Giant Growth

Giant Growth

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Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

AutoXCivic on Small Creatures, what are those?

10 hours ago

Went through my pile of extra cards and updated the deck.

1) No more Aladdin's Lamp I decided it wasn't really serving a purpose other than to be a high mana card that I could set out to look cool. Replaced with Elven Cache just in case something dies and I want it back.

2) Removed the 4x Craw Wurm replaced with 3x Tusked Colossodon because for the same mana cost I get and extra toughness, and 1x Vastwood Zendikon for 1 less mana I get the same creature, yes the land may die ... but it goes back to my hand so I'm not really losing it per se.

3) Bye Bye Feral Thallid ... hello Havenwood Wurm. Yes it has a higher mana cost and not as much power, but the trample and flash are far more beneficial than the slow token base regeneration ability so I feel it's worth the extra mana.

4) Replaced Giant Growth with Titanic Growth. This deck is fast enough that the extra mana cost isn't prohibitive, and +4/+4 is better than +3/+3.

Haushinka on Nissa's Baby Sitting Service

1 day ago

I'd say go for Giant Growth or Phytoburst over Titanic Growth.

Iloveoreos7 on Gruul Infect (You read that correctly)

1 day ago

If you would like to make a budget version of this deck, then you could try the following:
Replace Might of Old Krosa with Groundswell or Giant Growth
Replace Rancor with Ghor-Clan Rampager //the extra mana cost will hurt :(
Replace Lightning Bolt with Shock
If you don't like the $1 price of Ichorclaw Myr then a cheaper alternative is Plague Myr
Mana base is a huge one, but try not to use any tap lands, you'll want mana available right away.

GeminiSpartanX on WARNING: Infectious

2 days ago

I'd ditch the Titanic Growth and a Giant Growth to include 2 more Apostle's Blessings. As an infect player, having that extra protection helps a ton, especially since you can play it off a colorless mana source. Since you have the full set of Distortion Strike, you don't need to worry about getting chumped as much so I don't think you need to max out on that many pump spells. Also I'd drop the Thornwood Falls and a City of Brass to finish your set of Inkmoth Nexus, since flying infect wins games in the late game often if they remove the first few creatures you play. Also has the added bonus of being immune to Abrupt Decay.

iLikeDirt on You get poisoned no matter what!

1 week ago

I would cut back your creature count, probably Rot Wolf and either Blight Mamba or Ichorclaw Myr, then probably the Artful Dodge and Vapor Snag as well. Then just add plenty more efficient pump spells. Giant Growth, Might of Old Krosa, Titanic Growth and Mutagenic Growth all come to mind here. With infect, you only need one creature to actually kill them and the faster you move for that kill the less likely they are to be able to deal with that said single creature.

sillywhiteboy on When Green becomes fast...

1 week ago

It's a bit too slow; the average CMC peaks at 4. For a fast deck you want it to be more around 3, with pretty much nothing costing more than 5. Garruk's Packleader, Alpine Grizzly, Scythe Tiger, Vernal Bloom, Nylea's Disciple. and Garruk's Horde should be taken out. I suggest using combat tricks like Giant Growth and Aspect of Hydra to push quick damage through. Four of each should do. Add 2 Garruk's Companion and 4 Charging Badger as your main swingers. Consider Vorapede as a replacement to Bellowing Tanglewurm because if the majority of your attacking creatures have trample, intimidate isn't a super significant boost.

ApocalypticGamer2015 on Infect your friends! Join Today!

1 week ago

Titanic Growth is not necessarily that good, as for two mana it gets +4/+4, whereas with Giant Growth you get +6/+6 for two mana.

And MarduMaster, when you link cards, you put TWO brackets on both sides. You might want to make a note of that.

draconwme on Artifact Infect

1 week ago

Thanks for the idea! i will most like use Giant Growth and Invigorate as super secret sideboard tech, rather than mainboarding.

Color(s) Green
Cost G
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 7.21
Avg. cube pick 12.54


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Common
Return to Ravnica Common
2011 Core Set Common
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Common
2010 Core Set Common
Masters Edition II Common
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Battle Royale Box Set Common
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Fifth Edition Common
Ice Age Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare
Promo Set Common


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