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Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

Acquire Giant Growth

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Giant Growth Discussion

zandl on Junk Scepter

12 hours ago

Obviously, Isochron Scepter was designed to break Giant Growth .

Victim of Night kills 95% of the meta's creatures, as does Grasp of Darkness (though it's a stretch when you should already be playing Dismember ).

afflok on Boros Beaters

2 days ago

Ooh. I'm usually hesitant about dipping into a third color, but including blue gives access to Daxos of Meletis and Lavinia of the Tenth . Daxos is a different direction entirely but Lavinia prevents all blockers and eliminates backswing. Could be fun. I've also thought about dipping into green for Elvish Mystic , Giant Growth , and Ghor-Clan Rampager . Green would make the mana base dicey but for blue, I don't know if I would put in any island or not. Probably not - just Lavinia in the board. Bring her in against aggro and cheat her in with the Preeminent Captain .

Abubroki on Does this look Infected?

2 days ago

Very nice listing; +1!

It looks very efficient and consistent. I like the idea of replacing Blight Mamba with more pumping spells, which also allows less green-mana producers and more copies of Cathedral of War (although entering tapped might slow down the deck?)

It also confirms my belief that you can remove Giant Growth from an Infect deck. Also, thanks to Doom_of_Valyria: I did not know about Avoid Fate , that card looks awesome!

tedyo on naya soldiers

3 days ago

Akroan Crusader is put in the batllefield atacking due to Preeminent Captain , and a spell on him like Giant Growth wont make the token attack in the turn its enter (combat phase).

Furthermore, he is not white, will not take advantage from Brave the Elements .

thanks for the tip

CervixPounder420 on Original Bear Pun

3 days ago

Muraganda Petroglyphs isn't a common and damn girl Grizzly Bears were upgraded to Forest Bear . I also upgraded the Aggressive Urge to the superior bear Giant Growth

clowe304433 on

3 days ago

TheFanatic Might of Old Krosa is about $3 apiece and therefore wouldn't fit in the budget. Therefore, Groundswell . I considered Giant Growth but ultimately scrapped it in favor of the possible +4/+4 from Groundswell. Blight Mamba was considered, but not chosen due to low toughness. Yes, it has infect, but Garruk's Companion is a 2-drop 3/2 with trample. If poison doesn't work out, I can just beat them down.

TheFanatic on

4 days ago

Also, why no Giant Growth or Might of Old Krosa ?

uiuiho12 on Green-White Face Smash

5 days ago

the landbase needs a LOT of work.

since you are modern, I would borrow the buff spells that infect decks use.

4 Apostle's Blessing

2 Dismember

4 Giant Growth

4 Groundswell

4 Mutagenic Growth

4 Rancor

4 Vines of Vastwood

Enlarge is far to expensive for the modern format.