Gitaxian Probe

Gitaxian Probe


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Look at target player's hand.

Draw a card.

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Gitaxian Probe Discussion

shadeslayerx22 on Dead, Bath and Beyond

3 weeks ago

Gitaxian Probe is a strict upgrade to peek as it contributes to shadow and prowess easier

Lanzo493 on Tasigur cEDH Advice

4 weeks ago

I would definitely use Lim-Dul's Vault. It’s great card filtering that also works well with filtering for Tasigur’s ability in a pinch.

I think Doomsday could work well. If you run it, then Street Wraith and Gitaxian Probe would be worth adding as well.

I think this deck could work well and even win at cEDH tables. It might not be the highest win rate, but you’ve got a chance. It’ll improve as you upgrade the deck. cEDH is not as blisteringly fast and impossibly out of reach as people think. Lots of times, it’s not too fast for a budget deck to handle.

Another budget wincon is Mnemonic Betrayal. It gets better the better your opponent’s decks are, too. It gets used in UB quite often.

skibulk on self mill

1 month ago

The biggest thing you have to watch out for people killing your Laboratory Maniac right when you try to win, causing you to lose the game instead.

Some cards to consider:

Here's my Maniac deck, I stopped playing it: Fluctuating Maniac

Here's a version I never made: Laboratory Maniac Consultation

SpammyV on Will WotC Use Phyrexian Mana …

2 months ago

You may have a point that with the lessons learned Wizards could print a Modern-legal Phyrexian mana card that is not format warping, but all the same I would prefer that they didn't because there's a high risk of warping the format. Reducing or altering mana costs is dangerous. Dig Through Time and Treasure Cruise are banned for that reason. And more relevantly, Gitaxian Probe and Mental Misstep are more than worth two life.

Force of ___ spells and the new elemental incarnations are balanced in that a card in your hand is worth more than life points. But even then, the quality of cantrips in Legacy means Force of Will costs you less and the format's absolutely defined around the card. Force of Negation started seeing fewer copies played at a time in Modern after Uro was banned and didn't provide an easy way to recoup resources.

Also, now we have had enough time to learn that big mana decks are fine with Dismember, but I'm sure at the time people were upset that Tron could just pay four life and take out a creature. Even the proposed double Phyrexian Blue Negate would be a dangerous card, countering a Blood Moon or Pillage would absolutely be worth four life.

legendofa on Will WotC Use Phyrexian Mana …

2 months ago

DemonDragonJ I disagree that multicolor P-mana will help balance. Dismember is still solid green removal, and Gitaxian Probe is/was the card advantage white needed.

All the same, I'm sure more P-mana cards will show up, but strongly overbalanced. There might be a couple of playable cards, but WotC will lean towards too weak over too strong.

plakjekaas on Verdant Ritual

3 months ago

Dark Ritual is not modern legal because it was never printed in a modern legal set. It's not banned. It's legal in legacy and vintage. It was banned in Extended, in the year 2000. And in Historic, with the Strixhaven Mystical Archives version. But nowhere else.

However, it is a crazy good card that can skip you two turns ahead if you use it well, and there's no need for more of those effects, in different colors, that would be able to make vastly different uses out of 3 mana on turn 1. Generally, I'd say it's a bad idea for colors that can cast Manamorphose . Silly solitaire decks will ensue, going off on turn 1 with both mana and cards to keep going, stuff like that is why Gitaxian Probe is banned or restricted everywhere.

Hardhitta7 on Help Me find a lost …

3 months ago

All I can think of are old Legacy storm lists that ran Cabal Therapy and Gitaxian Probe .

It could theoretically win on turn 1 I think, but not because of Therapy + Probe.

It’s called “Ant” I believe, it stands for Ad Nauseam tendrils ( Tendrils of Agony .

TriusMalarky on Veyran, Voice of Duality [Centurion]

4 months ago

Gitaxian Probe and Lava Dart will be really good here, Mental Misstep is probably solid too but you lose the targets of Sol Ring, Mystical and Vampiric Tutor, Top, Seal, Entomb and Tide, but there's tons of great 1 drops anyways that I'd still run it. 2 life to counter a mana dork, Brainstorm, Gamble, Wordly or Enlightened Tutor? Seems great.

Also, Storm. Grapeshot after a couple cheap or free spells can not only deal a solid chunk of damage, but it also can give you a lot of Magecraft triggers(and you can kill a commander with it).

Since this is a 1-on-1 format, I'd recommend Daze as well. 0 mana Force Spike is pretty good.

Isochron is best when paired with Dramatic Reversal , and Breach wants something like Brainstorm to combo off with.

You could definitely cut a couple of the higher CMC cards as they'll clog up your gameplan a bit -- run a few more cantrips and interaction such as Preordain , Serum Visions , Faithless Looting , Lightning Bolt , Spell Pierce and Miscast .

Also, a couple rituals -- Rite of Flame is the best one here, but Simian Spirit Guide also works. Pyretic Ritual and Desperate Ritual are also okay, but they don't help you cast Veyran so they're last in line for those slots.

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