Flame Lash


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Flame Lash


Flame Lash deals 4 damage to target creature or player.

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Flame Lash Discussion

Animar_0 on Jund -1/-1 Counters

3 days ago

-Flame Lash

+Incendiary Flow

More mana efficient and exiles, at the price of losing instant speed but still a much better replacement.

FullmetalWes on The Art of Instant

2 weeks ago

@Naj187 Also yeah I'd cut Flame Lash in a second if I had something better but I like it better than Open Fire so it'll have to do for now. At least I got Abrade which is pretty sexy so I'm gonna try it out.

Naj187 on The Art of Instant

2 weeks ago

Hey! Bloodwater Entity was really good for me at the pre-release. It might fit in this deck. Also, i wish we could do better than Flame Lash but that's the world we live in, i guess.

LazyNinja49 on Surge

3 weeks ago

Lightning Axe I imagine would be more efficient on this deck than either Flame Lash or Open Fire. Yes axe can't hit face, but it'll kill just about any creature that's gonna stop you. Plus it and Fiery Temper are the best couple.

sonnet666 on [List] The MTG Weapons Arsenal

1 month ago

Don't stop now. I believe in you!

DashtheDestroyer on Bolas Control (HOU Updated) Help!

1 month ago

lords2001 thank you for the ideas! I was contemplating whether I should put Commit / Memory into Galestrike slot. I just don't like the idea of memory because I've drafted that card and it has made me give the opponent the advantage more than I'd like haha.

But I'll definitely add some Void Shatter into the side board for Zombies and such but I couldn't find a strong enough burn card (that doesn't involve energy) to replace Flame Lash.

If you have an idea to swap it that would be most helpful!

Lastly, Goblin Dark-Dwellers is awesome! I have 3 promos sitting downstairs in my Izzet fast enough? deck. But I wanted to go the non-creature approach so that I have more answers to everything else. But never the less, a great idea!


lords2001 on Bolas Control (HOU Updated) Help!

1 month ago

I like it.

The only suggestions :

I would run a couple of copies of Void Shatter as exile is so beneficial against so many decks these days, especially if more zombies hit the board with HOD.

I can see why you run Flame Lash but I'm not sold on it - it seems like it would often be a lacklustre turn 4 play unless they walk into you blowing up Gideon or similar.

Pull from Tomorrow is a great card, but is a straight up nonbo ith Torrential Gearhulk, where as Anticipate or Glimmer of Genius are not. Up to you.

Finally, I love Dark Intimations but I think that slot would be better filled by Goblin Dark-Dwellers - it can flash back most cards, has menace and gives you a wincon in case you get Dispossess.

Finally, I would sideboard in some more mass removal and even Commit / Memory for all of the decks that can play multiple threats a turn.

I love the copy of Cut / Ribbons - I lost to that last night at FNM out of nowhere. It is straight value.

Deltis on Standard Issue Burn (now with counters)

2 months ago

Try cutting out... 1 of each basic land, 1 Lavastep Raider, 1 Electrify, and 1 Flame Lash. My reasoning for the cutting one on the burn spells is because they are the top of your curve and probably won't be cast as often as all the rest. My reasoning for the basics is because your highest cost is 4. 22 land is plenty to be able to usually have 1-3 basics in starting hand and so that you don't have to worry as much when hoping for the draw you need for burn being a land instead. The creature is because, yes it is a good creature for a 1 drop, you will probably be wanting your allies more than him due to their ability to burn more. You can always put these cards into your side deck if you decide to take them out so you still have them and can use them in the deck if need be.

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