Gitaxian Probe

Gitaxian Probe


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Look at target player's hand.

Draw a card.

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Gitaxian Probe Discussion

wallisface on squirrel combo

5 days ago

I don’t know legacy well enough to know what to suggest here sorry - my knowledge only extends to modern (and i can’t think of any useful modern cards)

I do notice tappedout is saying both Earthcraft and Gitaxian Probe aren’t legacy legal though

Fenizrael on Nekusar's Old Fashioned Snake Oil

1 month ago

AscendedLandfalls Thanks for the suggestions! I actually bought a Harmonic Prodigy today before I even saw your suggestion - I was browsing singles at my LGS and I saw him and immediately saw a use for him. Lim-Dul's Vault is nice and I have a copy in my Phenax deck - I should probably add it to this deck, though I'm not exactly hurting without it.
Magus of the Wheel was in an older iteration but doesn't wheel immediately because of summoning sickness - that means he telegraphs to the table that I'm about to do something bad, and I worry that it will result in my death instead.
I've flirted with putting Dark Deal in the deck and I probably should. Preordain and Gitaxian Probe are fine additions to any blue deck. Raiders' Wake and Fell Specter actually run into the same problem as Megrim and Liliana's Caress in that there isn't as much forced discard in the deck to warrant their inclusion (though I love that these both have ways of doing both), which actually means those two are both on the block right now as I contemplate focusing more on the force feed draw aspect of Nekusar.
Raiders' Wake and many of the cards mentioned also have the problem of being 4 cost and above when I'm trying to push the overall cost of the deck down to try and make it more explosive. That same cost consideration is what makes cards like Mind Over Matter and Peer into the Abyss ones that I'm hesitant to include (though I acknowledge they're definitely good cards). I used to have Mind over Matter in the deck when I had Temple Bell - I think I took it out because Mind over Matter was expensive and I think infinite combos weren't the feel of the deck I wanted. I think this was likewise why a lot of tutors never went in, because I could push the power level up with a lot of these cards, but I think Nekusar has always just been a deck that I wanted to feel a little bit random heart-of-the-cards relying on what you draw.

Omniscience_is_life on Hermit Humans

1 month ago

Hello! If Anafenza, the Foremost is your commander, there's a few things you might want to do:

  1. if you put

next to Anafenza in the editing page, she'll show up all nice and big as your commander. Nice to have.

  1. technically, there are a few cards that aren't legal to play in this deck as per the rules of commander--but it's really up to you! In theory, a card's color identity is contained in every single mana indicator on it: so Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Gut Shot, Manamorphose, and Gitaxian Probe all have identities outside that of your commander, which isn't allowed. But again, it's really your choice! That's the great thing about commander.

hejtmane on Does Rarity Matter?

2 months ago

Some of the best cards in commander are commons because in other formats they are not as strong and sometimes what is strong in one format is not always strong in commander. Rhystic Study is an example great in commander does not really see play in other formats.

In Modern izzet blitz/prowess type decks are really strong Sprite Dragon is an uncommon and was strong it has been replaced recently but in commander it is a ok 2 drop in some decks.

Dragon's Rage Channeler is an uncommon and it is a very good card in a lot of formats and is really good in commander because of strong graveyard decks it can help fuel Underworld Breach and other graveyard shenanigans in rakdos, jund etc etc

Consider is a common and seeing play in several formats once again powering graveyard stuff so making it stronger than opt at this point and I have already put it in one commander deck because it can put stuff in my graveyard to power my underworld breach. Heck it would be good in decks running commanders like Muldrotha, the Gravetide The Mimeoplasm Tasigur, the Golden Fang so yea sulti decks like this card a lot

Gitaxian Probe is a common banned in everything but commander it reads free card draw because you can 100% be tapped out pay 2 life draw a card and yes that is a good card even in commander.

I would say the recent push of fire it was trending that direction but it seems since the oko and omath mistakes that basically overshadowed cards at the uncommon and common level. Recently it seems more balanced because sometimes perception is reality.

That's just my view on the subject

Oof_Magic on Banlist Open Discussion

4 months ago

SynergyBuild I can’t say I really understood how the Trickery deck worked. Could you enlighten me?

Oko, Thief of Crowns is certainly annoying but with Arcum's Astrolabe banned, perhaps in a Modern where Mishra's Bauble is banned, Oko may come back? Perhaps it’s not a matter of what is in the format right now or banned. Regardless of what changes could make it happen, I think there are cards next to Oko, like Birthing Pod and Splinter Twin which are cards I believe fall into a category of being worthy of discussing. Then you have cards like Gitaxian Probe, Hypergenesis, and Chrome Mox which fall firmly out of said discussion as far as Modern is concerned and can probably stay banned on consensus forever and always.

Karn/Lattice is certainly a powerful late game for Tron and I agree that it shouldn’t exist in the format. We already see consistency as the rationale for most bans Ponder, Preordain, Birthing Pod, Green Sun's Zenith. It strikes me as weird that it was not the tutor that got banned but the target. I think that Karn needed the boot. I believe Mattice was doing nothing until that came along.

sergiodelrio on Banlist Open Discussion

4 months ago

Hello fellow Planeswalkers. I made this thread so we can discuss the cards currently on the Modern banlist (SEE BOTTOM OF POST) and look if there may be candidates for unbanning, since it has been a while since something moved off the list.

I'm one of those crazy people that wants to live in a world where Mental Misstep and Gitaxian Probe are legal, but I see how that's not realistic whatsoever, so I won't talk about here. Let's have this discussion to be about REALISTIC, reasonable and safe unbannings.

Here are my candidates:

Deathrite Shaman - With all the easy cheap removal and grave hate in the format plus the general push of power level in the recent years, is this really a big deal anymore? Not even sure Jund wants it anymore. Since this doesn't enable a game winning combo or lockout on the spot, I think it deserves a second chance.

Artifact land cycle ala Ancient Den. So, they even injected another 10 artifact lands - are those even being played much competitively? My gut is this was a probe to see if they indeed could unban the old artifact lands. Artifact removal is much more available these days and the old artifact lands don't even come with indestructible sooo...

Rite of Flame - but Sergio! Fast mana is broken. Yes indeed. But they did ban Simian Spirit Guide and hear my out why Rite of Flame is weaker. SSG does not require you to play or a mountain to activate, Rite does and even costs a mana to begin with. SSG has a secondary feature being a creature and can be cast at a reasonable cost of 3 mana. Rite doesn't have that. Since they took Mox Opal and SSG, I think Rite of Flame might deserve a chance as a weaker substitution.

Please tell me what you think about that and/or show me your argumenst for other unbannings that you can see happening.

Ancient Den

Arcum's Astrolabe

Birthing Pod

Blazing Shoal

Bridge from Below

Chrome Mox


Dark Depths

Deathrite Shaman

Dig Through Time

Dread Return

Eye of Ugin

Faithless Looting

Field of the Dead

Gitaxian Probe

Glimpse of Nature

Golgari Grave-Troll

Great Furnace

Green Sun's Zenith

Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis


Krark-Clan Ironworks

Mental Misstep

Mox Opal

Mycosynth Lattice

Mystic Sanctuary

Oko, Thief of Crowns

Once Upon a Time



Punishing Fire

Rite of Flame

Seat of the Synod

Second Sunrise

Seething Song

Sensei's Divining Top

Simian Spirit Guide


Splinter Twin

Summer Bloom

Tibalt's Trickery

Treasure Cruise

Tree of Tales

Umezawa's Jitte

Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath

Vault of Whispers

shadeslayerx22 on Dead, Bath and Beyond

5 months ago

Gitaxian Probe is a strict upgrade to peek as it contributes to shadow and prowess easier

Lanzo493 on Tasigur cEDH Advice

5 months ago

I would definitely use Lim-Dul's Vault. It’s great card filtering that also works well with filtering for Tasigur’s ability in a pinch.

I think Doomsday could work well. If you run it, then Street Wraith and Gitaxian Probe would be worth adding as well.

I think this deck could work well and even win at cEDH tables. It might not be the highest win rate, but you’ve got a chance. It’ll improve as you upgrade the deck. cEDH is not as blisteringly fast and impossibly out of reach as people think. Lots of times, it’s not too fast for a budget deck to handle.

Another budget wincon is Mnemonic Betrayal. It gets better the better your opponent’s decks are, too. It gets used in UB quite often.

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