Giant Growth


Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn.

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Giant Growth Discussion

Dredgar on Cut Off One Head . . . TWENTY TAKES ITS PLACE!

1 day ago

I like be counter decks and hydras! I would highly consider taking out Giant Growth,Titanic Growth and Larger Than Life. With it being a counter deck, I would think giving counters would be a better option. Adding things like Heroic Intervention and Sheltering Word to protect your big guys is good. Great lands are Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Llanowar Reborn. A great mana ramper is Gyre Sage, she can get crazy mana going. With her in mind a great way to explode your counters is with Strive. Hope this helps and great deck ;).

Hyato on Acute Infection

1 day ago

In my opinion you have very few creatures, so your infect possibilities are really low as of now. If you're willing to splash some blue, you can also add Thrummingbird, Tezzeret's Gambit, Viral Drake and Blighted Agent. Proliferate can help you add one counter when the opponent least suspects, so it can be useful.

But if you want to keep it mono-green I suggest getting better buffs, trading Battlegrowth, Forced Adaptation and Oakenform for bigger ones, like Giant Growth, Titanic Growth and/or Might of Oaks (which is a bit more expensive, but a very good surprise). Maybe some other forms of Fog too, like Defend the Hearth and Commencement of Festivities. The strategy being waiting for a Lure to come, so you can swing hard with everything else you got. Considering you just need 10 poison counters to win, it shouldn't be hard. Other cards with similar effects are Prized Unicorn and Noble Quarry.

MagicMat on Hybrid Stompy

1 week ago

SlimJim83 Thanks for the advice. As I wrote in the description Aspect of Hydra is a better Giant Growth in almost every case, if you mean to add more pump spells I'll surely add Blossoming Defense, losing +1/+1 for hexproof definitely worth it.

SlimJim83 on Hybrid Stompy

1 week ago

Have you considered Giant Growth?

mr_funk on Green/White

2 weeks ago

okay i'm not totally sure what you're going for here. it looks like partially a human tribal deck. if you're trying to play this in modern i would do the following:

take out:

-Grazing Gladehart - isnt a human (fun casual card though. may have potential in the right modern build. not this one)

-Netcaster Spider - nope

-like all of your auras. none of your creatures have hexproof so playing one of these just allows the opportunity to get 2-for-1'd in modern. removal is cheap and instant speed, so the likelihood of resolving even 1 of these before turn 6 is pretty unlikely.

Cultist's Staff - this is not a good card. strictly worse than Vulshok Morningstar and even that card is not worth playing unless you are doing an equipment build. even still, its probably just outclassed by other stuff.

Strength of Arms - youre not using an equipment based build, so this will fall flat as a nearly strictly worse Giant Growth.

Naturalize - its a great card, but should be in the sideboard

Sunlance - ive seen worse, but you should consider Path to Exile as a better option.

Time to Feed - probably better options for removal. i think Prey Upon would be better. the mana cost in a deck where you only have 20 lands makes it difficult to play this and progress your board in the same turn.

put in:

some options here for you include (but not limited to): Champion of the Parish, Thalia's Lieutenant, Mayor of Avabruck  Flip, Path to Exile, Doomed Traveler, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Tireless Tracker, Eternal Witness

you definitely need more creatures, just flat out. you're not going to be able to voltron up a non-hexproof creature in modern.

xJonahSlayerx on Turn 2 WIN! Blue-Green INFECT

2 weeks ago

Turn 1 Forest - Glistener Elf

Turn 2 Forest - Groundswell with another Groundswell or Giant Growth, which I haven't edited in yet, and Mutagenic Growth.

Only need 10 infect poison counters to win.

TheMadRocketeer on

3 weeks ago

Hmmm. You have only 10 cards that cost more than 2 CMC and only 3 that cost more than 3 CMC, and you have some ramp/land search/land acceleration, so IMHO you're OK on land count. Your land balance and mix look fine to me too. I agree that your creature count is too low and that you could be getting more bang for the mana (and the buck) with other choices. I'd aim for an aggro-style deck, getting value from cheap-to-cast (and cheap-to-purchase) creatures. I like couple of things here that I believe you could amplify on to improve the deck.
1.) Fabled Hero along with creature-buffing instants. Toss a Giant Growth on the Hero, and he's suddenly a 6/6 double striker for the turn and settles down as a 3/3 double striker afterward. For just 1 more CMC Predator's Strike can add trample for the turn. A nice chunk of that is going through most blockers, killing the blocker in the process. What if the Hero was carrying a Behemoth Sledge? The action of equipping targets, so our intrepid Hero would become a 5/5 double-striking trampler with lifelink that reverts to 3/3 at the end of the turn, keeping all the rest. So, versatile, powerful, cheap, and full of possibilities. The Hero is color-intensive, though, so if you up the count, maybe trade out one of the Forests for a Plains.
2.) Hardened Scales goes nicely with your other +1/+1 counter gaining. If you go the Heroic route, definitely add more. A tad pricy, but well worth it, especially for a rare.

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