Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.
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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

Wild_Woods on CMDZ - Glissa / Infect

9 hours ago

Glaring Spotlight has some good recursion in this deck. Spike Weaver or Unspeakable Symbol would be a good cards. I ran a wither deck for a while and went up a bunch of token decks Blowfly Infestation with Necroskitter you could end up with a complete elf deck on your board...

LordDerrien on Inquistion - Heroes of Righteousness

1 week ago

@huschli Rebuff the Wicked is definitly something, I will think about. As you already mentioned, it wuld be a total flavour win!

Glaring Spotlight on the other hand, is to much of a niche card for me. Yes, I can clearly see its uses, but I do not know if I really want to commit a sideboard slot to it.

Last but not least, thank you very much for commenting! That makes me really happy. Apropos, ich vermute al du bist deutsch, nachdem ich meinen Blick mal uber deine Decks/Deckversionen habe schweifen lasse. Ich werde aufjedenfall mal versuchen die Zeit zu finden und es einmal genauer zu betrachten.

huschli on Inquistion - Heroes of Righteousness

1 week ago

I think Glaring Spotlight is vital in your deck where you have to target permanents.

3rdeye88 on New to magic, need advice ...

1 week ago

I suggest cutting out some of the non-basic lands. Stuff that makes you pay life or comes in tapped can really slow down the game or hurt you in the long run when that one or two life would have been the difference for the game. Also check out lands that generate colored Mana, but do things to. If you're going to have a land come in tapped, it might as well have some kind of benefit, like the temples. It comes in tapped, but you get to scry one. So its like paying one mana automatically to scry.

I also suggest running more blue control instances. I think a basic package for blue control would consist of Cancel since Counterspell isn't legal in modern, Dissipate is the same cost as cancel but it exiles the nonland permanent instead, so I run that in place of cancel, Unsummon for removing a creature once it's already in play. You could also run Disperse for other nonland permanents such as artifacts enchantments, auras, and emblems. I'm not sure if it works for plainswalkers though. Annul is another good instant blue counter. Honestly there's a lot you could run from blue to basically say "nope" to what your opponent throws at you. The down side is once they know you're running that kind of control they will adjust their strategy to keep throwing things at you so you burn through your control. The same applies to red burn spells. "Throw stuff at it til it runs out of gas." So in a match be careful what you pick to counter and get rid of. Another great card that basically says "F YOU" to hexproof is Glaring Spotlight and I run Swiftfoot Boots to then give a creature who's ass I need to save hexproof. It also gives them haste which can be useful if on the field already and you can summon the creature _and_equip it.

Control needs to be fast and efficient because a big part of it is reactive and defensive. One of my favorite moves to make with my blue control cards is Polymorphist's Jest They send everything my way thinking they've got bigger creatures, then I turn em all into blue frogs and eat like a french dude. AEtherize does the same thing to but sends everything back to the hand. Good for a token wiper, and for at least a turn or two you can have a clear field to swing through if they can't get something back out soon. But it's also good for offense because you can clear something out then swing.

Lastly, as you can see, none of these cards are particularly expensive, and I do believe everything I've mentioned is Modern legal with the exception for counterspell. So it can help you control the field without controlling your wallet to much. :P

Shirro on Sneaky Sneaky

1 week ago

I like the idea you are going for but Master of Cruelties needs a way to successfully attack alone. More kill cards may not be ideal for that either. Goblin Tunneler is a nice touch but I'd add +2 more or add more choices. Some Ideas:

Rogue's Passage a land, so still useful, and can still sneak in a free hit. works well with some of your other creatures too.

Break Through the Line works very well as well. Giving haste and unable to be blocked as soon as he is dropped? Win.

Glaring Spotlight Can shut down pesky hexproof decks while at the same time, allowing you to sac it for a fun time!

Whispersilk Cloak Can keep him from being targeted and let him slip through their ranks.

OtakulordAndrew on Boston Comic-Con PPTQ HELP!!

1 week ago

Both the deck lists you posted will probably get destroyed by any reasonable modern deck as they are relatively slow and run large numbers of inefficient or slow cards. The first thing one should ask themselves when building a deck for a format is what is the worst thing my opponent can do/ how quick do I think my opponent can beat me, in terms of modern you will frequently be able to see things like infect decks winning turn 2 or 3, turn 3-4 burn deck wins, opponents flashing in Deceiver Exarch at the end of your 3rd turn into turn 4 Splinter Twin for game and large numbers of midrange and tempo decks that can pick apart your hand with hand disruption such as Thoughtseize Inquisition of Kozilek, etc. while removing your creatures with cards such as Path to Exile, Abrupt Decay, Lightning Bolt, etc. or countering your spells with cards such as Spell Snare, Mana Leak, Remand, etc. all while beating you down with efficient creatures such as Tarmogoyf, Goblin Guide, Delver of Secrets  Flip, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, etc.

Specific thoughts on the decks you have posted.

Alzheimer's disease (crs) - all your counter spells are slow and inefficient for their cost while the large bulk of your creatures are slow, over cost inefficient and don't contribute to your mill game plan at all splitting your resources in regards to your win condition. The mill cards you have are so-so with cards such as Archive Trap being quite nice in a number of match ups in the format while cards such as Tome Scour are sub par by modern standards. The deck is also filled with useless filler cards such as Elixir of Immortality that overall waste deck spots.

Gaea's blessing - overall slow and inefficient as either an aggro deck or midrange deck, with a large number of your spells being very situational dead cards most games such as Naturalize, and Unravel the Aether, pointless in the deck such as Elixir of Immortality, and Glaring Spotlight, as well as large number of slow inefficient spells such as Homing Lightning, Shock, Lightning Strike, Advocate of the Beast, Roaring Primadox, etc.

Final thoughts if you want to play these decks you will probably have a poor time and get steamrolled by most decks however it's your registration fee. If you would like to play mill I recommend looking to play either esper mill, if you want strong mill, disruption, and a strong side board, or Mindcrank combo if you want a more control heavy deck that does not have to focus on mill, If you want red green aggression I would recommend playing grull, or naya burn if you want to play an aggressive burn strategy, while if you prefer a more creature heavy strategy to play an aggro zoo deck variant probably naya.

Snaptune on Anthrax EDH

2 weeks ago

I like the deck, it seems very potent and infect is downright dirty in commander. Would probably side some spot removal in case you run into Melira, Sylvok Outcast.Below I've listed some cards that I think would work well in your deck. I'm not saying you should include every single on of them, but I hope you'll see some cards to consider using that you might not have already done so.

Strionic Resonator - Copy any ability that says "Whenever". This includes your commander, which is awesome.

Reliquary Tower - Not really necessary since you don't use much draw, but useful if your Mind Unbound starts getting outta hand.

Eldrazi Conscription - Equip to your commander and watch your opponents cry. Why are you not running this?

It That Betrays - Another one of those "Why are you not running this?" (Probably price, but you should still really consider this card)

Phyrexian Obliterator - This creature might not have infect, but it is such a dangerous threat, that you should consider running one of these. Problem with this card is the $28 price tag, but that's what broken cards cost.

Rite of Ruin - High cmc, but making everyone sac 3 creatures will give your commander a loooot of counters. I can imagine that you would usually do this for a artifact, two lands, three creatures. Combine with It That Betrays for serious giggles.

Choice of Damnations - for giggles

Curse of the Cabal - You don't sacrifice anything, and your opponents will be inclined to every once in a while. Or cast it for its cmc and really mess with things

Fade Away - will punish creature heavy decks, while pumping your commander.

Inkmoth Nexus - Land that becomes an infect creature. Would use it in place of Darksteel Citadel, since you don't seem to have much of a use for it.

Geth, Lord of the Vault - Play the creatures that your opponent has been sacking, and mill them as a plus.

Glaring Spotlight - Taking off hexproof isn't as relevant in this deck as the ability to give every one of your creatures hexproof and unblockable for a turn. Use to swing with your board and straight up murder someone.

Marchesa's Smuggler - gives a creature (probably your commander) haste and unblockable.

Marchesa, the Black Rose - Buffs your small infect creatures when they deal damage, also resurrects them.

The cards I would absolutely say to include are It That Betrays, Eldrazi Conscription and Inkmoth Nexus

wahnschatten on Communist Comrades [Suggestions Welcomed!]

2 weeks ago

Nice idea and funny name. I suggest Glaring Spotlight in addition to Archetype of Endurance and Arcane Lighthouse.

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Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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