Creature — Merfolk Pirate


If an opponent would draw a card except the first one they draw in each of their draw steps, instead you create a treasure token. (It's an artifact with ", Sacrifice this artifact: Gain one mana of any colour.")

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Hullbreacher Discussion

TotesMcGoats on Wizzardrix (Kwain, Itinerant Meddler)

6 days ago

philesposito007 Yes! Thank you for reminding me! This is absolutely going right back into the deck! Probably along with Winding Canyons to be able to flash it into play! I might put Thassa's Oracle back in as well since it also works well with flash and I don't have Hullbreacher anymore as a backup Smothering Tithe for my main combo. I have to decide how many win conditions I want to run in the deck and which ones are actually fun or not.

Polaris on "Psychic Possession" + "Wheel of …

1 week ago

Yes. Each card drawn by that player will trigger separately to draw you a card as well. Psychic Possession doesn't stop you from drawing cards otherwise, you only skip your draw step, so you'll also draw your own seven cards from Wheel of Fortune for a total of fourteen.

Note that if the opponent's draw gets replaced (say you also played Hullbreacher), your opponent will not end up drawing cards, so you won't either.

Omniscience_is_life on What’s your “dick move” moment?

2 weeks ago

This is something that I only witnessed across the table, but it's too good not to share.

We were playing some casual 5 player commander, with me on Reyav, Master Smith, and my opponents on Marwyn, the Nurturer, Nethroi, Apex of Death, Blim, Comedic Genius, and Otrimi, the Ever-Playful/Umori, the Collector-creatures. This pre-HBer ban, and the Otrimi player has a commanding boardstate with both Opposition Agent and Hullbreacher. The Blim player has a Steel Golem, though, and he gets it through--shutting the Otrimi player out of the game entirely for about 5 turns till he gets a Murderous Rider off.

This Sultai player is one of the most level-headed people I know, but he kept shaking his head and saying "dude, I'm on all creatures..."

plakjekaas on Why does Commander have a …

3 weeks ago

Someone else is dealing with all the annoying rules disputes and backlash, the RC not being Wizards employees actually saves money too. And the 840M company still sells all the cards for it, making all the money. Sounds like a comfortable symbiosis for everyone on the business side of things, something only the Design Team would object about. Seeing how the commander ban list is seeded throughout with cards like Hullbreacher and Trade Secrets, which were specifically designed for the format, but actually fit in horribly, I kinda like them not making the rules.

smilodex on Food Farm

1 month ago

Hullbreacher is banned... Now we have to play Narset again. I can't recommend enough to play Consecrated Sphinx/Nezahal, Primal Tide as your high mana payoff in Simic.

TheRheX on Resilient Black Rose

1 month ago

R.I.P Hullbreacher :(

I have had Vigean Graftmage in my maybebord from the beginning but never played it. I guess i'll give it a try.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Polaris on Replacement effects that would replace …

1 month ago

While replacement effects don't loop, there are situations where they can apply to an event because of another replacement effect.

Let's say you have Hullbreacher and your opponent draws two cards during your turn. Divine Visitation and Chatterfang don't care. Then Hullbreacher replaces that draw with you making two Treasures. They're non creature tokens, so Visitation still doesn't apply, but now Chatterfang does, so it adds "two Treasures (plus two Squirrels)." Now that you're making creature tokens, Visitation applies and makes that "two Treasures (plus two Angels)."

unwucht on Zndrsplt Okaun Coinflip Tribal

1 month ago

Well, Hullbreacher being banned saw to my problem. Replaced it with Dockside Extortionist. So nice when WotC solve my issues :)

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