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Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

TheDevicer on Time for some Experiments Selesnya Aggro

1 day ago

I'd drop Giant Growth , Ethereal Armor , Madcap Skills , Ghor-Clan Rampager . And like I said, Scavenging Ooze and Banisher Priest are adequate replacements. If you go selesnya, you take strain off you mana base and allow for greater consistency. You also get to run Temple of Plenty to still have the scry.

I think I'd playtest various curves and Spear of Heliod and Unflinching Courage in the deck. I'm not all too familiar with G/W aggro. As a R/B aggro player, my gut tells me they feel a tad slow but they might be decent.

billpasdmf on Evolve and +1/+1 counters

2 days ago

It's power/toughness is not 1/1, it's 5/5. It has a base power/toughness of 1/1 and then adding the 4 counters. When a creature enters the battlefield, the evolve trigger will check what the creature's current p/t is, not what it's base is. Supposing you had Fathom mage, w/ no counters on it. For whatever reason, you play Giant Growth on it and then a creature at some point after it resolves. It's going to take the Giant Growth into account when it figures out whether to evolve or not.

Acronyms on Go RUG yourself!

3 days ago

Yeah, at first when i was assembling this deck i was about to use Giant Growth , but then figured it was better to use bloodrush as it can't be countered.

neutral on Go RUG yourself!

3 days ago

hmm must have been thinking of a Giant Growth or something

GreatSword on Additional Land Drops & Azusa, ...

3 days ago

Your assumptions are correct.

Here is the exact rule for extra land drops:

  • 305.2a To determine whether a player can play a land, compare the number of lands the player can play this turn with the number of lands he or she has already played this turn (including lands played as special actions and lands played during the resolution of spells and abilities). If the number of lands the player can play is greater, the play is legal.

The game remembers all the lands you have played this turn, and compares it to the number of lands you're allowed to play. Azusa, Lost but Seeking will add 2 to the number of lands you're allowed to play. This ability is a continuous effect, so casting another and sac'ing the old one won't add more to it.

Summer Bloom adds to the number you can play on the turn it is cast. This is a one-shot effect and it is cumulative ,the same way if you cast two Giant Growth 's the creature will get +6/+6 until end of turn.

If you use both of these, they will stack in the way you want: you'll be able to play 6 lands that turn.

pacis_victus on Modern Giants

3 days ago

Sorry, Giant Growth instead of Rancor , but the same deal.

larryanders on Charmingly Infectious

5 days ago

Might of Old Krosa > Giant Growth

They will block your buffed infect creature no matter what, if possible of course, so getting the extra +1/+1 may be a game changer. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.13 $0.61 $0.29
Color(s) G
Cost G
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 7.60
Avg. cube pick 12.14


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Common
Return to Ravnica Common
2011 Core Set Common
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Common
2010 Core Set Common
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Fifth Edition Common
Ice Age Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare
Masters Edition II Common
Battle Royale Box Set Common