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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal


Creature — Merfolk Pirate


If an opponent would draw a card except the first one they draw in each of their draw steps, instead you create a treasure token. (It's an artifact with ", Sacrifice this artifact: Gain one mana of any colour.")

Unlife on What ONE card would you …

6 days ago

It may be just my playgroup, but based on how we play, there's a lot of cards I could see being unbanned and not warping the format. I agree that Iona, Shield of Emeria could easily be unbanned, Hullbreacher, Upheaval and Trade Secrets as well. Out of those 4, I think I would choose to unban Iona, Shield of Emeria because I'm most likely going to play her in a couple of my decks.

smilodex on Best Commanders in EDH [Tier List]

2 months ago

Jack_83: Thanks for the compliment, but when you're able to win all these games with a budget Light-Paws deck, then I can 100% say, that you're not playing in a competitive pod. Like you said, he's a fast and high powered commander, who's especially strong in 1vs1 matches, but this tierlist is about Multiplayer-Commander from a competitive point of view.

legendofa: Nath was especially strong in the Hullbreacher/Wheel-meta, but after the Hullbreacher ban, the deck got way worse. And yes, that's correct. There are many better Golgari commanders today like Gitrog, Grist, Dina, Belbe, Meren, Hapatra etc.

Nonary27: Shorikai is a very powerful commander, he can break parity with cards like Humility and Boardwipes, since he isn't a creature. He's also a combo outlet for Dramatic Scepter and Hullbreaker Horror.

jaymc1130 on cEDH is going to have …

2 months ago

At least, that is what some of my preliminary data is suggesting. There is a particular 15ish card package that fits into any deck with green that covers a deck's ramp needs, control needs, and combo win needs while also having synergy with each of the independent components leading to some unbelievably robust and powerful play patterns. Right now, in a limited sample size mind you, this package is winning better than 40% of it's games.

There aren't many instances of this occurring in our group's data set. In fact, there are 3.

  1. Paradox Engine. Before this card got banned we were seeing a vacuum win rate potential for this card of 40%+, which was absurd. We assumed it would get banned, about 6 months later, it was.

  2. Hullbreacher and Opposition Agent. When these cards were spoiled our group knew immediately they would eventually be banned, they are that fundamentally broken in cEDH settings. Sure enough, this 2 card package instantly began posting vacuum win rate potentials of 40%+ (over 50%+ before we learned play patterns to cope with how abusive the play pattern of this package was). Hullbreacher got banned, Oppo Agent is awaiting it's inevitable ban hammer.

  3. The Inception Package. This was a concept focused around using Extract and targeted discard to neuter fast glass cannon combo archetypes back in the hey day of the Flash Hulk meta. The concept dominated the meta completely and utterly 4 and 5 years ago and posted vacuum win rate potentials of 40%+ because the cEDH community had yet to realize that running 10+ critical cards devoted to a single combo line of play was very ineffective in the face of any exile effects hitting those critical combo pieces and turning the remaining 9+ cards into dead card slots for the remainder of the game. Over time, as more new cards were printed, the resilience of the metascape improved and the printing of Veil of Summer largely brought the Inception package back to parity within the metascape. Post Flash banning the concept became a less enticing option. Lucky break, no bans needed.

Which brings us to the current issue. The Summer Bloom package that has been powered up as of late with new card printings. It's too soon to tell if this package is problematic enough to require a ban, but it's possible that Summer Bloom should simply get the axe at some point, it is a degenerate combo card after all. The crux of the issue is that the play pattern enabled by this package covers every requirement of a competitive deck within these 15ish cards. Accelerated board development, covered. Combo win line, covered. Card advantage, covered. Consistent deployment of primary game plans by turn 3, covered. Ability to interact with and control opposing board states, covered. Now, it's not too much to ask for all these things from a set of 15 cards in competitive settings, but usually these 15 cards won't all work together to enhance each other's effectiveness and make those 15 cards feel more like 30 cards worth of value in game. This could be a real problem in due time, particularly since the package can be used in any deck with green as a color at the moment, which means the package can be ported into a wide variety of shells.

The package in question: Bala Ged Recovery  Flip, Life from the Loam, Summer Bloom, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, Lotus Cobra, Tireless Provisioner, Gaea's Cradle, Boseiju, Who Endures, Strip Mine, Cloudstone Curio, Crucible of Worlds. Personally, I recommend a supplement to the package of Green Sun's Zenith, Dryad Arbor, and at least 5 mana dorks. Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth can also be used to supplement the ramp efforts, but aren't critical to the concept and are, in fact, vulnerable to opponents who employ the concept themselves.

Why is this package a potential problem and why is it posting win rates over 40% at the moment in testing? Well, it largely boils down to some fundamental principles of cEDH. Those principles? Playing more cards than opponents is good and improves the odds of winning, seeing more cards from your deck than opponents is good an improves the odds of winning, and using fewer cards than opponents to achieve a desired result is good and improves the odds of winning. Conversely, opponents that see fewer cards, play fewer cards, and who use more cards to achieve desired goals also improve your odds of beating those opponents. This particular package hits along each of these axes, it plays a lot more cards because it keeps reusing the same cards over and over again, it sees a lot more cards because it's constantly thinning it's deck as part of this play pattern reusing lands in particular, and it gets to save space because the core components every competitive deck needs are included already in just these 15ish cards meaning it needs to use less card slots to achieve more things, and the gameplans are consistently able to be deployed and put into place in the early turns of a game. Simultaneously the play patterns of this package are an extreme hinderance to opponents because their board states have a very tough time developing into useful configurations when their lands, artifacts, and enchantments keep getting wiped every turn cycle.

Again, it's very early in this, and I would hesitate to say it's Boseiju that's putting this package over the top right now, but something about this set up is very clearly problematic for the health of the format. I'd abuse this set up while you have a chance, the cEDH community is incredibly slow to adapt to new trends so there's a good chance this package will be abusable for a couple extra free wins per 100 games played for about a year or so. At some point I kind of expect some portion of this package to get the ban hammer, but I don't expect it soon. It took them almost a year for Hullbreacher and Golos after all, and I thought those were cards that ought to be preemptively banned from the format the day they each got spoiled.

jaymc1130 on Good Cards That You Just …

2 months ago

For me, it's the cards that are good enough that they must be run that I distasted the most. It's probably a hangover from the original Mirrodin block that turned tournament competitive MtG into a true nightmare in the mid 2000s. When every damn deck in the tournament is Ravager Affinity then the tournament itself is pretty ridiculous, so it's when these kinds of situations crop up and a card is so good that it demands to be played while warping the meta completely around it just because it exists is generally when I have a major problem with a card. Paradox Engine is one of the cards I hated for that reason. 1 card combo with every other spell in your deck that is colorless so it should go in every deck... Just ridiculous, those cards should never exist because they make the game less fun since everyone is just doing the exact same thing every game.

Mostly it's the eternal style formats where I find this circumstance most egregious. If a card dominates Standard for a bit it will eventually rotate out, and Standard won't be fun for a while, but it's a problem that is resolved post rotation. Where as in the eternal formats if something is a problem then it will be a problem from now until the end of time. Hullbreacher and Opposition Agent are two of the more recent cards that go on that list for me. Boseiju, Who Endures could become one of those cards. Don't get me wrong, I play all this stuff, and the winning feels great as a competitor, but it doesn't feel like it's worth the "price of my soul" and I usually feel like I need a shower after gaming with cards I dislike from a philosophical standpoint.

jaymc1130 on Just Complaining... lol

3 months ago

Don't think it's you mate, it's almost 10 am my time and I woke up yesterday right around... 10 am. So I'm almost at 24 hours straight messing around on the ole interwebs watching League of Legends playoffs from around the world.

My only real point was that there are reasons why, specifically, Welcoming Vampire couldn't be functionally identical to Mentor of the Meek. If Markov decks had a choice between a Vampire or a non Vampire that do identical things there's no real choice to make, there'd only be one right answer. If the cards do slightly different things then being a Vampire isn't really as relevant, the choice a player has to make is more focused on which type of efficiency they want in that card slot, or, potentially even deciding to run both and then be allowed a choice in game when they decide to tutor it up based on what they need at that moment in that game state.

There are tons of functional reprints for tons of cards, so WotC is certainly willing to print cards of identical powerlevels with slightly different texture or flavor, but it's not something they can do all the time because certain circumstances sometimes need to be considered so that a functional reprint isn't actually just an outright upgrade for a specific archetype/format/whatever.

As for Necropotence, it's not a card that's personally on my list of "completely busted degenerate nonsense". Just the watch list, lol, and it's been on that list going on 3 decades now. You want cards that should never have seen the light of day? Look at Hullbreacher, Opposition Agent, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, Paradox Engine, and the original Moxen (seriously, why play lands at all if I'm allowed to just run 20 Mox Sapphires instead per the original rules of mtg?).

plakjekaas on Curse of Memory Fatigue

4 months ago

That's just mean. Your hand is empty? Prepare it to be forever empty with no way of fixing that. Play your instants, and nothing else ever again. Except for Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar who is naturally immune to this effect, decks are going to have a bad time playing against this.

If this is an effect you want to make, you should always make at least an exception for the first card drawn in your draw step. Even Hullbreacher does that.

BPWyndon on How is Hullbreacher Worse than …

6 months ago

RNR_Gaming My playgroup uses the banlist, because some of the people in my playgroup still go to LGS or conventions.

Even with the random person at LGS element I am not convinced we need a banlist... It is still a casual format, there is no tournament play, even with Hullbreacher banned, you still run the risk of playing against somebody who cares more about winning the game than playing for fun, and who will bring a combo deck that will lock you and everybody else out of the game.

TypicalTimmy on How is Hullbreacher Worse than …

6 months ago

While we all know that card advantage is kind, making Notion Thief a clear choice for the banhammer, we must also respect how a hand full of cards is utterly meaningless if you can't do anything with them - meaning Treasure tokens reign supreme, in this context.

That's my take. One sets you up for a later turn, but Hullbreacher sets you up for "now".

Add 1 less MV and 1 less color AND 1 less pip, and you can see how Hully is far superior, even if he doesn't give you card advantage.

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