Target player reveals their hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card. You lose 2 life.

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Thoughtseize Discussion

DeltaMoth on 『Grixis Prowess』Suicide Salesman

2 hours ago


Interesting thoughts, I've found early Lava Darts to facilitate easy kills when gold-fishing but I assume in a game scenario they'd be far less useful. I mainly use Lightning Bolt / Monastery Swiftspear to push their life down and squeeze out a Scourge of the Skyclaves to put on the pressure.

However, I can see how Death's Shadow would be a good draw in the later game, around T3 to T5, to clean things out.

I don't agree with dropping Dismembers mainboard, they prove to be very useful at both dropping my life total and killing threats like Gurmag Angler and Stormwing Entity. Also, more Thoughtseize in the side wouldn't help as I'm already running 4 mainboard. I could replace Inquisition of Kozilek and 1 Kolaghan's Command with Cling to Dust and Spikefield Hazard  Flip for Uro cucking.

Gracco on 『Grixis Prowess』Suicide Salesman

2 hours ago

Drop the 2 main deck Dismember and 2 Lava Dart is what I think. With only 17 lands, flashing back the lava dart is usually not the play, and it is an objectively worse lightning bolt. Honestly, it is just objectively best to run Death's Shadow. The mana base alone will put in mad work on the life total. Also, in the sideboard, the Inquisition of Kozilek and at least 1 of the Kolaghan's Command should be some number of Thoughtseize. K-Command is only really needed for artifact destruction in this list.

marowak_city on Tricksters in Arms - Dimir Rogues

5 days ago

Just gonna say that Mind Drain seems really Bad. Yes I understand that filling your opponent's graveyard is important, but this is an aggro deck, so mind rot type effects are just not what you want to be doing. Discard spells like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek have traditionally been good because you take the best card out of your opponent's hand, and even then two mana versions like Agonizing Remorse and Lay Bare the Heart have been reserved for midrange decks and sideboards

Theros2014 on Rogue mill

5 days ago

How about Thoughtseize

TheVectornaut on Searing Infection

6 days ago

Most of my experience with infect comes from playing simic, but I have played the mechanic in all 5 colors. In terms of power, green is the most effective color to play by a very VERY large margin. You get access to the best infect creature in Glistener Elf (along with the slower and safer option of Blight Mamba), you get trample sources to push through damage with Ichorclaw Myr such as Rancor, Predator's Strike, and Larger Than Life, you get protection bundled with buffs in the form of Vines of Vastwood, Ranger's Guile, and Blossoming Defense, and you get the largest pool of very strong power boosts in the form of Mutagenic Growth, Invigorate, Scale Up, Might of Old Krosa, Berserk, Become Immense, Groundswell, Phytoburst, Noble Hierarch, and Pendelhaven. Since infect is an all-or-nothing sort of archetype, even when running the less aggressive versions, the most important characteristics that you need are speed, protection, and evasion. Green offers two of those things in spades but can struggle with evasion. This is why blue is generally considered the next best color to run. You get the insane threat of Blighted Agent, unblockable buffs with Distortion Strike and Aqueous Form, and protection from spells via Spell Pierce, Dispel, Turn Aside, and the odd Spellskite. Black is the next best. Plague Stinger's flying isn't as good as the unblockable on a Blighted Agent but it's still very powerful evasion as illustrated by the ubiquity of Inkmoth Nexus in every non-budget infect list ever made. Black also nets useful control tools like Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Fatal Push, Dismember, and Assassin's Trophy. White was considered the worst infect color for a very long time since its best option (Apostle's Blessing) can be used in any deck, but the recent introduction of Giver of Runes has breathed some life back into the color. Additionally, I've seen a lot of equipment lists popping up that use Colossus Hammer, Kor Duelist, Sigarda's Aid, and Kor Outfitter to see some success. Unfortunately, that leaves red as the current worst color to run in infect. It has some decent buffs but they pale in comparison to green's offerings. The result is that most red infect decks rely on gimmicks like using Razor Swine's first strike to wither enemy creatures, generating infinite mana to pump into an unblocked Ogre Menial, or putting Phyresis on something like a Spikeshot Elder to bypass combat altogether. Your instant tricks definitely fall in this category. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. If your meta is casual enough, red should still work and it will be much more interesting to play with / fun to play against than a more traditional deck. How competitive you want to be is always up to you.

To answer your specific questions, I would probably start by cutting a few creatures. Most lists run about 12 infect sources (and that's including a playset of Inkmoth Nexus). With Hand of the Praetors on your top end, running 16-20 isn't that unreasonable, at least as long as all of them are good. Infect creatures usually become "bad" when they cost more than 2. That's why I wouldn't usually recommend running Ichor Rats or Septic Rats. Both Necropede and Plague Myr are perfectly acceptable inclusions with very similar power levels. They'll rarely be better than Plague Stinger or Ichorclaw Myr but that's okay if you just want more guys to play. As for Vector Asp, it's honestly a pretty bad choice in most circumstances. While you usually won't need to activate it more than 2 or 3 times to win the game, that mana would be better spent elsewhere, and it doesn't even trigger the Hand. However, given the choice of it and a 3-drop, I'd probably take the snake, especially since it would be your only proactive play on turn 1 (barring the inclusion of Glistener Elf or Inkmoths). Better though would just be to run neither and invest in more buff spells to assist in combat and trigger Livewire Lash. I do like the idea of those spells having cycling in theory, but in practice, the mana needed to cycle can short you of the resources needed to close out the game. Plus, cycling spells tend to cost more to account for the added ability. Cycling lands on the other hand should be fine as long as they come in untapped, although it looks like that only describes Ash Barrens and Blasted Landscape. Just like with creatures, I wouldn't run any spells that cost more than 2 unless they can win you the game like Soul's Fire can. This will also allow you to run 20 lands or fewer, opening up even more slots for gas. I apologize if I'm repeating myself about the low-cost-high-speed thing but that is basically the reason the infect mechanic exists. If you prefer a slow and more controlling style, Rakdos wither built around Necroskitter is a fun option that has some overlap with infect.

Chino90 on Millight

1 week ago

Fraying Sanity, Thoughtseize, Breaking, Fatal Push, Ashiok, Dream Render.

Sacá el phantasm. El mind funeral tampoco va me parece.

no_leaf_clover on BR Scourge

1 week ago

Found this deck looking for someone else who had the idea to put Wayward Guide-Beast and Scourge of the Skyclaves in the same deck.

Some other ideas, the red tapped DFMC - Kazuul's Fury, to "Fling" Scourge of the Skyclaves. Also I have Shock and Bonecrusher Giant for that extra early face damage, also gives you the option to hit yourself to grow the Scourge if you need to. Roiling Vortex for sideboard tech against decks that want to gain life and deals one damage to each player every turn.

Also going to test Skyclave Shade and Valakut Exploration

Something else when considering the sideboard is that Agonizing Remorse deals 1 damage to yourself.

Wayward Guide-Beast/Scourge of the Skyclaves in Historic could be nuts where you have Phyrexian Tower + Shocklands and Thoughtseize.

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