Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

Zeke_0 on Werewolves Of The Gruul Moon

1 day ago


Sorry I haven't replied, I haven't been on T/O for a little while.

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun playing it. I mainly have two AEther Vials because of the cost and space in the deck. But you're right, they're really good with the werewolves.

As far as the Glaring Spotlights they're for the hexproof, unblockable hit for a finisher more than removing hexproof. I want to leave at least one for a different way to win.

And, yeah, the sideboard is pretty much a general placeholder right now.

Thank you very much for all of the feedback!

jondy1212 on 2016-02-01 update of Blinking Contest

1 week ago

hey, thanks for checking out my deck - looks like ours have a lot of similarities as you'd expect. For dank, you should look into Triskelion, which I like to work in with Strionic Resonator for infinite damage. Definitely good call on the Altar of the Brood, somehow never thought of that as a win condition. For removal, I run Path to Exile in addition to Swords because targeted removal can be so key. Trinket Mage and Treasure Mage have both been big winners for me too, especially fetching something like Pithing Needle or Glaring Spotlight to deal with a Narset or other hexproof guy.

1empyrean on Zada, Large Hedron Collider

1 week ago

To summarize my most recent changes I am testing out:

dragontamer53 on Hazezon, Avenger of ZenTamar

1 week ago

Yeah I agree with Clay's suggestion and you have a lot of land fetch so swap one of them out for the Assemble the Legion and instead of the Archetype of Endurance I would put a Glaring Spotlight because it grants the hexproof if you really need it or it gives the opening for that final push if you need it. If you want more ideas take a look at my Call the Armies.

waaben on Werewolves Of The Gruul Moon

1 week ago

Hey Again

I played the deck online all night and really loved it. it is really fun and "okay" competitive, and I love the tribal feel of playing alot of werewolfs. It gets you the chance to say in chat stuff like: "Watch out, the moon is near - and with it your end". and then playing Moonmist and killing him :0) love it!

I did a few tweeks:removed the Glaring Spotlights for a full set of AEther Vial. You NEED AEther Vial to turn ur guys. If your wasting a turn not playing a spell u need to get a dude on the ground with flash. I know we have Wolfir Avenger, but it really works well with AEther Vial.

I only play 2 Domri Rade, but thats more of a personal thing i guess. I dont want to many noncreature spells in deck when i play AEther Vial.

I changed the Whole SB to help me in what I see the meta as... but I thank you one more time for the idea for the deck. its very fun :0)

Howl on my friend :0)

waaben on Werewolves Of The Gruul Moon

1 week ago

Super cool deck. I really wanna go home and play it on MTGO :0) +1 from me.

2 Things... why do u only play 2 AEther Vial? If u ask me u choose to see it as a big part of ur aggro strategi or dont use it at all. playing 2 seems wierd.

i dont really like having Glaring Spotlight in main. 3 mana is a lot to keep up to save ur dudes. i would rather let the creature die and play another or shoot a bolt or something. the Card really doesnt do that much in that many games. if u wanna play it put it in the sb for Slippery Bogle decks. But there are better Cards dealing with bogle.

thats was just my thoughts anyway. but i really like the deck :0)

Sparrowhawk_ on Knight tribal

3 weeks ago

Two big things I would appreciate opinions on are #1Glaring Spotlight vs Basilisk Collar: glaring spotlight is a finisher which its sacrifice ability which wins me more games than anything else, but basilisk collar would be scary with all this first strike. #2 the two cost creatures: Paladin en-Vec vs Knight of Meadowgrain vs Leonin Skyhunter vs Knight of the Holy Nimbus vs about half the knight creature options... I'm probably missing some. Advice on other parts are always appreciated too though.

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