Lightning Axe


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon
Time Spiral (TSP) Common

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Lightning Axe


As an additional cost to play Lightning Axe, discard a card or pay .

Lightning Axe deals 5 damage to target creature.

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Lightning Axe Discussion

Darth_Savage on Trigge(red)

2 weeks ago

Searing Blaze or Skullcrack are better options than Incinerate, it's regeneration clause isn't that relevant. Bedlam Reveler is great in a high spell count deck as are Monastery Swiftspear and Kiln Fiend... You also want a madness enabler, Lightning Axe or Bloodrage Brawler would work.

Now, a quick note on Guttersnipe, it's a trap, partly because he's a horrible topdeck and partly due to cards like Pyromancer Ascension and Shrine of Burning Rage, which perform a similar role but are harder to remove and cost less to cast. Eidolon of the Great Revel appears in modern burn because your opponent is forced to burn themselves to just play magic and most spells used in modern are under 3 CMC, since it's a turn 4 format. Simple test, if Guttersnipe and Flames of the Blood Hand or Pulse of the Forge (neither are great burn spells), which would you rather cast on turn 3? In almost all cases you would rather play the spell because Guttersnipe does nothing that turn.

Hope this helps, good luck and have fun brewing your deck.

gwargus on rakdos burn

3 weeks ago

Icbrgr very good idea with the Lightning Axe. I think I will add that instead of Experimental Frenzy

Icbrgr on rakdos burn

3 weeks ago

Maybe any combination of Lightning Axe, Pyroclasm or Anger of the Gods for removal or Chandra, Torch of Defiance over Experimental Frenzy

Xica on Silver Bullets

1 month ago

"I was just using artifact hate as an example. In general creature removal is the most common type of removal in the format,"

Any sane person has to agree with that...

"so it generally means your hate is more vulnerable like apple is saying"

But not with the conclusion.
As of now the wast majority of removal played in the format is very conditional.
Beside Path to Exile & Assassin's Trophy, there are close to no cards that can hit any creature. In the context of my deck, cards like Lightning Bolt, Fatal Push, Abrade, Dismember, even Lightning Axe accomplish very little - against my finisher creatures. Stuff like the "non-legendary" clause on Cast Down is very relevant!

The counter hate, that comes in game 2 and 3 against artifacts and enchantments is MUCH less conditional. Just take a look at Ancient Grudge, or Nature's Claim

How many removal spells are played... Show

In short there is a gigantic amount of removal that will easily kill Glistener Elf, but the WAST majority of those cards can't take on Iona, Shield of Emeria - especially since even deck that run live removal tend to not be able to cast it if the correct color is named.

UWx control (due to Cryptic Command) & tron (colorless obviously) being the main exceptions.

DRmagic2017 on Vampires

1 month ago

A very interesting build. But I don't see any removal here. Madness mechanics is really fun so why don't you you think about Fiery Temper, Lightning Axe or Avacyn's Judgment?

Bad_Dog on Kaalia The Killer

1 month ago

Hi Dragon2559,

rabelz pretty much got all points right in his answer but I'll expand a little further because there's a bit of modularity that gets missed when you're just looking at the list.

Kuro is often a one shot effect, however against certain decks, it basically functions as a one card lock. Cedh decks with green in them almost always use creature based combos to win. If Kruo sticks they don't get their creatures so long as you have life. Decks like selvala, yisan, thrasios, momir vig, and many others can't play if the demon is down.

Rabelz explained Collective Brutality perfectly, but there's another theme beyond the list which is that because there are so many powerful options for removal in mardu it's actually your choice as to what you run here. I found the options Brutality provided to be quite useful, but it's not "wrong" to run swords to plowshares or even something like Lightning Axe if you'd rather in this spot.

Subterranean Tremors/ Toxic Deluge fit in the same vein as the removal above and again Rabelz explained the reasoning well. To add a little more to it, while Toxic is probably one of the top two sweepers for normal cedh decks, because of the colors and deck constraints it actually becomes less powerful than other options like fire covenant and subterranean tremors. If you need a third sweeper though, deluge is excellent.

Eidolon of Rhetoric/ Ethersworn Canonist: again Rabelz got it. We run these two as opposed to straight Rule of Law because they can be sacrificed to Razaketh. Remember, these guys also function as a lock with Possibility Storm.

Final Parting: This one was a test card which preformed decently but it may be dropped when I get around to adding Doom Whisperer and some other new ravnica cards to the mix. Parting can be used in two ways; 1, straightforward bin a fatty (iona, worldgorger, etc.) and have a reanimate spell in hand or 2, a one card combo with rune-scarred demon. The rune-scarred line works like this, drop rune-scarrred with kaalia, tutor final parting, cast final parting, bin worldgorger dragon and tutor animate dead effect to hand. Cast animate dead effect to begin the loop. Rune-scarred demon bounces infinitely for infinite tutors and mana.

Chalice of the Void/ Sanctum Prelate: Entirely optional depending on how much you want to go into stax. We are the only cedh deck that can run these effects to profit, but they are not "required". The deck is getting much much faster (already clocking in a turn 3.8 goldfishing) and Doom Whisper is going to push it more towards fast combo, away from stax, with more spot removal showing up in the mix. Will these cards drop? Possibly. But Kaalia is the only general in the format that can run them and if you want to stax some fools, you should keep em.

Worldgorger Dragon, Abbreviated (WGD): WGD is very scary. So why run it compared to other combos? The reason is because it's the only combo which truly takes advantage of the bombs kaalia drops, unlike other lines in mardu. Razaketh gives you some leeway in terms of what you run, even making it possible to have kill conditions like tendrils of agony. But wgd enables tricks with runescarred demon, bogardan hellkite, and pushes the reanimator lines into overdrive. Is it the "right choice". No such thing. But it is the most synergistic one.

Good luck with your brewing and thank you Rabelz for jumping in to help.

gb on Seismic Swans

2 months ago

psionictemplar I used to play Lightning Axe for a combo purpose, it usually works better because it allows us to draw from our swan, and discard Ulamog to reset the GY.

ksuKaliber on Competitive Dredge Modern

3 months ago

MB Changes:

-2 Dakmor Salvage or -1 Dakmor Salvage and -1 Blackcleave Cliffs
-2 Ghost Quarter
-2 Insolent Neonate
-2 Thoughtseize
-1 Assassin's Trophy
-1 Lightning Axe or -1 Golgari Thug
+4 Shriekhorn
+1 Narcomoeba
+1 Life from the Loam
+4 Creeping Chill

SB Changes:

-1 Ghost Quarter/Lightning Axe/Tormod's Crypt
+1 Nature's Claim
-2 Something
+2 Thoughtseize
-1 Something, maybe Ancient Grudge or Lightning Axe
+1 Assassin's Trophy (If so desired, not necessary due to number of removal and LD cards already present)

Game 1 is a sprint for Dredge, don't put ankle weights on and dilute your deck with SB cards in game 1. You're a linear aggro deck that acts like a combo deck, you don't want to react, you want to end the game before the opponent can win or react. The cards you actually lose to in MB right now are generally cards that are difficult to hedge against with Thoughtseize. Things like Terminus are never in the hand, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon only needs to resolve after being hit with Ancient Stirrings, and other boardwipes you can play through due to recursion. You should be going wide enough that most creatures/cards don't bother you with board presence. After G1, sure, side in your Thoughtseizes and removal such as Assassin's Trophy, because then you're not hedging a select amount of cards, you're answering the SB hate cards that are sure to come.
And 23 lands is about 3-4 too many, every list I've seen in the past week since the resurgence of Dredge due to the printing of Creeping Chill has run 19, and the Ghost Quarters seem out of place MB anyway (Also, the past week is relevant. Dredge has seen as many/more results in the past week than the past month. Even before that, the max I saw was 21 lands). Your deck needs to be gas and running that many lands isn't good for what is essentially an aggro deck. Life from the Loam is what fills your hand with lands to pitch to Conflagrate, running too many is going to cost you speed and consistency of hitting your Dredgers.

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