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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal



Search your library for any three cards and reveal them. Target opponent chooses one. Put that card into your hand and the rest into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.

Dete on Kess EDH

1 month ago
Young Pyromancer => Sedgemoor Witch si es q poni chain of smog obvio

Jace's Sanctum ya teni otros 3 q hacen reduccion, hasta sacaria 1 mas

Thousand-Year Storm real es la raja pero demasiado setup, mejor poner Bonus Round

Mana Geyser/Jeska's Will muy pocas cosas con rojo

muchas weas muchas weas, lo intente ordenar lo mejor posible y probalemente se puedan sacar hasrtas cartas mas

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

3 months ago

Hey abierto,

It’s been awhile since you commented, glad to hear from you. Thanks for bringing these cards onto my radar. I've got some mixed opinions about each card, so let's discuss - Survival of the Fittest seems only viable when looking for the aforementioned Sliver Queen + Lavabelly Sliver + Basal Sliver combo. Otherwise, i'd just be populating my graveyard for a mass reanimation play that could either make or break my next turn and probably the rest of the game for me. Seems a little too high risk, high reward.

Survival of the Fittest only makes me miss Paradox Engine that much more. I guess I just need to see how it's viable outside of just tutoring for the previously mentioned. Separately, I saw a Sliver themed alter of this card that is really awesome:

Intuition in a good card, but i'm not sure it'll be good in this deck. It would be a great tutor for decks that have reanimation as a primary theme.

Dregscape Sliver on the other hand I’m seriously considering - i'd cut Patriarch's Bidding, as the benefit of only targeting my stuff outweighs the exile at the end of turn. I tend to face a lot of tribal decks in my meta(s), so not bringing back everyone else's graveyard to seal the deal on a combo seems like an easy decision.

Hi Sneuxfox,

Welcome to my deck page, thank you for posting. I've always held Magma Sliver in high regard, but the issue i've had with it is that for it to be a viable card on the board I would need to reach a "critical mass" of Slivers on board. By itself, it's ability is so-so. But I now realize when accompanied by Sentinel Sliver and/or Bonescythe Sliver this creature can make a somewhat threatening board get really out of hand.

To be honest, it's been a long time since i've taken another look at this card. The last time I considered it's inclusion was before M14 at least. Now, after Modern Horizons there are a bunch of more interesting combinations we could use. You've convinced me - i'll be cutting Heart Sliver (as Cloudshredder Sliver makes it obsolete) for Magma.

The only problem I have to worry about now is if Crystalline Sliver is on board. Also, what the heck is happening with Magma Sliver? It just had a serious price spike! You know something I don't?

Thanks again for all of your awesome suggestions and discussion. You help keep this deck list evolving.

abierto on The Queen's Egg

4 months ago

Hello Mortlocke, long time since my last comment!

I'm binging to you some new lines you would like about the Sliver Queen + Basal Sliver + Lavabelly Sliver. Generally speaking this combo is not that easy to assemble, since it normally requires 2 tutor effects if we already got one of those 3 in our hand or battlefield.

The addition of Dregscape Sliver will allow us to use tutor cards like Intuition or Survival of the Fittest.

With Intuition we basically tutor for Dregscape and 2 other slivers, and our opponent doesn't have a valid option to interrupt our plan, since whatever card he will choose, we will always be able to return everything from our graveyard thanks to unearth.

With Survival of the Fittest we will need before our turn and one creature in hand. We basically tutor and bin what we tutored for, until all 3 pieces are in our graveyard and Dregscape in our hand. We then cast Dregscape Sliver and unearth everything for the win.

Generally speaking with those 2 lines, Dregscape Sliver will also pay the cost for the first Sliver Queen ability activation, due to Basal Sliver ability.

Let me know what you think about this, you can always find my primer on moxfield or deckstats under the username MrPonzi.


keizerbuns on Align the Hedron's

4 months ago

Enlightened Tutor, Final Parting, and Intuition are all cards that can help you find your hedrons, and apart from the tutor, can put one into your hand and one into your graveyard for you.

Grubbernaut on Your Favorite Plays

5 months ago

I used a Deflecting Swat on a Peer into the Abyss and still lost because my wincons had been Oppo'd after an Intuition.

Good times.

breadandbutterr on Muldrotha Copy/Steal

8 months ago

This looks like so much fun to play and I'm so interested in making it! I do want to ask about Vedalken Orrery as it doesn't work with Muldrotha, the Gravetide's ability so do you just have it because it's a good card? There's not a lot of card draw here so I think I'm going to personally not run it. I'm also going to swap out Intuition for Lim-Dul's Vault or even Fact or Fiction just to cut down on costs.

I also highly recommend running Dauthi Voidwalker, Opposition Agent and Agent of Treachery!

Amazing deck! Thank you for an amazing starter point :)

plakjekaas on Proxies, yay or nay?

10 months ago

I really don't like playing proxies myself. I really want to own the cards I play, by personal preference. I picked up my Gaea's Cradle for €375, because I really hated looking at the basic Forest that I scribbled "Gaea's Cradle" on with a sharpie.

But I do realize how lucky I am with plenty disposable income to spend on this game, and I would never scold or exclude anyone who doesn't choose to spend their money this way. I do have decks that can hold themselves at a competitive table though, so if you're not restricted by budget by playing proxies, I would like to know before playing, so that I can adjust my expectation of how powerful that will make your deck.

Proxies are fine if you explain why you're running them in the rule 0 conversation, it's not fine to hide them and pubstomp everyone with cards that were presumed too powerful for the table. If I did run proxies, I'd at least bring one deck with me that didn't have them, just to accommodate for when my opponents don't like the use of them. Some people still consider them a touchy subject after all.

Only use proxies if they enhance your gameplay experience. Using proxies is a slippery slope into using the most powerful cards because there's no treshold to not run them anymore. The resulting imbalance in power level may ruin gameplay at your playgroup. There's a difference between proxying a single Doubling Season because that's a pretty expensive card that's vital to certain strategies, and opening with a proxy Underground Sea into a proxy Mana Crypt into proxy Intuition, just because you can. As long as you're aware of and able to communicate how you feel about that difference, there's no reason I can't have fun playing with you.

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