Geth's Verdict


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Common

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Geth's Verdict


Target player sacrifices a creature and loses 1 life.

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Geth's Verdict Discussion

casmiel on Zombie Horde

3 days ago

Your mana curve is pretty uncomfortable without AEther Vial. You have so many 3-drops and almost no 2-drops to play on your second turn. That makes mana pretty inefficient. Relentless Dead and Cryptbreaker would really help your curve, so you always have something to do with your mana. Cryptbreaker is just gas in general, card draw, mana sink, tokens, it does it all. Super cheap to revive with Relentless Dead is also a big plus. Dread Wanderer is also arguably superior to Diregraf Ghoul. You should also consider Dark Salvation, it is more reliable than Geth's Verdict. The Verdict is more of a sideboard card against decks that run a lot of Hexproof creatures and auras, Salvation is usually the more flexible choice.

As for cards that you remove in place of those (besides the Ghoul), Grimgrin, the Lich Lord and Mikaeus are pretty high on the list. For such a big mana investment you usually want immediate benefits, and those don't really live up to their high cost. It would be beneficial if you had more creatures to play with your mana early on and close out the game that way.

g0regrind on 2HG: Welcome to the "opening hand" game

4 days ago

I see two possibilities here.

numero uno

First, you could go for some cheap removal, to help your friend establish board dominance. Geth's Verdict which additionally causes 1 damage or Tragic Slip that removes everything with morbid.
And then there's more cards to use Soul Spike with.


Have you thought about using Leechridden Swamp? You would require some boardpresence though. Perhaps Faith of the Devoted could help establish that presence and boost the cycling.
Retreat to Hagra might also be of interest.
Then there's Grim Guardian.
And Bloodchief Ascension could also be funny.Especially in round one after drawing Chancelor. And again, there's more cards to use Soul Spike with.

Polupus on Faux Pox

1 week ago


Funny thing, I decided at the last moment to not play them in favor of some Geth's Verdict. I was worried about getting blown out by leaning too heavily on the discard strategy and I wanted a maindeck answer to the nahiri-emrakul combo and get potentially get some value out of my removal when I was hellbent with Necrogen Mists.

I also learned 20min before the event that Shrieking Affliction doesn't trigger the way The Rack does when stacking the upkeep discard from Necrogen Mists when the opponent has 2 cards in hand. Maybe that's bad info, but it was a split second decision.

It's a good card no doubt, but personally, I've been shying away from going straight discard and running creatures in lieu of having any copies of Liliana of the Veil or Ensnaring Bridge. It's just more fun to kill creatures than discard cards in my mind (I am not a Spike). Dumb reason, yeah, but all that might change if I choose to include some Waste Not or Asylum Visitor... or it might not if I start including more land destruction. I learned a lot about what this deck can/wants to do and the flexibility of having multiple strategies.

kortioznikas on Pauper Land Destruction

1 week ago

Hi Hunson_Abadeer. After many games and testing looks like Diabolic Edict is more reliable to cast, however Geth's Verdict can be used as well - whatever floats your boat.

Hunson_Abadeer on Pauper Land Destruction

1 week ago

On your sideboard how about Geth's Verdict over Diabolic Edict?

The mana is a little more specific with need two black but I think it's worth it.

Leptys on Gitrog Land Combo

1 week ago


The links that are posted in the description should help you out with any questions you might have, but the main reason why Necromancy is so powerful in the deck is that it allows us to win at instant speed. This usually happens when we're on our discard phase and repeatedly dredging and discarding Dakmor Salvage down to hand size due to repeated discard phases (see Ending Phase: Rule 514.3a for additional information).

Let's say that we're in a situation that we have The Gitrog Monster on the table, Dakmor Salvage in hand as well as 7 other cards, but no discard outlet to play. We proceed to end phase and then to cleanup, but because we're discarding Dakmor down to hand size we get a draw trigger from Gitrog. This draw trigger gives a new priority cycle and allows us to dredge Dakmor back to our hand, drawing an extra card if we hit a land with the dredge. Because players received priority, another cleanup step begins after that and we discard Dakmor again and repeat this action until we have a hand that we like. So essentially, we're using our cleanup step as a discard outlet for Dakmor, discarding any extra cards we don't need while looking for the cards that we do.

When we've started looping the cleanup step, we're looking to draw the following:

Alternatively you can flash in an Oblivion Crown to get a discard outlet online quicker, but you'll need Skirge Familiar in the part below where you make infinite black mana.

After getting Skirge Familiar into play, start looping Dakmor like normally and draw your deck, producing tons of black mana in the process (although not infinite, that comes next).

After drawing your deck, you can produce infinite black mana by doing the following:

  1. Discard a land, putting Gitrog's "draw a card" trigger on the stack.
  2. Before the trigger resolves (and kills you), discard Kozilek to shuffle it and the land back to your library.
  3. Before letting the draw trigger resolve, discard and dredge Dakmor Salvage to Skirge, milling the land and Kozilek. This creates a draw trigger and a Kozilek shuffle trigger. Put the draw trigger on the stack first and then put the shuffle trigger on top so the shuffle resolves first, putting the land and Kozilek back to the library.
  4. Resolve your two draw triggers, drawing your 2-card deck and netting you 3 black mana.
  5. Repeat.

Also, to loop any other nonland card than Kozilek, we can play/discard our card + Kozilek and let them shuffle, then discard land cards to draw our nonlands + Kozilek again and use the loop above to draw our lands we discarded + Kozilek to get back to square one. This loop effectively makes our library, hand and graveyard essentially the same zone, allowing us to play any of our instant-speed spells infinite times assuming we have the mana for it. Some Gitrog decks end the game at this point by just repeatedly casting something like Ebony Charm or Geth's Verdict to drain the table out, but we're using Rath's Edge/Sunscorched Desert to win instead and this requires infinite green mana.

To get infinite green mana, you can do it in two ways. One way is to repeatedly reanimate (Necromancy) and sacrifice (Culling the Weak) our Riftsweeper to get Elvish Spirit Guide back to our deck, then draw and exile it repeatedly for green mana. The other way is to repeatedly cast Crop Rotation, finding any land that taps for two green mana or more (pretty much only Twilight Mire or Gaea's Cradle with two or more creatures on the field) and then tap it for more green to cast another Crop Rotation, sacrificing the same land to get it back untapped (to rotate into the same land, just shuffle it back with Kozilek before Rotation resolves).

Now that we have infinite green mana, we can start Crop Rotating for Sunscorched Desert or Rath's Edge to start pinging our opponents for 1 each time. With Sunscorched Desert the loop is the same as the loop above, but to win with Rath's Edge you need to have an extra land to sacrifice each time you use its ability. You can do this by casting Necromancy on a Dryad Arbor (as it is a creature!) to bring it back to play, then sacrifice the Arbor to the ability of Rath's Edge to ping one opponent for 1. Repeat for infinite damage.

As you can see, Necromancy has a ton of applications in the deck, and is definitely a must if we're looking to win at instant speed. For more concise and easy-to-the-eyes information, check the primer links in the description if you want to learn more or have further questions.

Sargeras on Fangor Mono Black Devotion

1 week ago

Regarding lands I'd say you should either cut three other cards for three more swamps, or cut Nykthos and another card to play two more swamps. You really want to have 23-24 playable lands in the deck.

Another thing to add, since I don't know what your current sideboard is, some great budget choices are Mutilate, Flaying Tendrils, Nihil Spellbomb, Extirpate, Geth's Verdict, Ratchet Bomb, Tormod's Crypt, Hero's Downfall, Pithing Needle, Necrogen Mists, Distress, Memoricide, and Lost Legacy.

If you are looking for any more help, I made a whole primer on playing decks like this

How The Devil Plays MTG: The Mono-Black Primer

Modern Sargeras



IlGuale on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

First thing: thank you, really, that wall of text is what i was looking for in this weeks of deckcicling.Talking about the deck, is Lashwrithe strictly better than more Erebos's Titan in my deck? It doesn't count for devotion (am i wong?) And i can't abuse it as an equip without Obliterator's trample. Well, i still have my vampires after all... I suppose that, in the end, you're right about Flaying Tendrils, but I still like it for some reasons: it removes what it kills (so no more Kitchen Finks, Voice of Resurgence, Relentless Dead, ecc); it does not kill the majority of my creatures; it has devoid, so it is not affected by Protection from Black (it's not so much, but it is still something).

Coming to the side, i was thinking too to Pithing Needle, Ratchet Bomb and Go for the Throat (maybe Geth's Verdict if Boggle gains popularity), but i am perplexed about Faerie Macabre and how can it be better than Nihil Spellbomb which make me remove the entire graveyard and draw a card for one mana less. Is it because of the body, meaning that it can attack and provide devotion?

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