Pariah's Shield


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Pariah's Shield

Artifact — Equipment

All damage that would be dealt to you is dealt to equipped creature instead.

Equip (3)

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Pariah's Shield Discussion

Bhaal666 on My Mackenzie Deck

2 weeks ago

My Queen Marchesa deck Divine Decree is all about being annoying for as long as possible and wins on occasion. Palisade Giant + indestructible effect or something else to keep it ticking is one of my stronger synergies. Ajani Steadfast emblem if you can get it out is ridiculous and worth the attempt. Pariah and Pariah's Shield are decent, I dropped pariah since it wasnt as strong for me but should be prefect for you. Worship is often underestimated, you could grab Lifeline for laughs too. Platinum Emperion protects from life loss and other than "I can't lose" cards is the only card that does. Mageta the Lion is probably the card that gets the most groans from my deck, actually probably the card that gets the most groans in my decade or so of playing.

The7thBobba on Stuffy Doll 25$

2 weeks ago

I love it! In case you feel like you need more damage rediraction, there's Pariah's Shield. Stay frosty!

sonnet666 on [List] The MTG Weapons Arsenal

3 weeks ago

Don't stop now. I believe in you!

Name on Dariens Soldier Army

4 weeks ago

There's a very tight, efficient feel to the deck that I quite like. Just some super quick thoughts. Land Tax is objectively better than Surveyor's Scope and is around 12$ atm. You want your deck to have a nice pretty curve and a cmc closer to 2 than 4. You might like Slate of Ancestry or Skullclamp for draw and maybe? things like Stuffy Doll or Acorn Catapult for token gen. There are also other ideas like stax damage, say Ankh of Mishra or Dingus Staff. Stuffy Doll also works well with Pariah or the higher mana cost but reusable Pariah's Shield. Blasting Station makes a good wincon if you can make large amounts of tokens. Ancient Tomb should prolly be in there as early ramp and nice self damage. This deck might eventually work in cEDH if you moved in the direction of stax with things like Smokestack.

Daedalus19876 on Laughing As The Kingdom Burns

4 weeks ago

I posted your list into an EDH Facebook group (don't worry, I didn't take credit), and they rightfully made the case for Stuffy Doll. Might even add Pariah's Shield for maximum jank.

Izu_Korasu on Tree Folklore

1 month ago

fliers are less of an issue now with the additions of Spidersilk Armor, Squall Line, Great Oak Guardian and Pariah's Shield. however Constant Mists may be worth a look, even with that costly buyback, it may be better then Moment's Peace.

Its probably most fun to play of all my current edh decks as it runs well and can easily get out of control quickly even under adverse conditions, and despite ~72% of creatures being treefolk, it has quite the toolbox to pull from via the various green tutors. (Spike Weaver would probably have a place in the deck if i wasnt so focused on the saturation of treefolk and shaman creature types)

PhotogenicParasympathetic on A Boros deck that doesn't attack? (RW Combo)

1 month ago

Have you considered Repercussion? If you have only one or two creatures out, it makes mass damage dealers like Blasphemous Act lethal to everyone but you. Plus, Pariah or Pariah's Shield + indestructible Boros Reckoner-like creature is an infinite combo.

Zeldark on Marchesa Rattlesnakes

1 month ago

A Pariah's Shield can redirect damage away from you, and in turn you would keep the monarchy. Equip it to Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts or your Solemn Simulacrum or any of your tokens and combat damage is redirected to something creatures can't kill or something you don't mind dying. You could also throw in and equip it to a Stuffy Doll and ALL damage dealt to you gets redirected to an opponent.

You may want to consider adding Darksteel Plate. A deathtouch/indestructible commander is brutal.

The Viridian Longbow gives any of your deathtouch creatures removal.

And one of my favorites, Warstorm Surge means that Marchesa's assassins can deathtouch ping any creature (or player). Any and all of your creatures entering the battlefield... it adds up fast.

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