Act of Treason

Act of Treason


Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn. (It can attack and this turn.)

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Act of Treason Discussion

ducttapedeckbox on A new RB walker?

10 hours ago

I love the +2, but as said above the -X doesn't make sense and the -10 doesn't feel like black-red.

The -X would be fine without the "where X is..." part.

How about something like an Act of Treason emblem for the ultimate? It would fit the revenge theme.

-10: You get an emblem with "Whenever a creature an opponent controls deals combat damage to you, you may pay . If you do, gain control of that creature until your next end step."

PistonGolem on What's the craziest game you've ...

23 hours ago

I was playing Magic Duels and was doing two-headed giant. I was playing Surge due to being poor in cards, and my teammate was playing bant. Both opponents playing ramp, very fun...They got Ulamog early, so we responded by Altered Egoing their Ulamog to get our own, then we swung with everything after because they couldn't hit us. The second player on the opponent's team, with no cards in hand drew Act of Treason... Rip MTG Duels.

Ragham on Baby I'm Preying On You Tonight (4-0 finally!!!)

1 day ago

Hey ! I'm interesting about this deck but there are way to improve it. You seems to focus only against humans deck but it is far away powerfull deck of the meta. PPTQ, pro tour .. show us that meta tend to play with no creature on play strategy.

So yes you have answer to humans with Dual Shot until ETB effect resolves but this card serves only to that and should be on sideboard. Why not include Kessig Forgemaster  Flip ? This card is very great against all decks using creatures on board strategy like humans and bant decks.

How is your plan against controle deck ? I think Lambholt Pacifist  Flip is pretty useless but Evolutionary Leap is fantastic ! This card is a awesome answer to million of sweeper on format and is usefull against any decks !

Atarka's Command I don't see really his utility. There are few sources or gain life that can penalize you ; blast 3 to opponent is ok but you are not hyper-aggro deck, it would be strong if it can deals 3 damage to planewalker or a creature ; +1/+1 reach is situational - Vines of the Recluse. There are better spells I think who can play main deck.

Act of Treason on sideboard against ramp decks. Attack with his Ulamog lel

Tormenting Voice for draw can be nice card no? or maybe Abbot of Keral Keep or Sin Prodder

Why not include Lightning Berserker even it is not a werewolf ? I think you have not enough drop-1 and this guy can instantly deals huge damages ! Win-condition card, one more Wolf of Devil's Breach as you have lot of cards 2-3-drop. Playing this wolf + atarka is ok. You can even go to Burn from Within to finish opponent or exile a creature, as some decks are playing with graveyard.

Sage of Ancient Lore  Flip If you play some cards to draw, you can consider this guy. His turn up makes him also usefull vs slower decks. Maybe be on sideboard ?

What do you think about these suggestions ? I would see a werewolf deck being competitive until next expansion.

Unlife on Looking to build a "Intro ...

1 day ago

A fun way to go could be a deck that relies less on itself and more on what other people play, basically Act of Treason the deck. There are a lot of effects you can put into a deck and red and blue would fit well with the idea. I built a deck similar to this (though mine was R/U/B) and it's a lot of fun to play, especially in big games. Put in a couple of sac outlets like Goblin Bombardment to throw the creatures you borrowed back at their controller.Jhiora of the Ghitu could be fun with this if you want to throw in a few big creatures, or Melek, Izzet Paragon so they have even more spells.

Ragham on Olivia's Army

3 days ago

Something like Transgress the Mind x4. After 2 weeks and pro tour, we can see the meta, I think Transgress can be main deck, instead Alms of the vein. Duress is also great option.

On sideboard, you can consider also Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip who brings great card advantage and pressure.Infinite Obliteration sounds very good to win easely your 2nd or third game.Act of Treason for ramp match-up, in case where you can not Transgress his threat and he destro your board.Foul-Tongue Shriek for the all-in. It surprised and can make the difference to kill opponent.Self-Inflicted Wound an excellent card to counter humans deck, card:Dragonlord ojuta, bant decks The Gitrog Monster etc etcRuinous Path if opponent's arpenters are really annoying.

What do you think about these suggestions ?

Maikeruu on U/R Goggles

1 week ago

Solid mainboard, following similar to what Todd did himself - I'd probably change the sideboard a little though! The best cards for the sideboard in a deck like this, has to be Negate's Fevered Visions. Negate stops planeswalkers which is definitely needed in this style of control, and fevered visions punishes control/midrange decks after side. So it's good you have included those!

Rending Volley also hits the meta on it's head, allowing you to deal 4 damage (8 if copied) to any white or blue creature in these human decks, constantly removing their threats makes them run out of gas fast. This card does that for you.

Also, a sidenote is that Eldrazi Obligator or Act of Treason make your ramp match-up a lot better, probably our worst matchup with this deck but there isn't much more than these cards that can give you an edge.

smatdu42 on Burn Madness goggle (Need Help!)

1 week ago

goggle Act of Treason looks so sweet xD

and indeed i think that will be my sideboard

Maikeruu on Burn Madness goggle (Need Help!)

1 week ago

If I was to make a sideboard for a deck like this, watching the recent tournaments and playing some casual FNM's etc I'd probably go with something like:

4x Rending Volley (Humans are very annoying)

2x Tears of Valakut for the dragons or extra help against archangel of tithes or avacyn

4x Scab-Clan Berserker for the control match-ups and slow matches as you said.

2x Roast for the bigger ground creatures

3x Act of Treason for stealing the big ramp dudes and killing an opponent with their own creatures

Those are just ideas but it seems to have a range of different answers for pretty much everything in a set-up like that! :D The new set-up of the deck looks way more solid than before, I really like it. Keep up the good work and I hope it's fun in your testing!

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