Searing Blood


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods (BNG) Uncommon

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Searing Blood


Searing Blood deals 2 damage to target creature. When that creature dies this turn, Searing Blood deals 3 damage to that creature's controller.

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Searing Blood Discussion

Silverdrake on Izzet budget delver deck

2 months ago

Glad I was able to be of some help!
If Magma Jet is there just as a flexible burn spell, you could try Searing Blood instead. Double red might be hard but +3 damage is pretty much unarguably better than scry 2

Silverdrake on Goblin Burn

2 months ago

22 lands seems a little high when your curve tops out with 4x a 4 drop. I'd go down to 20 in favor of another 2x burn spells. Maybe Lightning Strike since you want it under the scepter anyway so cost doesn't really matter. Or Searing Blood, that could be good too but you can only use it so long as they're building their board too. For sideboard consider some Rebuff the Wicked or Apostle's Blessing to protect the scepter and, to a lesser extent, the bridge

Silverdrake on Candy Cane

3 months ago

Searing Blood and/or Searing Blaze are stronger removal than Path if you're looking to play the fast game. Skullcrack is also incredibly powerful, I'd play at least 2. I'd say cut 2 Path and all 4 Lightning strike for 4x your choice of Blood or Blaze (blood is my personal preference) and 2 Skullcrack.

I'm sure you're tired of people telling you to play better lands, especially if you're on a budget, but that would probably help the deck a lot. Go for the fetches (Arid Mesa) and shocks (Sacred Foundry) if you have the money for it. If not, you still have other options. Inspiring Vantage is relatively cheap and great in a fast deck like this. Clifftop Retreat is similarly good.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and good luck!

vorpalaxe on Boros Burn

3 months ago

great deck. I'm not a fan of Searing Blood. my deck: lava spike, vorpalaxe

Wallamin on Rakdos Burn

3 months ago

Hi, as a fellow Rakdos Burn Player I'd like to offer a couple of suggestions to improve the deck, while still staying low on budget. I would cut most of the Three-Drops to improve the overall speed of the deck, killing the opponent quickly is the main advantage and appeal of playing any Burn List.I would especially lower the number of expensive creatures, the Guttersnipes in particular, but I think the Elementals and the Shredfreaks could be replaced as well.

Suitable replacements include Bloodsoaked Champion, Vicious Conquistador, Firedrinker Satyr, Zurgo Bellstriker, Soul-Scar Mage, Harsh Mentor and maybe Spike Jester.

I personally also feel that a Dark Confidant-like card benefits the Strategy and is one of the main draws to include Black in Burn. There are a variety of creatures that provide a similar effect and are very budget-friendly: Blood Scrivener, Asylum Visitor, Pain Seer, Ruin Raider. However, I had the most success with Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, which has menace to boot, supported by Gonti's Machinationss and Aether Hubs. Removing these creatures will be a high priority for your opponents, making Claim to Fame very powerful, bringing back your card advantage-tools.

I would also relegate the Terminates to the Sideboard and instead play Searing Blood in the Main, especially since you are running a playset of Graven Cairns. On a similar note, Sign in Blood could also be considered, since it does not only provide further provide card draw, but can be aimed at the opponent to deal 2 damage to the opponent in a pinch.

In terms of spells, I would definitely improve the number of Lightning Bolt-Effects. Shard Volley, Collateral Damage and Burst Lightning are fine options. And since you are willing to also play Sovereign's Bite, you might want to look into Two-Drop Burn Spells as well: Lightning Strike, Searing Spear, Incinerate, Incendiary Flow are all serviceable Burn. I would not cut the Bump in the Night for Sovereign's Bite, though. One Mana Burn is so much more important than the three Life gained. Playing both should be good, though.

And finally, I would drop the Lootings and Duresses from the Sideboard. You rarely have the time to spend your first turn looking at their hand, despite it being basically the only answer Rakdos has to cards like Worship or enchantments in general. I feel it is just too much of a tempo loss. And you can just make them lose life with Bump instead of dealing damage to them anyways. Instead I would propose you look into Molten Rain to fight Tron- and Utopia Sprawl-Decks and add more Rakdos Charms or Smash to Smithereens to fight artifacts.

ellie-is on

4 months ago

That's good, Monastery Swiftspear should definitely be a four-of.

Looking at your list right now I see that you have Eidolon of the Great Revel on the sideboard. It's a card I was never really sure how to feel about myself, but most people would run them in the mainboard, since it's so rare that you'll go up against a deck that doesn't have many spells with a cmc of 3 or less.

I see also that you're considering Searing Blaze and Searing Blood. Both are really good cards and I'd definitely add at least one of them. Personally I prefer Searing Blood, though I'm not sure what I'd take out. How's Reverberate working out for you? I like it a lot generally speaking, but if it's not often helping you win games and is mostly a turning out to be a 2-mana Bolt, you might want to consider taking that out for the new cards.

Another card whose effectiveness you might want to look at while deciding what to cut or not cut is Grim Lavamancer. Ideally, you can start tapping it for its ability on turn 3 and keep doing it every turn from now on, so, say, in a five turn game, it might have dealt 6 damage at most after being played turn 1, 7 if attacked on turn 2. Compared to the amount of damage a Monastery Swiftspear could have dealt in the same amount of time, it can be a bit underwhelming, especially considering that the Swiftspear can start dealing damage on turn one, and hits harder every turn as you start casting more spells. The Lavamancer is also reliant on the graveyard, and can be completely shut down by something simple like a Dryad Militant.

xseiber on mono red burn

4 months ago

Here's an "improved version", still trying to take Budget-constraints into considerations:

Or here's the breakdown-list:

Instant (21) 4x Lightning Bolt 4x Magma Jet 3x Searing Blaze 2x Searing Blood 4x Searing Spear 4x Shock

Creature (12) 4x Guttersnipe 4x Kiln Fiend 4x Monastery Swiftspear

Land (18) 18x Mountain

Artifact (5) 2x Dragon's Claw 3x Shrine of Burning Rage

Sorcery (4) 4x Rift Bolt

In my opinion, having a a deck that caps out at 3 CMC, I think 25 land is a very aggressive number, where you'll most likely draw your lands instead of a kill-spell that you need to push lethal. Of course, if you want to play with 21-25+ lands, might I suggest Seismic Assault, and to a lesser extent Shard Volley? It turns your dead-drawn lands into Shocks. Lightning Bolt might seem expensive but compare to stuff like Lava Spike, it's cheaper and it's super-relevant in most, if not all, decks that runs Red {R}. Same rational with Rift Bolts, however Rift Bolts require a 1-turn set-up, so it's really up to your discretion and personal tastes. I had thoughts and reservations about both Searing Blood and Searing Blaze, they both require your opponent to run creatures, but with the exception of Blood, Blaze hits for 1 and can only be played if your opponent satisfies the condition of having a creature and can kill slightly tougher creatures than Blood when you meet that Landfall condition, or if you're hitting yourself. Searing Blood on the other hand, can only hit creatures, but if it kills one, you get a free Lightning Bolt to your opponent's face.

I cut both Bedlam and Stormblood out since they don't contribute to any immediate threats to smack your opponents with, unlike Guttersnipe that provides 2 direct damage or Kiln for a surprise +3 (or more) attacks when resolved, as a Monastery Swiftspear 5-8.

Edit: I also cut Pillar of Flames because it's just too slow IMO, even though it's a 1CMC, Shock beats it by virtue of being an Instant where you can hit them on their End step.

Julius_Mufasa on Poor Man's $100 Red Deck

4 months ago

You should try out Goblin Chainwhirler instead of Rabblemaster. She combos nicely with Soul-Scar Mage and with her first strike, she can kill creatures up to 6 toughness when combined with a bolt. I would also recommend some number of Ash Zealot, maybe taking out 2 Searing Blood.

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