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Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof. 3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

Zacoly on Your creatures? No, they're my creatures.

13 hours ago

Interesting deck!

I noticed the disclaimer and I feel the same way about my very favorite deck from the last rotation. Zacoly's Rainy Day Deck (Mono-Blue Standard) was designed to beat creature based decks by making them unable to ever block or attack. It was pretty fun, and it beat the big scary creature based Green/white/red decks of it's day with an amusing amount of ease.

But my entire sideboard had to be anti-control if I hoped to win games 2 and 3 against blue or esper.

You should build a strong anti-control sideboard for this deck. Also Glaring Spotlight probably needs to be in there.

I enjoyed the deck idea, I'm sure at some point your opponent would give up and stop playing creatures all together. Do you know what happens when you use Act of Treason on Thassa or any other god that you don't have devotion for? I don't and I would like to.

plebeianglenn on Deep Blue

2 days ago

umbron: I really appreciate your most recent comment. I've recently been having trouble with G/W aura deck matchups running things like Fleecemane Lion , Witchstalker , Alpha Authority , and Ethereal Armor along with cheap Heroic creatures like Hero of Iroas . Your recommendations for fighting this - namely Glaring Spotlight , are spot on. I'd almost forgotten about that card.

Every blue control player should be picking up a few of these because I have a feeling G/W will pick up in popularity once Ajani, Mentor of Heroes drops.

umbron on Deep Blue

3 days ago

Hi teknonavibarrelroll,

I'll just list out three of the common decks you'll face and how to prepare for them. If you want a more in-depth guide I can produce that as well.

Devo Black:

In: 3x AEtherize 3x Pithing Needle 3x Judge's Familiar Out: 3x Negate 3x Domestication 1x Elixir of Immortality 2x Omenspeaker

Reasoning: A turn one Judge's Familiar sets up a great defense against Thoughtseize . Pithing Needle and AEtherize stop Mutavault and Pack Rat . The rest of their threats we can deal with.

Esper Control:

In: 3x Pithing Needle 1x Opportunity 3x Judge's Familiar 2x Annul 2x Cyclonic Rift Out: 4x Claustrophobia 3x Domestication 2x Omenspeaker 2x Prognostic Sphinx

Reasoning: We need more draw power with a third Opportunity , and much more control in our deck to duel a creature-light, control-heavy Esper deck. Annul is an excellent answer to things like Detention Sphere or a god like Erebos, God of the Dead or even Underworld Connections . Use it as a trump card when you only have one mana left open on your opponent's turn. Cyclonic Rift and Pithing Needle stop the main enemy, planeswalkers. Take out many of our creatures because Supreme Verdict just renders them dead and we need mana open in midrange to combat Sphinx's Revelation .

Naya Aura/Aggro:

Out: 3x Domestication 3x Syncopate 1x AEtherling In: 3x AEtherize 2x Annul 2x Cyclonic Rift 1x Glaring Spotlight

Reasoning: You're dealing with early creatures like Gladecover Scout and Witchstalker that have hexproof and get enchanted with nasty auras. Domestication is just too slow here. Syncopate is too risky and we don't need 2 AEtherling in this matchup. Instead, we get AEtherize , which destroys all non bestowed auras in addition to stalling, Cyclonic Rift , which does the same, Glaring Spotlight which removes hexproof, and Annul to help stop the auras.

Mr_crazydude on The Way of the Ninja

3 days ago

Ornithopter instead of Memnite ; Aqueous Form instead of Artful Dodge (or together with); consider Rogue's Passage or Glaring Spotlight ; perhaps switch Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek for somethig else. They don't really combo all that well. I know you want a player to discard a creature card and then take it with Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni but that's gonna be a late game thing and will probably allready happen if Throat Slitter gets passed anyway. Might want to switch it for Gruesome Deformity or destruction cards (destroy target ....)

I have a deck like this too: Unblockable Ninjas

Anublet90 on simic unblockable madness

4 days ago

First: capitalize your deck name, you'll get more views.

Second: why Glaring Spotlight ?

Third: that's a lot of Hexproof. Way more than you need. Almost everything is dependent on having creatures out, and you only have twelve. Dump the Spotlight and get another four something, for starters.

HyrdaDOOM666 on Hexproof (NEEDS HELP!!!)

4 days ago

okay i know a lot on just about everything besides hexproof however what you should do first is replace the Phytoburst with Giant Growth or Titanic Growth . i would also put in 1-2 of the Glaring Spotlight , then here is a list of other cards i would suggest you should put into your deck:

Oak Street Innkeeper Sylvan Caryatid Troll Ascetic Fleecemane Lion and last but not least the best...Domri Rade

Hope This Helped

wahnschatten on Uril Voltron GO!

4 days ago

Nice one - I like Uril! I would try to protect Uril better with shroud or even better hexproof. And I would add some options to be unblockable, e.g. Whispersilk Cloak , Prowler's Helm , Rogue's Passage , Glaring Spotlight . And you should add other creatures who might win you the game like a well equipped Silhana Ledgewalker and lovely Gorilla Berserkers . Price

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Avg. draft pick 3.03
Avg. cube pick 3.75


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal

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Gatecrash Rare