Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Common
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Uncommon
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Common
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
Magic 2013 (M13) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common
2011 Core Set (M11) Common
2010 Core Set (M10) Common
Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic (DDC) Common
Tenth Edition (10E) Common
Ninth Edition (9ED) Common
Eighth Edition (8ED) Common
Onslaught (ONS) Common
Seventh Edition (7ED) Common
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Common
Anthologies (ATH) Common
Urza's Saga (USG) Common
Tempest (TMP) Common
Mirage (MIR) Common

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Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block.

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Pacifism Discussion

shadow63 on Dinosaur RAMP!!!

1 day ago

I'd use Pacifism over the slash

kamarupa on Barbie Doll

1 week ago

I've tried building decks with Stuffy Doll for years now, looking at what's already been done, searching for cards that make it work decently - it's just not as good as it needs to be. Manabarbs is at least as bad of a wincon. Sure there are really expensive tutors and lands, but it would be pretty foolish to drop $20 a copy for a tutor for a deck that isn't even good. I never said 3 card combos/high CMC wincons means a deck can't have a decent curve. I'm saying that this specific combo isn't very good, that if there were a decent ramp option in boros, it might be more viable. If I could ramp to 6 mana by T4, perhaps Plea for Guidance or some such might be worth it. But I can't. In lieu of a ramp, spells like Oppressive Rays, Oblivion Ring, Phyrexian Unlife, and Ghostly Prison do a decent job of slow the game to grind and make it somewhat possible to maybe get the combo out. I'd like more 1-2CMC spells that fit the theme and the budget, but like I said, they're not out there. Pacifism sucks. Oppressive Rays is way better, and Oblivion Ring is much broader. Journey to Nowhere is in between, and I'd like to include it, but not if it means taking out the variety of things like Unlife, Starfield, Prison. I'm aware of Porphyry Nodes. I don't consider that "budget." Sure, if it were a key component, I'd consider it - but it isn't. Authority of the Consuls is the same.

I was saying for whatever reason, people in my playgroup don't fear Mesa Enchantress [yet]. It's still better than nothing. There are no tutors at a decent price and CMC that are better. Back to Nature is in plenty of sideboards. Myr Battlesphere is a good wincon, better than Stuffy Doll at least.

Your tone suggests you think you've got some kind of understanding of the game and knowledge of spells that I should cow to. The bottom line is that you're suggestions aren't persuasive.

zephyr_chang on Barbie Doll

1 week ago

Re: mana curve, playing high CMC win-cons in a casual deck is not mutually exclusive with having a decent curve. But since your defense for everything is 'I don't take this deck seriously', then no problem, I guess. Just pointing out that having a 5-CMC win con or a 3 card combo doesn't preclude you from having a good curve. I didn't mention ramp at all either. Re: Angelsong was included because it stops more than one source, combat damage is usually more relevant than damage from spells/lands, and you can cycle it (you mentioned the importance of cycling yourself).Re: Pentarch Ward; sure, it is 3CMC, but I'd removed other 3CMC spells to make space. If you take my suggestions as a whole, the net CMC came down and the curve is better - not sure why you focus on this one card's CMC. But again, I'm guessing you don't play in a meta where the most common removal Path to Exile is played, so no problem there.Re: Boros Charm, 'mana-intensive' should have been 'color-intensive' - my bad.Re: slow, grindy decks and mana-curve; again, most slow grindy decks DO have early game plays. Not sure why you keep thinking otherwise.Re: 1 and 2-CMC enchantments; there are tons of them. For instance, Porphyry Nodes can control the board till your Stuffy Doll comes down. There are many Pacifism-type spells that you can try too.Overall, I guess your deck can work in a meta where Mesa Enchantress is feared, apparently no removal is played, but things like Back to Nature and Myr Battlesphere see play, and if you take nothing seriously. Good luck with that.

_raeofsunlight on WB Token Life Gain Thing

2 weeks ago

You might want to look into Kambal, Consul of Allocation, Suture Priest, Congregate and Crested Sunmare for lifegain. You might also want to add some protection like Banishing Light, Oblivion Ring, Pacifism or Path of Bravery

_raeofsunlight on Vogels

2 weeks ago

I like this! You might want to consider adding Banishing Light, Oblivion Ring, or Grasp of Fate instead of Pacifism. Pacifism is great until you need to take out someone's enchantment or artifact.

REDWHITEandBLUE on Trans girl power

3 weeks ago

Ok now i have some more time so ill try to make some suggestions for you. First i think that all the life gain is pointless. The deck is aggro so you should be lowering your opponents life total instead of raising yours. Elixir of immortality also does the opposite of what you want in this deck. You also have some pretty bad removal in this deck and there is much better budget options. Better card draw would also help. In an aggro deck you are going to run out of cards fast. Last i think there are some creatures in this deck that shouldn't be. but thats ok cause i think you are also running too many creatures so its an easy fix haha. Also i can tell that you wanted to go with an allies theme but alot of your allies have more than 2 power. You only have 12 allies and 4 of them have more than 2 power

Angel's Feather
Staff of the Flame Magus
Staff of the Sun Magus
Elixir of Immortality
Banishing Stroke
Celestial Flare
Aether Poisoner
Borderland Marauder
Death Cultist
Filigree Familiar
Harvestguard Alseids
Kambal, Consul of Allocation
Supply-Line Cranes
Tireless Missionaries
Underworld Coinsmith

Mentor of the Meek
Faithless Looting
Fiend Hunter
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
Karmic Guide
Sol Ring
Swords to Plowshares
Burnished Hart
Boros Charm
Return to Dust
Tormenting Voice
Reforge the Soul
Ashnod's Altar
Commander's Sphere
Darksteel Ingot
Cathars' Crusade
Mardu Ascendancy
Vampiric Rites
Behind the Scenes
Assemble the Legion
Noosegraf Mob
Key to the City

lastly your land base seems alittle weird so ill suggest some stuff for that to.
1x Command Tower
1x Nomad Outpost
1x Evolving Wilds
1x Terramorphic Expanse
1x Rogue's Passage
1x Temple of Triumph
1x Temple of Silence
1x Temple of Malice
1x Temple of the False God
1x High Market
1x Hanweir Battlements
9x Mountain
9x Swamp
9x Plains

this would be a good budget land base for this deck. If you have any questions on cards then just ask. And obviously dont take all my suggestions it is your deck. Have fun!

rhine0 on Daxos

1 month ago

So, I have a few ideas we could hash out for this deck, and I included a bunch of cards that I'll just give you, as well as a few cards you should pick up and plan to use, regardless. We can sit down and actually hash this out together if you'd like, or you can wing it and develop something on your own. Either way, I'm stoked you're getting so into this!

Cards You Should Pick Up

Windborn Muse Blind Obedience Noxious FieldUnderworld Connections

Cards I Can Give You

Mortuary MireForsaken SanctuarySeizures--There may be better enchantments, but its still not a bad optionUnhallowed PactViper's KissMolting SnakeskinDead WeightVampire CutthroatSage's ReverieLightformOrc SureshotBattle BrawlerErebos's EmissaryOrdeal of ErebosEraseDisenchantGuardian ZendikonPacifismEthereal ArmorCartouche of SolidarityEphara's RadianceRevoke ExistenceGift of OrzhovaOpen the ArmoryAccursed Witch  FlipHonden of Night's ReachSentry of the UnderworldReckless SpiteSandblastDjeru's RenunciationPeace of MindOrdeal of HeliodGryff's BoonLotus-Eye MysticsUnraveling MummyWayward Servant

redace10 on Ojutai's Mystification

1 month ago

Both would be my recommendation. I just can't overstate how crucial it is to have Taigam as an eligible attacker every turn possible. Having him bounced, destroyed, aurified with Pacifism or anything similar, exiled, tapped, stolen, countered, any of those common EDH mechanics happen to him and your deck is practically shut down.

The more I think of what his deck needs, the more I think he almost requires a Voltron build. Not to deal damage to people, though that would be a funny way to win with him, but just because he's the sole value engine of the deck.

I never see Cast Through Time in blue decks for EDH, but if you're not protecting him in a truckload of ways, don't you kind of have to run it? Otherwise there's no other way your deck can combo off without Taigam both on the field and swinging every turn.

It leaves the deck very vulnerable in my opinion. Removal is so common, Taigam is easy to stop, and the deck desperately needs to work it's rebounding magic to win.

Also, I really think every extra turn spell short of Savor the Moment should be in the deck. Even the ones that exile themselves. You get that rebound action much more immediately, which is the one draw back I see in all the power Taigam offers. Getting through 3 opponents' turns when they all know what's coming can be totally brutal.

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