Sphinx-Bone Wand

Sphinx-Bone Wand


Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you may put a charge counter on Sphinx-Bone Wand. If you do, Sphinx-Bone Wand deals damage equal to the number of charge counters on it to target creature or player.

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari (DDJ) Rare
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Sphinx-Bone Wand occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Sphinx-Bone Wand Discussion

LimbicCircus on Adeliz jank storm

1 month ago

If I may make a couple of suggestions, you should look into Thousand-Year Storm . Also, Ral, Storm Conduit deals one damage each time an instant or sorcery is cast or copied. Finally, Sphinx-Bone Wand snowballs quickly.

Edit: Had suggested scepter, but I apparently can't read so I removed it :)

Muglacious_NiceFaceToad on Elsha Of the Infinite (Plz Help)

2 months ago

How do you like to win with

May I recommend switching Sphinx-Bone Wand with Aria of Flame . The early entry due to low CMC can make such a difference.

Swarm Intelligence can be pretty fun especially when it is also out with Thousand year storm.

Scroll Rack is tooo good with Elsha, but it is $$

Hey check out my deck Guerrilla Kung-Fuuuu!!!

JohnnyCRO on SpellSlinger made

5 months ago

Ok, here we go;

  • Explosive Vegetation & Skyshroud Claim - at 4cmc they occupy very awkward spot for ramp, both regarding the fact that at 4 mana you can do better things and the fact taht they don't really help you speed into faster Riku cast. Hence these should be cut IMHO

  • Rude Awakening - for your purposes, there is almost a strictly better card than this. At 5cmc and at sorcery speed, this is very risky and limited. Turnabout costs 1 mana less (though it's , which is a very different cost), works at instant speed and can be used occasionally to disrupt others' wins.

  • Tempt with Discovery - you don't have any key lands you want to tutor for. This is just a "fun" and vastly overpriced piece of ramp for you. You can and should play better ramp than this.

  • Bag of Holding - I assume this is here because of the flavor. But it's a terrible card in here. You'd be surprised how much of your "need" for proxying would be alleviated if you wouldn't play bad cards.

  • Sphinx-Bone Wand & Aria of Flame - cute, but both require resources and usually more than a bit of time to...well...not do much.

  • Mind's Dilation - cute, but haos rarely works in your favor. And at 7cmc it's hella expensive for such randomness

  • Arcane Melee - there is a card you might like more. THis costs 5 mana and gives the discount to your opponents, which isn't really good. Jace's Sanctum gives you a smaller discount, but costs less to cast and gives all your spells additional value.

  • Rewind - counterspells need to be cheap and efficient. At 4 cmc, this one is pushing it. Swap it for Unwind , which is slightly better.

  • Chaos Warp - this is good in color combinations that lack some kinds of removal. With both green and red at your disposition, you can certainly deal with a wide array of threats, and paying 3 mana to remove something seems like too much.

  • Archmage's Charm modal spells are cool. But in a 3c deck is a red flag. You can't really expect to cast this reliably. In 1 or 2c, it would be ok, but in here it seems like a nonbo.

  • AEtherize - this seems irritating at best, and at 4 mana surely you should be casting better removal than this.

That's 10 slots to work with.

First off, ramp. Your land count seems fine regarding your commander's cmc and ramp requirements. But your ramp package is horrible. If you want to do stuff and do it soon, you need to play better ramp than you currently are. Better ramp should also enable you to keep more 2-land hands and make your mid-game stronger, which seems to be a problem as it is now.

Fellwar Stone , Talisman of Impulse , Mind Stone , Rampant Growth , Simic Signet , Izzet Signet and Gruul Signet should suffice.

Also, this would make Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal stronger options. Scepter would already be very cool in the deck. And with this many artifacts around, Dramatic reversal would become a decent ritual. And those two together with new and improved ramp package are a neat combo you can use to finish games.

This would leave you with one flex slot. My suggestion would be either Swan Song or Nature's Claim , depending on which you fear more; spells or permanents. Also, regarding the meta and specific wincons you're packing, Natural State could be a decent replacement for Claim if you mind the lifegain.

Further optimization would aim to lower your curve, probably by compacting the copy theme and x-wincons, to include more cheap filtering/draw spells for value casting

BMHKain on Double Deck Help: Mono-Red Burn ...

6 months ago


BTW, That was a reference to ONE PUNCH MAN; & even Season One in this case. I wished people liked Season II More though...

@sylvannos: For Damage ideas, I'm very confused about the "METRIC FUCKTONS" you used as a comparison. This is planned as compatible for Multiplayer; so I will have a bigger problem as you stated. If we're dealing w/ Double Damage, a strict minimum of 6 Damage, ALL of which is every turn no matter what, I already put in Kozilek #1, & I just put in Past in Flames , but Colorless Sources? That is a problem. Sphinx-Bone Wand is powerful, but cost heavy. Aetherflux Reservoir is also useless as I can't gain life. Staff of Nin doesn't even do much; & there is no Untap Material Mono- has up their sleeves as far as I know... Any ideas? The supposed Metric Tons you said made no sense to me; maybe a clarification is in order?

FrancoisParfait on Kess

7 months ago

Looks like a fun deck! Upon first glance I'd definitely recommend Vedalken Orrery - it'll make all those sweet sorceries and any other non-instant cards cast at instant speed.

Also maybe Sphinx-Bone Wand as well. It can get pretty insane especially after copying spells a bunch of times.

the_unseen89 on The Sea is Woke - Noyan Dar Control

7 months ago

Shadow02 I like Tidespout Tyrant but it just costs a bit too much in my opinion. Absolutely works for this deck though. Thanks for commenting.

KeilFX I do have Unity of Purpose but I just haven't decided to use it because it really is dangerous to animate too many lands. It makes it hard to put counters on my own creatures because I'd have to animate multiple. It is a very good card. I do run Mystic Speculation today. It is a very good card. You also don't have to buy it back every time. I'm also happy to hear you're using Sphinx-Bone Wand . It is a good card but yes it can do nothing especially if someone destroys it. Happy to hear you like the deck. Thanks for the suggestions and comments!

KeilFX on The Sea is Woke - Noyan Dar Control

7 months ago

Noyan Dar is one of my new pet projects of mine (I rarely have expendable cash, and an LGS just opened up near me which is sweet since I don't drive!), and I think your list is awesome!

With To Arms being as massively powerful as it is in this deck, Unity of Purpose should be included for more redundancy.

I find that with Azorius Spellslingers' lack of ramp capabilities, consistent card draw and selection is necessary. Mystic Speculation can be a one-stop shop for that, especially since it repeatedly lets Noyan Dar make tokens. The buyback makes up for the fact that it doesn't cantrip itself, and makes sure that you always have some way of animating / buffing your land creatures.

And although they're 7 mana do-nothing cards, Eye of the Storm and Sphinx-Bone Wand can spiral out of control if not removed (or played off-curve). I personally run the wand as the only artifact in the deck, alongside Shape Anew and artifact token creators so I have a way of cheating the wand into play.

Eye of the Storm can be especially backbreaking if you can cadt your To Arms! / Unity of Purpose, you'd get to repeatedly cast it, animate a land, and float mana for your Tezzeret's Gambit or what have you. You have to be mindful of the spells you cast into EotS, since if you Disenchant all other legal targets and don't have a counterspell in the eye to counter it, you have to destroy the enchantment. It enchantment also lets your opponents use spells you put into it, so be careful. Silly, but careful!

Awesome brew bud, I look forward to see how this deck evolves!

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