Lightning Axe

Lightning Axe


As an additional cost to cast this spell, discard a card or pay .

Lightning Axe deals 5 damage to target creature.

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Lightning Axe Discussion

dialga586 on Goryo’s Breach

1 month ago

Maybe Lightning Axe instead of a bolt?

Permafrost on Kalamax Spell Storm

2 months ago

I like the creature package you have here, all very nice additions/compliments to Kalamax. The suggestions I have are just card upgrades, not sure if you are aiming for a budget but maybe consider these cards for the future.

Smelt isnt too bad, but I think you are lacking ways to protect your commander. Spell Pierce would fit nicely in this slot and is a bit more versatile than Smelt imo. Slice in Twain is kinda meh here. It doesn't give you a good enough payoff for the mana cost. Force of Vigor is a huge upgrade in this slot as it can wipe out 4 artifacts/enchantments for free. I also think you should run more ways to tap Kalamax. Survivors' Encampment is a nice one that can easily fit into your land base for something that comes into play tapped. A personal favorite of mine is Honor-Worn Shaku, I don't see many people running that one. A nice "surprise, I win card" is Berserk. Slap that on an attacking Kalamax at an opportune time and someone is out of the game. Consider that over Lightning Axe. Its much more efficient in this deck, but it still costs you two cards and it doesn't guarantee to kill two creatures. If Berserk isn't your thing, maybe consider Chaos Warp in this slot, it can deal with any problem on the board. +1, Cheers!

BRG24 on Look Ma! No Hand!

2 months ago

Interesting deck. Perhaps it might be worth considering some sort of madness package to make your discards hurt a little less? Fiery Temper would be great card, and it works really well with Lightning Axe in my experience. A Bloodmad Vampire or an Incorrigible Youths could also do a similar job, reducing the tempo loss of your discarding most of your hand. As a slightly slower discard effect, Key to the City could be good too, allowing you to punch through with your big creatures to end games. Just some ideas, hope these are helpful, and good luck with the deck.

BRG24 on Insatiable Thirst

3 months ago

Hello again, just a follow up to my previous comment. Looking at your list as it is now, I agree that Key to the City doesn’t look like it would do too well. The card works really well when you have a high number of cards with madness to ensure that the discard isn’t a tempo loss for you. Here, however, there are only three unique cards with madness, and actually rushing out an Asylum Visitor without getting its extra value is often a bad play, making most plays off of Key feel bad. Regarding the untap ability though, you only ever want to be activating it late game when you’re low on cards and up on mana, most of the time it’s irrelevant to you.

As I see it, and you may massively disagree with me here, your deck is, while on one ultimate strategy of playing aggressive with vampires, split in how it gets there. You’ve got your madness/discard package and then your more generic aggro vampire package, and personally it doesn’t seem like both can be the deck’s focus and you need to pick one or the other. Some cards (Asylum Visitor or Stensia Masquerade) probably make it into both versions just off their raw power but that won’t be the case for everything. Having built both versions of vampire aggro in pioneer and modern, hopefully I can give some helpful advice.

Firstly, if we start by looking at the straight aggro deck, cards like Lightning Axe, Fiery Temper and Thrill of Possibility don’t really seem to synergise, and you probably also have better alternatives for your one drops. Knight of the Ebon Legion is a very solid card to replace perhaps the Insolent Neonate as it scales much better into the game. Gifted Aetherborn is incredible as a two drop, and Drana, Liberator of Malakir feels like a must in this type of deck if your budget can accommodate her. Sanctum Seeker and Champion of Dusk are great late game cards that let you close out games as well. Black has really good removal options as well, perhaps my favourite being Drag to the Underworld, although that does put you in heavy black, but that might not be the worst thing with all the support from Ixalan, but Olivia's Bloodsworn and Stensia Masquerade would certainly justify a red splash. There are many other good cards, these are just some of my favourites.

If you decide to go down a more madness/discard based route, other cards become weaker. Weird as it may seem, but Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord is not all that great of a card for this strategy in my experience, since it lacks any synergy with discard, and cheating a vampire into play often isn’t worth it since your curve tends to be very low. Thrill of Possibility is another card I’d recommend against, using free discard outlets instead is far better for your tempo. I’d replace these with more units with madness, as I’ve said before Incorrigible Youths and Bloodmad Vampire being my favourites, with Voldaren Pariah  Flip being a great finisher or stabiliser. Call the Bloodline is another interesting discard outlet you might want to consider, of course alongside Furyblade Vampire and Key to the City, which now becomes better now that you can curve it nicely into strong turn three aggression. If this is the route you choose to take, the discard outlet slots are quite flexible, so experiment and find those that fit how you want to play.

I’ll put the links to my two lists here for if you want to have a look:

I understand that you want to test your current build first, and your testing may prove me wrong entirely. These are pretty big changes that I’m suggesting, and they may lead the deck away from what you are envisioning for it, so please feel free to completely ignore these recommendations. I wish you luck with the deck and hope that this has been helpful to you.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

4 months ago

I agree, Spitemare is a lot of fun and was actually in the initial decklist, but I switched it out for Spiteful Sliver because it was more cost efficient while serving the same purpose. I like Roast/Lightning Axe, but I'm not sure what I would take out to try it. As for Dictate of the Twin Gods, I'm going to try it with the sideboard Shivan Meteor/Purphoros's Intervention. Thanks for the suggestions.

lagotripha on Boom! Surprise 20 Dmg

4 months ago

I've had some success abusing Dictate of the Twin Gods and Roast/Lightning Axe in similar lists. Spitemare is fun. Boros Charm making creatures indestructible for act, or just hitting face works well.

Spoothy on *Racks Shotgun with Malicious Intent*

6 months ago

Nerdfolk I've found that discard effects outside of Lightning Axe and Izzet Charm to be too slow and can often be a bit too clunky. By Aggressively self-milling we can hit birds far faster and have more reliable refill with Ox of Agonas and Treasure Cruise. I am currently on only one Finale of Promise but I swing back and forth between one and two, as they help us to bring back a bird with minimal cards in hand. In what I have played so far on MTGO with this set I can say for sure that aggro is in, combo is much riskier, and that we need to bring a bevy of tools to interact with it. I have a prowess style list as well which has actually done better than this one so far, going 4-1 in a league while this guy is just chilling in my usual 3-2 or lower kinda placement. The other thing that I can say for almost certain is that the Temur Battle Rage is here to stay, hitting an ox, a sprite, or even a bird with that on a swing has won me so may games that I have no right winning. It is even better in TiTI lists where it can pretty reliably turn 4 clock people.

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