just call a judge if you are unsure of anything.

(An example of an interaction I had someone get salty about was cracking Sensei's Divining Top to draw a card and then using Goblin Welder in response to return another artifact from the graveyard and still drawing without having to put the Top on top of my library. This dates when I was playing legacy, since Top is now banned.)

RambIe on Is Magistrate's Scepter Worth the …

1 month ago

it really depends on your meta
the obvious answer as pointed out is that it takes to much mana and time to activate and therefore will be removed before it is useful
but i used to run it in my Lord Windgrace deck combining it with Evolution Sage as a late game infinite turns
Surprisingly enough 9 out of 10 times it would go off, most opponents already blew out there artifact removal on my early game plays, also i was able to utilize Goblin Welder to surprise it out with a counter at last end step before my turn

so my vote is if its not "Broken" don't cut it.

Romer on Flipping the Odds - A Coin Flip Story

2 months ago

Seeing how huge an advantage Krark's Thumb is, I was thinking about cards that will help you have it more often. You may not want all these but just thinking out loud...

Tutor it out of your library:

  • Fabricate, probably the best
  • Tribute Mage, also the best
  • Reshape, drawback: you have to sacrifice an artifact (probably a mana rock)
  • Inventors' Fair could work if you have enough other artifacts in the deck
  • Goblin Engineer can tutor it to your graveyard, then bring it back to the battlefield. It's a few hoops to jump through but also an option to bring it back from the graveyard if someone's destroyed it.

Get it back from the graveyard:

1empyrean on Ragavan, Boatswain of the Dragon's Smile

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, it's a bit of a chaotic deck. I sought to integrate multiple themes and lots of ideas, so an apparent lack of focus was pretty much inevitable. I haven't had issues with the deck not working, though.

First, the suggested cuts:

While Pillardrop Warden and Cogwork Archivist might be a little less efficient than other options, they are a bit more flexible in how they are used. The archivist is useful if I want to put Glimpse of Tomorrow back into my library They both also have reach.

Tavern Scoundrel and Witch's Oven are good ways to sacrifice something that might otherwise be exiled, stolen, or temporary. I can sacrifice Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip to flip him or gain control of an artifact with Confusion in the Ranks. It's a useful effect to have access to.

Mishra's Self-Replicator is a good mutate target, and I can trigger it fairly easily.

Delina, Wild Mage can copy Legendaries. I could run Helm of the Host for this effect, but this is what I am using for now.

Avarice Totem disrupts plays and scales extremely well in the late game. It can be tutored with Urza's Saga as well.

Chandra's Ignition is a solid asymmetrical board wipe, and good for clearing away pesky utility creatures.

Second, your suggestions:

I have a few options for more draw that I'm already thinking about, and utility lands are something I can easily play around with. I eventually need to add my Treasure Vault and Goblin Welder to the deck, but they are tied up in other decks at the moment. I think impulse draw isn't ideal for this deck. If I end up exiling Glimpse of Tomorrow because I can't cast or suspend it.

Dangerwillrobinson79 on This Breya deck is getting better

2 months ago

Thanks ElderCheese. I agree the high cmc artifacts are big drags in early gameplay. I love snapping them out of the graveyard with Goblin Welder and/or swapping them out of my hand with Master Transmuter or Quicksilver Amulet.
Deadeye Navigator would be a solid add. Appreciate the recommendation.

TheVectornaut on Messing with Lore

2 months ago

Sorry I haven't been on to respond in a while. I've been busy with work and haven't been playing much as my LGS still hasn't opened tables up to Magic players. I may not know much about some of these new cards, but I'll still offer some advice on running artifacts in EDH. (Most of my experience is with Sydri, Galvanic Genius in A Pile of Cans so feel free to check that out.) First, I'd try to narrow down to a particular approach to build around. Osgir, the Reconstructor offers a range of options in this regard. Then, you can make swaps for cards that synergize more with that chosen approach.

One option I see is running as many low-cmc artifacts as possible to minimize how much you have to spend on your commander's activated ability. The best bet for this might be the new modular cards. They have small bodies that can be buffed by Osgir after combat and give extra benefits on being killed off themselves. Bonus points if you can afford Arcbound Ravager. Modular is not actually a triggered ETB so you can't get more benefit from Panharmonicon, but I'll touch on that more later. Other options include Bomat Courier, Epochrasite, Gingerbrute, and Sorcerer's Broom. Making lots of token creatures makes a go-wide plan with Steel Overseer, Chief of the Foundry, Signal Pest, and the like more viable. Anything else that produces thopters or servos fits too. Untapping Osgir is probably more mana efficient than copying his ability with this approach.

The exact opposite gameplan is also possible. Run plenty of ramp artifacts like Basalt Monolith, Thran Dynamo, Blinkmoth Urn, and Hedron Archive to play and duplicate overwhelming threats. Darksteel Forge, Soul of New Phyrexia, Platinum Angel, Platinum Emperion, Spine of Ish Sah, Bosh, Iron Golem, Phyrexian Triniform, and Summoning Station are the first options I can think of. Unfortunately, such cards do tend to be less budget friendly. I think it would also be worth distinguishing between a plan using death and entry triggers and one using taps and untaps. The former is where Panharmonicon comes back into play along with Mirrorworks, Prototype Portal, and the refurbish-ers like Goblin Welder. The latter is where Unwinding Clock is king along with its little brothers Clock of Omens, Voltaic Construct, and Voltaic Key. (Both choices can also apply to a more aggressive approach of course.) Here, copying Osgir's ability is likely to be more efficient than untapping him.

Some other artifacts I'm a fan of that are always useful are Mirage Mirror, Kuldotha Forgemaster, and Scourglass. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to get back as soon as I'm able. I apologize in advance if that means a few days.

Massacar on Tap/Untap Adavantage

3 months ago

Depending on competitiveness and mana curve etc. I avoided cards that use the exert mechanic and otherwise required combat phases to trigger their tap effects. All of these cards do something when either tapped/untapped or in some cases both. This is by no means an exhaustive list

Arbiter of the Ideal, Augusta, Dean of Order, Ballynock Trapper, Daring Thief, Fallowsage, Goblin Sharpshooter + Basilisk Collar/Gorgon's Head, Thermo-Alchemist, Wake Thrasher, Mikaeus, the Lunarch, Thraben Doomsayer, Merfolk Looter, Goblin Welder, Merrow Reejerey

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