Umbral Mantle


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor Uncommon

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Umbral Mantle

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has "(3), Untap: This creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn."

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Umbral Mantle Discussion

Kizrakas on Heil Hydra!

1 week ago

get bigger:


Goes infinite easy

Umbral Mantle // Sword of the Paruns

for drawing a bunch

Rishkar's Expertise // Momentous Fall // Garruk, Primal Hunter // Lifeblood Hydra

for drawing a little at a time

Soul of the Harvest // Lifecrafter's Bestiary

for creature finding

Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip

viewtifulstyle on Dehydrated Hydras

2 weeks ago

backing up Selvala, Heart of the Wilds and recommending Karametra's Acolyte. insane ramp on the latter.

if you want to be a degenerate both go infinite really easily with Umbral Mantle. If not enjoy your already stupid ramp. Acolyte + Mana Reflection is already insane enough.

TheWrongBunny on Selvala, Heart of the Eldrazi

2 weeks ago

May I suggest Umbral Mantle for an infinite loop of mana on selvala especially for any X mana costs you may have gives you infinite tokens on your broodmaster for example

TheWrongBunny on Selvala's engine

2 weeks ago

wicked deck, got a 12 turn win with an infinite mana combo with Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Umbral Mantle & Genesis Wave in hand on my first test.

This could in theory be a turn 3 win if you have Concordant Crossroads and any creature that produces mana such as Elvish Mystic before selvala and have the mantle and genesis wave in hand on turn 3. but that is an ideal world. Personally I would also suggest more large creatures with trample for this type of deck just to give you more of a sweeping kill.

Definitely +1 this though.

PookandPie on Mean Green Elves Machine

2 weeks ago

Karametra's Acolyte should be in here, since you are so permanent-heavy in this deck. It'd give you another practical copy of Priest of Titania/Elvish Archdruid/Wirewood Channeler.

In similar vein, Regal Force is a Collective Unconscious you can tutor in green, so I'd highly recommend it. My wife absolutely adores Vigor in her Elf Commander deck, as it basically allows her to rule combat as well as protects against Blasphemous Act and other damage-based sweeps.

No Green Sun's Zenith seems like a bad call. You can add Dryad Arbor so you have t1 ramp without a Llanowar Elves, but it also grabs literally any other creature in the deck for their mana cost + 1, which is superb. Fierce Empath should be in here as well, as it'd let you grab Regal Force or Craterhoof for turns you need gas or want to swing for the win.

Also, is there a reason you're running Collective Unconscious over a repeatable draw engine like Slate of Ancestry?

Also, since you're using Ezuri as your Commander and (hopefully will) have Karametra's Acolyte join your force of multi-mana producers, you need to run Umbral Mantle. Generating infinite mana with the Mantle is good for your deck since your Commander is an infinite mana sink- simply untap all of your creatures and swing for 10k/10k on each creature, etc..

Cards I believe you could drop pretty easily:

Glistener Elf. You're not an infect deck, and having 1 creature that deals a completely different type of damage from all of your other creatures is a horrible idea. If he's big enough to kill someone on his own, you most likely landed Craterhoof or Coat of Arms, which means he is dwarfed by the rest of your army anyway (so he's either worthless of win more, is what I'm saying). Triumph of the Hordes is a little different as it turns all of your creatures into an infect-dealing army, but again, no synergy with Glistener Elf. You can do better than this card, really.

Elvish Soultiller is pretty awful. I would just run Eldrazi Monument which, for the same mana cost, prevents your creatures from dying to begin with, rather than shuffling them into your library and hoping for them later since you don't have reliable sac outlets.

Mul Daya Channelers is pretty mediocre. A Fyndhorn Elder that may not even produce mana when you need it (+3/+3 is hardly anything in Commander)- you can do a lot better with Fierce Empath or Green Sun's Zenith in that slot, I believe (Zenith would allow you to go get Priest of Titania for the same cost as Mul Daya Channelers, while you could pay 1 extra mana and get Archdruid to give +1/+1 to four or more creatures, eclipsing Channeler's +3 buff).

I'd pick either one or the other in Aetherflux or Helix Pinnacle. They don't play well with one another (so if you draw the other while playing, one of the two cards is completely dead). This would allow you to run another tutor, Umbral Mantle, Regal Force, etc., in the slot so you could more reliably win via Ezuri or find the combo piece to begin with in the case of Regal Force.

griffstick on Here I Come Again Asking ...

2 weeks ago

I may have suggested this last time, and it's still my favorite CMDR. You should make, Selvala, Explorer Returned because, You can build this deck many ways.With cards like Instill Energy, Thousand-Year Elixir, Paradox Engine, Magewright's Stone, Sword of the Paruns, Umbral Mantle and Wirewood Lodge, you can ramp the hell out of Selvala, Explorer Returned. I built her aroud tokens its super fun and strong and people like parly. For a really good reference click here this is my version of sevala but using tokens instead of big fatties. Another really fun CMDR that I'm hooked on at the moment and is becoming my new favorite CMDR IS Kaervek the Merciless, he can be an emergency button in the late game when someone (particularly to the right of you) gets out of hand. If you like politicking then this is the best CMDR, Simply strike deals with the players around the table to divert there removal spells at Kaervek the Merciless, and tell them hey cast as many spells as you can so we can take care of that over powered player at the moment. It's very easy in a 4 player game to deal 15 to 20 damage to a player with Kaervek the Merciless before your next turn. I don't have the best Kaervek the Merciless deck atm it's still working out the imperfections. I like to go the creature rout when building decks if you want to take a look at it here it is Kaervek the Merciless, BITCH!

AlexoBn on Goblin deck advice

3 weeks ago

There is a couple of good options. You can try to use green and red and play Wort, the Raidmother but that will be a lot spells and just a couple of creatures (you can play goblins, create token and then copy an Overrun ftw). Wort, Boggart Auntie is also a super good alternative because of the sheer power of black in EDH or you can play Grenzo, Dungeon Warden (there is a couple of super fast combo decks but also a lot of goblin tribal versions. Last but not least there is Krenko, Mob Boss that has various options to make infinite mana and tokens and swing for lethal but keep in mind that he will almost instantly draw your opponents attention... (either you win fast or they hate you out). I play Grenzo and Wort raidmother. Grenzo as Doomsday combo deck and Wort as a ramp/burn/token swarm durdle deck. They are both super fun to play and IMHO you can not do anything wrong when choosing one of the best tribals in EDH. Just the sheer speed of Krenko will probably make your opponents focus you instantly.You might also be interested in Druid tribal with Seton, Krosan Protector which plays like elfball and wins via Craterhoof Behemoth (super super fast deck) or Elfball (got some crazy win cons with Paradox Engine, Staff of Domination, Umbral Mantle ).If you did not play magic for a long period of time I would really check out other tribals if you did not do already.I hope I could already help you a bit. Feel free to ask questions :)

PookandPie on Don't Be So Elvish! I Have Enough To Share!!!!!

3 weeks ago

Umbral Mantle would be perfect in this deck. 4 Elves and you generate infinite mana with Priest of Titania, Elvish Archdruid, Wirewood Channeler, or Karametra's Acolyte. You can then use that mana to power absurd Genesis Waves, or Overruns with Ezuri, Renegade Leader. Staff of Domination does the same, but allows you infinite life and card draw at the same time with 5 Elves. I highly recommend running one of these cards because they're absurd.

Skyshroud Poacher should also probably be in here as he finds any Elf card you may want at the time, enabling strong synergies easily. Also, why are you running Timberwatch Elf but not Immaculate Magistrate, who puts the P/T on permanently? Magistrate has strong synergy with Joraga Warcaller, as well as Rishkar.

My wife actually used Ezuri as her Commander for some time, and having access to as many Overruns as you want in the Command zone is great. She switch her Commander to Yisan, the Wanderer Bard for consistency's sake, but she still basically has access to Ezuri from the Command zone lol.

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