Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

tapanmeister on Old School Mono Green

3 days ago

Totally fine, thanks for the credit JonAvon.The deck has definitely been updated since the post, theres some amazing Pendelhaven/Elves/Scryb Sprites abuse that helps the deck survive zoo a little better. Replace Crumble with Scavenger Folk for more 1/1's, add another Tracker and a Giant Growth, oh and Gaea's Liege is cute, but for a more competitive feel, replace it with Ernie.

Jgfusca on R/G Shaman Elemental

5 days ago

You've asked nothing but good questions aholder7...

I want this to beck a a fast Red/Green aggro deck. I liked the trample/haste mechanics of the elementals and enjoyed beefing them up with things like Primal Forcemage, Giant Growth, Titan's Strength, Fling and Brute Force in the past. Just smashing the damage straight on through. This deck is for kitchen table veterans as well as a competitive meet up group. I'd like to take it to a modern night in the future. At times I feel Incandescent Soulstoke is too slow to pump out Nova Chaser. I also have little defense in this deck. The deathtouch creatures are a deterrent and in dire times I can always beef them up... Budget is open. I appreciate any advice!

Jerich0 on Xenagos R/G

5 days ago

First things first! I love red/green so that fact that I see someone trying to brew a Red/Green deck makes me excited! So I am going to give a few suggestions on at least what I would do. But in the end you deck, you can do what you wish with it.

First I would suggest going up to at least 20 lands and try to get some duel lands. I know they aren't budget (specifically for red green) but they are something. If you have any amount of Aether Hub from Kaladesh or Game Trail from Shadows over innastrad you could use those. Maybe a playset of Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds to thin the deck so you don't keep drawing lands. On top of this maybe two Cinder Glades as well.

Second I would consider dropping the 7 drops. If you are going into modern the format is pretty fast. So unless you can reduce the cost I wouldn't run many things over 3 or 5. But if you want to keep overrun maybe have it as a two of. Xenagos is cool but I would focus them as the main focus of the deck.

Third I would change zhur-taa druid into Birds of Paradise ideally. But if you can't afford that then Arbor Elf or Llanowar Elves. One thing to note about Arbor elf is that it can untap cinder glade if you get any.

While on the subject of creatures I would throw in a playset of Voltaic Brawler(Also can give energy for Aether Hub if needed) and a playset of Monastery Swiftspear. Ghor-Clan Rampager is amazing for it's pump effect as well. Finally Kird Ape is just good in these colors and Burning-Tree Emissary is pretty much a free creature. Also for haste Goblin Bushwhacker is a good replacement for Expedite if you want more creatures.

Lastly your instants and sorceries. You should have a playset of Lightning Bolt. It's just really good and buffs swiftspear. I would replace all of them other then Blossoming defense. I would add two Become Immense (I know it's expensive but delve allows you to cast for cheaper). A playset of Temur Battle Rage for double strike. Mutagenic Growth is pretty much a free pump spell. And Brute Force is pretty much a Giant Growth so you could use either.

But these are my suggestions! Got a bit carried away but I just hope I can help in some way.

akki007 on Cancer

1 week ago

Might of Old Krosa doesn't work with the theme of this deck, which is essentially surprise death. To get the maximum out of it, I'd have to cast it during main, which tells opponent's which card to block. If I cast it during combat on an unblocked creature, like the deck wants, then Giant Growth is strictly better.

Raging_Squiggle on When to chose target for ...

2 weeks ago

As you cast the spell, you declare each and every target that is required for the spell. In order to allow your spell to resolve, you must pass priority to your opponent for them to have an opportunity to respond. Your opponent will be able to respond to your spell by casting Giant Growth on the Servo you are targeting. However, your opponent will not know how many counters you will spend until your spell resolves.

During the resolution of your spell, no player has priority and cannot cast spells or activate abilities. So your opponent will have to hope you don't pay enough to destroy the Servo that's getting +3/+3.

Ertaimasterwizard on When to chose target for ...

2 weeks ago

Let's say I cast a Harnessed Lightning and my opponent has 2 servo tokens. At what point is my opponent able to save their servo tokens with let's say a Giant Growth? Is there a point between me getting energy counters and choosing to use them for damage that they can or can't respond to? Could my opponent wait for the creature to be targeted and energy spent before they Giant Growth to save their servo?

GeminiSpartanX on Mono Green Infect

2 weeks ago

There is plenty of room to customize this deck. Firstly, I'd look to replace the 4 Giant Growths with 4 Blossoming Defense from Kaladesh. They shouldn't be too hard to get or terribly expensive, and they pull double duty as both a protection spell and a pump spell. Once you add those, you can cut 2 Apostle's Blessings and 2 Rancors if you want to make room for the probes if you'd like. The probes are nice, but mostly there to help fuel Become Immense, so I'd reconsider them in a mono-G build. If you want to value knowing what your opponent has in hand rather than having additional protection spells, it's your choice, since both options are good. Lastly, I'd cut a groundswell or 2 for 2 Dismembers to help clear a path for your creatures since they don't naturally have trample or any evasion. Dismember can also keep opposing threats at bay if you have a slow hand, and will help you towards building the UG version which runs 1 in the MD and at least 1 more in the SB in most cases. Good luck with the deck!

UTNova on Rhox Block! (Budget+Base Deck)

2 weeks ago

BardOfNaya + Jakobel thanks for commenting and suggesting

BardOfNaya:Already having tons of Phytobursts I decided to add it and see how it works, over Aspect of Hydra which I also had alot of. Because AoH depends on devotion to green, I felt it wouldn't be as efficient as a PBurst on a early round which is why I traded out. Might of Old Krosa is also a pricey card for a budget deck, which is why I didn't consider it. Giant Growth could definitely swap out for PBurst, but it's up to you what you choose.

terrastomper was also one of my stockpiled cards- I have tons now. While there is many choices that could be better, mainly I played against blue-counter decks at the time, in which the "cannot be countered" ability really came through for me. Oran-Rief Hydra would be amazing as a replacement, and it could also swap out.

Also sorry for grammar, I'll fix that :P

Jakobel: After swapping out the cards the deck feels slower for some reason (Possibly from bad hands). I'll keep trying them out, but I may swap back out for sideboard instead.

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