Wight of Precinct Six


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska (DDM) Uncommon
Commander 2013 (C13) Uncommon
Gatecrash (GTC) Uncommon

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Wight of Precinct Six

Creature — Zombie

Wight of Precinct Six gets +1/+1 for each creature in your opponents' graveyards.

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Wight of Precinct Six Discussion

Icbrgr on If Blood Moon is weak ...

18 hours ago

yeah this started out as an all in mill deck but now am aiming for a "mill assisted beatdown" as seen in some more casual builds with Wight of Precinct Six and Consuming Aberration

plan A: is to win with a 5/5 flyer for ... with the assistance of other growing creatures like Chasm Skulker/Spellheart Chimera and the mill win condition be the plan B for the late game/losing control of the boardstate and such.... or possibly sideboardng in 2 more Sphinx's Tutelage if based on the opponent going all in on the mill would be more efficient than bothering with Blood Moon/Spellheart Chimera.... at least thats the idea/plan

acbooster on Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker reaminating question

3 days ago

I misread the question the first time.

Shirei's ability looks at the power immediately before the creature dies to determine if it comes back or not, so the Wight will not come back.

Monomanamaniac on Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker reaminating question

3 days ago

Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker States that it brings creatures with 1 power back from the graveyard at the end of turn if he's still in play. I know for fact that / creatures have modified power and toughness as that are in any zone, but would it work on a Wight of Precinct Six? The Wight's ability seems to only apply to it when it's on the field, so is it a 1/1 in graveyard and even though it wasn't a 1/1 when it died, would it still come back

KnightSolaire on Modern Mill Pro Level

2 weeks ago

i feel like the Crypt Incursion may be counter intuitive seeing as you would be taking things out of their graveyard and into exile unless you are going against a heavy graveyard interactive deck i don't feel it is quite needed in that slot.. potentially putting in an Elixir of Immortality or Psychic Spiral so you can get things back into your deck if you get into late game, another option which i feel would be a solid one is playing a 2 or 3 of Wight of Precinct Six because against creature heavy decks you would have more bodies on the field than just your hedron crabs.

AwesomeDoofus on Delusional Agony

2 weeks ago

Far out Mandalorian! Thank you so much! This is a huge help, I was struggling but with this i should be able to get this deck flowing magnificently. I was kind of just expecting a sentence or two of advice and a few card recommendations but you really put in to help me get this deck running. Cheers!

Some of the cards you mentioned I already have (such as Mutilate, Grey Merchant of Asphodel, Duress, and Nightmares pouring out of my ears) but I dis-included them here just because I was using this list to decide what cards to buy.

Some others like Liliana's Caress, Hymn to Tourach, and Shrieking Affliction (I do have one of these but wanted more), I kept out either because the seller didn't have them or I left out to cut costs a bit. (Liliana's Caress is $8 ea! Why I went for Raiders' Wake instead, though it's CMC is higher)

And then there's those cards like Zombie Infestation, The Rack, Waste Not (far out that card is good) and Faith of the Devoted that I somehow never found when researching discard cards and now I feel I must hunt down these cards right away.

I also now totally see what you mean with Brain in a Jar, Tempt with Immortality, and Blood Tribute. Especially Tempt with Immortality I never even realised I was giving their discards back facepalm. Though I've already ordered those cards they'll fit fine in other decks I own so no issue being rid of them.

I was also wondering what's your opinion on adding some cards I already own such as Consume the Meek, Pestilence Demon (Mono-black can work wonders with him, tho it can also obviously be a detriment), Liliana's Reaver, Jar of Eyeballs, Wight of Precinct Six, and Crypt Incursion. Although Crypt Incursion could result in lofty amount of life, it also kind of ruins the synergy of cards like Guiltfeeder but in the other hand denies possibilities of opponent's getting their cards back and could even make Tempt with Immortality more viable.

Another thing I was worried about was that besides Creeping Dread I don't have much consistent opponent discard sources. I did originally consider Cao Cao, Lord of Wei but my seller didn't have it and I do prefer to avoid spending $5 on one card (there are exceptions of course). Other than that I just thought of adding more discard spells like more Mind Shatters, and now, adding a few Unnerves. I do own heaps of Mind Rots but they down seem very CMC efficient. Also adding some of these cards (which I plan to do) will return my issue of deck size. What do you think I could replace? What's worth keeping? What doesn't contribute enough to warrant keeping?

Sorry I feel like I almost just wrote an essay question for you to answer, but I feel as though you probably enjoy this stuff ;P

Again, thanks soo much for your assistance, this is the first deck I've made that I'm trying to make perfect so I really appreciate the help in getting it there. Cheers!!

Coopdeforce on U/B m

1 month ago

Wight of Precinct Six is another viable creature option if you wanted to add some more black to the deck :)

Gody322 on Mill out or Smash out budget casual deck

1 month ago

May I suggest a full playset of Wight of Precinct Six. It's only about $0.25 and i think it is one of the best creatures in the deck.

SayoKel on Dimir Mill

2 months ago

I hate to break it to you but Jace's Phantasm and Wight of Precinct Six aren't Pauper legal

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