Prey Upon


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Common
Eldritch Moon Common
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Common
Magic 2013 Common
Innistrad Common

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Prey Upon


Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

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Prey Upon Discussion

williamslade on Omnath, Locus of Rage (Actual)

9 hours ago

yo this looks much much better than the first iteration. It ramps super hard, plenty of cards that give you a shit ton of landfall triggers for omnath. But you're still missing a few key things. First off, run more card draw. I'd add Elemental Bond, and DEFINITELY Soul of the Harvest because that is an elemental creature. Second, you needs some removal. Ulvenwald Tracker, Lightning Bolt, Beast Within, and Prey Upon are all staples. As far as artifact and enchantment removal, also add Hull Breach and DEFINITELY Decimate. Third, add Where Ancients Tread because that card is broken.You don't have to add all of these, only the ones you like. Make it your own. Here are the cards I'd consider dropping to make room for these, in order from definitely drop to maybe drop: Might of Alara, Panharmonicon (this card doesn't work the way you think it does), Tribal Flames, Jaddi Offshoot, Scythe Leopard, Crop Rotation (it doesn't actually ramp you), and Territorial Baloth. Not bad for a first attempt! Omnath kicks ass dude

wasianpower on Blue-Green Energy shenanigans

1 day ago

Appetite for the Unnatural isn't particularly good in the mainboard. I'd move it to the side, or leave one copy at most.

Aethertide Whale and Aethersquall Ancient are expensive but great, near unbeatable finishers in UG energy intensive decks. Aethersquall Ancient is at it's best when you have a bunch of creatures that create energy when they enter the battlefield as you can activate it each turn to prevent your opponent from ever untapping with creatures. However, they are very expensive so you probably only want 2-4 copies total at most.

Splashing red for Whirler Virtuoso and Harnessed Lightning is doable thanks to Attune with Aether (which should probably be a four of) if you're looking for extra removal or a way to go wide with tokens.

Ornamental Courage is worse than Blossoming Defense.

Wind Drake and Wild Wanderer aren't doing much in this deck at the moment.

Rogue Refiner is a broken magic card. You should probably be playing 4.

Take Down is fairly narrow, have you considered Prey Upon?

jawz on Green Counters budget

1 day ago

Longtusk Cub could be a good fit. It's fairly cheap. And it can grow out of control quickly if the opponent falls a step behind early.

I might suggest swapping out the 4 Natural State. Maybe you're seeing a lot of artifacts and you have to deal with them, but it seems like creature threats are far more important to deal with in Standard these days and the artifact-specific stuff can go to the sideboard. I like the Nature's Way or the Prey Upon more myself for those slots. But given you're running Lambholt Pacifist  Flip, I'd probably go with Blossoming Defense in the end.

And if you go with Blossoming Defense, I'd want to swap out the Ulvenwald Captive  Flip and Druid of the Cowl for mana critters with 2 power so that the +2 could turn on the pacifist. In terms of budget I'd probably swap in Deathcap Cultivator, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip and Lifespring Druid. Although if I could spend more money I'd probably aim for Rishkar, Peema Renegade instead.

Mr_Radical on Deathtouch Abuse

4 days ago

Always a fan of deathtouch themed decks, +1. Here are a few suggestions:

-4 Pharika's Chosen, +4 Ruthless Ripper

-4 Deadly Recluse, +4 Narnam Renegade (rely on removal to deal with flying)

-4 Runechanter's Pike, +4 Sharpened Pitchfork (unless you add more instants & sorceries)

Since deathtouch applies to all damage a creature deals, Nature's Way and Rabid Bite can be just as effective as Murder if you don't mind trading instant speed for 2cmc; Clear Shot's an option as well. Fighting (Prey Upon, Pit Fight, Ulvenwald Tracker, Setessan Tactics) also has the same effect.

There's also something to be said for swapping a few equipment cards out for Midnight Charm so first strike comes as a surprise.

RitchieRich757 on Golgari Obliterator

6 days ago

And I'll playtest with Prey Upon instead of Ulvenwald Tracker. Im just thinking though that prey is a one off where as tracker is a pop every turn until their board is empty.

Logics on Golgari Obliterator

6 days ago

I think you could benefit from throwing in a couple Twilight Mires. with 4 Forests in the deck, I can imagine that there are a lot of cases that drawing one means you can't cast the Phyrexian Obliterator when you want to.

I also don't understand Noxious Revival or Raven's Crime in the deck. I feel like Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are more powerful to have in your mainboard. Prey Upon would be a suitable replacement for Ulvenwald Tracker.

Lastly, I would probably go to 4 Abrupt Decay between the main and the board of the deck. It is very versatile removal spell, and I find it is relevant a lot.

Spookypatootie on Witches!

1 week ago

Darth_Savage, that's a good question and the answer is that I actually consider Bogbrew Witch to be the core card and I draw her reliably enough that more cauldrons would hamper more than help. After all, the cauldron won't be useful for saccing witches until at least turn five. The musts in the deck are with the Newt, Cauldron and Witch. I play in a group that usually only uses creature removal, not artifact or enchantment removal, which makes it pretty potent against what they're usually cooking with. The idea of Bitterheart Witch is to keep people from attacking me, trade with a creature, do ping damage or be thrown into the cauldron to get a curse out and gain life at the same time. She's a lot better than she appears at face value, especially with a group that likes their Doom Blades and Prey Upon.

Your suggestion for Inkfathom Witch's ability is banging but that would require splashing for blue to use its ability. I'd put it in over Thoughtpicker Witch if I did have blue in here. If I splashed for blue I'd also put in some Turn to Frog, but I'm working on a wizard deck that has an emphasis on cards like that, so I don't feel the need to spread into blue just yet.

Darth_Savage on Soup's Green/Blue Deck

1 week ago

My first thought is that you have nowhere near enough land, even in a mono colour deck the minimum is 19-20, in a two colour deck 21-24 is normal. My second though is that your mana curve is off, you don't have enough 1 and 3 drops and too many 5 and 6 drops.

Ok, that out of the way, there is a simpler question; how do you plan to win?

Hunt the Hunter, Savage Punch or Prey Upon are far more efficient than Hunt the Weak and they're not the only examples.

Cards like Arbor Elf and Sylvan Caryatid are great in multi-colour decks and green is the king for cheap creatures that provide this effect, again it is more efficient than using Nissa's Expedition...

Hope this is of some help, as I said try to work out the focus of the deck and definately add more land.

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