Searing Blood


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods (BNG) Uncommon

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Searing Blood


Searing Blood deals 2 damage to target creature. When that creature dies this turn, Searing Blood deals 3 damage to that creature's controller.

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Searing Blood Discussion

Gracco on Ride The Lightning

5 days ago

consider Keldon Marauders since they are a guaranteed 2 damage on a body that can attack and stick around longer than Spark Elemental. I agree with running Hellspark Elemental since it has unearth and can come back and steal games. Consider some Ramunap Ruins in the mana base. Also the count on Searing Blaze and Searing Blood is a little too high since they can only damage the opponent if they have a creature on board. Consider putting some of them in a sideboard as well as something like Reality Hemorrhage that is colorless and can stop the opposing Kor Firewalker as well as sometimes an Etched Champion. I run a much more expensive Burn list now and Kor Firewalker can still carry a game home for an opponent on its own against me. I carry games versus the opposing Burn deck on the back of the 2 Kor Firewalker in my side all the time. Consider Smash to Smithereens in the sideboard also. Sadly red has no enchantment removal so if you do go competive at all with this consider splashing white for enchanmtment removal against Leyline of Sanctity and other white sideboard options and main deck Boros Charm and Lightning Helix. the tier 1 burn list is only white and red in the main deck so you could easily upgrade without stretching the mana base.

lukas96 on Help building Bloodbraid elf burn ...

1 week ago

yeah you shouldnt try to use BBE multiple times, that wont work as good as you might thinkAtarka's Command is pretty good in the same deck as bbe.

Magma Jet should not be in any Burn deck, same is true for Magma Spray and Burst Lightning.

Combining burn with landfall seems odd and not very usefull so id drop this idea.

What about something like

4 BBE 4 Monastery Swiftspear 4 Ball Lightning

4 Lava Spike 4 Lightning Bolt 4 Rift Bolt 4 Atarka's Command 4 Searing Blood/ Searing Blaze (Searing Blood might be better because you cant guarantee the landfall trigger when you are cascading) 2 Exquisite Firecraft

22 lands

Kjartan on Modern Burn (No Fetch)

2 weeks ago

Definately Eidolon of the Great Revel, but if you can't affort him I get that.

Another Searing Blood just because.

Grim Lavamancer is somewhat underwhelming without Fetches, but as a 1 (maybe 2) of, it's still playable, and good against Lantern control.

Shard Volley is another "playable" burn spell. It's not that great, but in the end it does what you want it to.

Flames of the Blood Hand and Exquisite Firecraft are both very meh. Just a filler card for if you find yourself with just 1 empty s lot.

Shrine of Burning Rage Ain't bad, but it's a meta card. If you play a lot of slow matchups, it's your best card, if not, it's mediocre.

Searing Blaze I'm reluctant about. It's basicly an RNG Sorcery removal when you lack fetches... (Probably the reason you don't run it yourself anyways)

You pretty much already run all the best cards, (except for Eidolon.) So all you need is to choose your filler, really.

Enitofu on Naya Burn Made to Beat my Friends & Handle Randoms

2 weeks ago

Alylio I'm glad you like it! And you too Sagarys, also I've added Volcanic Fallout to the maybeboard. If I find it necessary to keep up with the people at the local shop I'll pick it up, though I might just get it anyway for that AoE clear and remove the Searing Blood. BodhiQL the reason I'm running Arctic Flats is to keep my snow count high but you're right about tap-lands being meh in a burn deck. Thinking about dropping 2 Snow-Covered Mountain for 2 Razorverge Thicket to unlock a lot of turn two plays.

Iehovah on Ultra Budget Mono Red Burn

2 weeks ago

Searing Blood might be worth looking into.

lukas96 on

3 weeks ago

Hey, thats an interesting build.

Do you know Skred? It has a similar aporoach maybe you want to have a look at that.

Searing Blood is an alternative to Blaze if you dont have fetchlands for playing it at instant speed.

To be honest I dont really like tormenting voice and faithless looting. You dont have graveyard synergies and you dont have to dig for combo pieces.What about MindStone instead. Its flexible ramps you up to your 4 mana threats and can also draw youba card if needed.

Goblin Rabblemaster is another powerfull threat that you might want to consider.

lukas96 on Rakdos Burn

3 weeks ago

i dont know if you want to play anger of the gods in a deck with 20 creatures.i think smash to smithereens is better than smelt, it deals damage and can destroy a chalice on 1 which is important in your deck.

Finally i dont like Faithless Looting, Alms of the Vein and Heir of Falkenrath  Flip.on their own they are really bad in a burn deck and together they are just ok so id really cut them.Searing Blaze / Searing Blood is pretty Good because most decks run small creatures. Exquisite Firecraft and Shard Volley are fine as 1 or 2 of and Gonti's Machinations are also not bad with fetch/shocklands (you should really play 4 blood crypts and cut 2 basic mountains) and the damage your opponent will likely deal to you.

lukas96 on Boros Take On My Red Deck Wins

1 month ago

I wouldnt play paths MD in a aggressive deck, put them all in the sideboard and bring them in if you really need them.

Why dont you play Searing Blood or Searing Blaze they are very awesome against small creatures and most decks have some in modern.

Goblin Guide and Eidolon of the Great Revel would be perfekt of course but I dodnt know if you want to pay as much money for this deck.Also your mana base shouldnt consist of only basics.

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