Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare
Lorwyn Rare

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Target player reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card. You lose 2 life.

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Thoughtseize Discussion

doozy on Purgatory (B/R Control)

3 hours ago

APPLE01DOJ You're definitely right on your evaluation of Thoughtseize. I've been considering dropping Duress for the 3rd, and this conversation has basically convinced me.

Fatal Push has been great, but as you said my current list is lacking reach mostly because of having no Lightning Bolt.

I'm going to be doing more testing and I'll change up my removal suite a bit. I'll see how things go.

Bridge isn't a great fit just because my main wincon has 5 power, and there's no way I'm keeping 5 cards in my hand with this list. Thanks again for your comment, you have given me a considerable amount to think on.

Guildsofravnica on Griseljund Repeater

7 hours ago

Have you considered Thoughtseize?

APPLE01DOJ on Purgatory (B/R Control)

10 hours ago

I feel like the real issue is that your reach is limited. I understand the reasoning behind people favoring IoK over Seize but truthfully I've always found Thoughtseize to be the better card. It has more value when you draw it outside your opening hand and hits things that you actually care about; High end Eldrazi, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Scapeshift, Gurmag Angler, etc.

Fatal Push is an amazing card but you only have 2 Terminate and 3 Lilly to take care of the things it can't hit. Liliana of the Veil is also amazing but if you're facing threats who come into play bringing Eldrazi scions with them she becomes nullified quick.

I understand the reliance of Damnation but I think the underlying problem is that you need better discard and more MB removal.

If it's working for you, I'm glad. If however you're not winning as much as you could be consider swapping things around.

Another suggestion I have is how about some Ensnaring Bridge on your SB?

olag on All-In Saheeli

11 hours ago


I tested out Sun Titan in some previous builds, only as a 1-of, but even then, it felt too expensive in the majority of matchups. Great value card and synergizes well with Saheeli Rai both as a value creature and a combo with 1 Saheeli in play and 1 Saheeli in the graveyard (or 2 in the graveyard). A 6 mana creature is just too expensive right now. The majority of slow matchups are blue mirrors, and resolving a 6 mana sorcery is very difficult. The other slow matchups are GBx style-decks (and sometimes Tron), and it can be great against GBx and it's largely irrelevant in the Tron matchups because that matchup isn't about value. The fact that a lot of GBx decks are the Death's Shadow versions right now, I don't even think we have enough time for it in that matchup, if it hasn't been taken by a Thoughtseize at that point in the game. I do think it could be a good card in the right meta, I just don't think its this meta.

GearNoir on 8 Rack-Rack+ Phyrexian Infect

12 hours ago

First thing, I don't think your splash for is a good idea; does bring a couple ok cards (i.e. - Apostle's Blessing which you could technically stick in a mono- deck) but it appears you are only using it for Path to Exile and a couple other items in your side board, which just doesn't seem efficient. IMO you'd be better off with a few strong kill spells.

A couple other things I Inkmoth Nexus (Blinkmoth Nexus really isn't a substitute in this case since you are after poison counters and not life points) or, at the least, no Plague Stinger? Also, since you are pretty much relying on discard to get you through the first couple turns, you will really need to consider those Thoughtseize or at the least Blackmail.

It sounds like you are trying to keep to a manageable budget for now, but I'm sure you know discard you choose is just that much better than them choosing to dump their fodder cards (your deck doesn't have The Rack or Shrieking Affliction so you really don't benefit as much from these types of discards until late game).

If you were not simply going to go mono-, I'd splash for pump on your infect (i.e. - Giant Growth) or for evasion (i.e.- Distortion Strike). Realistically, you might see only 2, maybe 3 of your infect creatures per game, so you want to captialize on those moments.

APPLE01DOJ on Recommendations for Modern Mono- Black ...

1 day ago

Well if budget wasn't an issue, you would fill it in like this. Rock 2017 (this is my IRL deck btw)

Scavenging Ooze is really good and cheap right now.

Hooting Mandrills isn't too bad considering you can Delve it into play

Kitchen Finks is solid and almost always a 2-1.

Glissa, the Traitor could be a decent 1 of. She can kill pretty much anything.

Asylum Visitor is a decent Dark Confidant substitute.

Oona's Prowler has a decent body and Nantuko Shade is flexible.

Ideally you're curve would be T1 Thoughtseize/Fatal Push, T2 Dark Confidant/Abrupt Decay, T3 Liliana of the Veil. So just keep your creatures converted mana cost as low to the ground as possible. 1 Thrun, the Last Troll or Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet or other 4 cmc creature is okay in the deck, max 2.

APPLE01DOJ on Recommendations for Modern Mono- Black ...

1 day ago

Well basically, you can take this shell and add whatever creatures you want to it and it'll work. I would highly advise to keeping creatures in the 2 mana range with only a few cmc 3 or above. No matter how appealing Thragtusk looks it's typically better to stick to Kitchen Finks.

4x Blooming Marsh 1x Forest 4x Ghost Quarter 2x Hissing Quagmire 4x Overgrown Tomb 4x Swamp 4x Woodland Cemetery

(Adding Verdant Catacombs and Polluted Delta to the deck over time will upgrade the mana base.)

4x Abrupt Decay 2x Bile Blight*
4x Fatal Push 1x-2x Maelstrom Pulse

(*Optional other removal includes Dismember, Vendetta, Victim of Night and Go for the Throat)

Other upgrades would include Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Collective Brutality, and Liliana of the Veil.

awphutt on The Fiend

1 day ago

Okay, so the deck runs 8 discard spells in Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Collective Brutality. The entire lock of Lantern of Insight, Codex Shredder, Ghoulcaller's Bell and Pyxis of Pandemonium are all interacting with the opponent, and we also run Surgical Extraction, Pithing Needle and Abrupt Decay. So, that makes, main board, our suite of cards that interact sit at about 26 cards, not even counting Spellskite or sideboard cards. So that puts us at our non-lands/mana sources being a 26/21 split in favour of interaction. For this reason, I consider Lantern to be a highly interactive deck.

So that's exactly why Lantern is interactive. By all means, tell me why you consider it non-interactive.

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