Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.
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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

mikesgordon on Frenchy Tasigur

1 day ago

I played against a Teferi, Temporal Archmage deck during week 1. He said his deck is positioned well against decks that have creature removal as he only had a single creature (Snapcaster Mage) and so a good amount of spells would blank vs him. This held true in game one and three when I was holding a couple of creature specific spells (Toxic Deluge & Exclude).

Game 1- Opponent brought out Teferi as soon as he could and proceeded to go infinite mana on about the 8th turn. With that mana he returned all permanents with Upheaval and then was able to recast all his stuff with the mana he floated.

Game 2- I got Tasigur out on turn three with an early counter and Thought Scour at the end of his second turn and was able to counter all of his stuff over the next 5 turns and ride Tasigur to victory with commander dagmage.

Game 3- I had him down to 5 life with Tasigur and Talrand Sky summoner 2/2 drake tokens and then he dropped Jace, the Mind Sculptor/Ugin/Teferi and Winter Orb so I could only untap 1 land each turn and he slowly ground me down and hit me down from 28 life while he held out at 2 or 3 until I eventually scooped and GG'd.

I think I need more artifact hate (Nature's Claim / Rec Stage), hexproof for Tasigur/myself (Simic Charm/ Glaring Spotlight??) and maybe move out of discard and more counters. OR move into more discard with something like Waste Not to do stuff.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Can't change decklist until week 2 is complete so I'll have more feedback on this current list after my match on Sunday.

xXBuddhaXx on Buttercup Beatdown

2 days ago

hahah never thought about that with Glaring Spotlight lol always forget about its second abililty. u can always check out my deck for ideas.

NinjaFist on Buttercup Beatdown

5 days ago

xXBuddhaXx Thanks! It's funny, I made this deck irl and had Sun Titan in it, along with a Glaring Spotlight which made him and Sigarda unblockable each turn. It was really sweet. Thanks for the +1 and the suggestion :D

Busse on Xylophobia (Devo-crux)

1 week ago
  • Quarion65: Thanks for the love dude!
  • BenBass97: Indeed, Glaring Spotlight could be used, or put in the sideboard... in this case, and according to my environment, I don't particularly need to annul the hexproof that could eventually be present. Thanks for the comment though! I think maybe there are other decks that could use the spotlight in a better fashion, like blue decks... or red, to allow direct damage.

BenBass97 on Xylophobia (Devo-crux)

1 week ago

Glaring Spotlight prolly shoulda read the comment tutorial sooner, but Oh well.

lemmingllama on You and this army!

1 week ago

So I ran some playtests between your deck and my Heartless Myrs of the Brood as you requested. It was very funny, you didn't end a game with less than 50 life every single time.

The first one was fairly close. You got me down to 4 and had 60ish life. Then I killed you with the combo on turn 5. You gained a bunch more life due to the 3 sisters that were out, but running out of cards is pretty rough.

The second game I got basically a god hand. I turn 3'd after you landed a Hunted Phantasm.

The third game just had me dying to lots of 1/1s and triggers. I got out a Heartless Summoning, but it conveniently killed all my tokens and made me lose since I couldn't draw into enough stuff fast enough.

The fourth game was rough. I had to Perilous Myr a Blood Seeker and Suture Priest in order to finally go off.

The fifth game had me leaning on a Grim Haruspex. He got hit by your Path to Exile and I floundered until Hunted Troll finished me off.

So all in all, it was pretty close. I was expecting your mainboard Swan Songs to be more effective, but they were never drawn on time or I was able to Spell Pierce them. Also Suture Priest and Blood Seeker were pretty rough if I wasn't able to find answers fast enough.

I didn't do any boarded games because I was lazy and didn't want to make a copy of your deck, but I'd guess you were going to be putting in the two Swan Songs, the Disenchant, and all three Beast Withins, and then cut two Illness in the Ranks, two Path to Exile, and two Zealous Persecution. I would be putting in a Torpor Orb, Darkblast, Dismember, and two Inquisition of Kozilek, cutting three Spell Pierce, an Altar of the Brood, and a Court Hussar.

Overall your deck is very solid, it's only really the sideboard that would need work. Of that, I'd probably remove the third copy of Ghostway and probably also the Glaring Spotlights (I can't see you bringing them in against many match-ups). As for things you should look into adding to your sideboard, I'd put some more hate against graveyards. Rest in Peace is in your colors, and is a huge pain for any graveyard deck. Alternatively, Relic of Progenitus is a solid option that cantrips and allows you to still get death triggers. Also if you wanted to spend the money, Leyline of Sanctity could help improve your burn matchups (which seemed rough when I read your update).

Anyways, I had fun playtesting your deck. Feel free to also do some testing and let me know how it went.

ibstudent2200 on Daretti, RoboPimp

1 week ago

Disclaimer: Daretti, Scrap Savant is one of my favorite commanders of all time, so I get really picky when I see Daretti lists. Mine is Daretti, Scrapper Savant.

Cards that literally do nothing: Ornithopter, Darksteel Relic, Phyrexian Walker.

Cards that technically do something, but have impact less than Conjurer's Bauble: Lens of Clarity, Lantern of Insight, Glaring Spotlight, Surge Node.

Cards that are basically vanilla creatures that generate no value whatsoever: Slag Fiend, Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked.

If you acquired Daretti in the preconstructed deck, the you should own Volcanic Offering. PLAY IT. Red has worse creature removal than blue in EDH, and Volcanic Offering is one of the few spells that can actually kill most creatures without spending or more.

Not to say that Warp World is a horrible card to play, but I do have to ask why you thought it was a good idea here. Normally, I see it in decks with lots of token production. However, you don't even have Precursor Golem or Myr Battlesphere in this list, so even though you're pretty heavy on permanents, I don't think you'll come out ahead very often when you cast Warp World.

Worn Powerstone > Palladium Myr.

Junk Diver is a Myr Retriever that can chump flyers that are attacking Daretti.

Phyrexia's Core is a wonderful land for Daretti lists.

Grimoire of the Dead takes way too long to set up, and it costs you a lot of cards in the process.

I am well aware that Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth produces unlimited colorless mana. But without Rings of Brighthearth, Basalt Monolith is about as useless as Phyrexian Walker. Yes, you can discard it or sacrifice it to Daretti, but EDH is a format where card advantage is king. You cannot afford to play cards that do nothing, especially in a color identity that rarely gets access to card draw.

I'm not sure if I like Furnace Celebration. On one hand, there's a guy in my playgroup who plays an aggressive Kaalia of the Vast deck and everyone dies quickly if he isn't stopped, so Furnace Celebration does a good job stopping shenanigans like that. However, your list is really mana-hungry, so I'm not sure if you'll have mana available for an effect that isn't very cost-effective.

My playgroup banned me from playing Mindslaver, because it makes gameplay awful for everyone else whenever I tutored it up or drew it. It depends on your metagame, but I would construct a sideboard for this deck, if for no other reason than to have something to swap in for Mindslaver. I break every other EDH taboo in my Daretti list, but I only side in Mindslaver when I expect competitive games.

It's worth noting that Daretti plays extremely well with -cost mana rocks, such as Fire Diamond and Coldsteel Heart. Playing Daretti on turn 3 is leagues better than playing him on turn 4, and having an artifact to sac on t4 is also helpful. I've been known to play Everflowing Chalice with 1 charge counter, just so I can play my commander a turn sooner.

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