Creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain lifelink until end of turn. Untap those creatures.

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal

Tenacity Discussion

lukas96 on Taxes, Death, Extortion, and Pride

2 years ago

If you cut your Knight of the White Orchid you could play Leonin Arbiter because your deck doesnt have any other search cards. Also hey make Path and Ghostquarter soo much better its totaly worth it.Stony Silence and Eidolon of Rhetoric are good sideboard cards but Id never play them in the main deck, they just dont do enough against a lot of decks.

Id get rid of Tenacity and everything that costs more than 5 mana thats just to slow and makes your deck less consistent.

As replacements I recommend Thraben Inspector an amazing one drop with lategame value.

And both of the Thalias, they are for a good reason staples in D&T decks.

Flickerwisp is amazingly versatile and can be used on your etb creatures for value or to get rid of lets say an enemy blocker, can also "untap" your lands... That card is just crazy and provides 3 power in the air which is pretty good on its own.

I hope I was be helpful.Happy Slow them down to Death ;)

spludgey on I guess i'll attack you with your lands?

2 years ago

I like it a lot, but I play tested it around 10 times and only got one turn 4 win. I think the ratios are a bit off. I'd definitely get rid of Tenacity and Mobilize and replace it with Benefactor's Draught. You only have four white mana in the deck as well, otherwise I would have suggested To Arms! instead.

Freezingfist on Bad With Names

2 years ago

Hey Demonobliv!

New to Magic? If so, Welcome to the Fold.

Your deck isn't as terrible as you think. You have a decent mana base. Your mana-curve isn't the worst, and you have some decent synergy going.

Doomed Traveler/Lingering Souls+Intangible Virtue is excellent. Only issue I see if you have no access to to flashback Souls.

You also have some decent plays with the Exert mechanic and Untappers Village Bell-Ringer Tenacity.

So how do we make this more efficient...

I'd try to shave down to 60 cards. if I had to pick something to drop, I'd say Trial of Zeal. Three mana for a Lightning Bolt you can sometimes cartouche back seems a bit expensive...

If you removed all three, you'd have room for a 2nd Glory-Bound Initiate. It's personally one of my favorite Exert creatures. In fact, if there are cards you know you want to see every game, I'd make room for 4 of them. If you did that, you wouldn't need the lifelink from Tenacity and could trade to something like To Arms!. Cheaper, and you get to draw.

I'd also consider shaving the Nef-Crop Entangler. It doesn't trade well if you need it for defense. 1 toughness when it's not exerted seems low.

I'm not sure what your budget is like, but this is where the suggestions can get pricey, depending how serious you want to get with this build.

Lands. As mentioned, you're missing to flashback. You could break banks and pick up Godless Shrines and fetchlands Marsh Flats... but if you're keeping it budget, I'd just add 4 Evolving Wilds, a Swamp or 2, and drop the Stone Quarrys. They're coming in tapped anyway, and you can pull the basic of your choice.

You also have a lot of human synergy. Champion of the Parish could get out of hand. Honor of the Pure would be a good team buff.

Removal. Path of Exile is good for removing a threat you can't punch through. Lightning Bolt clear a path for your creatures, or go face if you need to blast a few last points of life.

Anyway, sorry for the novel. I hope this makes sense, and is helpful.

Izu_Korasu on Flying High

3 years ago

in u/w? for the most part pump spells tend to be in green or red, but there are a few

Retreat to Emeria and Collective Effort are probably the strongest, while Tenacity and Make a Stand have their uses. ill also give an honorably mention to Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun, Unconventional Tactics and Tandem Tactics from the standard non-g/r pool.

PipPipMagulager on

3 years ago

Minihorror227 yeah, no it depends man! if you find yourself playing agressive it would be great! attach it to a bontu, or and indestructable yahenni, or even a massive Hope Against Hope guy and then it works well, but if you find yourself playing defense all the time, then sideboard it and opt for more token gen stuff! or buff your team with a Tenacity or Inspired Charge before blocks to really mess them up! The possibilities are endless, and you won't always know what works until you try! Try using the playtest feature here and see what combos work, what is too fast, too slow, and most of all what works for you. at the end of the day, the way I choose to play is probably going to be a little different then the way you choose to play, and that's completely okay! But see what works for you man! I'm working on a swarmy zombie tokens deck right now and I'm going through the same struggle! But that's also the fun in it!My deck:

Now That We're Dead

Standard PipPipMagulager

SCORE: 1 | 121 VIEWS

CanEx on Trostani, Selesnya's Voice EDH

3 years ago

First off, sorry for the delayed response. I don't comment on this site too often.

ericweiss1999, regarding your suggestions:

Wayfaring Temple: I tried this for a while, but the lack of evasion often just made it a big blocker.

Growing Ranks: Just a little too slow for me

Avacyn, Guardian Angel: the deck is surprisingly mana-hungry as it is, so adding this would only accentuate that problem.

Precinct Captain: I actually play this in my Daxos soldiers deck, but it's just too little in this deck. This deck is on the slower side, so an aggressive 2-drop doesn't really contribute to the strategy.

Champion of Lambholt: Not a bad idea, but the deck normally doesn't make enough tokens fast enough to justify it.

Collective Blessing: Added it. I'm not sure if it's worth it, but I like that it makes most of your tokens into things that trade with most staple big dudes (6/6s, 7/7s).

Hornet Queen: A good idea. I should try to grab a copy to replace Wolfcaller's Howl.

Advent of the Wurm: Maybe? I'll have to think about it

Elven_gamer: Tenacity seems pretty good here, but I really want to add that to my Aurelia deck, I think. Or maybe Numot since it runs Sunforger.

Rhys the Redeemed I think is better as a commander and in a deck that's more about going wide. This deck is more about going... square, I guess? It wants a good number of tokens, but it prefers big tokens to lots of little ones.

sava629: Thanks you! I hope that EDH is as fun for you as it's been for me. I'll have to pass on Emmara Tandris, though. It's both just really expensive and the deck prefers to make bigger tokens, so I don't normally have to worry tokens dying and don't mind if I lose one in a gangblock or something. It might be good for dealing with voltron commanders like Geist or Uril, but I'm probably dead before I can reliably get this out anyway lol.

musicman3310 on

3 years ago

Your welcome. I love Tandem Tactics to keep my stuff alive when the opponent thinks I'll trade. Some other cards similar to this is Survive the Night, Rush of Vitality, Encircling Fissure, Ondu Rising and Tenacity.

GS10 on Alesha, Who Smiles at Her Bank Account

3 years ago

First of all I want to say that I read your description, so I know you are not trying to make a killer deck out of the bat. I'm going to give you some suggestions, I understand some might be a bit over your budget (even though I'll try and keep the more expensive cards only around a couple bucks) and some might not be as interesting for you considering your specific playgroup and your goal with the deck, but since EDH is the perfect format to develop a deck during longer periods of time, and I strongly encourage everyone who plays to do so in order to create an healthy and dynamic playgroup, I'm going to suggest some changes that will improve both on the power level and consistency of your deck.

My deck is more expensive (but still pretty reasonable considering 100 cards) but it performs really well in competitive environments without overpowering the board in more fun oriented playgroups. You can check it out and maybe you'll find some other cards you don't know about that might be good for you:

Watch out, we've got a badass over here

Commander / EDH* GS10


About your deck now, I'll list the changes I'd make and try to explain why so you can pick and choose when you start making replacements.

I'd definitely take these creatures out: Aviary Mechanic, Battle Brawler, Daru Sanctifier, Enraged Revolutionary, Minotaur Skullcleaver, Rotting Mastodon, Timely Hordemate and Zurgo Helmsmasher

You want your plays and reanimations to be more than vannilla creatures, doesn't matter if they make themselves larger if they are easilly blocked and killed, and definitely, if you are running cards over 2 power which are not targets for Alesha, they must enable something game ending, otherwise you are taking consistency out from your deck and not gaining anything in return.

As for noncreature spells I'd take out: Asha's Favor, Berserkers' Onslaught, Blue Ward, Fear, Messenger's Speed, Protective Sphere, Skeletal Grimace, Demystify, Dragonrage (this is kinda okay with double strike, but still, much better options), Harsh Sustenance, Pay No Heed, Profit / Loss, Showstopper, Tenacity, Uncaged Fury, Uncanny Speed, War Flare, Wing Shards (You have no reasonable way to enable storm, so for 3 mana there are numerous better removal options), Coercion (it's one use only. In a multiplayer game you can't possibly gain advantage from picking one card from one opponent in 99% of situations), Kytheon's Tactics, Spectral Reserves and Terashi's Grasp.

I'd take almost all of those auras and instants/sorceries because in my experience Alesha isn't suited for that. She is perfect for a toolbox commander, so you should enforce that and play effects like destroying enchantments, on creatures that you can recurr as you need them instead of on one spell that can be used once. Again, this is relevant because Alesha can use creatures over and over, but not noncreature spells. In decks like Dralnu and such, it would be the other way around. As for ways to pump your creatures, again, it's a one trick pony and then your opponents will be able to block or remove your threat's easilly. Double strike definitely is not the best option, since Alesha likes small creatures, and double strike on small creatures is underwhelming. The trick is to manage a way to keep the board under control, and win little by little or comboing off with something.

I won't change the land base because that's where most money is usually spent and I avoid that as well. Command Tower, Vivid Marsh and Vivid Crag are solid and not very expensive, but again, I don't usually feel the need to improve that much on mana base. But if you feel you are playing this deck for a long time, I'd recommend you pick up a Chromatic Lantern soon. It's insanely important, since Alesha is , and her ability costs so sometimes getting the colours you need for both soon in the game might be harsh. The lantern just saw a reprint so it's lower on price now than it's ever gonna be for a long time after.

What to include then? I'd change a lot, but since you are playing a deck made of what you had laying around, I understand if you don't. I'll go over a few that you should include if you want to improve on the list and you can pick and adjust as you feel it's right. Also, probably all of these will be in my deck, so you can check it and see if there are other options there that you'd want to play instead of those I suggested you'd switch out:

I hope this was of help, it's really cool you are making a deck out of scraps, per say, so you can easilly bring new players in, that's something admirable, since most times the biggest barrier to new players is the intricate play levels of their potential playgroups. I usually lend my decks to new players until they feel comfortable enough with the format to build their own, but that kind of approach making almost a "limited" EDH deck is pretty cool and perfect to help new players improve. As I said, EDH is perfect to improve deckbuilding in time, so that's an awesome way to kick it off!

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