Empyrial Armor


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Common
Weatherlight (WTH) Common

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Empyrial Armor

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each card in your hand.

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Empyrial Armor Discussion

Junk_Heap on The Loneliest Pup In Commander

1 month ago


  • Thank you very much for the great compliment! This deck is my pride and joy and I try to work hard on it so its very nice to have that work recognized.


  • Thank you for the compliment! It is surprising how broken a single color deck with a vanilla creature as its Commander can be. Regarding umbras, I would love to add more of them to the deck but their CMC is usually too high for the utility. If WOTC prints cheap umbras in new sets they will likely find their way into the deck.


  • Great name and thanks for the love! Despite its restrictive nature, O-Naginata has been a powerhouse in this deck. I greatly enjoy Loxodon Warhammer but its equip cost is just too expensive!


  • Another great name! While Gauntlet of Power does help our opponent I find the cheaper CMC is better unless our opponent is running a white weenies deck. Daily Regimen was actually in early versions of this deck until it got streamlined and better cards were printed. Getting to pump with leftover mana each turn is a great effect!


  • I am not sure what you mean by "hard counters" but we have protection against counters with Cavern of Souls and a counter of our own. Its not much but our best strategy is to race in those kind of matches.


  • I have not heard about that errata but I believe it to be true. Maybe that is why the Winter Orb was banned in 1v1 MTGO Commander ;)


  • Early version of this deck did run Eldrazi Conscription as well as Enduring Ideal to tutor it up and attach it for only seven mana. While it resulted in some truly epic wins with an, often, Eldrazi Angel Hound it was dropped when the deck was streamlined. I miss those days sometimes.


  • Thanks for the compliment! I will take a look at your deck and let you know my thoughts.


  • You are correct about the lack of card draw in the deck and Empyrial Armor does require us to modify our strategy when its in our opening hand. I tend to hold cards in hand if I plan on playing Empyrial Armor. Its cheap CMC does lead to some explosive wins, though.

Tardigrade_Cain on The Loneliest Pup In Commander

1 month ago

Love the deck, but considering the limited amount of card draw you have, is Empyrial Armor really that good an aura as opposed to something else, say a Loxodon Warhammer?

SirSh4ggy on ¡Zurple Nurple!

2 months ago

No Solemnity? Check out the major aura's he plays, like Vanishing, Diplomatic Immunity, and Empyrial Armor. I've built Lich Lord Zur as a reanimated version, but you might see somethings you want to add. Like Misdirection for example, which serves as a fantastic diversion spell.

PookandPie on

3 months ago

Run Vanishing so Zur literally can't be touched. As long as you have UU up, you can keep him safe from exile, bounce, destruction, you name it. It's one of Zur's bread and butter cards.

Also don't forget to run Necropotence to refill your hand (even just drawing 3-4 per turn to stay at 7 cards in hand will make this card worth it. Plus, it's also not card draw so it bypasses Spirit of the Labyrinth, making that one-sided!), and Empyrial Armor to buff Zur +7/+7 so he gets huge (and should shortcut the number of auras you need to run before Glistening Oil/Phyresis kills substantially. You only need Steel of the Godhead, a way to refill your hand (which is always good anyway), and Empyrial Armor, so you only need 2 auras on Zur for him to be a 10/10).

Of course, you'd want to get Vanishing most of the time so people can't kill Zur.

Also, if you run Energy Field, play Rest in Peace too. They make an extremely strong combo, especially when you can tutor out Greater Auramancy.

I've also noticed you run a number of destroy target land spells- why not just play Armageddon and get it over with? With Zur out, you're pretty safe to cast that whenever you want, lol.

Cards that are fairly weak that I would remove for the above:

Desecrated Earth, Despoil, Spreading Rot, Maw of the Mire, Perilous Predicament. The land sweepers can just become Armageddon, and Perilous Predicament is less needed when you can make yourself insurmountable with two protected enchantments (with energy field + rest in peace + greater auramancy), at least so long as they don't run Bane of Progress or something.

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Sram is Rather Fun~! (Budget EDH)

4 months ago

I really like sram voltron! I just got to try it for the first time yesterday it was super fun and competitive. Two cards i like is Soul Tithe, and Empyrial Armor.

JoeBlondie on Sram - Senior Enchantress

4 months ago

I tried Empyrial Plate a little bit, just a few games in which I tried to tutor for it whenever possible. Seems pretty good, so much better than Strata Scythe. I'm wondering if its aura counterpart Empyrial Armor is worth considering, it's hard to make room for too many things.

Also, I'm thinking if Kirtar's Desire should be swapped with something like Detainment Spell or Gelid Shackles. Shackles looks like the better option but it would require to switch all the plains to snow plains

PookandPie on Zur, the Enchanter

4 months ago

Vanishing is one of the most important auras for a Zur Voltron build (or basically any build that uses his ability to put auras on him to kill an opponent). Phasing out keeps auras attached but prevents your opponent from harming the enchanted creature until your next untap step and you get to swing with Zur as normal. So basically you swing with Zur, pay UU, and now Zur can't be destroyed, exiled, anything, until your next turn. It's extremely good, and if you're running auras to put on Zur to win with him, it's always worth running Vanishing. Period. It's his bread and butter card. This also shores up your weakness to bounce or enchantment destruction (as you can phase out any aura attached to Zur to protect it, so Tranquility isn't quite as awful to play against).

Empyrial Armor is strong and should be here, especially if you use Necropotence to keep your hand topped off at 7 at all times.

Back to Basics is hilarious depending on your playgroup, though it may be out of budget. I'm just shooting ideas; if this card is too expensive, ignore it.

Greater Auramancy is expensive but is sadly the only way to get around Krosan Grip. It + Vanishing + Diplomatic Immunity gets around literally every card that could possibly remove Zur and his enchantments, lol. You don't need to worry about this if no one plays Krosan Grip though.

Helm of Obedience would be a nice win condition, and you can use Zur beatdown as a secondary win con (since it'd take longer to assemble without Strionic Resonator). You can pull Rest in Peace from your library and then just annihilate the largest troublemaker with the Helm.

Suggestions for removal:

Profane Procession isn't that good.

Aqueous Form is mediocre considering Steel of the Godhead does that same ability and adds a buff, and you're likely grabbing it off Zur's trigger.

Don't use Aegis of the Gods. Use Solitary Confinement. Why? Because Necropotence + Confinement make a really great softlock and it protects you far, far better.

You're running Solemnity but I don't see a card it combos with that well. You may as well run Glacial Chasm as another convenient softlock but that shuts off the Zur win plan. So, if you plan on doing Helm of Obedience, get a Chasm. Otherwise, I really don't see why you would run Solemnity because all it does is stop Planeswalkers and Zur can crush Planeswalker Super Friends decks with relative ease anyway.

I don't get why you're running Azor or Sunscorch Regent. They're really expensive and are just beatsticks, when you could deal more damage with Zur in a shorter amount of time. With Vanishing, you basically never have to worry about your win condition dying, so that's less of an issue. Same goes for Sphinx of the Final Word, though Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir is basically a superior version of that card.

Other soft locks to consider:

Bitterblossom + Contamination. Zur can grab both against nonblack decks and it's very entertaining. Not necessary, just a cute thing to think about.


Get Vanishing in here ASAP, and Empyrial Armor would be super helpful too. Helm of Obedience would be nice as it would enable quick kills with Rest in Peace, though Zur beatdown is still a viable option. Solitary Confinement would be a better Aegis of the Gods in this deck considering you can easily pull Necropotence out of your library to upkeep it.

Consider: Back to Basics, Bitterblossom + Contamination

Contemplate removing: Azor, Sphinx, Sunscorch Regent. Profane Procession and Aqueous Form don't seem that great (the former is too mana intensive, the latter already has a superior variant of itself in the deck and both cost the same mana when Zur pulls them). Aegis of the Gods, too.

VelvetVendetta on Control Zur

5 months ago

Rule vc Arcane: Fair enough, but keep that in mind if your meta gets swarmed by grixis like mine.

Copy Enchantment: it will usually copy Grasp of Fate, most people cannot proceed their game after the second grasp, and yeah, it COULD make your voltron plan quicker. Thing is, if you ever think that you need more removal OR more damage for Zur to fetch you can fit copy enchantment as both of them, improving slot efficiency (I usually used to copy reanimates but ended up cutting it due to the fact it cannot combo with sun titan in the way the other reanimates do), even then sometimes I miss the double grasp play.

Induced Amnesia: I wouldn't use it in a million years, if the cards were to the graveyard I would likely include it, but exiling everything without any way to control it (aside from wasting my aura of silence or removal spell on it) before even knowing the cards I will get from it its a obvious no from me, I would run Scroll Rack on that slot instead, especially with Counterbalance on the list.

OFF TOPIC: I will test mystic remora's dad, just noticed the Thought Vessel effect on it, that opens a new Empyrial Armor win without necro, and replaces the need to find Reliquary Tower if I have him on game for drawing 25 with necro.

I still would always choose Jin for entomb, but if it comes in my hand I will be glad to discard and reanimate him as gameplay (he can be useful to setup my next plays by being a discard outlet too)

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