Priest of Titania

Priest of Titania

Creature — Elf Druid

: Add to your mana pool for each Elf in play.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Commander Anthology (CM1) Common
Commander 2014 (C14) Common
Urza's Saga (USG) Common
Promo set for Gatherer (PSG) Common

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Priest of Titania Discussion

TheCardPool on The Elven Planeswalk (Rhys EDH)

21 hours ago

Cmi1103 I'm glad you like the planeswalker style. I really wanted to use Huatli, Radiant Champion when it was first spoiled. The problem with it that it lacks the ability to produce tokens. Don't get me wrong the -8 is great but the rest of the card doesn't really work how you would want it to.

Marwyn, the Nurturer is a super powerful card. I have tried it in the past and it wasn't as consistent as I liked. You need to make the tokens after the creature in in play. Whereas cards like Priest of Titania are good as soon as they hit the field. Plus, it also depends on the token army you have. Sometimes Rhys just happens to be that the only elf on the field commanding a motley crew. I can 100% see the potential this card has. The amount of mana it can produce is staggering. Regrettably this card just falls short for my build.

As for Champion of Lambholt one of the first version of this deck used that card as a win-con. It is a great way to swing in for massive damage. I later took it out for Triumph of the Hordes. I later made room for it in the deck and then took it out once more to add in Altar of the Brood. I know it seems backwards but you don't need champion to win with attacking. Eventually your army will grow to a point where it will just overwhelm your opponents. Altar on the other hand will give you a way to win. Even if you aren't able to attack.

RNR_Gaming on Angus Mackenzie Pillow Fort Enchantments

1 day ago

Constant Mists with a Crucible of Worlds + Life from the Loam package is fairly thematic and effective. A Crop Rotation to snag up your Glacial Chasm will do wonders when facing down those pesky aggro decks. I'm also a big fan of Wilderness Reclamation and Quest for Renewal (assuming you can add in more dorks) Noble Hierarch, Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, Priest of Titania, Fyndhorn Elves and Avacyn's Pilgrim typically get the ball rolling consistently :)

RNR_Gaming on Graveyard Shenanigans

1 day ago

So, from what I'm seeing you could definitely use some more utility in your tool box. Not neccesarily stax but reactive pieces to combat stax.

Reclamation Sage is an excellent add and would synergize nicely with Priest of Titania (the best common dork ever printed)

Viridian Zealot - is basically just redundancy with Caustic Caterpillar

Liliana's Standard Bearer is such an underrated draw engine in these types of decks.

Scavenging Ooze - some very good asymmetrical graveyard hate never hurts.

Definitely, bring in trophy, decay, and the tutoring demons in from the board.

Peoni on CEDH sweat-fest. Seedborn Thrasios

1 week ago

Veil of Summer is strictly better than Autumn's Veil.

As far as cards I would take out to make room for other slots, Misdirection and Slaughter Pact look like good options for replacement. You might also consider swapping Avacyn's Pilgrim for a Priest of Titania.

Nice deck. :^)

Rocko822 on Lord Windgrace CEDH Land Hate

1 week ago

Peoni thanks for the advice, I agree on getting some stax pieces in, however I think I’ll lean more towards the Winter Orb and Static Orb route. Given that I can just play a whole bunch of lands it shouldn’t hurt me as much as my opponent. Definitely gonna throw out Kodama's Reach and put in Priest of Titania. On the terms of Titania, Protector of Argoth I typically don’t like attack based win lines, I can see for sure why it would be good but that just isn’t my playstyle. Thanks again for the advice and pointing out some stuff I didn’t see! ;)

Peoni on Lord Windgrace CEDH Land Hate

1 week ago

I recommend running more stax/hate pieces in this deck. Cards like Null Rod, Sire Of Insanity, Stranglehold, and Trinisphere would do a lot to slow down any proactive combo players at the table and give you time to get your MLD value engine running. This deck isn't fast enough to win a race with them, so you'll need to stifle their speed significantly in order to compete with the faster decks at the table that aim to win in the first few turns.

Chrome Mox would be a nice addition. Could probably serve to replace Arcane Signet since you need your mana to be as fast as possible if you have any hope of hating out your speedier opponents before they go off. I don't know if you need an Eternal Witness in this deck, and I think you could also benefit from running some more cheap mana dorks along with a Priest of Titania rather than ramp spells like Kodama's Reach to speed up your ramp and hit your end game faster. Speaking of Titania, Titania, Protector of Argoth would be pretty strong in this deck.

Like your deck! Hope this helps. :^)

Lanzo493 on * text wall* Local tournament …

1 week ago

Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy sounds like he could work really well. Most mana dorks, even Priest of Titania, are commons and uncommons. Most mana rocks are also commons and uncommons. All of the infinite combos with Kinnan, Basalt Monolith, Pemmin's Aura, and Freed from the Real, can go in the deck, but the reason Kinnan is good is because he gets so much mana and can go big with it quick. You've got uncommons like eldrazi that you can ramp into. The best part about this deck, from what I can tell from a brief glance at the format, is that boardwipes are really scarce. They just are hard to come by. So you can overwhelm your opponents with more mana and cards (Of One Mind, Fact or Fiction, etc) than they can deal with.

Icaruskid on Green Lantern | Omnath, Locus of Mana [Primer]

2 weeks ago

Thank you October_The_First! Your username is awesome on it's own and then it being in red font makes me think of the movie Red October which I'll have to watch again now. :)

I hear you on the importance of Flash. I just recently experimented with dropping Savage Summoning, another favorite Flash card, for The Great Aurora. While this deck is light on removal, and The Great Aurora helps there while adding another win condition to combo out on one explosive turn, it may still be a win more card. Let's come back to this voltron vs combo balance.

For me it comes down to the total protection package for Omnath and how often he even sees play on the battlefield. Currently there are 8 protection cards:

  1. Sword of Feast and Famine
  2. Asceticism
  3. Heroic Intervention
  4. Nim Deathmantle
  5. Soul of New Phyrexia
  6. Vedalken Orrery
  7. Yavimaya Hollow
  8. Winding Canyons

I do consider Flash protection and even ran Yeva for a while because her being an elf also helped Priest of Titania and Allosaurus Shepherd. But sometimes she was a straight dead card because I had better protection online or she didn't help with board wipes. Don't get me wrong. There were times where she was valuable but it felt closer to 1 out of 3 rather than 2 out of 3. I also noticed that I never tutored for her.

Let's go back to the first point. If I'm honest I don't play Omnath with voltron as my primary strategy. I tend to play for combo wins first and let Voltron do incidental damage along the way or rely on it as a backup plan. Some games I find I only play Omnath for draw!

I'm still finding the balance between combo and voltron and will keep Yeva and Vivien in mind and the Maybe board.

Thank you for the input!

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