Crown of Suspicion

Crown of Suspicion

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/-1.

Sacrifice Crown of Suspicion: Enchanted creature and other creatures that share a creature type with it get +2/-1 until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Common

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Custom Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Limited Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Crown of Suspicion Discussion

lagotripha on Slimefoot's Aristocracy *PRIMER*

2 years ago

Fecundity is essential.Song of Freyalise- ramp. Real usful if you want to run Genesis Wave, Chord of Calling or other big 'assemble the combo and win before the politics gets me' cards.

Alternatively, for fun commander, Dreampod Druid, Bramble Elemental and aristocrat enchantments like Consecrated by Blood, Dark Privilege, Crown of Suspicion & Fallen Ideal.

sonnet666 on [List] The MTG Weapons Arsenal

3 years ago

Don't stop now. I believe in you!

Pinkie_Satanas on WB Basilica Control

4 years ago

I like this deck, i was planning on building something similar

First thing, i would run 3 or maybe 4 Icatian Javelineers. It is great early game removal, and good chunkblocker. I would remove Sunlance from the mainboard and put it in the sideboard for some Basilica Guards, who is a great chunkblocker and allows you to drain your oponet health, and even heal some yourself, and i think they can work really well if you have Dark Ritual

I would remove the second copy of Evincar's Justice . I feel like you only need one buyback card in any deck, that there are better ways to do the job and the buyback card is just for late game goodies. For exemple you have Crypt Rats , Holy Light , Shrivel and Crown of Suspicion. The first one does the same earlier and better if you have Dark Ritual , and the other just earlier, which is good against aggro decks.

I would also remove Geth's Verdict for another Chainer's Edict , i feel like 3 is the way to go. And as i think you are trying to keep the mana cost high for Judge Unworthy , maybe put some copies of Snuff Out somewhere? It has high mana cost but you can also cast it for free. Street Wraith could be a good adittion for the same reason, and also to get more cards and a good late game body.

Finally i would put in Castigate for Purge the Profane , i just love that pauper Thoughtseize :P

Crayfish on Opinions of my personal starter …

4 years ago

I've always wanted to make some simple 40-card beginner decks to teach people how to play, and with the combination of me moving to a new school district and my girlfriend saying she is willing to learn, I have finally built them. I would like your opinions on them, and if they seem easy enough for a newer player to understand. (As a note, I tried to include a wide cast of keywords to emphasize the diversity of the game.)

Each deck has 17 lands and one rare, which the deck is themed around

mana symbol g Hero of Leina Tower-Pump and Smash mana symbol g Show

mana symbol w Captain of the Watch-Soldiers mana symbol w Show