Fleetwheel Cruiser


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Fleetwheel Cruiser

Artifact — Vehicle

Trample, haste

When Fleetwheel Cruiser enters the battlefield, it becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.

Crew 2 (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power 2 or more: This Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)

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Fleetwheel Cruiser Discussion

lagotripha on Budget 8 rack

3 months ago

Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox- the big list of random stuff I've jammed in modern.

For budget 8 rack, I'd look at Ratchet Bomb in the side. I consider it basically mandatory in hand disruption plans, and it fits in the bile blight slots as token hate, while dealing with chalice, endless one and ballista.

Azcanta is more tricky- lands are always awkward, and fulminators aren't cheap- its a priority hand disruption target in my games as removing it is hell.

I get the extripate mainboard in this meta, but I'd give a little thought to bontu mainboard and Ravenous Trap in the side- when I want to exile their graveyard, its usually free and you get everything.

I've used Fleetwheel Cruiser to deal with jace on an empty board before, but its less amazing with a low creature count, even if it is less awful than most vehicles. Jace is just one of those 'well, they topdecked it' cards in my budget lists- I've tried to jam The Eldest Reborn but getting to it in a smallpox list is a no-go.

If you're playing against a cryptic/jace deck regularly at fnm, Memory Plunder has done well in the past. Nothing like casting your opponent's cryptic in mono black.

lagotripha on Mardu Vehicle

3 months ago

I've seen a few attempts at vehicles in modern. I'll run through my deckbuilding notes

Challenge; meta. Lots of people do really unfair things with artifacts in modern, and artifact hate is core thanks to affinity/kci, so people will have dedicated hate.

Oppertunity; Tools. Modern artifacts have an insane variety of powerful support, from Dispatch/Galvanic BlastMox Opal all the way to Artificer's Intuition/Chief Engineer/Fabricate/Trash for Treasure There are powerful tools in red, blue, white and some functional oddities in black and green. A Life from the Loam manlands/crew control list might be playable.

Crew wants you to have creatures on the board, (and heart loves the variety of powerful modern plainswalkers). Modern wants your creatures to be self-protecting, cheap and immediately useful.

Bomat Courier is perfect. Lingering Souls is great for crewing. So is Bitterblossom. Most 'crew 1' lets you drop a pair of tokens, lose 1 to lili, then kill lili with the vehicle. Fleetwheel Cruiser trades well into most walkers thanks to haste. weatherlight/conquerers look ok in longer matchups. Slag Fiend might help make up a 'cantrip graveyard artifact crew' deck.

Mardu gets a great low-cost instant options and sideboard options, which should help it fighitng against hate. From k-command to Rakdos Charm, Lightning Helix to Rest in Peace, its all there. Just figure out what your meta doesn't want to be playing against, and jam that in there.

The big battle is against efficient midrange lists. If they can trade even for your low cost creatures, you will find it difficult to crew, so tokens are basically mandatory. Even then, all those sideboard Ensnaring Bridge answers also trade well, so plan carefully.

numerek on Creature-less Vehicles

5 months ago
  • The Antiquities War I know its not your colors and it would actually downgrade a lot of vehicles power and toughness but it does give you another Start Your Engines's type effect.

  • Bomat Bazaar Barge gives you a card which I think would be nice for your deck.

  • Fleetwheel Cruiser can let you get in for 5 if your boardwipes have done their job or if all your opponents creatures are turned, it can crew all but 4 of your other vehicles and then 7 of those can up crew those 4.

  • Oketra the True I would play this over Siege Modification it can't crew all your vehicles like siege can but it also doesn't set you up for a two for one, one of its tokens can actually crew Untethered Express or they can work with the god to crew other ones, and it survives your boardwipes as well as Hour of Devastation . and with double strike works great with Start Your Engines. I know it would be a creature in your creatureless deck but its blasphemy to call god's creatures anyway.

ClockworkSwordfish on Can a detained creature crew ...

6 months ago

He absolutely can still pilot a vehicle. Like you had guessed, Crew is an activated ability of the vehicle itself, the Gearshift Ace is just being tapped as part of that ability. Think of it this way: if the vehicle weren't in play, would Gearshift Ace have Crew 3? Certainly not.

Thus, if your opponent were to drop a Stony Silence, you could of course still attack or block with Gearshift Ace, but the Heart of Kiran would no longer be pilotable. That said, a Fleetwheel Cruiser, or any vehicle enchanted with Aerial Modification, would still be able to attack since they're creatures without needing their activated ability.

yodazach on depala vehicle

8 months ago

Heart of KiranDecent coz u have a bit of planeswalkersPeacewalker ColossusReally decent coz it gets rid of crew basicallyFleetwheel Cruiser pretty decentGearshift AceIts okConqueror's Galleon  FlipFlips into a decent card drawFairgrounds WardenGood RemovalMaster TrinketeerCreates tokens to pilotDwarven BlastminerGets rid of those pesky non-basics Dwarven Miner Does the SameJor Kadeen, the PrevailerPumps all ur shitChief of the FoundryGood budget pumpMine LayerGood old land destruction goodness!Metalwork ColossusEasy to get out, reks faceGuardian IdolCan be a creature and taps for manaScourglassGood one sided board wipeThunder TotemCreature and ManaAura of SilenceStops the group from playing dem noice artifactsMishra's FactoryTurns into creature to crew ur freakin vehiclesMask of MemoryGood Card Draw!

LeaPlath on

9 months ago

You have Smuggler's Copter already, what does Sky Skiff add? You aren't going to be attacking in with it till about turn 3, so Aethersphere Harvester might be a better option for being bigger and not dying to Bolt or an unrevolted Fatal Push.

Fleetwheel Cruiser is also probably better than Ovalchase Dragster because it can attack straight away without crewing, and doesn't trade with the ambush viper cards seeing play like Snapcaster Mage and similar. It also plays better with Saheeli Rai.

Ornithopter doesn't do anything in this deck without a lot of support, you aren't trying to enable a turn 1 Mox Opal, or using Cranial Plating, so you are probably better running something else, such as bomat carrier.

Chief of the Foundry is also better off as Master of Etherium.

TKDbeast on Blue Eldrazi

10 months ago

Congrats on going 4-0!

I would add Pithing Needles in place of your Fleetwheel Cruisers, since you don't have Jace, the Mind Sculptor. It shuts him down far more consistently than the cruiser, and is far more versatile.

Why don't you have JTMS, anyhow?

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