Act of Treason

Act of Treason


Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn. (It can attack and this turn.)
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Act of Treason Discussion

collywolly94 on Pyromancer's Point of View

2 days ago

Mob Rule + Pyromancer's Goggles is kind of a nonbo, because you can't choose a different mode for the copy. Act of Treason might be a little more synergistic. Sweet list though!

PG7m on rAlly deck

2 days ago

Thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciate the advice.

Here is the latest list update. As always, let me know what you think. I've taken it to a couple FNM's and when it goes off it's pretty incredible. I think the only thing that the Rally mechanic is missing is and Ally that has Rally for Hexproof or Flying, but that might brake it. I don't know.

The deck wins by draining my opponent's life and adding to mine while bouncing back my Ally's from the graveyard which with the help of Chasm Guide gives them all Haste, extracting max value from Rally the Ancestors and March from the Tomb.

I think I'm squeezing all possible value from the Ally/Rally mechnics by running all Allys; 20 in total with the ability to add 1/1 and 2/2 Ally tokens with either Retreat to Emeria when I drop a land or with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. It's so nice when you bounce 4 Allys back from the grave to swing with double strike, lifelink and haste for about 20! Give or take.

When I do drop the planewalker I usually do his plus 1 and then either make tokens or turn him into an emblem depending on the board state and whether I'm behind or not. If I could get my hands on one or two more I think I would replace Drana, Liberator of Malakir as she seems to be the weakest link in this line-up.

For removal I've added a suite of cards including my absolute favorite; Infinite Obliteration. I don't know why this isn't a much more expensive card. I play it as soon as I can not so much to remove a card from play (although that is nice) but to look at my opponent's entire library. I'll just say Ulamog and go window shopping and then I know what to get rid of when I play the next one. This card has sown so many frowns and open mouths when I play it. I can't even keep from smiling, especially when my opponent has apparently never even her of this card. In fact, the only change I'm considering at this time is running four of it. The first might get countered but I'm going to stick one or two. I think my removal game is strong but it's extremely possible I have no idea what so ever about what I'm typing so please shower me with your wisdom.

The sideboard is pretty much mostly Artifact hate and a little more removal if I need it. I'm particularly fond of Act of Treason. If I can't remove your creature I'll just smash your face in with it.

You may notice that the maybe board is all blue. I had this idea of using my sideboard to completely disorient my opponent by removing all the red or black and subbing in the blue but, I'm not sure if the sideboard is big enough. I tried doing this with W/B fliers, since the mana base was already there. I had no fliers in the main and then game two I'm flying all over the place. Honestly I didn't get to playtest that.

Thanks again for reading and leaving suggestions.

space-coyote on Tri-Color Budget Deck

3 days ago

Looking at your deck I don't see your blue cards really bringing much to the table. I understand you have a limited amount of cards to choose from, but I would suggest taking out the blue unless you're dead set on having a 3 color deck. I was thinking you could try making it black/red with a menace/token theme going on. If you can, put in 4 Madcap Skills. Maybe a couple Act of Treason and possibly Dead Weight instead of Death's Approach.

Gem_Raider on Mono-Red Aggro Deck Build Need Help!

5 days ago

Red has a lot of cards that allow you to take control of creatures. I suggest you lower the creature number but increase the number of instants and sorceries. Add some like Lightning Bolt or Act of Treason

JubleLemonSeed on Mardu Rally the Ancestors (Need help for FNM) 2-2

6 days ago

I'm not sure how much money you're willing to put into this, but I can say if you're running an aristocrat build, you'll in the least want 4 Nantuko Husk. He's an amazing sac outlet, and not having 4 can really hurt you. Tormenting Voice is just not that great in this. If you want card draw, maybe consider Altar's Reap instead, so you can instead trigger your cards from the sacrifice.
Vampiric Rites may also prove decent in this deck, letting you drain and again trigger sacrifices.
Bone Splinters. This deck needs some removal.
I have come across some people running Smothering Abomination, so maybe check that out. I'm not the biggest fan on being forced to sac stuff, though the card draw is nice. Carrier Thrall is a pretty nice card too. If you have all this sacrifice stuff, you can also consider Act of Treason. Steal their stuff, then sacrifice it with any of your sacrifice cards and get all your triggers.

If you're willing to put green in this build and make it four colored, you can have access to Blisterpod, Catacomb Sifter, Collected Company, Evolutionary Leap, and the incredibly powerful Abzan Ascendancy.
But adding a fourth color pushes the total cost of a build, because in standard your land base defines how well your deck plays, as well as the cost of your deck.

I actually really like Sidisi, Undead Vizier in this, but if you ever get any Liliana, Heretical Healers, I'd replace her with the Planeswalker. She's a tank in Rally decks.

As for sideboard, 4 Arashin Clerics really help against burn and aggro matchups.

I can't tell you what to take out, because it's your own deck and you need to find a thing that works best for you and your meta. However, to me, Sultai Emissary is the first you can cut down. Still keep, it's ability is handy, but you don't need 4. Ditch Planar Outburst, and put the 3 Outpost Siege in the sideboard. I'd lose Cleric of the Forward Order from your sideboard in favor of the Arashin Clerics. But past these, you'll just have to try different things that work. Maybe side Crackling Doom, or lose one Grim Haruspex? Hard to say.

You've got some options here, but with a bit of finessing you can definitely have a really cool deck.

Coinman1863 on Just Chatting - Take 3

6 days ago

But Merieke Ri Berit is so good...

Otherwise I would vote Riku as you can duplicate Act of Treason effects. Also Radiate with Act of Treason? Second Insurrection.

NewTurtle on Worthy Sacrifice $21 Budget

1 week ago

Have you considered Turn Against instead of Act of Treason?

I also don't know the range of your budget so I'm just going to put some cards that might fit in it.

There's Herald of Kozilek, Frontier Bivouac, Blighted Cataract, Blighted Fen, Rattleclaw Mystic/ Whisperer of the Wilds/ Shaman of Forgotten Ways, Savage Ventmaw, Hedron Archive.

brokendwarf on Signs of the Spell Slinging Slasher

1 week ago

Welcome to the format. I've gone through your deck and made a list of things I find either underwhelming or not good enough for EDH. Bear with me:

Many of these cards are either tiny burn spells, affect only 1 creature, or simply don't provide enough impact to warrant a spot.

Things that would be good to add (I would list more but I don't know your budget):

Have you seen the U/R 2015 commander deck? They came out recently and it'd be a good resource to get to help your deck.

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