Staff of Nin

Staff of Nin


At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card.

: Staff of Nin deals one damage to target creature, player or planeswalker.

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Staff of Nin Discussion

Vorincl3x on March of the Machines

1 month ago

Can I suggest either Urza, Lord High Artificer and/or Karn, Scion of Urza? They come into play with their own tokens that can mow everything down. As for cuts, I think I'd remove Thopter Assembly as you have tons of ways to make thopters already and paying 6 for thopters next turn (maybe) i don't think is worth it. also, instead of Staff of Nin I'd throw in Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain. Lastly, I think investing in a Wurmcoil Engine might be a good thing to do. if all of your thopters turn into Wurmcoil engines, whenever they die they just make more tokens to turn unto WCs.

Snap157 on The soul at its highest

1 month ago

Hey, you might need a bit more ramp to push those angles out at a good pace. Mind Stone, Fractured Powerstone, Prismatic Lens, Worn Powerstone, Star Compass, Fellwar Stone, and Verge Rangers are all great options.

For card advantage, consider Mind's Eye, Palace Sentinels, Palace Jailer, Skullclamp, Infiltration Lens, Staff of Nin, and Sun Titan.

Also using fetch lands and Sun Titan, Faith's Reward, and Brought Back can ramp you. I would add in as many plains-fetching lands you can, as well as a Crucible of Worlds. Hope this helps!

DemonDragonJ on Reap what is Sown

1 month ago

shadow63, the mana curve of this deck is rather high for Ravos, is it not?

Also, I have Temple Bell in the majority of my EDH decks simply because it is such a great card; Staff of Nin is great, but the fact that I cannot control when it draws me a card is a major problem, and I also wish to keep the mana curve of this deck as low as possible.

Also, Deadbridge Chant is an awesome card, but removing Well of Lost Dreams for it would again raise the mana curve, plus, since all three colors of this deck focus on gaining life, it makes sense to have that card in this deck.

I could remove Pristine Angel in favor of the chant, since the angel does not strongly contribute to the central theme of this deck, and doing so would also improve the color balance of this deck, since it strongly favors white, at this moment.

shadow63 on Reap what is Sown

1 month ago

I'd go with the ravos in this build. Also I'd swap out temple bell and well of lost dreams. I like Staff of Nin personally and maybe Deadbridge Chant

DemonDragonJ on Which Card Should Replace Temple …

2 months ago

StopShot, Soul Diviner is a nice card, but it is limited to drawing one card per turn, and the other options that I am considering all for drawing multiple cards per turn.

Caerwyn, many players have said that, but they always forget the crucial detail that any game that is not an archenemy game is not one player against all the others, it is a free-for-all, with each player opposing all others equally (at least, that is the ideal situation).

DeinoStinkus, yes, that is exactly the type of scenario to which I am referring; most players will not wish to eliminate the player who is providing card advantage to all players until that player is their final opponent.

shadow63, Staff of Nin is an amazing card, but its mana cost is too high, so I cannot consider it, at least, not for this deck.

RNR_Gaming, I am not willing to spend such great amounts of money on those cards, and your suggestion of the atlas further supports my preexisting inclination toward it.

shadow63 on Which Card Should Replace Temple …

2 months ago

Staff of Nin but out of the ones youisted I'd say culling dias. Your stuff will die in a game of edh and you'll easily be able to get the first counter on it. You can sacrifice your stuff in response to a kill spell

MrKillStar on Bring Out Your Dead

2 months ago

In mono white, I would use more ramp and card draw.
Sol Ring; Mind Stone; Caged Sun; Gilded Lotus/Nyx Lotus; Smothering Tithe; Knight of the White Orchid; Endless Horizon/Land Tax; Burnished Hart; Marble Diamond/Coldsteel Heart; Pearl Medallion; Gift of Estates; etc.

Mind's Eye; Staff of Nin are both decent for some card draw.

Remember, you can exile YOUR attacking creatures with Settle the Wreckage to ramp up.
I'm gonna use some of those cards in my Celestial Crusade, which isnt updated yet, Im super lazy... :D

Cards I would remove:
Ajani's Mantra - only 1 life per each four turns is meh.
Teyo, the Shieldmage - hexproof is nice, but Im not really fan of Teyo.. I would rather go with Orbs of Warding for the same mana cost or add some ramp/draw.
Fencing Ace - It seems there isnt much ways to buff up this dude, should be more useful in some aura/equipment orientated deck.

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