Wight of Precinct Six


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska Uncommon
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Wight of Precinct Six

Creature — Zombie

Wight of Precinct Six gets +1/+1 for each creature in your opponents' graveyards.

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Wight of Precinct Six Discussion

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

19 hours ago

CHANGELOG 29.05.17

Major overhaul to account for finalized archetypes.














Note: With Welder and Daretti in the picture, I think its worth reconsidering whether we want Spine of Ish Sah. Its just pure value at that point (still slow to reduce opponents board presence, but you get your artifacts directly to the battlefield)



A few thoughts:

If we want to include Eldrazi Displacer, then I think we have to keep the painlands, and should probably include some other colorless utility lands as well. I would be okay to lose some of the tap for any color lands as well as the artefact lands for this purpose. Its also possible that the Displacer is also just too good, in which case we can add the trilands over the painlands to give Simic Domain a bit more oomph.

Speaking of: Im not familiar with the enablers for Domain, so Im gonna be relying on you a bit to help flesh out the archetype. I look forward to your suggestions!

Anyways, let me know what you think about cuts/additions and I will make the changes. After that, we should probably just switch to cubetutor to get a better idea of where we are with each archetype.


Grifoneis on Guilty pleasure

1 week ago

A few things on lands, for starters you can always use slower/cheaper tapped lands if your group isn't really tuned and you don't mind the slower playstyle, especially if budget is a concern. That being said you can grab all the cheap grixis/boros/dimir/izzet lands and signets/mana rocks and make a pretty solid land base. You should grab a Command Tower, and Opal Palace.

If you're keeping to Mirko you can add in Consuming Aberration and a Wight of Precinct Six for a few big creature late game after boardwipes and discard and Mirko milling people some.

Speaking of Mirko Vosk you should add in Swiftfoot Boots and Whispersilk Cloak so he can more reliably swing in and not be blocked. A card that is really perfect for him is Trepanation Blade which pumps him up for commander damage wins it also mills out even more cards.

Bulldawg1310 on Budget Mill Kill

1 month ago

Murder your Murder's run Archive Traps drop Lilliana Vess for Glimpse the Unthinkable instantly turns your phantasm deadly. Mind Funeral is just awesome, probably toss Shadowmage Infiltrator for those. Mind Sculpt is a good one as well, you can afford to drop at least 2 Wight of Precinct Six for those guys. Try these add ins, and see how fast you can mill your opponent now. as your deck stands right now, it doesn't have enough win-cons on either side, ie beefed up creatures, or mill fast enough to win. this should help. plus your adds really make your mana use, efficient. speaking of mana, get rid of Reliquary Tower and add Ghost Quarter that way, you can almost ensure your Archive Trap goes off.

tschiller on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

1 month ago

Hi TheSurgeon, first of all ty for your input, always appreciate it. So let me share my thoughts to it:

  • I'll keep Mind Grind at this point until I find time to really test this deck in different games. Sure it is a costly card, but playable from turn 3 on. I just like the idea that the card grows on potential as the game goes on. Had a blue deck with Mind Sculpt, Hedron Crab and aaaall the other usual suspects, truth is: these cards just bore me out atm, so I'm eager to try a different approach.
  • Consuming Aberration will be cut for some other creatures you pointed out
  • Considering Undercity Informer you just missed the synergy with Bitterblossom, I guess? :D But Wight of Precinct Six sure will make its way in, Jace's Phantasm too. I think this will be the new creature base I'm going with.

Looking forward to your opinion after some adaptions ;)

TheSurgeon on Dimir mill, like where's my library?

1 month ago

Mind Grind and Consuming Aberration are.. How do I put this.. FUCKING TERRIBLE CARDS. Gettem out of here.

Why: You should never use an mill spell. The U/B mana that the spell actually costs could do 8 cards with Breaking and leave you mana open so you don't get face-raped next turn. Or Mind Sculpt, which does 7 cards for a less picky mana cost. Mathematically speaking, Grind is clearly a poor choice in mill cards.

As for Aberration, the card costs 5 to even play! Then you have to wait a turn to use him? If you're still alive with a mill deck come turn 5, you better use the turn to clean up quick! Spending 5 mana.that could be used for 2 Glimpse and still hold a mana open for a Fatal Push, or Visions, is foolish.

Let's talk about Undercity Informer. This guy costs 3, and the only other 6(!) creatures to sac cost >3. At this point of the game, you either have to mill or play creatures? Uh, This shouldn't be a hard decision for a "Mill.Deck. " Manic Scribe at least does something when he ETB. He costs less, can chump block better than Informer, and will do more milling over the course of the game. Or even Wight of Precinct Six if you're looking for an alt-wincon.

I like Circu for casual, but he is just too slow for Modern. Try some creatures that synergies with your archetype a little better. Jace's Phantasm, is a great alt-wincon. A turn 2 5/5 flyer is dangerous!

Hedron Crab- because, duh.
Running 22 lands in a deck with a cmc of (what should be) ~1.5 makes drawing another land worth it. And with 4x Deltas in here, there's no argument against this pretty little one-drop.

This deck has potential and looks good; but could be sped up and tougher where it counts.

Hope this helps!

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