Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

Adamaro on Badgers? What Badgers?

1 day ago

I would change your deck type to either prototype or casual. None of these cards are standard legal. You are missing lands as well. I would also consider Giant Growth, Titan's Strength, or Might of Old Krosa.

Aura Gnarlid should be cut for two reasons. It gains no benefit from auras, and isn't a badger. There are a few changelings that would allow the badger creature type. These can be found in the Lorwyn block.

I would also consider a "Lord" such as Adaptive Automaton or even Brass Herald. Lords aside, Overrun is very good.

Neotrup on "Counter target spell"

2 days ago

Rhadamanthus is entirely correct, but more information on countering spells for the sake of information.

Casting a spell that has targets requires a target for each instance of target. For example, you can only cast Cancel when there is a spell on the stack. If your opponent is attacking with a creature, but not casting a spell, you cannot cast Cancel. If your opponent then casts Giant Growth to make their creature bigger, you can cast Cancel to stop Giant Growth, but the creature will still be attacking and will still deal damage if you don't block or do something else to stop the damage.

If you had Lost in the Mist instead, when the creature attacked you would not be able to cast Lost in the Mist as you would need a spell to target. When they then cast Giant Growth you can target both Giant Growth and the Attacking creature.

The rules can also counter spells, if their targets are not legal. Same example as before, but this time we'll use Unsummon. When the creature attacks, you can use Unsummon to return it to it's owners hand to prevent the damage, but let's assume you won't. When you're opponent casts Giant Growth now you can cast Unsummon the attacking creature.If you do, not only will the creature be returned, but Giant Growth will be countered, because when it goes to resolve the creature won't be there. The countering isn't really important here, because the spell doesn't have anything to do.

Same as the previous example, with you having unsummon, but this time your opponent casts Sudden Strength instead of Giant Growth. Once again you cast unsummon and when Sudden Strength tries to resolve it's countered because it's target is gone. Not only does the +3/+3 not happen because the creatures gone, but they don't draw a card either, because the spell was countered.

If a spell has multiple targets, and only one of them is gone, the spell still resolves doing whatever it can for the targets it has. We'll go back to the Lost in the Mist example, and specify that your opponent is attacking with Nivmagus Elemental. When they cast Giant Growth you cast Lost in the Mist targeting both Giant Growth and the Elemental. Even if they use Nivmagus Elemental's ability to exile Giant Growth (making it an illegal target for Lost in the Mist), Lost in the Mist will still have at least one valid target and will resolve to the best of it's ability. It will not counter any spell, because that target was illegal, but it will return the Elemental to it's owner's hand, saving you from the attack.

HungryWampa on Aw, Look At The Cute Little...OH CRAP

2 days ago

I have a similar fun deck, except its little 1/1's with trample and then Giant Growth's, Titanic Growth's, Might of Old Krosa's, and Phytoburst's :P +1

Neotrup on if some one has ensnareing ...

3 days ago

Yes, assuming the controller of Ensnaring Bridge has at least one card in hand you can declare any creature with 1 or less power as an attacker. Once it's declared as an attacker, you can boost it's power with things like Giant Growth or Dragon Throne of Tarkir without a problem as Ensnaring Bridge already checked whether or not they can attack and won't check again that combat.

Ragnizar on Infect-StRo

4 days ago

Maybe more Giant Growth other than that I love it.

FeelYourPain on Energy Counter Deck Budget

5 days ago

Thank You so much I was just getting back into magic after about two years and I was like I need something like Giant Growth but with more perks. I know I need to get rid of the Terrain Elemental lol but yeah thanks bro very helpful

vic on Can multiple Cultivator of Blades ...

6 days ago

Boza I have a followup question.

If I were to declare my attack, including a Cultivator of Blades, wait until my opponent declares blockers, and then surprise him with a Giant Growth on the CoB, does that give my other attackers the boost?

It says "When Cultivator of Blades attacks". Does that mean when I declare the attack or is it anytime during combat? Thanks.

TheVectornaut on Mono green token strength

1 week ago

Since you currently have 65 cards with 33 lands, I think you can easily afford to cut some forests. Howl of the Night Pack is strong, but it's not strong enough to justify drawing what will otherwise be dead lands. Adding in creatures that offer ramp is certainly a valid way to access additional mana while also filling out the curve. Which ones you add could actually be related to the direction you want to take the deck in. Right now I see potential for a "summon many tokens that are buffed by Essence of the Wild" strategy and a "buff dudes with +1/+1 counters and let Kalonian Hydra wreck face" strategy. I'd want to focus in on just one and play more copies of the relevant cards to improve consistency.

The Essence of the Wild plan gains the most value out of the tokens since you don't have to spend as much on setup, you just need the Essence. The cards that summon many small tokens are especially good since they get the largest bonus. For example, Howl of the Nightpack is like "7 mana: summon 7 2/2s and give them +4/+4" while Horncaller's Chant is like "8 mana: summon 2 4/4s and give them +2/+2" (which amounts to a 30/30 difference in stats). In that version, I'd want any ramp to get to the Essence as quickly as possible. Arbor Elf, Greenweaver Druid, Joraga Treespeaker, and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx + Satyr Wayfinder are all possibilities. Ordeal of Nylea, Miming Slime, Primordial Hydra, Giant Growth, and Enlarge are other cards that don't fit as well into that strategy. Having ways to tutor for the Essence like Chord of Calling might be more useful than having other bombs.

The other plan is something I see more often. You play efficient creatures that gain value from/already provide +1/+1 counters in the early game. Card with evolve like Experiment One or cards with undying like Strangleroot Geist are some examples. Then, Kalonian Hydra and a handful of other bombs can go completely nuts and overrun the opponent. Centaur's Herald, Jade Mage, Sporemound, and the populate spells fit in less with that strategy. There's also the potential to swap Parallel Lives with Doubling Season if budget allows. The ramp option I'd prefer here would be Gyre Sage, although standard Elvish Mystics are certainly solid. Finally, I'd look at redundancy in the win condition with spells like Solidarity of Heroes or even an alternative like Overwhelming Stampede.

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