Glaring Spotlight

Glaring Spotlight


Creatures your opponents control with hexproof can be the target of spells and abilities you control as though they didn't have hexproof.3, Sacrifice Glaring Spotlight: Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn and are unblockable this turn.

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Glaring Spotlight Discussion

AverageDragon on (Insert Dragon-Related Pun Here)

1 week ago

hunkers I'm gonna leave the Dragon's Claw in because a ton of people I regularly play with run some form of red. I feel I have quite a bit of burn between Dragon Tempest, Draconic Roar, Electrickery, and Scourge of Valkas, so I'm not sure how essential Gutshot or Shock would be. I took out the Elixir of Immortality and replaced it with Glaring Spotlight, but I'm unsure if that is the right way to go.

Raging_Squiggle on How to get around hexproof/shroud ...

2 weeks ago

Not unless you use Arcane Lighthouse, Bonds of Mortality, Archetype of Endurance, Glaring Spotlight, Sudden Spoiling, or some other effect that takes care of their hexproof without actually targeting them to do so. Otherwise you cannot target them with Oblivion Ring-like abilities/spells.

Halphinianian on How to get around hexproof/shroud ...

2 weeks ago

I know there are things like Arcane Lighthouse and Glaring Spotlight, but are there any tricky ways of doing Oblivion Ring-type effects on a creature with hexproof using the stack or something? I am asking this for a flicker deck that plays against a lot of decks with creatures like Narset, Enlightened Master (and they are getting on my nerves), so please keep your suggestions in those colors



Thanks everyone! I read your comments and borrowed some of the cards that you suggested just to find out that other people had the same problem with playing against my friend's over-powered Narset deck, so he disassembled it. But, on the bright side, I now know some good ways of stopping other hexproof creatures, so that's pretty great.

I would say thank you by putting all of your names in this message, but ain't nobody got time fa dat, so I hope this will suffice.

SlaughterIt on Numot, the (trolly-turns) Friend Devastator

2 weeks ago

Recent changes.

Going into the deck Desolate Lighthouse, Slayers' Stronghold, Lighthouse Chronologist, Savage Beating, Rings of Brighthearth, Steady Progress, Dual Casting, Sculpting Steel, Ward of Piety.

Removed. 1x Plains, Unknown Shores Profound Journey, Odds/Ends, Pyromancer's Goggles, Echo Mage, Cyclonic Rift, Glaring Spotlight, Hidden Strings.

Results- One game of seven players.
Was able to get some good early drops with Realmwright, Strionic Resonator, Lighthouse Chronologist. Built up a few lvl counters on the Lighthouse Chronologist, Used Increasing Vengeance + Tezzeret's Gambit to get him up to lvl 7 and restock my hand. Next two players couldn't generate any response on their turns so Lighthouse Chronologist + Strionic Resonator led to combo out victory with Soulfire Grand Master + Time Warp and his rebound ability.
Library restricted "infinite turns".

Halphinian on The Lion, The 'Quips & The Wardrobe

1 month ago

If mono-colored decks are your problem, I suggest Brave the Elements, Bathe in Light or Akroma's Blessing to make them unblockable and pretty much invulnerable for a turn in addition to Glaring Spotlight since has things like Fog and Arachnogenesis

Spare from Evil may also make a good addition if your opponent is running more than 1 color

+1 from meeeeeeee

Sloanan on EDH need help killing Narset

1 month ago

Plenty of options:

Glaring Spotlight, Arcane Lighthouse, Archetype of Endurance, Bonds of Mortality, and so on. Lighthouse is probably the best of them, but I've got a soft spot for Spotlight, if only because of some good memories back in standard.

LordOfMishap on Rise, my creations! (Extreme Budget)

1 month ago

It's going to e difficult to use Glaring Spotlight early game. Maybe add a little more mana ramp. Overall it's a solid build for budget. Also, maybe consider Trading Post? +1

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