Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Search your library for any three cards and reveal them. Target opponent chooses one. Put that card into your hand and the rest into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.

Intuition Discussion

SideBae on CEDH - "Budget" Kess

1 week ago

Yo! Always nice to see a new Kess list... it's my go-to cEDH deck.

If you're digging for specific combo pieces, Plunge into Darkness is really good -- the problem is that it is often competing with Ad Nauseam for your life total. My Kess list runs Impulse over Plunge into Darkness because in Storm, I often don't need a specific card, but rather a specific kind of card; in Doomsday-style decks, in my experience your digging for exactly Demonic Consultation , Jace, Wielder of Mysteries or Laboratory Maniac . I think it's probably a good card to run, if only because it is very good as a top ten-twenty tutor.

Consider Doomsday . I don't have the concentration and/or the brainpower to make it work, but I understand that with enough of each it can be a one-card win.

Depending on your meta, I'd cut Stranglehold before Ashiok, Dream Render . Being three mana means Ashiok is not going to compete with Kess to be cast, and the graveyard exile effect is not a small plus.

I'm not sure Go for the Throat is good enough to merit inclusion in a cEDH deck. It's a limited one-for-one at best, and there are other cards you may want to consider running over it. Except against fat elf decks, you're not likely to face down a creature at a cEDH table with CMC more than four or five. (Note that this is my experience; if it isn't yours, feel free to ignore me). This means you're not going to be getting much of a mana-spent advantage. Also, in any EDH game you're facing down two or, more often, three opponents, meaning you're facing roughly two to three times the number of cards you have. So one-for-one's aren't usually going to be good enough; counterspells are different, in that they can break up combos and thus become effectively a 'several-for-one.' I love that you're running Fire Covenant , as it is a paragon of the x-for-one idea. Consider Ashes to Ashes , Pyroclasm , Rolling Earthquake , or even just Fact or Fiction to replace it.

I highly suggest bringing Dack Fayden out of the Maybeboard to the Mainboard. Strictly speaking, cEDH is more similar to Vintage than it is similar to any other magic format, and being able to nab someone else's Mana Crypt , Sol Ring or similar is a huge play. Also, the Faithless Looting every turn isn't exactly insignificant either.

Spell Snare is a hard-counter I've grown to like recently. I'd consider running it over Spell Pierce , as it can still counter a late-game Demonic Tutor when a Spell Pierce wouldn't.

Consider running Baral, Chief of Compliance . His discount effect is good with Intuition , Frantic Search or (if you choose to un-Maybeboard it) Remand , but more importantly his looting effect is useful for finding combo-pieces. Your list strikes me as being rather counter-heavy, and Baral makes your counterspells not only stop opponents, but actively help you as well.

Your deck's mana curve is very consistent and low. Consider including Sensei's Divining Top from the Maybeboard and then adding Counterbalance to the mix. I've obviously never played your specific list, but it looks like control is a significant element in what you're trying to do. Getting the counter-top combo going is a good way to control the game without worrying about losing the card-advantage war.

Good luck man! The list looks good overall!

dingusdingo on Gravy Garfield Lazav cEDH

2 weeks ago

drunksementhrowr thanks for checking out the deck!

You've hit on one of the biggest problems of this build, mulligans and gas. Mulligans have actually improved for us since the adoption of the London Mulligan. For those not familiar, you mulligan to 7 every mulligan, and put cards equal to the number of mulligans you took on the bottom. Since we run a layered combo deck with tutor and draw options, taking the best 5 of 7 cards is a lot better for us than taking the top 5 cards.

As far what we want to see and how we mulligan, it requires some playtesting. We run a few different combos with different costs and goals. If we decide to race on an Ad Nauseum, which is our safest bet against an unknown table, our goal is to get 5 mana with 1 specific card in hand. If our goal is to assemble Mill + outlet, we need the 4 mana and 2 cards for cephalid + greaves or orb + alchemist. We generally want to be able to get to 5 mana in artifacts or lands, we want combos or ways to get our combos, and we want pieces to slow the board or protect our combos. So what do we keep? 2-3 lands, 1-2 ramp, 0-2 combo, 0-1 counterspells, 0-2 draw/tutor, 0-1 board interaction. We want land drops to smooth out games against stax pieces like Trinisphere and all the cost enhancer pieces. We want ramp to protect against other stax pieces like Winter Orb or Armageddon by having a diversified mana base that also accelerate us. We want to have a combo piece in hand, and either the matching combo piece or a way to get there, whether through draw or tutor. We can take a 0 combo piece hand if we have a double tutor. A draw engine like Rhystic Study also helps us manage threats with a greater access to counterspells in hand! We also want to see either a counterspell or board removal in hand, we need to be able to stop a win before we can combo out.

Gas is another question altogether. Due to our focus on acquiring combos and the vast amount of combo-only cards we run (that have low quality outside combo interactions) we do run into situations where repeated bad topdecks can wreck an otherwise great game. Due to the nature of our commander, we desperately want creature based combos, but creature based combos in U/B are mostly slow or expensive (in # of cards or mana). We're left with cards that are mostly dead draws outside the combos, which means we AREN'T drawing cards that would have been more applicable in that situation. We run some value pieces, like Aphetto Alchemist and Isochron Scepter which are both highly applicable outside their respective combos, but other parts of our combos are dead draws entirely Laboratory Maniac or have mostly niche applications Pili-Pala for expensive filtering or Dimensional Infiltrator to hate on topdeck tutors.

You'll notice that this deck is optimized for Ad Nauseum. The average cmc is low, with layered combos, because this is primarily an Ad Nauseum deck. With the easy to assemble goal of 5 mana and 1 card, its a fast, attainable in wincon from almost any board state. We have so many layered combos so that we can just draw 1 + 1 tutor with ad nauseum for an easy victory. Its our biggest answer to the gas problem. Our other method of solving the gas problem is having tutorable "bomb" cards that will give us more chances to hit the tutor into ad naus. Windfall and Timetwister are great examples of this. Intuition and Buried Alive similarly can give us enough gas to get to a win. Yawgill is another card that if we topdeck it allows us to gain massive advantage. We also run a handful of scry + mill effects to filter through our deck and build our graveyard for virtual advantage.

Overall though, this deck has needed some attention. My only time on it has been brewing Doomsday variants, so I haven't added in new set stuff and tuned.

Scheming Symmetry has loads of promise as we already run multiple cards to break it, including instant access to a game winning combo by playing + milling with commander.

Narset's Reversal can catch another tutor. Or flip removal. It acts as an outlet for dramatic scepter + copy artifact.

Dylan on If you could un-ban 1 ...

2 weeks ago

Long post incoming

Firstly there are several cards which are currently banned that I think have no place on the banlist. Frankly I think that Sylvan Primordial , Prophet of Kruphix , and Paradox Engine are not in any way breaking the format. I hark back to Epochalyptik's previous posts in which he highlighted the RC's unwillingness to accept the fact that commander is more then just a causal format but also a competitive format.

If a group wishes implement a house ban on cards that are "moderately powerful" that's on them, I dont think the RC needs to ban those cards however.

As far as a card I would like to see unbanned, I think Iona, Shield of Emeria would be a fun card to have in the format, specifically I think it would make white much more playable in the EDH meta-game.

I think the big difference with Griselbrand that is different then the other cards mentioned, is that it is instant and free to use the ability (besides the negligible life loss) I think that unbanning this card would be a big mistake as it upon resolution effectively wins the game. In essence what Caerwyn said.

I think there's nothing wrong with making a respectful comment about what someone else thinks should be removed from the banlist. Calling someone out for not suggesting a card, being incorrect, and offering a fake, sarcastic, apology is rude however.

I agree that given that Intuition is legal, Gifts Ungiven which is a very similar card should also be allowed.

Sylvan Primordial is not that strong, given that Tooth and Nail is legal, and can win the game on the spot, I fail to see how Sylvan Primordial breaks the game or is on the same power level as other cards on the list.

Unbanning Tolarian Academy would make artifact decks incredibly powerful, and would be a big mistake for the format.

Instead of bringing something back from the banlist can we bring back the old tuck rule?

Regards, Dylan

Grixis776 on If you could un-ban 1 ...

2 weeks ago

Gifts Ungiven call me crazy but if we have a card like Intuition in the format, I don’t see why I can’t have my gifts.

Vukodlak on Urza Powered Scepter

1 month ago

What are you grabbing with Intuition ?

franzepi on Kess Storm: YOLO Solitaire

1 month ago

I have a similar Kess deck Kess, you can take some ideas from there, i am certainly taking some ideas from yours. I play her alone aswell, even in 1v1 people tend to leave while in my turn. Copy Enchantment and Swarm Intelligence are good options to not depend so much on Thousand Years Storm. Tutors like Intuition or Gifts Ungiven are amazing in this deck. Isochron Scepter is a must in my opinion.

Luciferian on Muldrotha Value town

1 month ago

I had my eye on a Lion's Eye Diamond unfortunately I kept delaying its purchase and then its price skyrocketed and it's now out of my budget range.

Defense of the Heart I've always disliked this card, both winning and losing by it. Basically I avoid using specific kind of tutors instead I run an Intuition , Demonic Tutor and an Entomb which I believe cover enough of the tutored answers I would like to have.

Aura Thief Honestly I had this sitting in my binder for quite a while now and never though of giving it a go in my muldrotha deck. Most probably I'm gonna give this a try, thanks for the suggestion.

I like Diplomatic Immunity but if I think if i'm gonna run protection I should first start with Lightning Greaves

As for Mesmeric Orb , Birthing Pod and Life from the Loam don't really reflect me as player, first two more than the latter.

I had a look at your deck and I think including Mindslicer is a good control stopper especially since I have one sitting in my binder.

Overall thanks for the suggestions I'm sure gonna give Aura Thief a try and most probably gonna include Mindslicer as well

Megalomania on Blues Clues - Jace, the Mind Sculptor (OBK)

1 month ago

Intuition might be worth considering especially since your signature spell lets you return instant and sorcery cards back into your hand.

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Intuition occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Blue: 0.15%