Ashmouth Blade


Neglected Heirloom  Flip


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Ashmouth Blade

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +3/+3 and has first strike.


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Ashmouth Blade Discussion

chosenone124 on Does Dead Weight kill the ...

2 weeks ago

Funkydiscogod, shroud is not functionally undistinguishable from protection.

Suppose I have a Glistener Elf wearing an Ashmouth Blade  Flip. If I cast Apostle's Blessing naming protection from artifacts, Blade would fall off.

In the same scenario, if I were to equip Lightning Greaves, the Blade would not fall off.

Also, blocking and damage are different.

colton815 on Quick Question

2 months ago

Triton he didnt ask if it would stay flipped, he asked if it would stay equipped.

the equipment would not stay equipped if the equipped creature becomes melded, because the creature must be exiled and thus leaves the battlefield. melding would also not cause Neglected Heirloom  Flip to flip, because meld and transform are 2 different mechanics. however, after 2 cards become melded, the new creature can still be equipped. once Neglected Heirloom  Flip becomes flipped, it stays that way. so if it has already been flipped, then Ashmouth Blade  Flip could still be equipped onto the new Brisela, Voice of Nightmares

JuhnZeiFox on redwhitefox-trot-on-that-human

8 months ago

now I like your suggestions. however the Sigardian Priest is good to have in standard with people running shota's deck. Sigardian allows you to tap the thing in the ice while you attack with another creature. As for the Skeleton Key in-place of Ashmouth Blade  Flip. I find ashmouth blade to be better simply because of the use of Lone Rider  Flip. That being said if you feel that you want to run this deck and change something then by all means be my guest. Thats the beauty of magic no one deck need be exactly similar. also I plan to change some things right here so hope you find them okay.

Zorynjaibro on Something's in the Heir (KLD)

9 months ago

FNM Results 10/14

(3-1) 3rd Place

Round 1 vs. UG Marvel (2-0)

My opponent was very experienced, and I looked forward to a first round loss. This deck however is a joke against aggro. Had he been able to cast Aetherworks Marvel, he may have had a chance, but even Ulamog can't stop wide aggro.

Round 2 vs. UB Aethercrush (2-0)

Another experienced player, but slow decks can only hope to prolong their deaths. He kept getting Crush of Tentacles and casting cost artifacts to gain with Aetherflux Reservoir. That would buy him a turn or two til I knocked him right back down.

Round 3 vs. BG Delirium (1-2)

I beat him quick the first game. The second game I kept a slow hand and paid for it as he got all the removal he needed, and I got more swamps. Game 3 was close, but I only had 3 Vampire Cutthroats for the first 7 turns. He got out Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet out and gained some life/zombies. Eventually I killed the treasonous cunt with a double Ashmouth Blade  Flip/Heir to the Night  Flip, but by that time he had Ishkanah, Grafwidow with delirium and three zombies.

Round 4 vs. WUBRG Value (2-1)

He played a bunch of ETB guys with Panharmonicon. 1st game I leveled him off with Drana, Liberator of Malakir by the 5th turn. Second game I got flooded with swamps and he had Arborback Stomper and Verdurous Gearhulk. 3rd game I flipped 2 Voldaren Pariah  Flips. He couldn't keep up with my fliers.

I found that Smuggler's Copter was decent if I got them out turn 2 with a few 1 drops to crew them. Hand filtering didnt seem as good as I thought especially if I didn't get any madness cards, or if I needed to tap out to play cards from my hand before looting. Usually the first card to get cut to sideboard.

Surprisingly, I didn't go to sideboard very often, so apparently the build is decent.

Vamps are back baby! Concede or be completely drained!

Wallamin on The Horror of my Werewolves Will Bring Death

10 months ago

I think the Heirlooms are just too slow to work properly. The only card I can think of that would work really well with Heirloom is Heir of Falkenrath  Flip, which does not belong in this deck. May be worth testing though. Turn one Heirloom, turn two Pacifist, turn three equip and you get yourself a 7/7 -Creature with first strike when your opponents turn starts. Wastes up to two Mana on turn three, without being able to attack immediately though. The cost is propably too high, especially if your opponent is able to transform her back. But on second thought, she will be now able to attack even in human form, since the weapon does not transform back, right? Getting a 6/6 with first strike on turn four seems ok. I am not sure if this scenario is rewarding enough to warrant four copies of the equipment though, since it is obviously way worse if your earlygame consists of Ulvenwald Captives, Duskwatch Recruiters or Prowlers instead of Pacifists.

I personally like Shrill Howler  Flip and think he is a great creature to use with the +4/+4 buff of Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip, especially if he is already a Howling Chorus  Flip. Should be good with the Ashmouth Blade  Flip as well, even if the first strike becomes irrelevant. Producing tokens to chumpblock or to put on more pressure is really valuable in my opinion.

Tangleclaw Werewolf  Flip found a place in the Sideboard of my Werewolf-Deck. In my opinion he is a bit too defensive to justify a spot in the Maindeck, but is great against decks that try to overwhelm you early, such as White weenie.

If you are looking for a deck that does focus on transforming your Werewolves early I would suggest taking a look at DownTheyFalls How many wolves flipped? ALL OF THEM, which I based my own deck on. It does a great job at doing exactly that: Flipping the Werewolves. Especially the addition of Shreds of Sanity has been really valuable, since it basically functions as an extra copy of Waxing Moon.

Semos on Esper Rider

11 months ago


Cool man, I absolutely advocate trying that out. Ojutai's Command feels like Lone Rider  Flip's most graceful synergy atm. Especially when they play a plains-walker to an empty board. And I do agree that card can be very suited for an aggressive deck. Though it's lifelink becomes somewhat redundant, I feel life gain belongs in control. I would considering things like Ashmouth Blade  Flip and Strength of Arms. Often I'm not a fan of cards like that, but I'll consider anything. Hell, even Shamble Back despite the setup required.

snarlmkiv on All things Wolven

1 year ago

FNM Update. I took first place and scored 3-0 with the Naya Wolves that I built just this week and it was just so surprising, to say the least.

Naya Wolves and Humans - 1st Place FNM 3/0 July 2

Standard snarlmkiv


I wanted to see how it would go against other aggro decks in our LGS.

To my surprise, I went against BW Control, 4C Rites, and Bant Humans. Two of my matches were 2-0 for BW Control and 4C Rites. I almost lost to Bant Humans at 2-1 had it not been for a very top-decked sideboard card...

Match details:

1.) BW Control - Every FNM, I always manage to go against this guy. We've had so many matches that I already know what his deck had in store for me. Right off the bat, I dropped Village Messenger  Flip turn 1 and Neglected Heirloom turn 2. By turn 5, I had Lambholt Pacifist out with a flipped Ashmouth Blade  Flip. I had to focus to get my creatures out of Languish range and when his Gideon and Ob Nixilis came out, I just went straight for them. All in all, the games had me at full board control with 1 Always Watching and Howlpack Resurgence out. The synergy between them is just so awesome.

2.) 4C Rites - This was a very difficult deck to deal with because of the Eldrazi Displacer, but like BW control, he just couldn't remove all of my big creatures out to prevent damage. I had two Always Watching out and Dromoka's Command made sure that I cleared his board and got rid of Cryptolith Rite...

3.) Bant Humans - This match-up was difficult as hell. He took game 1 as I didn't have enough creatures out due to the Reflector Mage and Eldrazi Displacer. It wasn't until game 2 that I sideboarded Radiant Flames for three damage to clear his board, and also Gryff's Boon to let one of my big babies fly.

clayperce on Flash Werewolves

1 year ago

Also, thinking about Mironar's comment on Essence Flux ... maybe some Whirler Rogue in the sideboard? Werewolves are notoriously weak to Creatures with flying, and I'm just loving the idea of flickering Rogue to get a bunch of 1/1 Thopter, and then equipping them up with Ashmouth Blade  Flip :-D

Another good flyerhate option for the sideboard is Vines of the Recluse or its bigger brother Aim High.

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