Prowler's Helm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Uncommon

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Prowler's Helm

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature can't be blocked except by Walls.

Equip 2

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Prowler's Helm Discussion

sanddeviljack on Kitty Kommander

6 days ago

This is a cool concept. Ajani's Pridemate and Ajani's Sunstriker have some powerful synergy, and are both 2-drops.

On one hand, Ajani's Chosen wants lots of enchantments. And your choices of enchantments are solid--Beastmaster Ascension and Collective Blessing and both serious powerhouses, for instance. They are both worth keeping no matter what else you do. But Kemba, Kha Regent will net you a lot more tokens if you load up on the equipment. Right now, you have one non-bo (Blade of Selves) and three that are redundant (if placed on Kemba) out of your six equipment. But I can see wanting to showcase a lot of different cats, so I am guessing that is your main thought. Raksha, Leonin Elder, Leonin Shikari and Sigarda's Aid also all work better with more equipment, so if I were building the deck, I would go that route. Working both ends would require a lot of deep cuts elsewhere--probably far more than you really want to make. And your commander wants lots of creatures. Equipment might be the best avenue forward. Maybe you go a little off theme and slide in Eldrazi Displacer so that your creature ETBs can cover some of the resulting gaps?

Without getting too pricy, there are a slew of great equipment, like Behemoth Sledge or Assault Suit, or even Prowler's Helm or Bladed Pinions that would both turn on your guys and offer anything from a small secondary benefit to some impressive extra firepower, even on someone else. Rancor might not measure up, once you start digging in.

You might not have enough lands or card draw to make Burgeoning worth much if it's not your opening play. A lot of Ajanis ensures you get one or more, but there are definitely better and worse. I know a lot of people play Goldmane and Steadfast, but my favorite by far is Caller of the Pride. Some well-thought out rankings would help you find some room for all those cool toys your guys want.

You've got a great first draft here, so you know you're on the right track. I think a cat tribal deck would be a lot of fun! I hope this was helpful. Good luck!

apxl on Zurgo or Bust

6 days ago

Have you considered putting more boardwipes in the deck in addition to Worldslayer? I found that they really help control the board (lessening the need for pillowfort cards) and allow Zurgo to attack unblocked very often.

I would also recommend you replace short term evasion like Mighty Leap with equipment and auras such as Prowler's Helm and Spirit Mantle.

Here's my list for reference

MoGoose831 on Temmet, the Token Juggernaut

2 weeks ago

You could always go with equipment like Whispersilk Cloak or Prowler's Helm. I also really like Protective Bubble and Steel of the Godhead.

ohmless on i like to draw many things

3 weeks ago

wouldn't know how well this runs as I generally don't play blue. My brother does though and he likes to always run Teferi, Temporal Archmage for the untap four permanents ability. Blue also offers some ways of untapping your land(nykthos loves these) in Rewind(which you already included), Peregrine Drake, and Great Whale. With mana rocks, you can play a commander bomb in Paradox Engine. it allows storming off your entire hand potentially so I would include somewhere some "wheel" cards where you draw lots of cards like Windfall, Brainstorm, Stroke of Genius, Flux, and Prosperity. Can always get your commander through for damage with Prowler's Helm. Your commander would get incredibly big if you included some stuff to make you have no maximum hand size like Venser's Journal, Reliquary Tower, Spellbook, and Thought Vessel. good start on the deck. +1'ed!

libraryjoy on Sidar and Tana

1 month ago

I second the comments to get rid of single target pump spells. You might instead go for stuff like Prowler's Helm or Executioner's Hood to get your commander through unblocked. Also, Pollenbright Wings might be fun. Sigil of Valor also. Stuff like Windstorm, Silklash Spider, Tornado Elemental, Needle Storm & Gale Force would help you destroy fliers to get your army through unblocked.

Deathman13 on Brago King of Value

1 month ago

So from what I found among equipments for 1 CMC,Skyblinder Staff and Skeleton Key allow Brago to be near unblockable, especially Skyblinder Staff as essentially only creatures with reach will be able to block him.

For 2 CMC I found Trailblazer's Boots, Swiftfoot Boots, Mask of Avacyn, Ring of Evos Isle, and Prowler's Helm, bit these can't be searched for so they're not as appealing. Mask of Avacyn does provideo hexproof though, and may be worth it.

For 3 CMC I found Neko-Te, Darksteel Plate, and Champion's Helm. Darksteel Plate and Champion's Helm are a bit pricey, but Darksteel Plate has the advantage of better protection for itself and its equippedal creature.

Lastly, at 4 CMC and a price Shield of Kaldra works similarly to Darksteel Plate and although I think Darksteel Plate is the better option, I figured Shield of Kaldra was worth a memtion.

Ultimately Whispersilk Cloak seems to do a good job at am affordable price and there doesn't seem to be any alternatives that provide both protection and the inability to be blocked as far as equipment goes. There are better protection options, but they either fall in the 2 CMC range or are a bit pricey.

I just started looking at flicker decks today and wasn't sure why many of them ran an equipment that provides shroud, thank you very much for explaining it to me!

clayperce on Brushai

1 month ago

This looks extremely sweet. Big +1 from me!

A few thoughts on some Equipment that might be worth trying, if you find some of your other cards underperforming ...

  • If you want a little more Draw, I love Avarice Amulet. All the other effects are great too, and it can be an amazing political tool as well (e.g., "In response [to some annoying removal] ... I'm going to chat with the other people at the table for a few minutes, and see what they can do for me if I give them the Amulet").
  • Prowler's Helm maybe? Unless you have a REALLY bizarre meta, it's great redundancy for Trailblazer's Boots.
  • Also, if you end up adding Iroas, God of Victory (as dlamars mentioned), I'd strongly recommend adding Vorrac Battlehorns too ... they synergize hilariously well.

Draw well!

megagundam7 on Twin Swords

1 month ago

May I suggest adding unblockable stuff like Prowler's Helm and Trailblazer's Boots because almost no one uses wall and 99% of decks have at least one non-basic land in it.

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