Glaring Spotlight


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare

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Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

Randyballs on The Opposite of Hexproof

1 day ago

I really like Bonds of Mortality, but man Glaring Spotlight is just so much better.

Endless Whispers Wouldn't be that good in my opinion, because the enchantment would never actually resolve on a creature as long as Horobi is out, it would just function as a murder. Even if Horobi isnt out, I dont have very good killing tools, so I cant take advantage of it.

But thank you so much for the suggestions!

Love-in-Theory on This Fortress of Tears (Zedruu Pillowfort/Control)

2 days ago

Daedalus19876- Thanks! I've retired my Aurelia the Warleader Voltron deck, and this is now my "Main" deck.

I've considered Puca's Mischief for a bit now, but I'm hesitant to add it since I'm very picky about when and what I trade with my opponents. Vedalken Plotter was part of the original list, but has since been removed.

Starfield of Nyx has proved very useful for the recursion effect, since I don't currently own a Replenish. Plus it's Opalescence that also retrieves stuff Caustic Caterpillar will inevitably destroy. I will note I had trouble earlier with it after playing Humility as It rendered all of my enchantments useless once they become creatures. ._.

Wild Ricochet has saved games more than once.

The REAL reason I have Glaring Spotlight in here is because a buddy of mine thought it would be fun if he made a Narset deck, and I realized even with all my O'Ring shenanigans, If I can't get around hexproof there's not much I can do but buy time.

Counterflux will makes it way out in time.

I just recently took out Illusions of Grandeur and Land Tax. Why would I do such crazy things? I'll tell you!

  1. Illusions can only hit for 20, and most of the time, my opponents blow it up before I can give it to them. (Return to Dust, Seal of Cleansing, etc)

  2. I removed Land Tax to increase the effectiveness of Equipoise. I do miss my scroll tax, so I'll consider putting it back in.

Thanks for taking the time to look over and suggest things! :) I am CONSTANTLY updating/tuning this deck IRL, so it will always be changing.

Daedalus19876 on This Fortress of Tears (Zedruu Pillowfort/Control)

2 days ago

Ooh, this is gorgeous! Also, great musical choice to go along with the deck! Hahaha.

A few minor suggestions, though:

Puca's Mischief, Vedalken Plotter, and Daring Thief are great cards to add to easily swap permanents.

I'd cut Absorb for simple Counterspell.

Without question, I would remove Starfield of Nyx. It makes your enchantments vulnerable to creature board wipes.

Personally, I don't like Glaring Spotlight, Counterflux, or Wild Ricochet. Neither seems to live up to their potential.

You're missing Illusions of Grandeur :)

Why not play Land Tax? Gives you access to Scroll Tax, the best card draw combo in the game (beyond the normal land fixing it entails).

Hope this helps! :)

SnowLeopard on Mayael - Go BIG or go home!

1 week ago

I'm not really convinced about Glaring Spotlight, because I play more than a few big flying creatures, in addition I have Kessig Wolf Run for trample as well as Thunderfoot Baloth, Stonehoof Chieftain and I will try out Mina and Denn, Wildborn.

SqueekyCheeky on Mayael - Go BIG or go home!

2 weeks ago

Glaring Spotlight is there more for it's sac effect. Unblockable is always good for big stompy creatures. I concur, Exploration is explicitly better for putting lands out, but giving trample where trample may not be in interesting. Especially using the bounce effect to reuse a scry or hideaway land.

Firebones675 on MizzMizz

2 weeks ago

Glaring Spotlight takes care of hexproof. (As does Archetype of Endurance but I wouldn't recommend it as it is way above your curve)

wrath effects that kill all creatures without targeting, and having target player/each player sacrifice enough creatures can also do it.

Generally speaking dealing with hexproof/shroud isnt that important as they typically aren't super popular but I don't know your meta. If enough decks run things like that you really need to deal with I can suggest a couple sideboard cards.

It also depends a bit on context. The only tournament level modern deck that runs several hexproof creatures is boggles (slaps a bunch of auras on a hexproof creature). Against that deck people generally don't have a designated sideboard slot for it as they are likely to encounter that deck and instead have in their sideboard cards that are good against multiple decks including boggles such as Spellskite to redirect all of their enchantments. Now i'm not saying everything is at tournamnet level but rather using it as an example. Unless you are encountering a super high number of hexproof creatures try to figure out if there is another way to disrupt their gameplan other than just killing off their creatures.

If you do need to simply kill them off, Damnation is the go to black wrath but being in high demand and as it was only printed once 10+ years ago it is way to pricey. Crux of Fate does a pretty good immitation for 1 mana more. Just keep in mind this might be too slow if you are facing a boggles-ish deck. If it is a bit slower with a lot of hexproof/shroud you can get away with it.

It requires you to be heavy black but once you get 3-4 swamps in play most relevant hexproof/shroud creatures die to Mutilate

SnowLeopard on Mayael - Go BIG or go home!

2 weeks ago

Thank you for your suggestions. Tooth and Nail is worth testing, Craterhoof Behemoth is not in my budget for now, same is true for Ancient Tomb.

Weathered Wayfarer isn't that usefull if I have no Exploration because I just get the land into my hand. Same can be said for Land Tax but with "Land Tax" the deck thinning effect is better. Farseek and Exploration I will try out.

I will look into cuting some of the big creatures, for some removal like Krosan Grip or Wear.But I don't want some sort of infinite combo, especially with 1/1 tokens, 1/1 token aren't really fitting with the theme/flavor of the deck.

Quicksilver Amulet is worth considering, but Glaring Spotlight I'm not sure about, for hexproof I play Asceticism and I don't play much which targets the creatures of my opponent.Mina and Denn, Wildborn maybe better as Exploration but it's just 4/4, which means I don't get it with Mayael the Anima's ability.

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