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Act of Treason


Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn. (It can attack and {T} this turn.)

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Act of Treason Discussion

Adroniac on don't be hasty

1 day ago

Stormbreath Dragon and Desecration Demon are a tad too expensive for an aggro deck. Traitorous Instinct is just not worth it over Act of Treason .

Rhadamanthus on Able to Attack?

4 days ago

No. Whether or not a creature has "summoning sickness" (can't attack or use abilities with the Tap/Untap symbol in the cost) depends on how long its current controller has controlled it. If you haven't controlled it since the beginning of your most recent turn, it has summoning sickness. This is why effects like Act of Treason , etc. give the creature Haste.

SevynnthDimension on

5 days ago

Hello! First off, I think you should add more dual lands like Temple of Abandon or maybe even some Fungal Reaches ? Those are good for mana fixing and ramp.

Second, I think you should remove the following2x Disciple of the Old Ways 1x Duskdale Wurm 2x Lava Axe 2x Verdant Haven 2x Feral Animist 2x Ruination Wurm 2x Act of Treason 2x Volcanic Geyser

And one more thing, definitely add some Mistcutter Hydra

Skutter on Vamps

5 days ago

Step 1: Convert to Red/BlackStep 2: Olivia Voldaren To replace one of the Captivating Vampire step 3: Scrap the Akroma's memorial, it makes red&black creatures immune to your spells and enchantmentsStep 4: more creatures. Bloodlord of Vaasgoth 4xStromkirk Captain Falkenrath Marauders 2x Corpse Hauler Havengul Vampire Rakish Heir Dark Impostor Necropolis Regent Step 5: Get an Obelisk of Urd or two, major boost to vampire power

A Curse of Stalked Prey is always useful. Also try to get some enchantments in there I recommend Lightning Talons Skeletal Grimace Revival spells are useful and so are controls eg. Act of Treason Gravepurge As an additional thought I'm very fond of artifacts you may want to toss in a few, but that is up to you

Femme_Fatale on Fun and Interesting Ideas for ...

5 days ago

In an effort to make this forum popular, let's see the kind of decks people really have fun with in Emperor.

Emperor is mainly a 3 on 3 variant of 2HG, with some interesting ideas. There is one emperor in the center and two generals on the side for your team. You may go up to any number of players, like 5 vs 5 or 7 vs 7. The goal is to kill the opposing emperor. Life is not shared, so each player has 20 life, board states are not shared, and you cannot communicate about what you want to do or are going to do or what is in your hand to only your teammates. Turns go clockwise for each player, not all players on one team go simultaneously. The team that goes first actually only has the general to the left of the emperor go first, and since it is clockwise, the enemy's right hand general goes next, and so on.

When a player dies, or loses the game, any permanent, spell on the stack, or effect like Act of Treason that that player controls, immediately leaves the game when that player loses.

Players may move creatures into neighbouring allied player's battlefields. A creature can only be moved when it can attack. Meaning it must be untapped, not a creature with defender, and not have summoning sickness. A creature can only be moved when you can legally summon a creature. Any number of creatures can be moved, but each creature can be moved only once. Once a creature is moved, it gets summoning sickness again. You can't summon a creature into another player's field.

However, the control of that creature does not change, and only attacks on their controller's attack phase, not the attack phase of the player of the battlefield they are on. Creatures can defend the player of the battlefield they are on however, but only the controller of the creature chooses which creatures will block which attacking creatures.

If creatures are forced to attack, but have no adjacent enemies, then they are automatically moved to an ally battlefield and attack the enemy that played the spell or ability that forced them to attack. For example, Bident of Thassa would force the opposing players that are out of range to automatically move into range of the player that activated Bident of Thassa 's ability only if they can attack.

If you take control of a non-creature permanent, it teleports to your battlefield. This does not happen with creatures, as they are only forcibly moved to one adjacent player that is the closes to you, regardless whether or not that creature is tapped, has summoning sickness, or has defender. The creature is not forcibly moved again if the control effect ends. After this, movement must happen normally. If the creature ends up in an enemy general's or emperor's field, you can use that creature to attack adjacent enemies, or block allying creatures that are attacking that enemy. Note however that once that creature moves off of enemy territory, the creature cannot move back onto enemy territory again. Unless the control effect ends and control goes back to its original controller, in which case it is technically in enemy territory again and the creature is forcibly moved one territory closer again.

When a player dies, every creature that belongs to another player that is on the battlefield of the player that just died, dies also. Nothing can be regenerated from this fate.

There is a limited range of effect in emperor. Basically, you can only target players that are in two territories away from you. So at the start of the game and you play Thoughtseize , you cannot target the opposing emperor, just yourself, one of your generals, or one of the opposing generals. This also applies to global effects, so Coat of Arms at the start of the game would not effect any player that is more than two territories away.

However, creatures can increase this range if moved. The range of effect increases to territories away from wherever a creature you control currently resides. So if you have a really massively complex 7 vs 7 game, moving creatures is vital for global effects to reach far off players, and for you to allow more targets for instants and sorceries.

There are some cards that don't specificy whether they are targeting spells or global spells, so it is up to the players to come to an acceptable solution to this problem.

Now for the questions!

What kind of deck do you play, and how is it perceived on the kitchen table?

Is it a deck that you play regardless of what your teammates are playing? Or do you have some friends you always play with and have your decks tailored to synergize with each other?

Are you usually the Emperor or are you one of the generals on the side?

Do you have any house rules? Shake things up a little, shakabakawaka.

Any ban-lists? A particular card, or a type of deck, or a certain deck in general?

Let's hear your experiences! Share the joys and ideas, and others will be able to try some new things out~

StanleyHartman on Sacrifice EDH (in progress)

1 week ago

Why sacrifice your creatures when you can sacrifice your opponent's creatures? Act of Treason / Portent of Betrayal / Harness by Force etc.

paperhead on Teeka the Devastator

1 week ago

imo, drop Phyresis and black altogether.
4x Harrow , 4x Giant Growth (or a similar buff), 4x Familiar Ground , 4x Act of Treason , 4x Harness by Force (yes 8 creature stealers), 4x Fling . Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.14 $0.64 $0.23
Color(s) R
Cost 2R
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 5.06
Avg. cube pick 10.45


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning Common
Magic 2014 Common
Gatecrash Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Uncommon

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