Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

NotSquishedYet on Free Will's End (Acquire List)

3 days ago

Made some changes... I think I've officially dropped all of my powerhouse wincons.

Who needs wincons... when you can use other peoples' wincons? :D

Ith, High Arcanist is a funny dude. Showed up and said nothing would happen. With Illusionist's Bracers and Crawlspace down, preferably including Arcane Lighthouse and/or Glaring Spotlight to deal with pesky creatures... well, surprisingly enough, nothing ever did happen.

Welcome Kaseto, Orochi Archmage for his political prowess and control over situations I'm not involved in. Also welcome Thada Adel, Acquisitor for when she needs called in against pesky decks.

Kaseto's good friend, Edric, Spymaster of Trest is on the block, asking if I'm really the one you want to attack here. Edric, now, brought the whole gang of Ephara, God of the Polis, Mentor of the Meek, and Selvala, Explorer Returned to a Rhystic Study of sorts, and he's thinking of bringing Reki, the History of Kamigawa to help out.

We found some dude in Nephalia who seemed to like messing with reality, so we put Nephalia Smuggler to work with Progenitor Mimic copying copies of itself copying copied other things until it could copy entire armies at once. Neat. People also seem to forget who they're allied with after a short trip through the interplanar Aether. Clever Impersonator wanted to join the fun, so an Angelic Shield was set up. Now the Progenitor's started copying entire armies of copiers, too. Because I really need 35 of everyone's nonlegendary everything.

Vesuvan Shapeshifter got in while everyone was drunk, and we let him stay for the card tricks. Strange guy, but you'll never hear a better knock-knock joke than when your Progenitus meets itself across the field and has a mid-life crisis because they can't touch each other.

I'm still considering many of the suggestions piled up under the deck - I haven't had much time to think beyond this, which I know I'd like to do. For the play-style of the deck, it might be noted that I rarely want to draw cards... the card draw is just a convenient bonus on occasion and a way of getting what I need to get what I actually want from my deck. The slow, high mana cost cards will almost always be cheated into play. If not, I'll tutor some stupid combo to somehow get them out of my hand.

Remember, I can do things like turn Muddle the Mixture into Eladamri's Call to tutor Drift of Phantasms and turn it into Wargate to land whatever I need, such as Eternal Witness to recur Wargate and grab a Sun Titan, kill the Eternal Witness, Wargate Birthing Pod, and Birthing Pod whatever to cheat Reya Dawnbringer into play, all using random spare mana between turns and one or two turns of mana for a solid advantage.

NotSquishedYet on Just Go Ahead and Get That Off the Battlefield

4 days ago

Angelic Accord is stupid with Ayli.

Hell's Caretaker is an auto-include. It does stupid things with Thornbite Staff.

Kokusho, the Evening Star got banned as a commander for good reason.

Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant could be convenient.

Tutors are nice.

Make sure to have contingencies so I don't do something stupid to you... I do that a lot. Can you answer Sterling Grove, Asceticism, Aegis of the Gods, Glaring Spotlight, Rubinia Soulsinger, Barrin, Master Wizard, Meddling Mage naming Ayli, and Empyrial Archangel plus a flipped Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant?

If the answer is a boardwipe, can you get rid of my Dovescape, and stop me getting infinite doves from it with Guile?

I mean none of this offensively - I'm just providing suggestions without much time to do it personally, and exemplifying the kind of situations you might occasionally run into and need to shut down.

Hope it helps! Most of my suggestions come from playing against my friend's Ayli EDH deck and helping him improve it.

Guiltygear721 on Talrand's Party of One

4 days ago

OK cool thanks for clearing that up it works a bit better now the Familiar's Ruse was a personal choice because my group likes to target Talrand of rip in multiplayer and having to bounce him as a cost sometimes is better than just counter/sac a drake and another spell comes to kill him. so I might keep it and Read the Runesit only seems slightly worse than Perilous Research just for left over mana before my turn. It's kinda hard running mono blue and not do counters so much. Is this more set up for 1v1? I dont mind short answers in fact i have more card's i'd like to run by you. (deep breath) So i know that Turnabout gives you more options but what about Sleep ? Also Train of Thought could be good opt. too for multiple drake card draw although i know storm ultimatly would be better. Also what do you think of these extra rmoval/ combat tricks Hour of Need Ovinize Turn to Frog Curse of the Swine also I noticed you have Runechanter's Pike to possible kill by commander damage? Whether or not that's the case why not Whispersilk Cloak Glaring Spotlight or Protective Bubble espescialy since you use less counters? finally How is Day's Undoing properly played because it seems to just refill everyone's hand instead of just yours

1empyrean on He That Betrays

4 days ago

I agree about Sheoldred.

Also, Training Grounds (sadly) doesn't reduce unearth cost.

I have to say I prefer a much higher creature count for Sedris (I run 47 in mine) just so I can brute force through a lot of the graveyard denial strategies you feel you are likely to come across. It allows me to use self mill and cards like Fact or Fiction and Sphinx of Uthuun for effective card advantage. Worrying about having creatures stolen or cloned seems counterproductive.

Finally, if you want to deal with commanders with hexproof, like Lazav, run Glaring Spotlight or Arcane Lighthouse.

NotSquishedYet on Free Will's End (Acquire List)

6 days ago

I don't see how they couldn't pay for Ghostly Prison o_0 but nice! I often beat people to death with their own commanders in here...

Thanks! I'll still consider it all. ;)

I guess I really shouldn't be saying it's the, or even a, central combo. It's nice if I can put it together, and it's one of the most powerful general answers I can set up, but it's not really central. I must say, though, that the reusable creature-counter is necessary to shut down decks like Mizzix, Uril, Sigarda, and Nekusar by making their commanders unplayable.

The main reason I don't favor prison-style combat interactions is some combination of Voltron and Ramp. There is one case where Arcane Laboratory style effects would be of use to me - it's a two card combo that says "target opponent can't cast spells." Silent Arbiter, I had here for a little bit, but I don't like that it removes the aspect of gang-blocking that stabilizes power levels against power-hungry Timmy players. The main reason not to use Isochron Scepter is the extreme lack of targets for it - I like to have options.

Enlightened Tutor, I had for a bit, but I don't have the money for many of those and I thought the slot would be better used in Wheel of Sun and Moon which can either benefit me greatly or shut down a large portion of deck archetypes in EDH such as your own, a few BGW commanders, and many mono black commanders. Rhystic Study seems like such an irrelevant tax when players either play one big thing with a couple extra mana or tailor their mana costs to counter it with ease, such as Momir Vig, Simic Visionary decks. Worldly Tutor might be nice, but I already have the exclusively better version of Altar of Bone: Eladamri's Call.

Dovescape could be really bad for me, but with a little tailoring might be useful. I like that it has a 'hits me hard, hits you harder' toolbox effect, and that I can rotate its shield using Starfield of Nyx and enchantment destruction. I'll look around at my games and see if I'd want it. I'd seen it and wondered, but the realization that it goes infinite with Guile makes it much more tempting.

I'm running sooo many greedy mana costs here, and greedy abilities, that I need the mana correction of taplands. Playing Commander, I've often found basics to be lackluster, and really wished for that extra one or two in a color. The battlecruiser style means that, to me, it doesn't hit as hard. I'll consider it, for sure.

Usually, in my experience, removal is either not run, or run full-on. I'd hope to catch on to it soon enough, and tutor Sterling Grove to tutor Starfield of Nyx to recur Sterling Grove and tutor Asceticism before tutoring Melira and the Archmage. If all else failed, I would likely tutor Eternal Witness to recur pieces of it, hopefully supported by Nephalia Smuggler to pull it all back.

To explain why it might look unfocused: As I somewhat stated earlier, it works by incremental advantage. Remembering my commander is essential, as I have many ways of abusing her. Taking a creature and polymorphing it each turn alone can be devastating. It's really meant to be a toolbox, where my deck is a slightly slower version of my hand. I want to have diversity enough to answer anything and everything, with a proverbial spy at the west gate to sneak the rest of the army in.

I don't run cheap white removal or draw spells - anything of the sort - because the whole purpose of the deck is to do something nice... then do it again. Repetitive advantage is key. PTE is nice, but Glaring Spotlight to use Rubinia Soulsinger to take your Sidisi and Birthing Pod her into a Sun Titan that gets back a lost combo piece is arguably better, especially when I turn Sheoldred, Whispering One into Empyrial Archangel to complete the combo next turn. The advantage is weaker, with a couple holes in it, but being able to repeat it over and over pulls the advantage I really need to win. I like options, and using my opponents' best cards against them.

I mean none of this offensively - I hope it helps show my game plan for the deck and improve later suggestions! I look forward to seeing what you think of it, and any counterarguments you might have to my points here. They're totally welcome, as I might have missed all kinds of situations and ideas. Thanks for the feedback! ;)

CostaTheAwesome on Dragonlord Silumgar EDH

1 week ago

In case you run into someone with a naturally hexproof/shrouded commander or they manage to get a pair of boots onto their main man before you can react, consider adding Arcane Lighthouse and/or Glaring Spotlight so that you can still steal their commander :)

Good luck!

Flagellum on Glissa, the Traitor Ideas

1 week ago

Meh, it seems pretty great. But my deckbuilding skills from scratch need work. It just seems that running eggs leaves you with cards in hand, but a lack of board presence. With Glissa online, it makes you an unassuming threat. Trying to incorporate that with the above idea seems to slow down the tempo and the baubles aren't a great target to recur as compared to other things.

Honestly, I am contemplating infect since I've always wanted an infect deck. It's pretty budget and sounds like fun. Although I will have to refrain from pods of 4 or more as there will be no hope. Recurring Glaring Spotlight sounds amusing too... That or I'm just going to drop her altogether lol. Just can't seem to find something that interests me with her. Not sure if Varolz would be better though...

Andrew6Gardiner on Glissa the Traitor: A Touch of Death

1 week ago

I'd like to suggest putting in Glaring Spotlight in place of Bonds of Mortality. It gives you the same effect (minus the cantrip), and its activated ability can be a game winner. People tend to forget it's even on the battlefield until you activate it. It's also an artifact so you can easily recur it over and over again.

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Commander / EDH Legal
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Tiny Leaders Legal

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