Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Common
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret (DDF) Common
Mirrodin (MRD) Common

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Affinity for artifacts (This spell costs (1) less to play for each artifact you control.)

Draw two cards.

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Thoughtcast Discussion

Grubbernaut on Angry affinity pauper

3 weeks ago

Sweet brew! I do think it wants 4x Thoughtcast for mid and late game gas -- maybe cut 1x Etherium Sculptor and 1x Myr Sire?


Pieguy396 on Assistance with Vault Bombs

1 month ago

I'd really focus on lowering your mana curve and decreasing your 1-ofs. Mind Stone is leagues ahead of Izzet Cluestone, Etherium Sculptor is fantastic, Vedalken Engineer isn't half bad, etc. I'd also add in some card draw (Thoughtcast), some untapped lands (Sunken Hollow, Choked Estuary, Drowned Catacomb, etc). That should solve a lot of your consistency issues.

Saint1129 on 2in1 Cheerio Mill/Storm

1 month ago

Oh wait, you already have x4 Thoughtcast... my bad, sorry.

Saint1129 on 2in1 Cheerio Mill/Storm

1 month ago

Hmmm, I know Manamorphose is great in storm decks, but is it really necessary here? Most land sources can already produce any color you want, and your artifacts have no need for mana anyway. If you're using it mostly for the draw, there are better things for cheaper- like Thought Scour, which helps with mill (just a tiiiiny bit) or Thoughtcast, (which is probably better for this deck) because of the large amount 0 drop artifacts you plan on casting.

Bchong on Menstruating Mind Masters

1 month ago

It really depends on your deck building philosophy. What is undeniable is that a creature based strategy is a bad method in winning a game, because people can easily come back with cards with Vandalblast. In addition, creature based strategies aren't that strong when you are using artifacts.

A couple of ways to play Sen Triplets as a central part of your deck is to either use sen triplets as hand disruption, or using sen triplets to deck your opponent by playing their entire deck.

It was a lie when people told you that combo pieces will close out games. This is the only way to consistently win games.

The weakest parts of your deck is your creatures, all of your equipment except Skullclamp, all of your planeswalkers expect Tezzeret the Seeker , all of your enchantments except Rhystic Study.

Some of the cards your deck is missing is, all of the possible signets, all of the possible talismans. These are mana rocks which are very strong and every deck needs them. This deck needs to have more ramp than everyone else and Sen Triplets needs to hit the battlefield as fast as possible like on turn 3. So you also need to be running all of the possible ritual effects, like Dark Ritual.

Then to make sen triplets a strong card you need:

Mana rocks: Basalt Monolith Mana Vault Lotus Petal Vedalken Engineer Crystal Vein MindStone

Wheel effects like: Windfall or Jace's Archivist or even Temple Bell

Good combo pieces: Paradox Engine

Things to look at players hands: Telepathy (this is the greatest hate magnet card ever) Gitaxian Probe

Protection for Sen Triplets: Lightning Greaves

Hate cards: Notion Thief Teferi's Puzzle Box Blind Obedience

Bounce cards: Wash Out Baral's Expertise

Tutor cards: Trophy Mage Trinket Mage Fabricate Lim-Dul's Vault

Removal and Interaction:

Draw: Brainstorm Ponder Preordain Opt Thoughtcast

Mana reduction:Etherium Sculptor Semblance Anvil

Strong cards: Prophetic Prism Krark-Clan Ironworks Chromatic Sphere Chromatic Star

You don't have to do this, this was basically my plan for my sen triplet's deck. Basically just ramp super hard and then play sen triplets and then cast someone's entire hand. For deck is filled with very strong creatures but creatures in EDH are very weak.

Bchong on Competitive Sharuum Combos: Infinite Possibilities

1 month ago

I think that something like Solemn Simulacrum is way to slow of a card to be playing. You should also put in the Dramatic Scepter combo and you should put in Ponder, Lotus Petal and maybe Thoughtcast, Gamble for memes. You could also play some eggs and Scrap Trawler with Krark-Clan Ironworks this will ensure that you aren't sure if you can win or not until you hit something important like a Myr Retriever.

Bchong on Me and My Artificial Needs

1 month ago

You should try and put in all of the talismans and signets that you can put in. You have little to no draw and you basically have to interaction with the other players. You should try and put in some good value cards like Ponder Mystic Remora Fragmentize Gamble Thoughtcast Mana Vault Mana Crypt Krark-Clan Ironworks Vandalblast By Force Fellwar Stone Vedalken Engineer Etherium Sculptor Foundry Inspector.

You should also try and stay away from creature based strategies because they are fairly slow and because infinite combos are just so much better in EDH. You already have a couple combo pieces in your deck such as Thopter Foundry which combos with Sword of the Meek and Krark-Clan Ironworks. You also have Scrap Trawler which combos with Krark-Clan Ironworks if you have "eggs" or artifacts that draw you cards when it etbs or dies.

I don't think some of the planeswalkers or creatures really have a place in an artifact deck. While they may be good individually, these cards have little to no synergy to the rest of the artifact theme of your deck.

awesomeragle on No Banned List Modern

1 month ago

Take a look at my edit, this is what I expect from no banned list modern, which is what many of you reflected. I believe lukas96 and sirkehn are over evaluating the effect of artifact lands on affinity. Even with artifact lands it doesn't speed up the clock, and in fact lowers the consistency of it if you remove man lands or even worse try to put something like Disciple of the Vault in the deck. The "interaction" of Dispatch and Galvanic Blast is simply not enough to slow down anyone. I also saw someone mention Chrome Mox as a card affinity can play? The "exile a nonartifact, nonland card from your hand" clause on that card makes it difficult to include in affinity ;). Not to mention if you want to get any use out of Skullclamp, you have to find room for it. I envision affinity looking basically how it does now, except with a completely different sideboard given the different meta and instead of Galvanic Blast or Thoughtcast, just playing 4 Skullclamp. Which, in my evaluation, is simply not fast enough for Tier 1

Boza, I would be interested to see a dredge deck for modern that uses Dread Return, because I can't tell what it would look like. Otherwise I was planning on a version of dredge and had a specific side board strategy for it with two Rest in Peace obviously paired with Terminus to clean up whatever got through before I resolved the enchantment. In fact everything you've listed is what I have been counting on, I believe I can interrupt elves very easily for example. The only thing I think we don't see eye to eye on is how important Chalice of the Void is specifically for this deck against the field. Literally this deck is trying to abuse Counterbalance as a 1 sided, variable Chalice of the Void. I even put one in the side board for Match ups where I really want to chalice on 0 as early as possible. I have 21 1 drops and 22 lands, meaning Counterbalance blindly played on turn 2 is very likely to be as good as chalice on 0 or 1, then I get to manipulate it as soon as I get a Sensei's Divining Top in play. I understand you know how the deck works, but I think you just didn't seem to connect how comparable the two cards really are.

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