Noxious Revival

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Noxious Revival


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Put target card from a graveyard on top of its owner's library.

Crow_Umbra on Communism Was a Red Herring

5 months ago

No prob, happy to help! I enjoy your build style and your discussion contributions around the site when I see them.

If you're in need of Enchantment or general recursion, I'd recommend adding Hall of Heliod's Generosity. I've found that I don't encounter much land removal in my metas beyond Generous Gift/Beast Within, so utility lands get a bit more mileage. I'd also recommend checking out Noxious Revival, as it can be cast for a measly 2 life, and has the added flexibility of being graveyard or top-of-deck tutor hate.

There's also Auramancer, Monk Idealist, and Heliod, the Radiant Dawn  Flip (to name a few enchantment specific recursion effects)

Lol I was so focused on the triple white pips on Hour of Reckoning, that I totally missed the Convoke. If you'd want another board wipe, I'd recommend Promise of Loyalty, since it can get around indestructible.

Not sure if you'd be interested, but my best friend recently put together a Brennard deck if you'd want to check it out. He's no longer active on Tapped Out, so this would direct you to his Moxfield list. For additional context, my friend is someone that typically plays aristocrats, and Jund-adjacent strats

CardTyrant on Ixalan Park

5 months ago

Profet93 Thank you for the questions and upvote. :D

To answer the question about drawing, I don't have an issue with gas so much since most of my dinosaurs have high mana costs. I don't really have a huge issue with drawing cards, but if I draw a dinosaur, Gishath cannot call on them later on because they are in my hand. The deck really revolves around Gishath and his ability to call on others when he deals damage. I have considered adding cards that allow me to return a card to the deck to draw a card. IF I get a second Rishkar's Expertise, I will be adding it to the deck in the near future.

Forbidden Orchard can be cut, I just haven't gotten around to it. A 1/1 spirit really isn't a threat to my deck as this deck has slowly become a dinosaur trample deck. So I can use the 1/1 spirit as a political tool if anything.

Yavimaya Hollow is an interesting suggestion. I tend to overlook 'regenerate' cards, just because it's not as used anymore, but I might switch out Orchard for the Hollow.

livingrock That is funny, having Gishath summon itself with Noxious Revival. However, since I play the deck almost entirely against my wife 1v1, she knows to block Gishath to where I can't get even a single card with its ability. I'm sure my LGS playgroup (if I ever get one) will also figure that trick out really fast since I almost always play dinos. Chaosphere is such a good card! My wife ran one in her planeswalker deck, even though I only have one deck that flies. If she ever takes the deck apart, that is one of two cards I have been eyeing.

Crow_Umbra Thanks for trying to get me there, but even if I did get there, I want more. I really like the fact that I've made a deck on TappedOut that people voted to the top of the list. It is something I brag about and am really proud of.

burferking on The Devil Made me do it,…

8 months ago

Besides Stonecoil Serpent, what else do you counter with Tibalt's Trickery? I suggest that you add more 0 Mana Value spells like Memnite, Kobolds, and/or 1 Mana Value spells with Phyrexian Mana like Noxious Revival and Surgical Extraction.

Azoth2099 on Anikthea, Hand of Erebos is Graverobbing

9 months ago


So after thinking about it for a bit, I think the most powerful and consistent wincon for this Commander might he Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Walking Ballista.

If someone counters or removes either piece of the combo, you can make a copy of Heliod with your Commander & grab Walking Ballista from the graveyard with spells like Eternal Witness, Regrowth, Reclaim or Noxious Revival.

Pull from Eternity is a 1-drop, so it wins that slot choice lol. I forgot to mention Cloudshift & Sevinne's Reclamation in my previous comments, but they are also pretty good with your Commander.

jdogz32 on cali blast

10 months ago

I really like this deck. It's almost crazy. I don't like however that your required to play 2x calibrated blasts for the win. I also don't like that 16 cards in this deck are dead draws with the bulk being land. I'd switch the deck concept up a little bit by adding Unmarked Grave followed by a Noxious Revival this way you can build an actual deck and still pull of a Calibrated Blast combo finish for the win.

Profet93 on Koma, Cosmos Serpent - Clones

1 year ago

Oops, I mistakenly thought that your commander 1/1s for some reason. You're absolutely right.

I notice you're running Sylvan Library + Abundance, nice! How often have you assembled that synergy?

What is the primary purpose of Noxious Revival? I'm assuming it's to mess with opposing graveyard shenanigans while tappedout? Or is it's primary purpose recursion?

Blustersquall - How has this been working out for you? Why not swap it for Opposition? They are similar, bluster has a lower ceiling but higher floor while opposition is the opposite. Repeatable interaction > One time IMO. I do see the utility in this though. Would love to hear your thoughts.

legendofa on Will Phyrexian Mana Return?

1 year ago

The way I mentioned it in my first response up top. It gave colors access to effects that don't even pretend to respect the color pie. Cheap removal, reliable creature filtering, and free counterspells were the worst offenders, but Mutagenic Growth and Noxious Revival are honorable mentions.

livingrock on Ixalan Park

1 year ago

Don't forget Noxious Revival. If Gishath trades, but does at least 1 damage, you can put her in the graveyard, then top of your library before her triggered ability goes off, so she comes back onto the battlefield. Also I get a lot of mileage out of Chaosphere since dinos don't have a lot of fliers.

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