Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

Simon_Williamson on Modern Werewolves

3 days ago

I have always liked Silverfur Partisan, add some buffs like Moonlight Hunt which you already have, Titan's Strength, Rush of Adrenaline, Warriors' Lesson, Mutagenic Growth, Giant Growth, and it damoens removal.

The7thBobba on Blue Green something?

3 days ago

The rest: all your noncreature spells look good, but I would opt for a few modifications/additions:

I would try and squeeze in some "draw cards"-cards like Divination, some mana ramping like Rampant Growth, some removal like Naturalize, or Bramblecrush, some cheap combattricks and boosting like Giant Growth or Distortion Strike, and some recursion like Reclaim.

I personally dislike limited conterspells like dispel, stick with Cancel, and you won't be bummed out, when your opponent attempts to cast something nasty, and it just happens to be the one card type that your counterspell can't deal with.

By now, you'll probably have noticed that I'm not suggesting any rare or expensive cards. That's cause this is your first, and casual deck, and I simply don't see any reason to make this deck wildly competitive, yet, when you're just getting to know it.

Anyways, I hope this has been helpful. I hope you come to love and cherish the deck, and go on to build many many more. Have an awesome day!

Jarzr on Power of Humans (tips and advice wanted!)

6 days ago

Mayor of Avabruck  Flip could help you out! Withstand Death is honestly kind of mediocre. Try Blossoming Defense in its place. Life and Limb makes your forests 1/1s, but that just puts your lands at risk of dying. Hamlet Captain could work well here, as well as Burning-Tree Emissary. If Aspect of Hydra is regularly giving +4/+4, cut some Giant Growths to run a playset of Aspects.

Snacrifice on Isao, Budget Bushi

1 week ago

I love suggestions!

@DaringApprenticeI went Arcane mostly out of flavor, and because they're functional reprints of cards I'd already considered(Wear Away is essentially naturalize with a sometimes trigger for Arcane so why not). Return to Earth is amazing for it's utility to pop flying creatures though, I'll probably put that in.

Drumhunter is good, since the draw power is actually more important than mana. I'd never even seen Deglamer so that's going in too, thanks!

I considered Blanchwood Armor but I find in EDH putting it on the general triggers people to try and murder him, whereas Strength of Cedars can be played as a combat trick. I still like Blanchwood though, I might swap it for something else in the deck.

Terrifying Presence goes in, Druid's Deliverance taken out.

Giant Growth swapped for Kodama's Might.

I like Gigantomancer, but in play-testing I found it got splatted every time it came out before it could be useful.

Yavimaya Enchantress is good, but I might take out both.

@Vortexflame: That's true, but Herald doesn't fit into my economy pricing(It's just a tad too expensive). Primal bellow's really nice though. Swapping it for Strength of Cedars because it's just cheaper and Daring is right that I lack arcane spells anyway.

Unlife on Grixis Aggro Win on Turn 1!!!!!

1 week ago

Love this sort of deck, I run something similar but I don't have the blue splash. You could think about Expedite or Crimson Wisps to turn a red cantrip into a Giant Growth. Another option is, keeping with the turn 2 win, splash black over green. You don't really need green mana for anything, you have the mires and the Cinder Glade can be replaced with Smoldering Marsh. The idea is to add Tainted Strike to kill with infect even faster. Sorry for the wall of text, +1 from me

DaringApprentice on Isao, Budget Bushi

1 week ago

If you want more suggestions, here are some more:

Since you don't have too many Arcane cards in general, I'd recommend taking out all of them and replacing them with cards that work better in general.

To replace Strength of Cedars, you could use Blanchwood Armor.

To replace Kodama's Might, you could use Giant Growth or Sylvan Might.

To replace Wear Away, there are a lot of options, but some include Fade into Antiquity, Return to the Earth, Deglamer/Unravel the Aether, Reclamation Sage, Consign to Dust, and Seal of Primordium.

Also, since you aren't running too many Auras, you could replace Gatherer of Graces with Yavimaya Enchantress, whose ability counts all enchantments, not just those that you control.

Altoman on The Bear Necessities

1 week ago

I like it. It's funny how stupidly good this is :P

If i would do some changes, Awaken the Bear was in the deck mostly because it had Bear in its name, but everytime i draw this card, i just wished it was something else like Giant Growth. Or maybe something like Ferocious Charge.

Maybe you could remove some Forest, the mana curve is pretty low, so you can add more of the good stuff. Personnally i would add more Prey Upon, sometimes you just need a simple removal to win and 1 is hard to find in a deck.

After a couple of games, i figured out it's lame when you draw a Forest late game, but maybe Slippery Karst would do the trick.

For the sideboard: i never really tough about it, in my deck i just put more bears. But you need a card like Natural State to take on enchantments or artifact.

Spidersilk Armor is better than Gravity Well because it can stack the +0/+1

Maybe adding some cards like: Hornet Sting or Sandstorm to deal minor yet devastating damage to the enemy creatures.

Against famous Kiln Fiend a good old Fog is so simple yet effective.

In the end, it's just a matter of preferences, your deck is pretty solid as it is. You just need to Look for the bear necessities.

Zatypoo2929 on Alright Let's Start OOPS I WIN v2

1 week ago

I don't know... Offhand, Upheaval? Maybe Giant Growth?

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