Dragon Mantle

Dragon Mantle

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

When Dragon Mantle enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted creature has "R: This creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn."

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Set Rarity
Theros (THS) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Dragon Mantle Discussion

Flargon on A Better Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion

1 week ago

I've been doing a little bit of testing in my version of this deck with Fists of Flame and Dragon Mantle , and they've been pretty good in my play group. They replace themselves, and can put in that bit of extra damage needed for the knock out when I don't draw into my combo pieces. I was previously playing Diviner's Wand for the same reason with some evasion and a bit of draw when I'm desperate, but I felt like it was too much Mana.

Tuba on R/W Midgro

2 months ago

Used to play a blue red version of this back in standard, Stubborn Denial ing and Swan Song ing opponents Anger of the Gods . Used Akroan Crusader , it allowed me to go wide and have insurance in case my heroic creature died and I needed a body to drop enchantments on. His tokens have haste which is a nice touch. It forces them to have a sweeper early on. It also allowed me to consistently cast a playset Stoke the Flames , often for free, giving me a surprise late game finisher. I'd highly suggest trying out Akroan Crusader/Stoke the Flames package.

Also, some other worth considering, Dragon Mantle is a nice enchantment that replaces itself. Ordeal of Purphoros can make even your one drops and tokens huge and can kill a blocker or close out a game. Even on just a Swiftspear it's quite good. Ordeal of Heliod could be quite good in the sideboard for aggro mirrors.

kamarupa on Heroic Ordeal

6 months ago

I'd say Dragon Mantle - repeatedly paying for a small pump isn't great and it only draws you one card. If you need card draw and can't find any great auras, it's probably best to just use Light Up the Stage or some other red draw spells. Of course, I should probably mention I'm not a big fan of cantrips.

redace10 on Attempt at Kykar cEDH

6 months ago

Suggestions for pushing the deck? Purphoros, God of the Forge would be #1 on my list. Cast enough spells and just kill everyone.

Mishra's Bauble is another 0-drop you could run. It doesn't do a whole lot, but storm decks generally need all the eggs they can get their hands on.

A relatively simple combo for kykar is Sensei's Divining Top and Future Sight . Or top and Magus of the Future . Or Mystic Forge and top. This will let you draw your whole deck with kykar out, then win with either lab man or the newest Jace from WoS.

1 drop red can-trips are what really push Kykar into storm, and with Purphoros or Impact Tremors out it's a great way to churn through your deck and kill people. Warlord's Fury , Crash Through , Magmatic Insight , Renegade Tactics , Needle Drop , Dragon Mantle . These all essentially lower the card count of the deck by being free with Kykar out.

Another pet card of mine I really like is Mirror Entity . On top of being a boost for all of Kykar's evasive tokens(and also itself being a spirit), I really like that it can turn all other tokens on your field(from Young Pyromancer , Monastery Mentor , Murmuring Mystic , etc.) into spirits too for just one mana.

Hope I helped. Happy spell-slinging!

UTNova on Flamio Hotman

1 year ago

Dete thank you for the suggestions, I'll try them out when I get the chance.

I always find myself with a hand full of land so Magmatic Insight looks amazing.

Kazuul's Toll Collector also looks fun to mess with if I add some more expensive equips.

Dragon Mantle also looks like a perfect fit for this deck.

Dete on Flamio Hotman

1 year ago

you need some form form of card draw and Insolent Neonate just filters your hand, so maybe adding Dragon Mantle would help a bit on Champion of the Flame and Valduk, Keeper of the Flame .

if you get to many lands on hand after the early game i suggest Magmatic Insight or when you got nothing usefull or no hand at all as well as being an instant Dangerous Wager or Wild Guess .

Kazuul's Toll Collector seems like an okay addition. (keep in mind i havent tested Magmatic Insight nor Kazuul's Toll Collector in any deck).

Duke.Fleed on Sacrifice to the Fates

1 year ago

rather than green, maybe consider red. That way you get more card draw with your heroic triggers via Dragon Mantle and Crimson Wisps

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