Giant Growth

Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

myronrocks on Macrophage Massacre

2 days ago

Yeah cool. Those top decks include Noble Hierarch, Inkmoth Nexus, and plenty of fetch lands. Adds up of course. However I did notice that Wooded Foothills and Windswept Heath seem to be dipping in price. Either of those can grab Breeding Pool, which is the only dual land you need. Any way the manabase is what to prioritize. Makes games a lot more consistent. Also fetch lands fill the graveyard quicker. Filling graveyard lets you play Become Immense very easily.

That said I think your version can still do some good work.

I think Aqueous Form is meh. I think Slip Through Space is better, but Distortion Strike could be best. The +1/+1 is important. Every bit of poison damage counts.

I do not like Giant Growth. Go 4x Might of Old Krosa of you can. 4x Vines of Vastwood. I like 4x Mutagenic Growth, personally. I do some number of Gitaxian Probe, for card draw, peeking at the opponent's hand, and filling the graveyard. I also like 3x Become Immense. And I do think you should play Rancor over Predator's Strike.

Nice work +1

Optoger on Clues Everywhere

4 days ago

I'm not too fond of Briarbridge Patrol since you investigate enough and the second ability isnt too great.Daring Sleuth  Flip and Bearer of Overwhelming Truths  Flip would be a good replacement in my opinion, Lowers the mana curve and gives you a prowess card.

Drop the enchantments to 3 each to add an extra 2 Confront the unknown since its basically Giant Growth on steroids for a clue deck, and with flying you have a win condition, and its better than having a bunch of enchantments stacking but they wont do much, specificly the Aether Grid.

Seasons Past can get you cards back late game

shade1400 on Jund Attrition

1 week ago

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the mana base is made up of cards I already own as supposed to everything else where I'd need to buy the exact numbers so I'm essentially treating the Breeding Pool like a forest that can be fetched by Polluted Delta in an attempt to reduce the amount of times I might need to mulligan if I needed green. I do agree that having a spell with blue in the mana cost is a little shaky though so yeah I'll definitely be looking into more Electrickery-like effects instead. The main reason for the Staticaster was to combat stuff like tokens and Birds of Paradise but there are definitely better options.

I never thought about using the hand disruption to ensure I got the free spell with Oracle so that sounds like a definite upgrade to the deck. When I was playtesting the current build, I found that the pumps kept me from using my Dash Hopes and I mostly used it to pump Mystics if I started to flood out early. That or pump the Anathemancers but I guess I should want them to die so I could unearth them. I might keep in some Giant Growths just because they're cheaper and replace the rest with hand disruption.

SilentSpook on Jund Attrition

1 week ago

This is a really sweet brew and take on the Jund archetype, super unique! I like the direction this is going. However, I would remove the Breeding pool and throw in just another forest and take out Izzet Staticaster. Electrickery serves a similar purpose, but it's not repeatable. Another thing is you could remove all the buffing cards, Giant Growth and Titanic Growth, in favor for more hand disruption. More Duress and Brain Maggot, as well as possibly Blightning and Mind Rot. This is just a suggestion, but more hand disruption means that the opponent will have less removal for Oracle of Bones which means they won't want to let it get bigger, but will allow you to get the free spell from Oracle. This is just a suggestion, you can keep the more aggressive spells if you want, this is just my take on it. Good luck with the deck, looking forward to updates! +1!

yungjigga on Mono Green Elf Tribal

1 week ago

Cool deck.

First, I would take out all your combat tricks and equipments( Giant Growth,Stoneforge Masterwork, Might of the Masses, Armory of Iroas ) just because you're trying to go wide to win. You don't have any ways to make stuff unblockable and also if your opponent has a removal spell, you've been two for one'd in the best case. Also, since your deck does go wide and does it fast, you don't need lifegain from Luminescent Rain,Prism Ring, Retreat to Kazandu, Sapseep Forest. Having other cards that synergize better would be more efficient. I think that the one-ofs, Hunting Triad and Naturalize, could come out as well, I don't see what specific role they are filling, and often naturalize will just be a dead draw. Lastly, I'm not yet sold on the Nissa Revane, Nissa's Chosen combo. Only one of each is super inconsistent, neither are spectacular cards just on their own right and I feel if you went four of each or something closer to that you'd just dilute the rest of the deck.

As for my recommendations as what to put in, I think consistency is your best option, more four-of's and less one-of's. Mainly I would say your mana dorks like Arbor Elf should be four-of's, as well as lords like Elvish Archdruid and Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen. Also I think you should consider more two for one's like Dwynen's Elite and Elvish Visionary which gives you nice velocity for moving through your deck. If you wanna drop some dollars, Heritage Druid is a mainstay in modern and legacy lists, which just shows its power. Lastly I would recommend more finishers in the vein of Ezuri's ability, like Overrun,Overwhelm, and Triumph of the Hordes.

UpsetTomcat on First modern deck *Mono-Green budget*

1 week ago

I'd take Giant Growth over Mutagenic Growth. It's an extra +1/+1 for the same mana cost and paying the 2 life may not be worth it since there isn't any way to get it back in this deck.

weqwrwerwef on Hydra shennagins

1 week ago

Also, if you are playing that many fatties, you will want removal instead of Giant Growth. You could try Lignify or Dismember. Btw, how to I edit my previous comment?

evzan on PolyEmrakul

1 week ago

Preordain would be a great draw card but looks pretty good also look in the pain or filter lands (search on google) they can help a lot and usually arnt too expensive. I don't see a need for Giant Growth more draw would be more beneficial.

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