Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Magic 2014 Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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All creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn.

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Shrivel Discussion

Snap157 on Screw politics! I'll be a shepherd in stead!

1 month ago

Damn dude! You know how evil it would be to splash red for Pyroclasm or black for Shrivel? +1

Von.Banamaor on Death Tap copy

3 months ago

This comment is based on the differences between my deck:Thulsa's Doom Quiver and this one.

Wow! I really appreciate the thought that must have gone into this. I'm anxious to hear more of your thoughts. Here are mine...

Shield of the Oversoul vs Broken Fall

The more I think about it I agree that Shield of the Oversoul is the better card. While it is not transferable to other creatures and vulnerable to destruction itself, it does protect against Shrivel and from back-to-back creature destruction in ways that Broken Fall can't.

Ponder vs. Compulsive Research

Both decks are based off of getting a certain amount of creatures in proportion to a certain amount of effects. In playtesting I often found myself with duplicates of some cards that I couldn't use effectively. For example one creature but two Neurok Stealthsuits. Being able to cycle cards in hand as well as some added card advantage I think offsets the cheaper casting cost and I like Compulsive Research better. For now...

Durkwood Baloth vs. Sedge Scorpion

While both one-drops, the first turn Sedge Scorpion followed by a Psionic Gift on turn two, is my deck's most formidable one-two punch. And since I feel the late game is already in this type of deck's favor, speed is more important than late game heft. So I like Sedge Scorpion better, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on why you think the Durkwood Baloth is the better choice here because I'm having difficulty seeing the advantage.

Mana Leak vs. Thornweald Archer

I like the addition of counterspells, but I feel like the deck needs lots of deathtouch creatures to function. There will be significant creature hate. My intent is not just to use the deathtouch creatures for shooting other creatures but also for attacking and for creature removal even if it's 1:1. That said, I'd like to playtest this variant a bit more...

Gattison on Notorious B: Ready to Die

3 months ago

Atony1400: Hey! Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking about Dark Ritual or Altar's Reap to replace Wring Flesh actually. However, since I am suddenly in a "budget" phase, I'm leaning away from the Ritual. =(

Grasp of Darkness is cool, but is in use in another deck. Plus over budget. =(

Shrivel on the other hand, I could see in the sideboard.

Thanks, though, what about a better 2-drop creature? Any ideas?

eyes2sky: good idea, but I still need a 2-drop to replace Stumbling Goof. Or should I just replace him with a playset of Shadow Alley Denizen? I'm gonna go with Child of Night for now.

FUL on

4 months ago

If in your meta you have a lot of decks that use tiny creatures Pestilence is really nice, but running 4x might be too much; Shrivel is good but i'd consider to put it in sideboard, so you could leave also Cemetery Gate and free up 6 slots.You can consider adding something like Undying Evil or Unearth, or maybe other enchantment that makes your creatures bigger

jimmynitos on

4 months ago

Maybe Shrivel to replace Pestilence?

Llanowarrior on Gurmag Discard

5 months ago

Shrivel in the sideboard would be useful for mass removal.

WhisperingBlade on Vampire's stay midrange

5 months ago

No worries. I agree with you that you would need something strong to pull ahead against aggro decks, so maybe you could add a few more removal spells and 1-2 small board wipes (like Drown in Sorrow) in the sideboard. The Bile Blight that you have in your current sideboard would be an ideal inclusion for game 2 against a deck like mine. If you are having trouble with infect, the most widely used solution is Spellskite which as you may know already, can really throw an infect player off of their game. This could also be good against burn as a blocker and would allow you to reduce the damage dealt to your face or other creatures. Against Jund bringing in a 4th Gatekeeper of Malakir from your sideboard along with 1-2 Dismembers would be great, giving you the removal and tempo necessary to get ahead. Dredge could be problematic since potential hate cards that you'd bring in would interfere with your own Blood Ghasts, but Surgical Extraction could do some real work for you. My deck is just a rough draft of what I picture your deck could be like, and would certainly need some level of refining to perfect. The sideboard should also cover the Affinity/Robots matchup, so I'd suggest Night of Souls' Betrayal as a 1 of in the sideboard. While this looks bad for you, it absolutely slaughters the affinity matchup, almost always totally shutting them down. You could also run Engineered Explosives or Chalice of the Void in the sideboard against Affinity (although these are fairly expensive, so you could probably get away with playing cards like Shrivel instead). Ghost Quarters should already help you a lot in this matchup anyway though, and you have fliers so that they have to work for their damage.

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