Elvish Mystic


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
Promo Set Common

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Elvish Mystic

Creature — Elf Druid

: Add to your mana pool.

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Elvish Mystic Discussion

vbfabled on Red/Green Beatdown

3 days ago

This reminds me of my first deck that I ever built from scratch! I even had a lot of these exact cards in it! Awesome color combo with a great playstyle. You, my friend, have picked a great starting point. Let's see how I can help...

I'll try to keep budget in mind for my suggestions, you probably aren't looking for a $200 competitive deck.

First off, Savage Ventmaw is an awesome casual-play card. Combos great with Aggravated Assault for infinite combat phases, if your playgroup is cool with those(mine had a soft ban on infinite combos.)

I'd replace Timber Gorge with Rugged Highlands if you can get your hands on some.

I may also replace Font of Fertility with some mana creatures. Llanowar Elves/Elvish Mystic and Zhur-Taa Druid would be good for this deck, I think.

Also, for your deck, I think Fires of Yavimaya would be more effective than Maze Rusher, but good idea adding something to give haste, that'll definitely come in handy.

You may want to run some stronger pump spells like Become Immense and Aspect of Hydra for late-game.

If you have a few extra bucks to spend on this deck, there's some really cool big hydras like Primordial Hydra, who you can pick up for a little over $5 as of right now, and Savageborn Hydra who is under $2.

Hope that helps! Definitely let me know how this deck turns out.

edsonhunter on Leovold, Emissary of Trest EDH

3 days ago

As long I focus my building in competitive duel, Leovold's ability to lock the opponent's hand aren't so effective if he isn't in play. So cards like Teferi's Puzzle Box could help the opponent and become inconsistent. Even Windfall is inconsistent but I can spent three mana and still have avaliable mana to protect my game. Also I can discard all opponent hand in T3 with Mana Dork (Elvish Mystic, Birds of Paradise) + Leovold, Emissary of Trest + (Windfall / Day's Undoing).

Grind on The Heart of Zendikar

3 days ago

saw your deck on the modern thread -
have you thought about Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse? obviously it slows down your mana base but it also doubles your landfall trigger from playing one land.
also you could consider Thirst for Knowledge or Catalog over divination - if instant speed is important to you. Harmonize would draw you more cards but 4 mana is a bit steep.
also i think Khalni Heart Expedition is great- have you considred running an additional one of those over a journey of discovery?
also, how do you feel Hedron Crab would perform compared to Elvish Mystic or Elvish Visionary? is mill actually a win con with you? because i feel like it would help decks with delve and dredge.
cheers and have fuN!!

kamarupa on We Can All Be Heros

4 days ago

First off, wow. Under $7! That is BUDGGG-EEEET. Bravo!

I never got into "tribal" Heroic because it seemed like there'd never be enough room in a deck for creature targeting spells and lots Heroic creatures. That said, if you really want this deck to be better, I can offer a few tips that can make it more powerful.

For starters, I think you can do better in the land department. I suggest biting the bullet and going with 4xSunpetal Grove. Good lands work in so many decks, they'll be worth it. If you really don't want to spend the money on better lands, I suggest dropping white and going mono-green. It will make it faster and you'll avoid the frustration of not having the right land at the right time.

Another thing that will get you more wins is better disruption, usually in the form of removal. 2xPacifism and Plummet is just not enough. While white has some passable options budget options, green has very few. White: Celestial Flare, Reciprocate, Journey to Nowhere, Oblivion Ring - there are more, these are just off the top of my head. Green: Beast Within.

You should be running a sideboard, and in that sideboard, there should be spells that will come in handy often and can be swapped in for other removal spells that don't line up with specific matches. Specifically, you should have some sort of artifact and enchantment removal in your sideboard: Revoke Existence, Sundering Growth, Erase, Back to Nature, Natural State, Naturalize. On top of that, having some sort of planeswalker removal is a good idea as well: Pithing Needle does the job very well, but Beast Within and Oblivion Ring will work as well.

I would probably cut just about all the enchantments and instants you currently have. Ethereal Armor is really good, but you don't have a lot of enchantments to really power it up. So if you put more enchantments in, keep it, otherwise, drop it. (keep in mind Journey to Nowhere and Oblivion Ring are decent removal options that count toward the Armor!!) Blessing on the hand, is just down right awful.

Your creature base has too many high CMC spells, and would benefit from stronger synergy. Right now, I suppose it doesn't matter that it's unfocused because you're not missing the synergy from particular combos. Ideally though, your creatures should be picked so as to have the maximum synergy and thus, you'd want a full set of almost every creature. Additionally, you especially don't want spells that have CMCs like WW or GG without a very solid mana base. IE, Phalanx Leader's casting cost looks like a problem to me. The Leader looks like a great card, but probably in a mono-white deck.

I think I'd go ahead and run a full set of Elvish Mystic. This is partly because I think it's essential to use T1 and partly because I don't think you're going to take my advice and limit your spells CMC 4+ to four or less total, so I think you need the mana ramp very badly. Deadly Recluse isn't terrible, but I do wonder if we can do better for 2 CMC. Having reach in a green deck is good, but I'm betting that the deathtouch is the ability that gets more use. Perhaps Narnam Renegade would be just as good?

Kalonian Tusker may well be the worst creature in the deck. The only thing I like about this spell is that you're likely to be able to cast it despite it GG casting cost.

If you end up with a lot of creatures with ++counters on them, I'd say Inspiring Call is better draw card than Warriors' Lesson. (and you get temporary indestructible out of it!)

If you're going to run more enchantments and run with ++counters, Hardened Scales is going to be good here, though I find trying to drop it early can be too slow.

I realize my comments are kind of all over the place and very long. I hope at least something I've written proves to be helpful to you in some way. Good luck!

tschiller on Legacy Combo (mostly) Elves

4 days ago

Hi and thank you for your input. Regarding your proposals:

Last but not least, I appriciate your comment, but looking at your link you posted: to me an elfdeck has to be monogreen and has to contain mostly or only elves. Call me old fashioned, but the suggested deck is far away from the elf-sensation I'm looking for with my deck. Already took the Primordial Hydra in there for some lategame punch, if a game should really lasts that long. And where's the thrill to reconstruct some deck found in an article? :D To me this deck has enough combos to deserve its described name, having all the fun rounds in mind where I won in MTGO and against friends ;)

davester00123 on Revenant Wurms

5 days ago

you're definitely going to want tons of ramp. You have a very high CMC deck and ramping early is extremely useful. The best type of ramp for Meren is dorks Llanowar Elves, Birds of Paradise, Fyndhorn Elves,, Elvish Mystic, Devoted Druid. All these guys are insane with Skullclamp making them good late game draws as well as excellent early game draws.

iannau on Mono green

5 days ago

Cut the GrindclockCut Living Totem

Creatures:Add Elvish Mystic x4 (it's a staple)Add Llanowar Elves x4Add Ant Queen

Inst & Sorceries:Add CultivateAdd Nissa's Expedition

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