Etherium Sculptor


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Common
Modern Masters (MMA) Common
Shards of Alara (ALA) Common

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Etherium Sculptor

Artifact Creature — Vedalken Artificer

Artifact spells you play cost less to play.

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Etherium Sculptor Discussion

NV_1980 on Akiri & Silas, Artifact Shenanigans

4 days ago

Hi greekdestroyr1,

Something about your list struck me as odd. Your commander Silas Renn, Seeker Adept can't use his main ability while Grafdigger's Cage is in play. After all, the cage states that: "Player's can't cast cards in graveyards and libraries". Combine that with the following MTG rule:

103.2. When a rule or effect says something can happen and another effect says it cant, the cant effect wins. For example, if one effect reads You may play an additional land this turn and another reads You cant play land cards this turn, the effect that keeps you from playing lands wins out. Note that adding abilities to objects and removing abilities from objects dont fall under this rule; see rule 402.9.

And we've got an issue.

Other than that you've got a nice deck here! I'd probably add some more equipment to make Akiri even more powerful like Champion's Helm, Hero's Blade and Loxodon Warhammer. I'd also consider Myr Retriever and Etherium Sculptor and in case you have the cash, Metalworker might be awesome.

I hope this helps you and I hope you can find the time to comment on one of my decks too. Happy gaming!

Bolsheviktory on Zur Ad Nauseam Storm

2 weeks ago

wkli6 I think it's inferior to Helm of Awakening which applies to all spells and (if you need more artifact cost reduction) Etherium Sculptor. It costs 3 mana to play and removes an additional card from our hand, so it would be completely unplayable outside a combo turn.

goblinguiderevealpls on FLAVA FLAAAAAVES' clock collection

2 weeks ago

It's a bit clunky at times, but generally the engines you need for storm are a cost reducer like Herald of Kozilek, Etherium Sculptor or Cloud Key plus a draw engine such as Vedalken Archmage , Null Profusion, Future Sight or Necropotence, or a recursion engine like Salvaging Station

This usually allows me to storm out by spamming 1cmc artifacts for 0 and drawing a card for each artifact i play, then playing more free artifacts until I draw into a Tendrils of Agony, Aetherflux Reservoir or Reckless Fireweaver and play enough artifacts for lethal damage

Also, theres a sneaky infinite combo here with Saheeli Rai's -2 and Mycosynth Lattice, where i can make infinite copies of saheeli which is infinite damage with fireweaver and/or Disciple of the Vault :)

But in order to set all of these up, I simply cast a cantrip on turn 1 such as Sensei's Divining Top Ghoulcaller's Bell, Codex Shredder, Shadowblood Egg or Chromatic Star and use the cantrip to draw into more cantrips or a wincon/any of the engines i mentioned

Salvaging Station is actually a beast for card draw here, since it allows me to reanimate any of said cantrips once per turn and potentially many more times (creature death, untapping it)

goblinguiderevealpls on FLAVA FLAAAAAVES' clock collection

2 weeks ago

But thanks! I love grixis and artifacts, so I thought id brew a "bad" commander in an attempt to make them good, so far im happy with the results :) gotta thin it out a bit for more lands in the future,

I often find myself with a cost reducer like Etherium Sculptor out which allows me to cast most of my artifacts for free, so mana isnt usually an issue when i can cast nearly half of my deck for free to build storm count, but I need the mana to be able to cast cost reduction, so ill have to trim it

BosmaTheNL on Unesh, the Fair (Comboless Artifacts)

4 weeks ago


Thought it seems that Thought-Knot Seer is out of place in the deck, it is abusable with its ETB effect and adds a powerfull control effect that deals with stuff that this deck has a hard time otherwise. It has always pulled its weight in playing and fits the passive-aggressive control strategy.

Urza's Incubator is in the deck already. Etherium Sculptor doesn't do enough in my opinion. If I had to add more ramp Worn Powerstone would be my choice as it allows Unesh two turns earlier.

Xenograft looks as a fun card indeed, but the non-sphinx creature count is too low to make it viable.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Triton on Unesh, the Fair (Comboless Artifacts)

4 weeks ago

Thought-Knot Seer seems a tad out-of-place in the deck. Maybe Etherium Sculptor for more artifact ramp? Another good cost-reducing artifact is Urza's Incubator (I don't know how expensive it is for you but it's good if you have it).

I think Xenograft would be a fun card to add, allowing you to get more value from non-sphinxes.

Hope this helps!

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