Mask of Memory


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Planechase (HOP) Uncommon
Mirrodin (MRD) Uncommon

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Mask of Memory

Artifact — Equipment

Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw two cards. If you do, discard a card.

Equip (: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery. This card enters the battlefield unattached and stays in play if the creature leaves the battlefield.)

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Mask of Memory Discussion

hoardofnotions on Alesha, Who Smiles at Death..... and Savings

1 day ago

Vona's Hunger could be better than doom blade or unlicensed disintegration.

Swords to Plowshares might be able to fit in on the budget

Custodi Soulbinders could be fun to swing out on a full board

Magmasaur repeatable board wipe?

Seekers' Squire could explore for value

Banewhip Punisher is repeatable creature kill

Emissary of Sunrise probably to expensive CMC, but i think i like explore in your deck

Grenzo, Dungeon Warden most of your creatures have 2 power, this seems great!

Herald of Leshrac if you wanna be mean, but funny at the same time!

Solemn Recruit could get big fast

Taurean Mauler could get big fast

Vampire Hexmage planswalker hate

Rally the Ancestors could be clever. get your combo into the grave, play this and win!

Mask of Memory help filter your draws

I wanna re-suggest Key to the City and Vampiric Rites. card draw is good

Dauthi Mindripper might be better than delirium skeins

Maybe cut

drana, liberator of malakir for budget reasons

Hissp on Godo Combo

2 days ago

sonnet666 thanks for following up.

You make a valid point about the slots. I came across the Worldslayer combo early on when I first started brewing Godo+Selves+Hammer. The list I found assembled the Kaldra set with Masterwork of Ingenuity. It's 2 extra slots, but Sword of Kaldra gives you trample (to get the initial player damage in) and speeds up your clock significantly. So the question becomes what do you fill with those slots that compensates for the times you fold to Chain of Vapor, Swords to Plowshares, and the like?

I'm a bit confused about the Quietus Spike suggestion. I need all 7 equipment to be able to put Neheb, the Eternal onto field at instant speed at the end of combat. Why do you think I need more mana?

The first iteration of this deck ran Mask of Memory and Fireshrieker and dug through the deck for extra combat phases or extra turns. I would be happy to switch away from Kiki-Crafters once better equipment is printed.

JuQ on Aurelia, the Warleader

3 days ago

It comes to my mind more suff that trigger when you attack Captain's Claws, Goblin Rabblemaster, Hero of Bladehold, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Launch the Fleet, Soltari Champion, Accorder Paladin, Goblin Wardriver, Hero of Oxid Ridge, Wingmate Roc, Frontline Medic, Firemane Avenger.

Or when they deal combat damage Prophetic Flamespeaker Skeleton Key, Mask of Memory, Rogue's Gloves, Specter's Shroud, Destructive Urge, Markov Blademaster, Slith Ascendant, Blinding Angel, Falkenrath Marauders and any of the "sword of A and B".

And more Extert Angel of Condemnation, Tah-Crop Elite, Glorybringer.

I'm always looking for a Boros deck to run the Sunforger too bad you have so few instants.
Card draw is hard in Boros, so I'd also try to use Staff of Nin, The Immortal Sun together with the Ghirapur Orrery you already included.

I hope you find something useful among these cards.

JuQ on [EDH] Kumena, Commander of Orazca

5 days ago

Doesn't really look too bad for me.
You can get some ideas from this deck Jimmy's Kumena l Game Knights #14, it looked cool in the game they reccorded. Stuff like:
Empress Galina
Lullmage Mentor
Path of Discovery
Deeproot Waters
Heroic Intervention

Maybe some recursion like Seasons Past, Creeping Renaissance or the staple Eternal Witness.
Or some more card draw Mask of Memory, Shamanic Revelation or Pull from Tomorrow.
Maybe you need some more removal Reality Shift, Snakeform, Imprisoned in the Moon, Song of the Dryads, Pongify.
A card to make your opponents crap their pants Quietus Spike, perfect with an unblockable commander.

It just depends on your meta, what you lack during your games.

jonno.scott on Aurelia Wants Your Lunch Money

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the great feedback all, especially DespairFaction! I've made some changes to the deck incorporating many but not all of the suggestions.

(-) Hellkite Charger; Seething Song; Pyretic Ritual; Bane of Bala Ged; Mind's Eye; Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran (this can give Aurelia +6 damage per turn, but it seems like maybe Naheb will fill this slot better)

(+) Sunforger; Teferi's Protection; Neheb, the Eternal; Mask of Memory; Open the Armory; Etali, Primal Storm

I'm going to do more play testing and then may make more changes.

metool on Casual | Odric, Lunarch Marshal

3 weeks ago

Dubbel strike + Mask of Memory draws you alot of cards.

DespairFaction on Aurelia Wants Your Lunch Money

3 weeks ago

Hi There,

I am a long time Aurelia player, and Ive play tested almost every card you've listed above at some point or another. Your deck is in pretty good shape, but theres few picks that I'm not in love with. I'll give you the cards to cut, then ill make some recommendations of some good options to fill with.


Agrus Kos, not enough impact for 5 mana.

Bane of Bala Ged, its just too inefficient, they will exile tokens or lands.

Hellkite charger, you already have access to a more efficient version of this effect.

Mind's eye, this deck will tap out its mana every turn and isn't going to really hold up mana until much later in the game so its just too slow.

I cant imagine that you've had good results with pyretic ritual and seething song, let me know if you have though.

Titan's Strength, I know theres always the 1 hit dream but its a dead card otherwise.

Maybe out: You can cut them if you have much better options to come in, but if you don't they are perfectly ok to stay in.

Godo Bandit Warlord. hes ok, not the best not the worst.

Emerge Unscathed. Reasonable effect, I run Teferi's Protection in this slot

World At War. Ive struggled to live the world at war dream, and you already have access to multiple combats.


Firemane Avenger easy include. throw lightning helixes everywhere.

Neheb, the Eternal its a good creature, ramp, and combos with aggravated assault

Mask of Memory this is your primary card draw. tutor it up

Sunforger straight up the best card you can add, wins games on its own

Mistveil Plains supports sunforger. recommend some cheap mirage fetchlands to get it more consistently

Umezawa's Jitte is in your maybeboard. If you already own it, I would add it but its a little pricey.

Steelshaper's Gift and Open the Armory find your best equipment. also Stoneforge Mystic if cost is not a concern

Sunscorch Regent ridiculous beat stick and life gainer.

Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer solid pick since you run a lot of artifacts, if games run longer. If games end consistently on turns 6-8 you may not have time to get metalcraft going. But if youre games go 10 turns, id include.

Anyway theres my picks for what should come out, and some great suggestions for what should come in.

You can check out some of my builds here if you'd like.

Aurelia Weapons of War

Aurelia 45 Creatures!

I have more in my decks, but these are the 2 most relevant. Hope you enjoy.

Darthagnon on How many lands can I ...

3 weeks ago

Title says it all. I play The Cornerstone, a mono-white Nahiri deck, (based off the Forged in Stone intro deck) with two themes: equipment and number of creatures I control. Recently, I've added back a couple more lands, after playing a green deck, and getting used to that "more lands" feeling. But now Vorthos feel bad about ditching cards for them (hence Maybeboard).

I used to run 34 lands, which worked "okay" but upped it to 36 after playing a Temur landsearch deck (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: IISFF) I got for Christmas. I remember reading a general rule of starting at 40 lands, with slightly less allowed, as long as manarox (2 per land) were included.

Main question is, how few lands is it possible to get away with in such a deck? What's been your experience?

The deck currently runs:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Live long and prosper, TappedOut community!

Darth Agnon

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