Sapphire Medallion


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Tempest Rare

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Sapphire Medallion


Blue spells you play cost (1) less to play.

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Sapphire Medallion Discussion

ticked-off-squirrel on Izzet Discount Spell Emporium

1 week ago

how about Thermo-Alchemist? after suffering a turn of summoning sickness he can tap to shoot each opponent for 1, cast a sorcery/instant, he untaps, do it again. also add in Ruby Medallion and Sapphire Medallion so your spells are cheaper to cast (on top of mizzix)

Eiti3 on how to works this cards ...

2 weeks ago

Any costs that can be paid during casting can be reduced, including buyback, kicker, and the like.

To cast Clockspinning with-

  • Sapphire Medallion on the field will cost normally, or with buyback.
  • Battlefield Thaumaturge on the field will only be reduced to IF a creature has a counter on it and you target THAT creature and its counter.
  • both Sapphire Medallion and Battlefield Thaumaturge on the field, targeting a creature with a counter, will cost .

  • Other than that, you can't lower it anymore with Battlefield Thaumaturge because Clockspinning only targets one permanent.

    Upyron on how to works this cards ...

    2 weeks ago

    is'nt importatn target.... it is if i must pay this discount or not for this buyback, from Sapphire Medallion or Battlefield Thaumaturge.another good example is i'll i pay this mana for Spell Burst, to pay it's variable mana's spell ?

    Upyron on how to works this cards ...

    2 weeks ago

    hi everyone just a question about this situation: i have Clockspinning to use now, if i pay BuyBack it's 4 mana ok ? 1 3 well...if i have one Sapphire Medallion i pay 1 and 2 ?the same for this Battlefield Thaumaturge ? or i cannot pay tis one's mana more, for pay buy back ? i am pretty sure it is :(

    Mawakka on Flashback from the Past

    3 weeks ago

    Temple of Deceit is too slow, cut it for an Island
    Geier Reach should also be an Island, you don't ever want to spend to give your opponents hand crafting
    Not a huge fan of Bojuka Bog, but its ok for utility.
    What I'm getting at is, the more Islands you run the more powerful High Tide becomes. Casting Time Spiral with 1 or 2 High Tides active can be game winning, it can also provide you with the gas to do less efficient Doomsday piles that run protection.
    You still need to add Ponder.

    In a dedicated Doomsday deck like this, you might want to use Street Wraith. Although it does hit you in the face for 5 when you Ad Nauseum into it, you cant really interact with cycling as easily as you can another draw spell. Admittedly probably not worth running in a cEDH build, I just have love for that card.
    Take out Void Shatter add Arcane Denial.
    Mana Crypt is too good not to run.
    Jet Medallion is only letting you cast 10 or so spells for cheaper, Sapphire Medallion is slightly more justifiable, but even so, I'd ax them both.
    Retract is sweet, just saying.
    Consider Memory Jar, obviously this would be a Timetwister if it wasn't $900.

    I'm a big proponent of "Future Top" enabled by Helm of Awakening.
    Future Sight & Sensei's Divining Top
    Some really cool fun things happen when you cast Doomsday with Future Sight on board. Your pile might look like:
    Lotus Petal
    Mana Crypt
    Laboratory Maniac
    Lion's Eye Diamond
    So, if you run Future Sight, you might as well run the other 2 pieces that let you draw your deck and generate massive storm count anyhow. I LOVE "Future Top".

    Cards that I think are otherwise very cut worthy:
    Riptide Laboratory
    Thing in the Ice  Flip
    Leyline of the Void
    Wish you best of luck tweaking this deck, and hope you have fun with it most of all.

    Matthew_Minor91 on Putting the "No" in "Mono-blue"

    1 month ago

    -1x Think Twice

    +1x Deep Analysis

    Sapphire Medallion

    Maybe a clone package could help you out, flashing in a copy of someone's creature, then bouncing the original to it's owners hand as they enter combat.

    Octrate on If Only... If Only...

    1 month ago

    To each of you I bestow my sincerest thanks for the support and feedback; it is a very welcome sight to see. Your suggestions are all being considered currently. I apologize for the incomplete description, I plan to have a primer written up expediently. Or eventually... We'll see.

    Eiti3: The trick with Patron of the Moon is keeping him safe, as he's rather vulnerable. Ultimately, the doubling effects on Patron are good, but I could see the slots for those cards better off for protecting my board or generating resources.

    feyn_do_alduin: Hedron Crab is a pretty neat little guy. Unfortunately, his application would typically be best when infinite bounce is achieved with Storm Cauldron, so I'm not entirely certain to it at the time, but it will be on the list of cards to consider in time.

    Emzed: Inspiring Statuary is an interesting suggestion, as it does work rather well for getting my commander out faster with the use of static artifacts, like Sapphire Medallion... Only three mana as well, perhaps Worn Powerstone's days are numbered. And while Rush of Knowledge is powerful, I would sooner use Recurring Insight.

    RubyOrzhov: The good news about this deck is it is somewhat easy to convert to more budget friendly. However, there are some cards that are hard to live without, like Gauntlet of Power and Amulet of Vigor. Cards like Time Spiral, Sensei's Divining Top, Cryptic Command are cards I use personally due to my favoritism, but they could easily be swapped for more budget friendly cards, like Time Reversal, Retreat to Coralhelm, and Dream Fracture. There are also cards that could provide similar function, like Academy Ruins to Buried Ruin, Time Stretch to Part the Waterveil (or Temporal Trespass), and Cyclonic Rift to Engulf the Shore.

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