Jeweled Amulet


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II (ME2) Uncommon
Ice Age (ICE) Uncommon

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Jeweled Amulet


(1), Tap: Put a charge counter on Jeweled Amulet. Note the type of mana spent to pay this activation cost. Play this ability only if there are no charge counters on Jeweled Amulet.

Tap, Remove a charge counter from Jeweled Amulet: Add one mana of Jeweled Amulet's last noted type to your mana pool.

Jeweled Amulet Discussion

Ragnarok on Black Hole Son [[Primer]]

4 days ago


The short answer is that Jeweled Amulet is just better than Mox Amber

The long answer is that Jeweled Amulet is better than Mox Amber because if on any given turn that you can’t cast your Commander but can leave a land open Jeweled nets you one mana the next turn. You also can keep storing mana in Jeweled whenever it goes unused in a turn cycle. This makes it just as consistent of a rock as Mox Amber (even with your Commander/a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker out) with the added advantage of actually ramping you before the initial conditions of Mox Amber would ever be met.

snazzerific on Black Hole Son [[Primer]]

4 days ago

any reason you run the Jeweled Amulet over something like Mox Amber ?? seems to just be better imo

asm on Selvala Brostorm

1 month ago

autompne If you can’t make actual infinite I’m not sure the answer to your question fits within the spirit of that rule and I can’t encourage pubstomping your LGS in any way. However, non-infinite wincons are definitely possible via Craterhoof Behemoth or Finale of Devastation.

Gilded Goose isn’t good enough, but may be fine in a budget build. It’s basically Jeweled Amulet but more expensive to recharge.

I do think Thorn Mammoth is worth testing. It’s very expensive to cast but is a lot more powerful than Stag.

BlackDragon123 on Anje Falkenrath

2 months ago

There are definitely some rocks you're not currently running that I think would be good inclusions, and I question two of them. Talisman of Indulgence and Rakdos Signet will almost never actually accelerate you to Anje at all. Since they cost 2 mana, you'll most often be playing them on turn 2 (turn one with, for example, a Mana Crypt , but that'll let you get her out on t2 on its own if you have the lands to do so), which means she's still hitting on turn 3. I like Mana Crypt , Jeweled Amulet , and Blood Pet a lot, since any of those with a second land guarantees t2 Anje, which is our goal, first and foremost. I like the Pet over Skirk Prospector since once Anje is down, black is wayyy more important to us than red. There's also one more ritual you may well want to find a slot for, in Songs of the Damned . I'm not currently sure if it's optimal to run every madness card or not, but my list is.

I would almost certainly include Kozilek, Butcher of Truth , since he can allow you to rebuy your wincons on your Worldgorger turn if you discarded them earlier, and even turns some of the doofy madness cards ( Alms of the Vein as an example) into instant-speed wincons on those turns, since you can reshuffle them in and then draw back to them with Anje, in case all your primaries ended up exiled somehow. Also, I feel like you're really missing out on a lot of power by not including Necropotence , Restless Dreams and Tainted Pact .

PaneledSmile40 on

3 months ago

SirChris39 i don't like at all Olivia, Mobilized for War even if Olivia Voldaren is one of my favorite cards in the game, there's no point to make creatures hasty and +1/+1 if the goal of the deck is wordlgorger combo or dualcaster+twinflame combo, Ad Nauseam even if it is indeed one of the best cards in cEDH, i can't recommend it in a deck with so high cmc cost due to the madness cards we use to cycle then deck, it can turn very bad for us in terms of damange taken. Insidious Dreams that's a great card i will consider to add to my mainboard since it can be another Doomsday for just 1 more mana and some cards in hand, all without the doomsday backdraw of exiling every other card from both library and graeyard. The manabase isn't great since the deck aim is to be budget you haven't access to cards like Ancient Tomb and Badland but for sure i will cut 4 mountains and add 4 swamps since you need more black than red. not having access to Mana Crypt is the worst part of playing in budget, since you don't run solid mana acceleratos, you can't get Anje Falkenrath on turn 2 and that's really bad; some budget accelerators for turn 2 anje could be Blood Pet , Skirk Prospector , Jeweled Amulet , Simian Spirit Guide , Dark Ritual . Sadly, if you want to play cEDH on budget, you have to be prepared to hard loses since things like the diamond cycle and Everflowing Chalice are just too slow for the format. The main problem with a deck like anje madness combo is actually his game plan: you can't decide to play the worldgorger dragon combo in a casual way because it is just too good so you have to play it in a competitive way in order to match your opponet's power level because if you bring a combo deck like this against a casual group hug Phelddagrif player, the gameplay would be like a solitary of yourself doing your things with the opponent trying to interact with you in a suboptimal way and that's just not fun, either way, you can't sit at a cEDH table with a deck that is way too slow for the format because you will end up to be eaten by flash+hulk, isocron shepter+drammatic reversal, ad nauseam storm, teferi+chain veil. The solutions to this problem are actually 3 (if i don't forget others but idk): use proxy cards if you don't play sancioned events and if your playgroup allow them, invest some money buying cards and bringing your deck to the required power level or you can remove all the combos and play the deck just like a madness deck at a casual EDH table; i personally don't like this last option but can turn to be a fun archetype to build and play since you can use really strong and fun cards like Bone Miser , Waste Not with all the discard hatebears, Liliana Vess , Yawgmoth, Thran Physician and his son K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth or cards like Praetor's Grasp , Sheoldred, Whispering One and Gonti, Lord of Luxury for some "heavy black deck flavor" or you can even turn it to a full vampire madness tribal with Falkenrath Gorger ! If you want to stick to the good old one Worldgorger Dragon combo, pls don't do it in casual edh but try to tweak at best for cedh instead otherwise you will ruin some random player day without having fun at all, i can say that 100% . Hope i helped you is some way and happy brewing :D

Massacar on We're All Mad Here (budget cEDH)

3 months ago

smack80 I will swap the Commander's Sphere for Jeweled Amulet . I also threw in the Blood Pet and a Simian Spirit Guide for good measure. So thanks for that.

Also in reference to the lands issue, I was referring to other budget cEDH decks I've been seeing since my own deck. I am adding a couple of lands and swapping out most of the rocks as you suggested, so we shall see how that does.

Hybrow, if I recall correctly the combo can be interrupted by having a different creature in your graveyard as well to target with the Animate Dead during a loop (obviously not perfect, but a solution). But I will swap in the Comet Storm as a cheaper instant speed replacement for Torment of Hailfire .

Thank you both for your feedback, it's appreciated.

smack80 on We're All Mad Here (budget cEDH)

3 months ago

cEDH decks run 30 lands becuase they have the money for mana crypt and moxes. If your goal is to discard and draw, then at least try the Cycling lands.

Your commander costs 3 so mana rocks that cost 2 don't accelerate your gameplan. Casting a mana rock on 2 then casting your commander on 3 doesn't make you any faster. Having 5 mana on turn 4 doesnt' really do anything special for you. You might as well just have another land in place of those rocks. If you want a mana rock that gets Anje out faster but is budget, try Jeweled Amulet . I play it in Xantcha. A turn 1 Jeweled Amulet gets out Anje on turn 2. Many times it is a good as Sol Ring. Being a worse sol ring doesn't make it a bad magic card. Blood Pet serves teh same purpose of speeding up casting Anje.

Things like Twins of Maurer Estates are just bad cards. Sure they let you untap your commander when you discard them, but wouldn't you rather just have drawn a better card instead?

I don't see this deck ever re-casting Anje if she leaves the field.

SakuraStorm on [COMMUNITY] What cards do you ...

3 months ago


In fact i do like fast mana, it enables all kind of fun nonsense.

But it can be abused to no end and having the right threatassessment, as in targeting the turn 1 Sol Ring -Guy, isn't always to be expected.

Would be really nice that people getting hated on for brewing decks that can pull off an early kill(turn 1-3) or general a gap in power could be avoided.

Also i'm very aware of the stuff you mentioned, but none of it can speed your game up to the same level as the power4 and other rocks can.

Also these require a setup, let me explain:

-Urza, High Lord Artificer is 4CMC and you need 5 untapped artifacts to plus.

- Krark-Clan Ironworks is also 4CMC and you need 3 more artifacts to sac for plus.

- Mox Opal , Jeweled Amulet require obvious time or setup.

- Lotus Petal is saced so this makes it far inferior to let's say Mox Diamond .

While we're at it, also pls ban High Tide ;)

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Jeweled Amulet occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%