Spirit Mantle


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase 2012 Edition Uncommon
2012 Core Set Uncommon

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Spirit Mantle

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 and has protection from creatures.

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Spirit Mantle Discussion

Junk_Heap on The Loneliest Pup In Commander (1v1 MTGO)

2 weeks ago


  • Thanks for the suggestion on Entangler. The deck used to have a few defensive cards like that but they were removed because the deck's strategy is very aggressive and you want Isamaru, Hound of Konda to attack every turn, controlling the tempo of the game by keeping the opponent on their back foot. Entangler combined with Spirit Mantle, Holy Mantle, or Unquestioned Authority could stop my opponent from swinging at me, but I would have to take a turn off from attacking since I don't have a way to give Vigilance to Isamaru, Hound of Konda. I think there are some niche scenarios where Entangler could be useful, but not enough to warrant its inclusion. I am interested in hearing other suggestions you have!

Hexcimal on Let me guess - Another Enchantment

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the upvote!

What is your definition of a "budget" build? When I began building decks I tried to keep them within a $20 range, but now that my income is more generous "budget" for me is ~$100. I understand that "budget" is different for everyone, so that would be a good starting point. That being said, here are a few suggestions.

Long Post Show

I hope you were able to find some of this useful!

sliversftw on Geist of Saint Traft Tiny Leaders

2 weeks ago

Steel of the Godhead,Spectral Flight,Spirit Mantle are some good cards to make geist hard to block.

Titaniome on Bruna, Light Auramaster

2 weeks ago

Hello fellow Tappedout user. Thanks for your kind advices on my deck.

First, i never thought of running tax type enchantment in this deck. I do in some of my others commander, but not this one. Ill hightly consider it. Probably Grasp of Fate will be replaced.

Second, i don't run smaller auras beacause i never really cast them, i all cheat them so the mana cost isn't an issue. I used to run Spirit Mantle over Holy Mantle, but it then got replaced by Unquestioned Authority. Its more or less the same for the other you proposed, but Ethereal Armor could make the cut.

And last, for the draw engine, i don't run those creature because, like i said, i almost never cast the auras. Thats why i prefer card draw cards who give loads of cards, but you need to discard some, usually the auras go because Bruna bring them back for free. Rhystic Study is really good, but i ain't got any of these yet.

Once again, thanks for your advices, you helped me make this deck better.

NV_1980 on Bruna, Light Auramaster

2 weeks ago

I like this deck; you get a +1 from me. It's well balanced and you've obviously put some real thought into it. I have a couple of suggestions that might improve it slightly.

  • Your deck has few creatures, and thus you added both instants, sorceries and enchantments to remove your opponents' creatures (at least temporarily or under certain conditions). I think it would be more effective to replace the enchantments you've allocated to this task (Cast Out, Faith Unbroken and Grasp of Fate) with enchantments that would stop more than just one or two creatures at a time. Why not use tax-cards like Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety and/or Propaganda? Make your opponents pay for all their creatures when they attack you! :)

  • You're missing some of the cheaper Aura's that, in my opinion, are really excellent value (in terms of CMC). Some examples are: Aqueous Form, Curiosity, Ethereal Armor and Spirit Mantle. Maybe you could add these instead of some of the more expensive aura's you've chosen.

  • This is just a personal preference of mine, but I would add some more 'draw' cards to this deck, to make it faster. Sram, Senior Edificer and Mesa Enchantress have some nice synergy with your deck. I usually add Rhystic Study to any blue deck I build; great card, especially when combined with other tax cards.

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