Pearl Medallion


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Pearl Medallion


White spells you play cost (1) less to play.

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Pearl Medallion Discussion

Cloudius on Sram, the auramancer

5 days ago

I'd recommend focusing on Aura and adding a few key Equipment to support, or vice versa. Trying to run both may stretch the deck too thin and lack focus.

Card Draws and Tutors

Mesa Enchantress is a great card, as a redundancy for Sram, to help with card draw since card draw effects are rare for mono white decks.

Idyllic Tutor though restrictive, is the rare few enchantment tutors out there.

There are plenty of equipment tutors available should you chose to go that route though.

Alternate Wincon

Sigil of the Empty Throne is a useful alternate Wincon if you're able to keep spamming auras/enchantments and provide you with some blockers in the air.


Replenish is useful recursion for your enchantments but use with caution. If someone removes all your creatures while this is on the stack, you'd be left with no choice but to put even the "good" auras on your opponents' creature(s) instead.

Open the Vaults a symmetrical spell that benefits your opponents too and cost 2 CMC more than Replenish. Worth considering if you need more redundancy for Replenish or play in a mass destroy heavy meta.

Second Sunrise Imho, it's a "Winmore" and very situational. Just putting it here so you've more options.

Board Wipe

Magus of the Balance is an interesting card as it doesn't affect enchantments and artifacts. If you run a Voltron strategy, chances are, you're usually the player with the least creature on the battlefield.

Winds of Rath is a necessary board wipe that excludes your enchanted creature(s).


Being mono white, we've to rely entirely on artifacts to ramp us.

Mana Crypt casting cost that provides per turn, I'd gladly take the damages!

Pearl Medallion help makes your white spells cheaper.

Caged Sun Mirari's Wake without the need for Green.

Chrome Mox Good to have but not absolutely critical.

hejtmane on Victory Brings Honor, Defeat Brings Shame

2 weeks ago

Ok some more here you go The Immortal Sun I know it only gives +1/+1 but you get to draw an extra card and it cost 6 and it basically does what Obelisk of Urd+Pearl Medallion does combined and so 6 total mana vs 8 and one card vs two oh and you get to shut down pesky planeswalkers. That allows you to add another creature back to your deck. I also do not think you need Darksteel Ingot + Manalith + Marble Diamond that is three cards cost 8 mana and you are single mana build and you only get three mana in return vs one card 5 mana to get down but 3 mana per tap and it can be white Gilded Lotus and now you can add 2 more creatures back in your deck or creatures and some equipment if you want.

Unlife on Victory Brings Honor, Defeat Brings Shame

2 weeks ago

I have a mono white deck and my experience has been that it requires a lot of fine tuning to get it where you wants. I'm not sure your budget so I'll just throw down a bunch of ideas and you can pick what works.

I agree that Extraplanar Lens and Snow-Covered Plains can be helpful but in general you need some more white mana rocks. Marble Diamond, Tooth of Ramos, Darksteel Ingot, Pearl Medallion, Thunder Totem and Tithe can all help with this. Pillar of Origins maybe work too.

You need some removal, or at least restrictions. Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Darksteel Mutation, Prison Term, Oblivion Ring are all options. Rout, Fumigate and Mass Calcify are great board wipes as well.

You could use some tribal support, Metallic Mimic, Adaptive Automaton and Thalia's Lieutenant are both creature based options. Herald's Horn, Door of Destinies, Coat of Arms, Heirloom Blade, and Kindred Boon

I hope this info is helpful

Hexaflexagon on Command the Angels

1 month ago

Hey multimedia and bushido_man96,

Thanks for your continued help. I will definitely try taking out my remaining anthem effects for some more ramp. I already have put in Zendikar Resurgent. Do you think I should take out Vanquisher's Banner (as it is an anthem effect but it does provide card draw)? I'll try taking out Selesnya Charm, Swift Justice, Radiant Destiny, Darksteel Ingot and Selesnya Keyrune so I can put in Kodama's Reach (or Cultivate. Is there any difference between the two, apart from a suptype?), Pearl Medallion, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Solemn Simulacrum and Nature's Lore. I will add them in when I get back home

Thanks again,


multimedia on Command the Angels

1 month ago

Hey, you're welcome :) I like the changes.

I play Standard and Causal/Competitive Commander with more of a focus on good budget cards.

One thing I notice is the avg CMC is pretty high here which is understandable because many of the best Angels have high CMCs. Consider adding more ramp? Certain cards here are depending on you having a creature in play to cast them. The problem is the amount of high casting costs Angels then these cards will be bad/dead more times than good/useful. If a card in Commander is depending on having another card in play then that card needs to be really good.

In Commander value from the cards you play is important, it's important in all games of Magic, but in Commander it's more important than most because of the lack of consistency (all 1 ofs in the deck). The cards that you play need give you more value than a one shot deal. What I mean is a one shot deal in Commander doesn't do much unless it wins you the game. For example a card that's part of a combo and you're not playing cards like that here. There are exceptions such as Swords to Plowshares. This card is powerful enough that having it in the deck to only exile one creature is worth it. You want lasting value from the cards you play or cards that do give you just one thing such as land ramp spells (Cultivate, Kodama) need to help you enough to warrant including them in the deck.

Angels are loaded at the five drop spot and the most powerful ones have 7+ CMC, for these reasons consider adding more ramp? When playing green you don't have to rely completely on ramp from only artifacts. Green lets you branch out and include ramp from three different sources (mana dorks, mana rocks and land ramp spells). You've started to do this already by playing Birds of Paradise which is great, but consider adding more one drop mana dorks? Diversifying your ramp makes it harder for your opponents to disrupt it. You also don't want to tie up all your ramp at the three drop spot. It's true three drops have the most ramp options in Commander, but green gives you access to one drop ramp which is a big reason to play green in Commander. Ramp more spread out at the one, two, three drop spots gives you more chances to have a better in game curve.

Ramp to consider adding:

goodair on philktoken8998

3 months ago

these are nm:
Harbinger of the Tides
Kataki, War's Wage
Grip of Phyresis
2x Tidehollow Sculler

2x Cranial Plating MP, fifth dawn
Echoing Truth Damaged
Hibernation LP
Pearl Medallion HP, tempest
might have some other cards to fill in for these nm cards

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip
Path to Exile
ended up getting a copter from a friend

Hexaflexagon on Angels On High

3 months ago

At first, I was like "Who's the Commander?" and then I saw...

You may want to add some mana ramp such as Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, Avacyn's Pilgrim and Solemn Simulacrum

You may also want to consider Kefnet's Monument, Oketra's Monument and Rhonas's Monument as a form of advantages and mana ramp at the same time. Also the Pearl Medallion, Emerald Medallion and Sapphire Medallion for the same purpose.

goodair on philktoken8998

3 months ago

I would do the Pearl Medallion but it is a tempest version and its heavily played. I can send you a picture of the cards since some of these are pretty old if you'd like.

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