Feed the Clan


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Common

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Feed the Clan


You gain 5 life.

Ferocious You gain 10 life instead if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.

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Feed the Clan Discussion

trixster87 on Managorger Control

1 week ago

Simple Budget Sideboard:
2 Tormod's Crypt/ Scavenging Ooze- for graveyard decks
2 Pithing Needle- for manlands and planeswalkers
2 Feed the Clan/ Courser of Kruphix for aggro/ burn
3 Languish / Damnation for fast/ wide decks
2 Ghost Quarter/ Spreading Seas for tron
2 Melira, Sylvok Outcast for infect
2 Hurkyl's Recall for affinity

jackm14 on Pauper Aristocrat Aggro (Updated for MM3)

1 week ago

Thanks Marcus_Licinius_Crassus! I tried out Hunger of the Howlpack, but found it lacking. Mainly because my local metagame is Dimir Control out the wazzoo.... In those matchups, I found using enchantments like Bequeathal that get value when the creature dies, are much more effective. I haven't tested against burn yet, thus the singleton Feed the Clan in the sideboard.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Pauper Aristocrat Aggro (Updated for MM3)

1 week ago


Deck Link Pauper Golgari Aristocrats (Aggro)

I run a 3x Hunger of the Howlpack and 1x Rite of Consumption to use as a back up combo version. My experience is that mono black control matchups you need to win before they slam the Gary (Gray Merchant of Asphodel).

If you are playing against a bunch of big bodies (which is in my meta) I would push the Tragic Slip count up to four. I routinely have to kill the 4/4s of the affinity. the Gurmag Angler out of UB decks. the singleton 8/8 eldrazi out of control needs to be handled also.

I am running a 2x Feed the Clan in the main because burn is present and burn is on the rise with Magma Jet smoothing out their top decks. Burn is a rough matchup but if you hit one of the big hate cards, and if you hit them together it brutal. The incidental life gain of Rite of Consumption is effective.

GregGreg on Nature's Wave

2 weeks ago

My perfect hand is, T1: forest + mana dork, T2: land + lightning greaves T3:Corpsejack Menace + land T4: land + attacking 24/24 Kalonian Hydra. I <3 hydras.

Sometimes i'm not so fast, but you know that 1 turn for us is very important, our hydras double/triple in power in one turn, sometimes i need life, Feed the Clan, good card, when you are still charging the cannon, or Essence Harvest great finisher, Also useful when you are against a fast deck. I run Vines of Vastwood over Blossoming Defense with vines you can stop your opponent from boosting with auras etc. their creatures.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Ramp up the Volume

2 weeks ago

+1 For a creative and spicy brew in modern.

I have been searching for a proper home (NON STANDARD HOME) for Cryptolith Rite for a short while now.

I also love pauper which initially drew me to your deck, because of Rolling Thunder.

Bad News: Modern is getting faster and faster. I suggest +2 Feed the Clan in the main to improve the aggro matchup. One card is going to bite you in ass and you just have to hope you do not get paired against Grixis Delver or a Jeskai Tempo deck here. THe combination of Remand and Snapcaster Mage can brutalize Ramp decks.

Good News: Similar to tron your T3/4+ plays are amazing.

Sideboard Suggestions:

+2 Pithing Needle

+4 Aerial Volley This card is a staple from Pauper. For a G mana you can blow out a delver player. If you are combating delvers, V. Cliques, and other flying menaces this SB card is for you.

+1-4 Crumble to Dust are you dying to GX tron, creeping tar pit, celestial colonnade, or other annoying man lands. Here is your answer

+1-4 Blood Moon you have a lot of basics and you can play a haymaker that kills tron, disables jund, disables abzan, and hurts many three color decks.

Lame_Duck on Hydra's Might

3 weeks ago

I think, with no need for non- mana, you'd be better off with another 1-drop mana dork such as Llanowar Elves (or Noble Hierarch if you have infinite budget) over Sylvan Caryatid. The Caryatid is resilient but the ability to go turn 1 mana dork into a turn 2 Courser of Kruphix, Managorger Hydra or Primordial Hydra, which are all cards you want to get into play as soon as possible, would help you curve out better.

I also don't think Predator's Rapport is something you want to be playing main deck unless you face a lot of aggressive decks; pure lifegain is something that's just more or less useless in too many matchups. I'd move it to the sideboard and also consider replacing it with Feed the Clan, which has a lower power ceiling but it costs less, is guaranteed to do something even if you don't have a huge Hydra in play and against most decks where you want to be gaining life, 10 should be plenty.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Pauper Golgari Aristocrats (Aggro)

3 weeks ago

kloac since I have no 3 CMC cards I prefer Evolving Wilds to Jungle Hollow because if I cheat on lands (WHICH I AM) I can use the scion tokens to make sure I play 2-3 spells in a turn. It is very important for my deck to have at a minimum 2 mana in play and the first two lands are generally one Swamp and one Forest the third land I prefer to be a Swamp in grindy matchups where I want to play loads of removal, but the third land is a Forest if I want the 2/2 Wolf, 3/3 Boar, +3 +1/+1 Counters beat down against relatively creature less control decks.

Altar's Reap look really interesting considering the deck has zero draw and plays off the top. I would most likely put the Altar's Reap as a 2 of in the SB to pair with the playset of Aerial Volley in order to improve my Mono Blue Aggro matchup.

THE SPICE:2 Feed the Clan there is a ton of super aggro and sometimes gaining a surprise 10 out of now where is a recipe for success in any match.

tysrob53 on Help me with Modern RUG please!

3 weeks ago

so you will probably see more aggro than anything. i normally see tron, affinity, burn and then white blue control normally. the first thing i noticed about the deck is that you have 8 counter spells when this isnt even a control deck. i suggest

4 Ancestral Vision4 Lightning Bolt2 Mana Leak2 Spell Snare3 Serum Visions2 Cryptic Command2 Electrolyze1 Flame Slash1 Harvest Pyre1 Blood Moon1 Engineered Explosives

4 Tarmogoyf4 Delver of Secrets  Flip4 Vexing Devil3 Snapcaster Mage

4 Scalding Tarn4 Misty Rainforest2 Flooded Strand1 Breeding Pool1 Stomping Ground2 Steam Vents7 Island1 Mountain1 Forestsideboard:

1 Feed the Clan2 Spell Snare2 Anger of the Gods2 Spellskite1 Scavenging Ooze2 Vendilion Clique

the sideboard and mana base need a bit of work but this should be a pretty solid deck for a local fnm. if you dont like it i suggest you look up temur traverse because thats probably the strongest and most reliable temur deck for modern right now.

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