Volcanic Hammer

Volcanic Hammer


Volcanic Hammer deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

Volcanic Hammer Discussion

Mj3913 on Ability challenge

1 month ago
Hubris: excessive pride or self confidence. Or in ancient Greece,(hybris) is the intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade.

Don't judge the judge to harshly, jussayin.

I was hoping for a non-divine spin on it, my own vision was something like Hubris - you gain X benefit but if ~ 'action' do Y. Makes for some leader types but if they get too cocky something bad happens.

Grixis was a good play, I was thinking Mardu myself because of whites religious sort of aspect, but blue makes sense.

Common - close to what I had imagined, still good though. It's a Volcanic Hammer with a body basically, which is pretty standard these days. Pun intended.

Uncommon - You forgot the stats. A majority of gorgons though are bigger in the butt though so I can use my imagination. Nicely flavored though for a gorgon.

Rare - if my rules knowledge is correct the 3rd ability is state based so you can't react to an increase of their board state by sacrificing, etc? Correct me if wrong here. So much advantage though: ahead of curve, draw on any deaths, threaten board states, can swing out of the gate. Gold.

Mythic - This is an interesting design. It says 'kill me now so I can have an extra turn, or wait awhile and I get an extra turn. Either way...'. I'd love to add prowess to this... jussayen.

Overall I think this is something that could actually be seen in packs if ever we were to return to Theros...again. Great concept.

1st card - All other 'one sided wipes' I could find are all 8-9 mana so the cost of this one is worrisome. Wrath of God for or full price for one player. Over powered maybe?

2nd - This feels more black than blue, but anything's possible I suppose.

3rd - it's interesting, but I think it could end up leading to some confusion. Also high probability of being broken lol. Imagine everyone taking an extra turn, every turn?

It's an interesting concept, I can see it in a place where 'cmc matters' with cards like Cerebral Eruption or Blast of Genius . Also probably spell reduction stuff. Also featured in this set... the Scornful Egotist .

I'm just going to lump everything in one here. I like it, it's almost like Monsterous but better because it's not limited to a one time use. And the flavor of the God check is nice, gives the opponent opportunity to 2 for 1 if they take down the God. The ascension is nice too, I think overall these are all creatures that would have to be dealt with quickly before they get out of hand.

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foxboy1000 on Ahivian red

8 months ago

If you are new to Magic first things first, congrats on joining the game hopefully you enjoy it.

On to some deck advice, you need to cut Bonethorn Valesk , Goblin Hero , Rock Jockey , Goblin War Strike , Chaos Charm , and Seething Song . These cards aren't legal in the modern format, which I'm assuming is what you are building for. Cutting these also makes your deck a 60 card deck, which is the correct size.

I don't know how familiar you are with Magic so far, but there are a couple different formats. I would suggest asking the friend who gave you cards more about it, or read up on them.

You have quite a few cards, but mostly goblins. A popular goblin deck you could play might be 8 Whack. Look into it if you ever have a desire to play competitive magic.

If you are just looking to play casual Magic however, here is my advice.

Swap out 2x Tremor , 1x Volcanic Hammer , and 1x Lava Axe , for 4x Skewer the Critics .

I would also swap 1x Sokenzan Bruiser , 1x Endbringer , 1x Shivan Dragon , and 1x Guardian of the Ages , for 4x Goblin Grenade .

Swap 2x Mountain for 2x Devastating Summons

Lastly I would swap 1x Myr Moonvessel , 1x Chainwhip Cyclops , 1x Vulshok Berserker , 1x Canyon Wildcat , for 4x Bomat Courier .

This is what that deck would look like,Ahivian red Updated, hopefully this is helpful.

I think that is a good place to start, if you would like any more help other than that, just ask.

legendofa on Why Has WotC Changed How ...

8 months ago

My guess is "let new players have fun doing stuff." With Dragon's Claw , a new player might not immediately realize that the black spell they're casting is worth more than the 1 life their opponent gets. What they see is, "If I cast this Volcanic Hammer , my opponent will have more life and be harder to beat." So they don't cast the Volcanic Hammer , and get beaten down by that Ogre Taskmaster . Sooner or later, they'll notice that 1 life isn't a big deal at all, if they stay with the game. But who knows how many would-be players felt stuck, with a choice between helping their opponent and doing nothing, so they lost interest and never picked up another deck.

This logic seems obviously wrong to enfranchised players, but anybody who has a full understanding of tactical costs and benefits in this game the first time they shuffle and draw will probably hit the top of the world rankings within a month.

Staff of the Flame Magus is more obviously build-around: use Mountain s and red spells. It doesn't direct affect your opponent's ability or desire to act, at any level. The new player can Lightning Strike every Thundering Giant that looks their way and feel rewarded. And let's face it, these aren't really top 8 all-star cards. They're going to be used in Limited and by people without a lot of cards. Let the new players feel rewarded without jumping through hoops.

MagicJoey on A

1 year ago

Might i suggest lightning bolt over Volcanic Hammer

GreatGoofini on rakDOS_Lord of DOOM v1.9.9.3

1 year ago

Id trade out Volcanic Hammer for Lightning Strike or Lightning Bolt even unless youre trying to maintain a specific budget or theme

Epochalyptik on Strictly better list

2 years ago

Lava Spike can't hit creatures, meaning it's not strictly better than Volcanic Hammer.

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