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Mox Pearl


: Add to your mana pool.

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Mox Pearl Discussion

VorelNailo on VorelNailo

1 month ago

Week of 9/7/2020 Combo

This week, as an apology for not posting on Monday, I decided to give ya'll a pretty degenerate combo:

Turn 1: Play any land that gives you , play any [Lotus] ( (eg: Lotus Petal, Black Lotus), or some of the Moxen (Mox Pearl, Mox Jet). Use the land to play Children of Korlis.

Turn 2: Play any land that gives you , play a Dark Ritual, play another ritual or use a Moxen or Lotus to get . Use this mana to play Lich. This loses you 20 life, which means Children of Korlis can now gain you 20 life, which draws you 20 cards with the Lich. Draw and play some more free mana, play another Children of Korlis or Tainted Sigil to draw some more cards. With around 35 cards in hand, cast Sickening Dreams, discarding your hand, and dealing 35 damage turn 2.

Disclaimer: The publisher of this combo takes no responsibility for friendships, jobs, or lives lost as a result of playing this combo. You have been warned.

Goblin_Guide on Something Disgusting

1 month ago

Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, and Lotus Petal are restricted.

Happymaster19 on The Void (Unrestricted Enchantment Prison)

2 months ago


I’ve been testing this against it. I could use some help understanding Manamorphose and Mystical Tutor. Tutor has been good as getting Timetwister set up for the million other draw spells. So that could be it. Also a counter/counter fodder in a pinch. Manamorphose is puzzling. Time Walk was probably better there but I think Windfall may be your best bet. I might also recommend trying Mana Crypt over Mox Pearl.

Caerwyn was asking which deck I thought would perform well against this list and my recommendation was the enchantment list. Maindeck Leyline of Sanctity is brutal. Leyline of Anticipation has performed as intended. It’s not an end all be all as there’s the inevitable counter wars but it either steals games or forces the counter war on the opponent’s turn (makes Force of Negation a bit awkward).

Beyond the Leylines, your deck manages to get its kills but those aforementioned inclusions of Mystical Tutor and Manamorphose leave me stumbling at times which this deck is not forgiving. The Timetwister vulnerability is also something to bear in mind. It’s a small percentage thing but just something to note. Any deck you face that has counters may catch you putting counters in the wrong hands with Timetwister effects.

Perhaps I just need Mystical Tutor and Manamorphose explained. The rest of the deck runs well enough. I’ve only tested it against this deck so far but I’d like to understand it better to make sure I’m doing your deck justice.

DeinoStinkus on Is there a Lore behind …

2 months ago

In case anyone was wondering, the Power 9 are Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, Time Walk, Timetwister, and Ancestral Recall.

I was simply wondering if there is any Lore behind the Power 9 (Lotus and Moxen specifically?) It appears other artifacts are starting to become phenomenons as well (such as Chromatic Orrery referencing Vedalken Orrery from Mirrodin), so I was wondering if there is any information on where the Moxen are and what they are doing. The Mox Opal and Chrome Mox are currently on New Phyrexia, and Mox Amber is on Dominaria, but I believe the rest of the locations are in the air because they can be moved from plane to plane.

abby315 on Is standard broken

5 months ago

Rzepkanut I understand your view, but what is supposed to be the difference between formats if they're all powerful? And how is "power" defined? I think most standard players agreed with you - that's why Rivals of Ixalan sold so poorly as to force WotC to respond by purposefully "power up" standard.

That's what I think SaffronOlive was getting at in the article but didn't really articulate: Fast mana can be a problem in all sets, but not equally so. I think it's fair to say that access to fast mana (and, historically anyway, access to multiple colors of mana) is the defining difference between formats.

Mox Opal is banned in Modern, but not in Legacy. Mana Vault is banned in Legacy, but not restricted in Vintage. Mox Pearl is restricted or banned in everything.

Traditionally, standard has the least amount of fast mana; it's a slow format. The homogeneity of standard right now is not the powerful payoffs, i.e. companions, which are actually pretty diverse; it's that every deck needs to either run mana doubling effects or be so aggressive as to win by T4. This is because the rest of standard isn't balanced around fast mana, around a T4/T5 win, because it is a slow format.

And I think if standard /was/ balanced around fast mana, it would be indistinguishable in playstyle from Modern. (Also, just look at how many current Standard cards are being played in Modern! There has to be some difference.)

ahthornev2 on Death & Taxes

1 year ago

@ ritz_crackaz : well, depends on what you are missing, but if it is something like - Mox Diamond , - Mox Pearl , - Mana Crypt , - City of Traitors , I think you would want to add replacement points in Sol Ring and Strip Mine if you have access to them. Even Mana Vault could be okay but not necessary IMO. Lotus Petal is another option for fast-mana alternatives.

If you wanted some other options for replacements for spells in the deck, I love Reality Smasher for some cheese and cards like Fiend Hunter and Banisher Priest can be solid. There's a pretty big list of great hate-bears that aren't in this list as well, like Vryn Wingmare and Sanctum Prelate . In the right meta, those cards are bonkers. Really stoked on the new card Charming Prince from Throne of Eldraine as well...

MrItay on Card creation challenge

1 year ago


Legendary Creature - Dinasour

Flying, Trample

Whenever ~ enters the battlefield or attacks it deals 2 damage to each creature and each opponent.

Whenever ~ is put into a graveyard or exile, you may shuffle your and put ~ on top on it.


I hope I got the reference right, haven't played Final Fantasy at all. but now, create a Mox card that would suit the Mox family. see Mox Ruby , Mox Pearl , Mox Emerald . (maybe something about additional lands)

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