Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight

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Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

Ulturas on Devotion to the Waves

11 hours ago

I really like Thassa in this, allows you to cycle through your deck. I'm not sure what I would remove other than the obvious which people have already stated Inkfathom Infiltrator for Lord of Atlantis. Should probably use AEther Vial as well in combo with Merrow Reejerey allows you to put lots of Merfolk on the board for free pretty much. Not sure how I feel about Glaring Spotlight in the SB I'm sure there are better alternatives. Looks good though man thanks for the comments on my deck here's a +1 from me as well :)!

Jace_the_Mind_Rapist on Sygg River Control (Tiny Leaders)

15 hours ago

I'd add Arcane Lighthouse to help deal with Geist of Saint Traft decks or other Hexproof dudes I also sideboard Glaring Spotlight for the same reason

cmskinny on Blue deck wins

4 days ago

Glaring Spotlight, you should definitely consider it!! It's so amazing.

RobertFischer on The Passion of the Monk

1 week ago

Anger of the Gods should not be underestimated, especially against persist (Kitchen Finks) or undying (Geralf's Messenger). I'd swap your Shock for it.

Also, you don't get "double lifelink", any more than you'd get "double trample" or "double flying" or whatever.

On your sideboard, I'd put in Path to Exile instead of Dismember -- overall better. I wouldn't worry about Glaring Spotlight: your opponent simply shouldn't live long enough for a hexproof creature to matter. If you run Anger of the Gods or some other "each creature and each player" damage, you'll be fine.

ZombieswithJetpacks on Our Mob Rules This Town! ($12 Budget Deck!)

2 weeks ago

Oh I thought Mob Rule targeted like Hex, thats much better than I thought. And the Jinxed Idol is a pretty good free shock each turn. Are you considering making a sb for this? If so what cards would you put in. I was thinking two or three Glaring Spotlight would be a good addition in this deck's sb if you make one. That and Blood Moon (but thats definitely not budget).

suneater on How to deal with problematic ...

4 weeks ago

The best way to beat "problematic" commanders is to kill them before they can kill you, just like any other game. However, if this rule isn't changed I will be amazed if Derevi, Empyrial Tactician isn't banned. He's already banned in French and I would be okay with never seeing him again. I think Wizards secretly hates Commander considering the majority of the cards they print for EDH sets do no favors for the format.

I think its time to load up on anti-hexproof stuff like Glaring Spotlight and Arcane Lighthouse. Time to do some digging...

greyninja on How do I deal with ...

4 weeks ago

Glaring Spotlight is another like the lighthouse

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