Goblin War Drums


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Seventh Edition Uncommon
Fifth Edition Common
Fallen Empires Common

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Goblin War Drums


Creatures you control have menace.

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Goblin War Drums Discussion

shaistyone on For Honor and Glory...but Mostly Just for Blood

1 day ago

I guess the key for suggestions would be some game info. How are you losing? What strategies are giving you problems? etc..

At a base level, lots of the new Vehicles have attack triggers which would be great in a multi-combat deck.
Other (non-specific) thoughts -
Reconnaissance - still absurd in your deck
Angel of Jubilation - pump + shuts off some key strategies
Goblin War Drums - solid effect
Sunblast Angel - asymmetrical effects are my favorite
Vandalblast - ditto
Soltari Visionary - nice utility creature that seems to always have targets
Adriana, Captain of the Guard - melee stacks well w/extra combats
Tyrant's Familiar - nice removal
Master Warcraft - with any kind of board state, this should probably be ggs

freakingShane on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

2 days ago


I don't personally know any crappy goblin in the deck. I have trimmed the fat from this deck over the past year, and when I play it all of my creatures do something important, if not vital, for me winning.

Even if a bulk of creatures are 1/1's, I have lots of anthems and cards like Door of Destinies/Coat of Arms and such. Evasion is very easy to get in this deck as well, because a large number of goblins grant all my goblins some form of evasion or I play Goblin War Drums.

Board wipes are actually another strong suit in this deck. Since my avg. CMC is 2.75, the deck is very resilient and I am able to reestablish massive board states in no time, and the other players are still behind which allows me to take advantage of them. Thanks for dropping by and lending your concerns!


I tested Grinning Ignus for a possible infinite combo, but ended up passing because it was too much work for a combo. As for Norin the Wary, I do love his ability, but I personally like to get some damage out of my creatures, and he wouldn't allow that nor get the buffs from my counter-granting cards unfortunately...

I appreciate these though, and they are definitely good for a Purph deck, but for how I pilot mine I don't think I would like them much. Thanks for stopping by with suggestions! :)

griz024 on Commander Yasova--Melee Mastery

5 days ago

I think Bident of Thassa has a home in this deck. Better card draw than Military Intelligence, since it has a much higher "ceiling," while, admittingly having a lower "floor." Also its second ability can leave an opponent wide open.

As for combat altering cards:

Goblin War Drums

War Cadence

Chandra, Pyromaster

Illusionist's Gambit

Ender666666 on Kari's Kong Quest

2 weeks ago

Raging River is good for evasion as is Goblin War Drums

N3XT on Indecision is the Seedling of Fear

3 weeks ago

maybe Goblin War Drums? seems decent

Akkrand on Zada Storm Grinder

3 weeks ago

What I'm saying about GWC is that the card has no target. It simply has an effect. It cannot target Zada, that is not a legal target. Since it can't target Zada, the ability won't trigger and you won't draw more than one card.

That is, unless there's an errata for the card.

What I read is:

There's no target.

BilboSwaggings on 5-Colour Your-Good-Stuff

1 month ago

Pyronic.I might remove Comet Storm, I just don't have any removal in this deck, especially not if I remove my potential multiremoval.

I am going to remove Blade of Selves, Feldon of the Third Path, Hound of Griselbrand, Krenko's Command and Hordeling Outburst... And maybe Rite of the Raging Storm

Both Oblivion Sower and Blight Herder fit quite well into the deck think. I will almost always have a lot of lands exiled (Oblivion Sower also gives me lands that i exiled earlier with Grenzo!) and spawning 3 Eldrazi Scion is pretty good as well. The Scions work both as extra attackers and as extra mana.

Chancellor of the Forge is really awesome at spawning a million tiny hitters lategame (I am going as wide as possible - remember I want many damagetriggers, not just big ones).

Dragonmaster Outcast spawns big flyers, which are very much needed in the deck. They have a lot of damage, but also evasion. Furthermore the deck is pretty vulnerable to flyers and this helps a bit.

Hanweir Garrison spawns hitters every time it attacks, and is therefore really great when I make it unblockable.

Thopter Assembly is also a creature that creates a lot of evasive 1/1's. I will hopefully have haste most of the time, which makes this a lot better.

Cloak and Dagger + Whispersilk Cloak These both give hexproof or shroud to Grenzo, which I need i this deck, as he is essential to the strategy. Whispersilk Cloak also gives unblockable, which is nice.

Tempt with Vengeance Gives a lot a small hitters relatively cheap, which is great for this deck, espicially with something like Goblin War Drums or War Cadence

Mana Flare is something I might remove too... But the ramp is really strong in this deck...

Akkrand on 4 Colour Tokens

1 month ago

Ok, I've pulled the trigger on

-Rage Thrower +Mycoloth

The Rage Thrower was in the deck initially because he'd been in my Marath, Will of the Wild, who didn't have access to Blood Artist + Falkenrath Noble . He doesn't have the lifegain portion of them, nor the each opponent effectiveness of Purphoros, God of the Forge + Zulaport Cutthroat .

I'll give the Mycoloth a run in his place, I just have to be careful about how many creatures I devour with him - I don't want him to ruin my board state an then eat a Doom Blade and have it all be for nothing.

I've been thinking more about Iroas, God of Victory, and he isn't really there for the protection whilst attacking, he's there for the indestructible Goblin War Drums. His other ability is just gravy, and useful for the nontoken creatures I have attacking.

I've added Garruk Wildspeaker to the maybeboard, as if I take Iroas, God of Victory out, it's going to be replaced with something to give my guys evasion - in Garruk's case, trample. I could also replace him with Nylea, God of the Hunt, but I like the utility Garruk comes with - ramp, beast tokens, and ultimate.

Another possible replacement would be Thunderfoot Baloth - he's expensive CMC, but provides a +2/+2 anthem and trample as long as I've got either of my commanders in play.

Regarding slivers; I don't mind them, but I wonder how many slivers I'd need to add to the deck for it to be worthwhile, and if it's worth diluting my other themes to have them combo with Mirror Entity?

Brood Sliver is the only one that really jumps out at me.

Regarding the mutations; I take your point. I could replace one with Aura Shards, much more flexible removal, and replace the other with a better token generator, or something like Necrogenesis, which does both. I'll give that some thought before FNM this week, assuming it's still on this week.

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