Consul's Lieutenant


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Uncommon

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Consul's Lieutenant

Creature — Human Soldier

First strike

Renown 1 (When this creature deals combat damage to a player, if it isn't renowned, put a +1/+1 counter on it and it becomes renowned.)

Whenever Consul's Lieutenant attacks, it it's renowned, other attacking creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Consul's Lieutenant Discussion

cak01vej on Fix my deck, please!

2 weeks ago

I haven't playtested this, and I don't play outlast myself, but here's a decklist I just threw together based on the creatures you already have in there:

A lot of the creatures are already in your deck, and I've made room for up to 20 lands (four of which I suggest should be Gavony Township), in my play group we don't play with sideboards, but I really like the idea of ult'ing Ajani, Mentor of Heroes so you could put him there, but at CMC5 he is rather expensive.

Once you figure out what spells should be in the deck, we can talk about the mana base.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 month ago

Additions (trying to push boros. We can remove anything on this list, of course):

Things to consider for UW (not added, lets discuss):


Some notes:

Do we include sigets? I think it might be a good idea.


WhisperingBlade on Hoomins fight with swords

2 months ago

Hey, I think you have a lot of the right pieces and that the list is really well-budgeted! If I may, I'd like to offer you a few suggestions.

Mainboard:I'd add 4 Soldier of the Pantheon (solid 1 drop) and 2-3 of either Consul's Lieutenant or Precinct Captain (both good aggressive first strikers that your opponent will have to deal with quickly). My personal experience with these cards has been excellent. I'd cut 1 Brave the Elements (having 2 in hand feels rather bad), your Elite Vanguard (Soldier of the Pantheon is entirely better), your Mardue Woe-Reaper (although this one might be okay, but would prefer more warriors), and your Imposing Sovereigns (overall feels a bit slow, with redundant effects). Obviously I'd look into Path to Exile over Journey to Nowhere, but if you are running Journey to Nowhere due to budget constraints I entirely understand. I'd also look into adding 2-3 Ghost Quarters to have the ability to mess with your opponent's manabase. Helps a lot against Tron and manlands.

Sideboard:As it stands, you currently have no reason to run Sundering Growth over Disenchant. If you are able to though, I'd shoot for Stony Silence over both of them. As for graveyard hate, I'd recommend Rest in Peace. While it doesn't redraw like Relic, it is a constant effect. The only thing that Grafdigger's Cage does better than it is turn off effects like Collected Company. I'd also go with Ranger of Eos over Make a Stand and 1 other card (maybe one of your many pieces of gravehate?). While make a stand looks pretty good at first, it is very impractical to just hold up 3 mana constantly to protect against board wipes. Using Ranger of Eos to recover from a wipe can be an excellent way to get back into the game.

Hope I could help out a bit! If you ever have any questions or need anything else, let me know. Good luck on your brew!

WhisperingBlade on

2 months ago

This looks really good with the budget you've allotted to yourself! I play humans in modern as well (although I definitely didn't budget mine because I have no willpower), so I have a few suggestions for you. I understand that you want to keep the deck at around $100, so feel free to disregard any cards you may consider expensive. I'm going to mention them though in case you ever have the chance to trade up to them or you just want to save up towards them.

Kor Firewalker is the card to play instead of Lantern Scout against aggro and burn. Just about any aggressive deck you see will play red, and this can really seal the deal. If you like Ranger of Eos (a card I'll mention in a few moments), Burrenton Forge-Tender can also be good because it is tutorable, and can protect your team against red damage based wipes or trade with burn spells.

Mirran Crusader is really good sideboard tech for $2. Playing this against Jund is really solid.

Ranger of Eos is a solid way to recover on the board against wipes. I personally prefer this to Make a Stand in the sideboard because you don't need to constantly be holding up mana, you can just play it afterwards fetching two Champion of the Parish and get right back on track. The MM3 version is super cheap now compared to what the original was.

Brave the Elements is absolutely insane, and I personally believe it is an auto-include in any white weenie build. Allowing your guys to dodge removal, damage based wipes, or just become unblockable by a color is super great for 1. It also gives you outs when your opponent has built up a large boardstate that you don't have much hope of getting through.

Path to Exile is a bit more expensive, so maybe this would be something you could work towards. The new version is about $6 each right now, which is pretty solid for arguably the best removal spell in modern. Having removal will really help you to interact with other decks and remove blockers, so I'd seriously consider this if you can.

Thraben Inspector is no slouch. You should consider this card as a 3-4 of if you have trouble with midrange or control in your meta. The extra draw also helps your to get to your sideboard cards a little faster, and helps you to have ample gas to go into longer games. One other thing to note is it helps you so that you get less blown out by mass damage effects like Zealous Persecution and if pumped Pyroclasm/Kozilek's Return that will occasionally come in against you games 2 and 3.

Precinct Captain is pretty good and could either replace Hanweir Militia Captain  Flips or Consul's Lieutenants. The reason this might be a bit better is because it is a bit better against targeted removal assuming it can get a hit in. I wouldn't say it is strictly better than the above mentioned cards I think you could replace with it, but if you find that you struggle against that sort of thing, I'd look into him. Helps that he is less than $.50 each.

If there is anything else I can help you with let me know! I'd love to talk in further detail or answer any questions you might have. Good luck with the brew!

sleeper_agent007 on Tribal: Stand Together (Soldiers)

3 months ago

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

@The_Grape: I actually did consider Obelisk of Urd. My only gripe is that it often costs me a full turn of aggro to cast it. Still on the fence about this one.

@HerculesMorse: Great suggestions! Phalanx Leader is essentially the deck's backbone and I activate it's ability in every game. Same goes for Favored Hoplite who is fairly good sub for when I don't draw into Leader, allowing me to go tall while dodging some burn or damage off of it's heroics. The deck runs 20 targeted spells so heroic triggers are common.

Right now, Precinct Captain is my flex spot and any of your suggestions would fit in nicely. Field Marshal is out mostly for budget reason, but he'll eventually make it to the list. I really like Consul's Lieutenant as a swinging anthem. I will give it a shot instead PC.

@HenryPerson: Virtue is not a bad idea, but I would probably try to max out Honor of the Pure first since it affects all my guys and not just the tokens.

What do you guys think of Veteran's Armaments?

HerculesMorse on Tribal: Stand Together (Soldiers)

3 months ago

Do you get to activate Phalanx Leader's and Favored Hoplite's abilities much?

Also, I realize you want to keep your average CMC down (understandably) but have considered Field Marshal. There is also Thraben Inspector for potential card draw (or Infiltration Lens, though not a creature) and cool dudes like Consul's Lieutenant. Intrepid Hero might be cool as a sideboard option too...maybe.

WhisperingBlade on Peeps Amassing

4 months ago

When you are only running basics, I'd definitely recommend taking advantage of your being able to cast WW creatures such as Consul's Lieutenant (I see you already have this in the maybeboard) and Precinct Captain. I'd personally try these over the Akroan Skyguards, as the list you currently run has no way to pump them (equipping it doesn't trigger heroic because it doesn't target the creature upon cast, in case there was any confusion) and they just aren't too crazy unless you focus on abusing them.

I would consider cutting the Grand Abolishers, as while they prevent your opponent from doing some stuff, they really aren't too aggressive and aren't soldiers to boot. I'd say go for an aggressive card, because the way you'll usually win is through tempo.

Aegis of the Gods: a very interesting card, but not remarkable considering that your opponent's can remove it fairly easily. Hand disruption can take it from your hand in the early turns, and it is much easier to get rid of it than an enchantment with a similar effect. Sometimes it won't actually be anything but a 2/1, which you could do better statwise on your two drop slot.

I'm a huge fan of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and is well worth building your deck with her in mind if you are okay with going light on spells. She screws up a lot of otherwise poor match ups. If you don't want to go with Thalia, that's okay: white weenie has a few strong noncreature cards to slot in, the chief of which being Honor of the Pure. I personally don't like this card in conjunction with Thalia, which is why my list is different from just about every other, but this is still considered playable with Thalia by many. But if you aren't running Thalia, this is definitely the way to go, full 4 of, no questions asked.

On the Silence vs. Gather the Townsfolk dilemma, Gather the Townsfolk is pretty nuts, and only gets better with Honor of the Pure. You do have to consider if it is worth it even when Field Marshal can't pump them (and I don't recommend Raise the Alarm over them which has less synergy with the deck, even at instant speed). So I'd try them out and see how they work (or don't work) for you. Silence is a cool card, but generally doesn't do what it needs to do with many decks just using the missed opportunity to play something proactive to do something during your turn (I will admit it is fairly interesting with Grand Abolisher, never realized that before until writing this). Overall, I'd abstain from playing Silence because while it may seem like it buys you a turn, it can just be lost card advantage overall.

Your 1 drop count looks a little low. I'd consider adding a few to lay a boardstate out quickly, consistently. Soldier of the Pantheon and Thraben Inspector are cool options you could look at.

Infiltration Lens is pretty cool looking, I'd love to know how it works for you!

After that, just finding what's right for your sideboard should help you better understand what you should have in your mainboard. I think what you are able to run in the side should definitely affect the way you look at the mainboard and vice versa. I'd be happy to help you create a general sideboard for white weenie if you'd like.

Thank you for the checking out my deck, good luck on the brew!

LoneCrusader399 on Stand Your Ground!

4 months ago

frogkill45: I checked out of Magic a little bit during Origins, so I never knew about Consul's Lieutenant. I'll definitely test it out, thanks for the suggestion!

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